The Kavanizing Of Joe Biden: What Goes Around Comes Around

I believed Christine Blasey Ford when she testified that Brett M. Kavanaugh assaulted her in high school. I was skeptical about Kavanaugh’s denial. Maybe the booze dimmed his memory. If it was no more than juvenile high jinks it left no impression. Maybe not being a victim lends to forgetfulness. Reading over my prior posts on the incident I wondered why Kavanaugh’s nomination was being rushed and why he did not demand a full investigation.

The real question really is whether the actions that one engages in during high school (or even college) should be a disqualification for a future position. I suggested that perhaps not all but a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court may be one where we would want a less blemished appointment.

Kavanaugh is now on the Court. My prediction of it tarnishing the Court was wrong. It is not that I agree with his judicial opinions but because the river of life flows on and people are caught up in the newest ado while the old one seems to lose its oomph. What we are left with though is the term Kavanized defined as a seemingly reputable man having a long forgotten incident or incidents in his past which at the time he considered innocuous, consensual or horseplay thrown back into his face.

Poor Joe Biden. He’s out rounding up lots of money so that he can claim on the first day of his announcement he received more money than Beto’s 6.1 million when out of the west rides in an allegation of inappropriate misbehaving tossing the best made plans of the old white guy into the Dempster dumpster.

We recall Joe’s words during the  Kavanaugh days: “For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real, whether or not she forgets facts, whether or not it’s been made worse or better over time. But nobody fails to understand that this is like jumping into a cauldron.”    

Nevada politician Lucy Flores tell us that Joe touched and kissed her inappropriately in 2014. Lucy who was campaigning to be elected as lieutenant governor asked Biden to come and assist her campaign in which she was trailing badly. While waiting to go on stage she said she: “felt two hands on my shoulders” and “froze.” Then Joe leaned in and “inhaled my hair,” and “proceeded to plant a big slow kiss on the back of my head.” Lucy is a big supporter of Bernie. That is not a reason to disbelieve her or is it.

No one dares suggests laches as a defense to Kavanizing. Joe tells us we must believe the essence of what she says is real because the woman is “jumping into the cauldron.” Maybe, but from all I can see no one has lighted the fire under it. Those that do jump in seem to come out rather well, not “well done” as Joe suggests. If the accuser suffers no harm in making the allegation why must the essence be considered real?

Joe has felt the effects of being Kavanized. I believe Lucy because I can imagine touchy feely Joe doing it. The assault and battery happened. Hardly was it sexual in nature unlike other we’ve heard about. It was a showing of affection and support in a clumsy Joe Bidenish manner. It was sort of gross – not very – but who in a sober state places a “ big slow kiss” on the back of the head of a relative stranger?

Some suggest it is the end of Joe’s dream; others because Kavanaugh survived his ordeal suggest it will matter little. I’d have to think it did him in. It will remind voters of his age, his being from a different era, and his overall ineptness. Basically, who wants to vote for a guy for president who goes around planting big slow kisses on the back of women’s heads?




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  1. We see these enormous miscarriages of justice, and irrational decisions, and abuse of power, and we are supposed to stand up and salute the suits and black robes that make them?

    We’re not going to take it . . .we never did, we never will . . . .we are a free people . . . .we ain’t impressed . . . .we are repelled . . .like the pamphleteers and rebels of 75-76, like the rebels of 1916 . . .like Yeats poem 1916

      1. You know, I read, during the TRAVESTY of the FED persecution of the PROBATION OFFICERS, that the Probation Department hired only 40% of persons recommended by State Legislators
        That’s OK as long as they hire 40% too of those recommended by plumbers, electricians, mechanics, physicians and nurses. You get my drift. NO special treatment for SUITS in America.

  2. About 90% of those who smoke (smoked) cigarettes never develop lung cancer. But those who smoke do have a higher rate of developing lung cancer.

