The Man Who Cannot Win And The Party That Should Be Dissolved

() HareDriving to town I was surprised. I saw a Donald Trump (DT) sign. “What kind of nut lives there,” I thought.

Over the years there have been candidates for the office of the presidency who I did not like but never thought that the people supporting them were nuts.  Who would want a man like DT who reached the goal of being the nominee of the Republican Party to represent our country. Somehow you feel dirty knowing that people like him exist even if you did not know he was a pal of fellow NY City rich guy Jeffrey Epstein. Imagine hoping one of your children would grow up to be DT? You would almost prefer they get the DTs.

Over the past few days I have met quite a few people who have talked about the upcoming election. I have not met one who has said he or she will vote for DT. Some have said they will hold their nose and vote for Clinton with the main reason given they would like to see a woman in the White House. Others are going to write in a name or sit at home.

None of these people I spoke with have been from a minority group; they are a collection of people who can be expected to vote for a Republican as much as a Democrat. Think of that and you understand how the Republican Party is well on the road to suicide. I figure from various sources that the election of 2016 for president 70% of the voters will be white. For DT to win the election given that he has alienated the other 30% of the voting population he will have to receive more than 50% of the white vote. To be fair let us say 25% of the voters will not vote for him so from the remaining 75% he must get about 2/3rds of the vote – a little over 66%. The Republican party, assuming it is all white, will give him 42% so where is the other 24%. I would have to say that no Democrat or Independent of sound mind will vote for Trump so there is no way he can get close to 50 percent of that vote.

Here are some of the facts that the people know about Trump that will deter those who he has not insulted from voting for him.

He will be the oldest person ever to assume the presidency. He is 70-years-old. He knows nothing about foreign policy or governmental affairs. He’s not at an age to start learning.

He will be the only person to ever been elected president who was not in the military, done public service or had prior electoral experience before taking office. In other words his whole life has been serving his own selfish needs without a thought of others. Not once in America’s history has such an unknown been trusted with the leadership of the country. And think of how extraordinary this is that a man of his age wants to be president when he has no public, military, or elective service.

He will not release his tax returns. Why would anyone not release their tax returns unless they had something to hide? Why would people vote for a man who cannot level with them?

Those three facts will ensure people will not vote for him even though they will not vote for Hillary.

There is even a more compelling reason. DT has spread hatred among Americans at a time when we have seen the spoils of hatred. Now more than ever we all have to come together as Americans and not be driven apart. Our Latino Americans and African Americans and Muslim Americans have such ill feeling toward DT that he is unable to unite us when that is what we most need.

When a party nominates as its candidate a person who has no chance of winning then it is time for that party to fold its tent. When people support a candidate that cannot win I suggest they are nuts. America is in dire need of new parties since the two party system has failed us.

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  1. Owen’s experience of helping to bring about peace in Northern Ireland is that eventually all parties who truly believe in delivering peace have to be around the table.

  2. Does anyone think that Glorious Leader is positioning himself, more for a coup, than, an election?
    The “one percent”need only the cooperation of nineteen percent to control one hundred percent of the nation. Trump puts a lot of effort into cultivating the police and military. They provide the back drop for most of his speaking events. It’s interesting that when these individuals are interviewed the retired military guys are former ratings and/or warrant officers, no commissioned officers. It’s the same for the cops. Trump concentrates on lower ranking police and county deputies. Matt may be correct about the Brown Shirts. We may be watching just such a fascist totalitarian police state being born.

    In a classic totalitarian police state the most lowly policeman holds the power of life and death over that society’s richest men. There’s a certain kind of mentality that that finds that idea attractive.

    1. Lots of deep suspicion here. Dems see Trump as the second coming of Mussolini. Republicans see Hillary as another Bonnie Parker – only worse. I think it’s a bad sign for Trump that guys like Matt are so down on him ….

  3. Professor Duke received his PHD from the the foremost anti-semetic university in Ukraine. He teaches graduate seminars examining the evils of advanced Zionism, and, promotes a Euro-centric philosophy extolling the historic virtues of white folks. Duke talks just like Tadzio and Elmer. Have you guys taken his courses on-line?

    1. A few years back, Dr. Duke was the guest of the government of Iran for a get-together on Holocaust denial.

  4. Who ever is thinking of voting for DT, please think clearly, his only claim to fame is he fires people. It is sad that our country is in such turmoil but someone answer me, HOW is Donald Trump going to “Make us great again”? We may not be perfect but we are awesome! We fight for what we believe in, we defend those that are weaker, so tell me how are we not GREAT!

