The Lady From Panana: Hillary Clinton and Her Friends

panama dancerYou want to see some friends of Hillary? You want to see what you will get under a Hillary/Slick Willy presidency? Take a look at the revelations coming out in the Panama papers.

These papers show where the crooks who have been leading many countries hide their money. What is so astounding is that these revelations come from the law firm that is the fourth largest in stashing stolen or untaxed or secret money in off-shore accounts. Imagine what is in the files of the other larger firms?

I’ve been around a long time. It seems I’m a new-born babe when it comes to American politics. I suppose I should have realized that America has been for sale for years. As best I can tell though, the only president over the last few years who has hung a for sale sign on the door of his office was Bill Clinton. You remember how he pardoned international fugitive Marc Rich. Rich fled from a U.S. indictment. His ex-wife Denise had donated $450,000 to the fledgling Clinton Library and “over $1 million to Democratic campaigns in the Clinton era.” Even Clinton supporters like  Barnie Frank were outraged saying: “It was a real betrayal by Bill Clinton of all who had been strongly supportive of him to do something this unjustified. Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont said: ” It was contemptuous.” Both amazingly support Hillary.

If you have a strong stomach you might want to read this article about the friends of the Clintons who were connected to Mack Rich. You will understand how the Clinton’s seem to have corrupted American politics. Yet they still have the audacity to want to have another chance to steal more.

Now come the Panama papers. Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta’s brother runs the Podesta Group and contributes heavily to Democratic politicians. That group has just signed on to represents  one of the banks caught up in the Panama Papers the Russian Sberbank.  One article suggests: The fact that the Panama Papers have revealed that Clinton campaign associates have been retained to work on behalf of Russian banks — and against American interests — could spell long-term trouble for her campaign.” The problem with that suggestion is that the country should have rejected the Clinton act years ago but it hasn’t. That it hasn’t has given us a crop of unworthies such as Cruz, Trump and Sanders.

The more we learn about the Panama Papers I suggest we will see those implicated in them and the donors to the Clintons will be connected. There is already a story about Hillary making it easier for Panama to set up this scheme and how she benefited from it by getting huge speaking fees. There’s also her deal to give Russians uranium in exchange for the Clintons getting millions of dollars. Read that story if you are not sick after the first one.

The big problem with the release of the Panama Papers is that they are being selectively released to hurt some people and to protect others. “[T]he media organizations have no plans to release the full dataset, WikiLeaks-style, which he argues would expose the sensitive information of innocent private individuals along with the public figures on which the group’s reporting has focused.” 

It has been suggested the reason for not giving full disclosure is the group releasing the papers the International Consortium of Investigate Journalist is a  “Washington DC based Ford, Soros funded soft-power tax-dodge.” Soros has contributed 8 million dollars to help Hillary. if you don’t know who Soros is then read this.

Maybe there is something in there implicating the Clintons. Maybe like the emails we will never learn about it because of the Clinton Power and their wealthy friends. There is one thing we do know. More Clintons are bad for America.


3 thoughts on “The Lady From Panana: Hillary Clinton and Her Friends

  1. There is no such person as Soros. It is always – convicted felon Soros. He worked hard for the title and should be granted it at all times. He was caught getting inside information for currency speculation from a relative of the French president. He lost every appeal all the way up to the highest court of the European Union. When a man makes billions cheating gets to keep the money he gets to keep the title he earned with it. It is always – convicted felon Soros. Show the man some disrespect.

  2. Back in the day when I was a student at Mass Bay Community College
    I started a campus newspaper called Enema of the People

    Who would have thought I would be taking meds today?

    The new documentary Sirius puts the Hubble telescope on Hilary.

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  3. Hello Matt, After having read your interesting and informative Blog , I’m going to start a Movement and call it the A. B. C. (Anybody But Clinton) Club. Again I will be forced to vote against a Candidate instead of for one.

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