    Agent Orange did not cause anyone’s cancer (I’ve read) but BC LAW has and entire wing dedicated to it. (P.S. I’m a big environmentalists, a rational one, and worked ten years as an environmental toxicologists (an 03 consultant) for the DEP under Tony Cortese, PhD, North End, Harvard Public Health, who hired me, when I went to law school nights. I gave a seminar on the Woburn Well Water case (the movie with Travolta) and found the rise in the incidence of leukemias in Woburn began before any one was exposed to any chemicals in the wells. Also there were 100 clusters of leukemia type cancers in America, without any known environmental cause. Also the research back then showed about one percent of cancers due to environmental factors, workplace exposures another issue, but small percentage . . .the fact is WE JUST DON’T KNOW YET WHAT CAUSES A PARTICULAR CANCER, but we do know there are many PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, PREVENTIVE PUBLIC HEALTH, PREVENTIVE ENVIRONMENTAL, AFFIRMATIVE PHYSICAL (EXERCISE, DIET, SOCIABILITY, SENSE OF HUMOR, STOP HATING TRUMP) THINGS WE CAN DO TO lessen our risks.

    So, be well, lessen your risks . . .STRESS IS A BIG FACTOR, it compromises the immune system, unrelieved chronic stress, AND THAT IS WHY WE MUST PURGE THE FEDERAL COURTHOUSE IN BOSTON AND THE FEDS IN DC OF THE BULLY BOYS, PERSECUTORS AND POWER ABUSERS


    1. correction: I worked six years at DEP, ten years total in the public sector, federal, state, local, including those six . . .two or three with the FEDs . . .and 30 plus years in the private sector . . .20 plus as an environmental, First Amendment lawyer for a great boss and friend . . .could not get a better boss, friend or man, in my book

  3. In college, I majored in biology, and took an Embryology elective in 1965. So, when I read the 1971-2, ROE V WADE decision, I knew the LAW was crap. The court said a human being of 24 weeks (now as young as 20 weeks) in the Neonatal Ward was a PERSON entitled to the full protection of the LAW, but a human being of 40 weeks plus, inside the mother’s womb, was not a PERSON, and could be killed (ABORTED) if the mother could site a HEALTH REASON, and health was defined as physical, mental or threats to economic well being . . . .I’ve decided at 8 or 9 months I really can’t afford this child, it would cause me great distress, was enough under Roe and its companion case Doe v. Bolton, to kill . . . .and kill we did, to the tune of 5,000 third term human beings in one New Jersey clinic each year . . . .READ PLANNED PARENTHOOD v Casey case

    So, Today, we see courts awarding Millions to plaintiffs who claim some product caused their cancer. And if you read the lead op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about what causes a person’s particular cancer, you will see, we just don’t know . . .too many factors . . .because a chemical is weakly probably a carcinogen in laboratory studies does not mean your exposure to it proves it CAUSED your CANCER . . .but the LAW IS CORRUPT, and courts routinely find what scientists know is FALSE

    SO, TOO, with the John Connolly case, and so many others, where Prosecutors manipulate serial killers, serial drug pushers, serial rapists, serial perjurers (like Flemmi, Martorano, Morris the rogue FBI agent and attempted murderer) and use them as witnesses, and violate constitutional principles like Double Jeopardy and Free Speech, and PERSECUTE WHILE THEY PROSECUTE, AND BULLY, AND DISTORT FACTS, LAWS AND REASON,

    and we are supposed to RESPECT THEM AND RESPECT THE LAW?

    SAME with Media types and Politicians who think the American people are bigots and stupid and shovel propagandist identity=politics garbage at us

  4. You have to go back to the St Pat’s Parade Case to understand the EVIL

    Sixteen judges decided the Veterans had no free speech rights. Only Justice Nolan on the State Supreme Court and Justice Wolf on the Federal Court recognized their constitutional rights. Before the Supreme Court ruled unanimously the VETs had free speech rights, the FED Appeals Court was still trying to figure that out.

    Worse, in my opinion, no Academic (but one), no one in the MEDIA (who thrive on the First Amendment) and virtually no LAWYERS in MASSACHUSETTS defended the Veterans Constitutional Free Speech and Free Association rights to include or exclude any banner, signs or groups THE VETs chose from their Parade

    In fact the Civil LIberties Union of Massachusetts opposed the VETS First Amendment Rights, and the AMerican Civil Liberties Union filed a brief at the US Supreme Court in favor of neither the VETS nor the GAY Group demanding inclusion in the parade.