    Donald Trump is our weakest link…His daughter manufactures her scarfs in China, how is that being a good American…we need jobs here. YOU CAN NOT TRUST HIM!

    1. Trump is better than a man-hater in office. But you wouldn’t feel the effects…you are a woman. Are you a man-hater also? Bitter maybe? Enjoy your cats 😉

  5. I agree with Matt. America is great right now. For the many who have no use whatsoever for Hillary, I’d say this: Trump is just too unpredictable and too amateurish. I still can’t believe his wife’s opening – night speech was plagiarized not from a famous Republican but from Michele Obama of all people! Trump has continuously mocked and ridiculed Obama. Well, guess who’s stupid now? And guess who’s been ripping off black people? Right again!

  6. Hi Matt, this election shows how dangerously the people of our Country are divided on so many issues. We are not only divided and not able to agree but the people on the various sides of various issues outright hate each other. We are living in terrible times. The great divide has made our Country very dangerous and uncomfortable to live in.
    We seem to only insult one another as voters instead of finding areas in which we can agree. Our Country has way too many separate groups to survive as a united Nation. I believe that we can agree on one thing, our generation has certainly accepted and allowed our government to run a muck over the people. Maybe folks under the age of fifty should only be allowed to vote and hold office along with term limits?

    1. Bobby:

      Good comments. It seems strange having as two candidates people who have entered or will enter their eight generation deciding the future of the other 90% of the people younger than they are. The people who will have to live in the country as it will exist twenty or more years from now should be making those decisions. Old people don’t think like young people and do not see things the way they see them. An example of this is the Brexit vote in Britain where the young people by a large majority voted to stay in the EU and it was the old folks who won’t be around much to suffer the consequences of their actions voting to go.

  7. Pervert Friend issue. Jeffrey Epstein is a liberal Democrat. A search of FEC records show in the past donations to Daniel P. Moynihan, Joseph Lieberman, Charles Schumer and John Kerry. For some time no one has sought his support. Maybe because that is because he was thrown out of the Mar-a-Largo Club by Donald Trump and has become a social pariah.

    Trump’s connection was an arms’length business connection. On the other hand there are court documents stating that Jeffrey Epstein was a principal in the founding of the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation which he has lavishly supported by giving millions of dollars, even after the unsavory revelations that caused DT to give him the bum’s rush.

    Age issue. The Donald was born in 1946 while hilLiary was born in 1947. Does an age issue really have legs? He has fewer health issues than she has. Campaigning energizes him, it exhausts her. He is always available, she lives in a cocoon.

    Transparency issue. Trump’s very complex financial dealings make his IRS filings lengthy and open to malicious selective interpretations. Therefore he chooses to keep them private which is within the law. On the other hand Clinton has a lengthy history of destroying and withholding public documents from her earliest days. Fired in 1974 from a House staff position for unethical behavior regarding researched documents. Her magically disappearing and reappearing laws records in the White House. Her illegal private email server while Secretary of State and the subsequent willful destruction of high security public documents.

    It is a match race. Only two horses. Skip the swayback mare. Go for the snorting stallion. If you do, you, with the rest of our countrymen, will return to the window and collect our winnings because you will have helped to Make America Great Again.

    1. Tadzio:

      You cannot rewrite history. Trump was a buddy of Epstein. Here’s his quote: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Trump is right now being sued by a woman who was a girl of 14 when he forced himself on her in the company of Epstein.

      Age matters alot. See comment by Bobby. Old people are not the future of a country. They should be barred from deciding the future of a nation of which they will have little part other than by voicing their opinion in their blog so that others can hear and reject or accept their advice.

      Sure it is in the law for us to keep our IRS returns private but if one wants to hold the highest office he should not be hiding his. The returns cannot be that complex; the charitable deductions are a simple figure.

      Why do you keep bringing up Hillary? Just because she is bad that does not make Trump good. You seem to suggest because Hillary is bad we should vote for Trump even though he too is bad. That seems to be the thrust of the Republican position. Two wrongs are still two wrongs.

      You talk about making America Great Again. What do you think that means? When was it that America was great. I happen to think America is great right now and can think of no time I would want to go back to.

  8. It’s strange that you think the GOP is on the road to suicide , Matt, when states vote many (31) from that party to head their states, (bringing fiscal responsibility), and represent (248 out of 192) them in the House.
    Look to Maine to see what a three party ticket brought forth for 2 terms–Le Page, he’s no winner (in my book).
    I’m not standing up for Trump but he did win by amazing numbers in a contest of 17 candidates, much to the surprise of everyone but those who voted for him.

    1. PEH:

      None of the people who voted prior to Trump’s ascendancy had any idea that their party would produce a Trump. Do you know how many of the elected officials are running from Trump? Are you aware that it is more likely than not that the Republicans will lose control of the House and Senate with Trump as their candidate? You cannot not look at what happened prior to Trump coming up from the depths – he had no play in those events. It is now and into the future that people will feel dirty associating with a party that produced a man that actively campaigned to divide our country.

      As for Maine, I still don’t understand how that became a state. I know the Missouri Compromise and all that but most wise people know that was a big mistake. So citing a happening in Maine as a reference for what would happen in normal places seems a little bit off on the wrong track. Did you know there are no roads in over 3/4s of the state and it is the only state that is surrounded on three sides by another country.

      Trump’s vote was a product of appealing to the 25 to 30% of the white Republicans (have you seen the convention) who want to go back to the time when people knew their places. The only time he started to receive a majority of the votes was when he was running against “The Cruz” who was the only one who scared Republicans more than Trump. By that time most normal Republicans had folded their tents and gone home.

      Remember PEH – crazy is as crazy does.

      1. GREAT! He will be the best disrupter! Anything is better that 4 or 8 more years with a female version of Obama in office! Anything!

  9. what Bill C said, and what Henry Barth said

    Matt, you need to get out of the overcrowded East, where people have learned to be dependent on govmint from cradle to grave, and where people’s brains are oxygen-deprived so they can’t think straight.

    Trump emailed his tax returns to the Hildebeast – they must have got deleted, because she wiped her server – you know, like “with a claath”

    The person who has been spreading hate is Obamatollah, the high priest of climate change.

    Latinos who are here illegally have ill feelings to anyone who suggests that they must follow the law.

    And apparently the liberal media loves to spread the lies that liberals put out about “hate” – none of which is supported by facts.

    Last night, I bounced around the various TV stations’ coverage of the RNC convention.

    And the prize goes to – CBS – the Clinton Broadcast System.

    What was their “coverage” of the convention? An interview, one-on-one – the Hildebeast and Charlie Rose (all properly attired in red sneakers, of course).


    Second place? PMSNBC – Chris Matthews spitting and foaming at the mouth, defending Obummer.

    Another wow.

    How the hell do these people even know what’s going on at the convention?

    It’s outright Klinton Krime Family support.

    So Obamatollah, a mentally ill delusional narcissist, has “united” us?

    And Killery, who makes massive money from bribes from Wall Street, is going to “unite” us?

    So guvmint is going to “cleaner” under the Klinton Krime Family? We’ve seen 20 years of crime from the Klinton Krime Family, including most recently, a hideous episode of breach of national security. The worst that Trump has done is to have some of his companies file for bankruptcy.

    Rhetorical questions.

    Oh, yeah –

    Guccifer 2.0 release emails – the fix was in, as usual, for Kriminal Klinton.

    1. Elmer:

      The places where Trump won has more people dependent on the government than in the East. You do little talking about Trump but all about Clinton. Tell me where are we going back to in America if Trump has his way. When was America great?

      1. There is plenty of stuff to talk about Killery Klinton and her 20-year crime spree. Plenty.

        When was America great?

        Before Obamatollah, the Appeaser-in-Chief, the Apologist-in-Chief, the Illegal Immigrant Advocate in Chief, the Muslim Advocate in Chief, the Hate America Advocate in Chief, the Local Police Chief in Chief, the Expresser of Extreme Concern and Nothing Else in Chief, the High Priest of the Secular Political Religion of Climate Change in Chief, the Ignorer of the Constitution in Chief.

        And, yes, I even give Slick Willie his due – grudgingly, of course.

        But, hey, Obummer got game, right?

        As one comedienne said (she’s black) before Barry Sotero was elected:

        “you can’t blame the man if you is the man”

        But Barry is blaming everyone – except himself, where the blame belongs.

        And Killery would be even worse.

        She should be sitting in jail.