    As with Kavanagh, Bork, Thomas, Connolly, H. Paul Rico, IDEOLOGY TRUMPED JUSTICE IN THE ST PAT’S PARADE CASE

  5. A “full investigation” of Kavanaugh was one of the goals of the accusers. It would have delayed his appearance at the Court in time for the Fall opening. And as long as an investigation is “open,” it can generate new spurious accusations, requiring another “full investigation.”
    Biden is Biden. He flew out to California to help this awful ingrate who was a supporter of Bernie and now Beto. The famous picture of him with his hands on the shoulders of the wife of the new Secretary of Defense shows, according to the woman herself, appropriate affection for a close family friend she has loved for many years. Biden is too old and too liberal but this is BS. It’s an insult to rape and harassment victims to equate this sort of thing.

    1. Brian, I agree. Joe is just clumsily over affectionate at times. Not a mean or malicious bone in his body. I like Joe, but disagree with his politics. Good luck to him. Too bad this woman is trying to make a mountain out of harmless grab of the shoulders and kiss on the back of the head.

    2. ‘Just Joe being Joe’ is horseshit. Ash Carter is a cuck. If Biden put his hands on my wife like that I would have kicked his ass.

      He will soon be known as “Creepy Joe.”

  6. John is right. Anyone who believed Ford’s preposterous claims probably believed Jussi Smollett. Both were complete fabrications. Ford lied repeatedly. History repeats itself. Bjork was falsely accused by the Dems. As were Thomas, Alito and Kavanaugh. Trafficking in smears and bearing false witness against your neighbor seems standard fare for the infanticide party. No cop , judge or prosecutor could ever use Ford’s claims in a legal proceeding. They weren’t evidence. They were a nullity.2. Identity politics would seem to preclude Biden and Bernie. Too old , too white. A woman or minority will have the inside track. They will need AOC’s blessing and have to promote the Green Deal and Socialism. The nominee will have to tell us the sky is falling and the world will end in 12 years.

    1. I agree, NC. Christine Blassey Ford had a fear of flying . . .then she changed that to say her fear was of flying East, after it was pointed out she’d flown to many Pacific Islands and Hawaii numerous times . . .after she tried to squirm out of her life, by saying her fear was flying East, everyone wondered how she ever flew back from those Pacific Islands
      She also said he had phobia of tight spaces, yet lived for years with a boyfriend in a 500 sq foot apt in Hawaii.
      She also said the worst part of her encounter as a teen, was the laughing . . . .the boys laughing as they walked down the steps . . .she couldn’t recall what day, time, how she got there, how she got home . . .no one verified a word of her “recollection”

      She is what the pyschiatrists/psycholigists would say is A HYSTERICAL PERSONALITY DISORDER, a fanciful fabricator, waiting 20 years to tell her “story” to someone


      IT IS WHAT WAS DONE TO JOHN CONNOLLY AND H PAUL RICO . . . .liars, serial killers, serial perjurers and their aiding and abetting FEDS, putting on unbelievable smears, falsehoods, against good people . . .look what they did to an honest cop . . .Boston Cop Ken Conley was persecuted by the FEDs for 10 years, until they were finally first to admit they falsely prosecuted and persecuted him and forked over one million dollars in reparations

      where are the reparations for the Probation Officers and Politicians falsely framed by the FEDS, for the Swartz Family whose son was driven to suicide by eh power abusing bully boy FEDS? for so many others abused and deprived of their civil and constitutional rights by power abusing FEDS>

      1. Good thing Joe didn’t take the advise of our president and grab her by the short hairs.

  7. I have to disagree, refute your assertion that Biden has been Kavanized.

    To be Kavanized is to be accused in the complete absence of evidence, save the testimony of individuals with dubious motives, and in complete contradiction to one’s demonstrated character; and to vociferously deny the allegation.

    In Biden’s case, there is a ton of photographic evidence supporting a long-term pattern of behavior consistent with what Ms. Flores asserts, and neither Biden nor his sycophants nor supporters in the media deny that he did these things.

    1. Of course Joe is a creep. But he didn’t sexually assault anyone. Kavanaugh did.

      I have the advantage of living and working within the society of both Kavanaugh and his accuser. Quite a few of my customers know both of them and went to school with them. (I’m down here inside The Beltway, just so you know) Now she was a pig. That I know for absolute sure. And he was just like me. An over-sexed, beer drinking, swashbuckler. Back then, I mean. Now I’m just over-something. I don’t know what.

      Some people are more familiar with others than others. Remember W’s neck rub to Angela. That was a sexual assault, wasn’t it? Rubbing the eleventh most erotic area of a woman, her traps?

      By the way….. Nah, forget it. You’re alright, John.

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