  10. Matt: some corrections:
    1. The One Thing Trump has going for him: He’s not Hillary Clinton:
    2. Bill Clinton was much closer to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein; Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet 26 times; Epstein claims he co-founded the Clinton-Global-Initiative, a wing of the Clinton Foundation. Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s lawyer, asserted that fact in a letter submitted in court seeking leniency for Epstein. Trump knew Epstein only as a customer at his Florida club. Epstein’s long-time paramour, Ghislaine Maxwell, and the alleged recruiter of Epstein’s underage victims, was a guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. The Clintons’ ties to Epstein are strong; Trump’s ties are flimsy.
    3. Polls show both Trump and Clinton getting about 40% of the vote. The fact that you know no one voting for Trump, says more about your circle of associates than the American public at large. Check RealClearPolitics.
    4. You say Trump won’t release his taxes; Hillary won’t release the transcripts of the speeches she gave on Wall Street at $250,000 per speech.
    5. I could go on with the facts and debating points.
    6. Conclusion: Democrats will spin the facts one way; Republicans another. An example: you say Trump has never served in government or done public service; you see that as a negative; others see that as a positive and want a person who has spent his life in the private sector to clean up Washington.
    6A: Independents likely will decide the election. We’ll find out in November.

    1. Bill:

      1. Trump is not Hitler or Stalin or the Devil. You don’t condone one evil because there might be another.
      2. Trump’s statement shows that for at least 15 years he and Epstein were buddies. See response to Tadzio comment. Both men associated with Epstein; Trump is the only one being sued by a woman who says he assaulted her when she was 14. You cannot rewrite history when the man’s own words give lie to your assertions.
      3. I stand by my statement and conviction that Trump cannot win – he has not appeal to anyone outside of the narrow white Americans (look at the convention) who want to go back to some time in the past when America was great.
      4. You suggest two wrongs make a right. I’m not talking about Hillary. I’m talking about Trump.
      5. You could go on but your reason like many others is to excuse the facts and suggest somehow Trump is better than Hillary because most of what he is and has been he hides. At least Hillary went before the public and got elected and then did public service as secretary of state. What did Trump do other than grub for money.
      6. A seventy year old man who has not spent a day in public service who seeks the presidency has no business doing this. It is not Washington politics – it is common decency to become involved in things other than yourself. His background makes him unqualified to clean up anything but if he is going to clean up something he should start with his hateful speech belittling 30% of the American population.

      1. @mtc9393…..says the person who is not sick and tired of politics as asual.

        You must be on some kind of government assistance, huh?

  11. Matt,
    Maybe it’s time for a new populist party…….for the people who are all fed up with the current system.
    It seems like there a lot of public discontent sentiment. The time is ripe now.

    1. Rather:

      When Abe Lincoln won he got 39% of the vote garnering the elective college votes in 18 states. The three other candidates picked up the rest. Stephen Douglas got 29% yet won only one state. John Breckinridge the Southern Democrat got 18% and got 11 states. John Bell won 3 states.

      This year the pitch from each party is vote for me because the other candidate is awful. It’s like having to choose between Hilter and Stalin. I think the future of America is having more parties so that the people will not to choose between two evils.

      I have advocated a Union party that will represent the working person. Neither party represents their interest now but the unions cling to the Democrats who hardly give them scraps off the table. I would like to see a split from the Republican party of the Republican types who are not haters and from the Democratic party of the Democrats who are not bleeding heart liberals thinking like the Bernie Sanders of the world that everyone can get some free stuff. It would be called the Center Party.

      Four parties would be good and they should start at the local level building up representation in cities, towns and states. There will always be the fringe parties like the Libertarians who have no elected official but to be serious there must be members holding public office and not an appearance every four years.

      The time is ripe – we are coming close to a time with the two party system and the infusion of great amounts of money that the presidency will be captured by families.

  12. This is a pretty good indictment of Trump. I’ll be voting for Hillary, mostly because I’m a Democrat, but also partly because you know exactly what you’ll be getting with Hillary. To those who choose to roll the dice with Trump, Good Luck!

    1. Dan:

      That is what surprises me about those who plan to vote for Trump. They look at him like they would look at a blank blackboard. They then write onto him what they want him to be and believe that is what he is. No one can even answer the question when was it that America was great which is where he wants to now emulate. .

    2. So you know you are getting a lying, cheating criminal, but that is ok, because you know what you are getting….right? You democrats never cease to amaze.

      1. Hi Ben,
        Sorry to hear you continue to be amazed by Democrats. Sorrier still to see you think America isn’t great. Sorriest of all to realize you believe the portly plagiarizer is the answer to our problems.

    1. Henry:

      The only one not in military, or with prior elected service or or public service. I know Bill C and Barack O never served nor did Hillary C and Bush W hardly served. All though held public office prior to running off after the presidency.

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