The Mysterious FBI Investigation or Is It An FBI Cover-Up

2013 France-3000_1800Margaret Hartmann in the New York Magazine sets it out pretty concisely and well: The report last week that FBI agents shot and killed Ibragim Todashev just as he was about to sign a confession implicating himself and Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev in an unsolved 2011 triple-homicide was already pretty bizarre, and on Wednesday night it got even weirder.” 

FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said:  “The FBI takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents and as such we have an effective, time-tested process for addressing them internally. The review process is thorough and objective and conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances.”  

FBI spokesman Bresson added “the department can not confirm details of the investigation while it remains active.”

The FBI internal investigation into why Mark Rossetti a man believed to have been involved in up to six homicides and was a Mafia capo was a Top Echelon Informant began in the summer of 2011. It is still continuing over 20 months later.

How long will this investigation take? Perhaps this is the reason for the delay.

Margaret Hartmann now reports:  law enforcement sources tell the Washington Post that Todashev was actually unarmed” She continues: “Two officials confirmed to the Post that Todashev was unarmed, and one said that he lunged at the agent and overturned a table. An official told the Wall Street Journal that the agent was possibly cut by a piece of furniture during the altercation, and the knife story might have been sparked by confusion about a decorative samurai sword that was hanging on the wall.”  

Sounds logical, doesn’t it.  There’s a room with upwards of a dozen cops and a suspect in it and all the cops get confused thinking that the guy took a decorative samurai sword off the wall and attacked an FBI agent and only later realized the sword was not removed from the wall.

The story keeps changing. We get balloons but we don’t get the truth. First we hear the guy who was killed had a knife, then a pipe, then a blade, then a sword, and now no weapon but perhaps he was lunging at the agent to get her gun. Sadly, a guy’s dead and we don’t know the first thing about it from the FBI. I know he was a Muslim so to many it doesn’t matter but to those who want America not to fall into a police state it should. We should not be subject to silence until the “investigation” is over.

We also shouldn’t be in a game of numbers. 12 cops (maybe more or less but at least 6) in a room for an unknown number of hours questioning a man about something or other who end up shooting this unarmed guy. We don’t even know those simple facts of how many cops were there or how long. We don’t know the name of the agent who did the killing. There are basic facts that should have been told. That they weren’t shows a total disregard for the public and the deceased.

7 days and continuing. An incident that happened in an apartment in the presence of all those cops is still being investigated. It should have taken 7 hours. The FBI cares less that it appears this is being massaged and sanded and manipulated. It has done it over and over again coming up with its own version long afterwards. Why have all the other cops who were there been ordered not to tell what happened? Or why have some cops put out through other cops what now appears to be lies?

Is this what we want an America where a man can be killed and no one will know how the killing took place until all the ducks are lined up?

Here are two more numbers you should consider, 7 and 1. Todashev was shot 7 times; 1 bullet was in the back of his head which seems more like something John Martorano would do than a room full of cops.

And as for being involved in the triple homicide to which he’s confessed, how about this little tidbit of information given to us by Margaret Hartmann. “Todashev‘s widow, Reniya Manukyan, said he wasn’t very close with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and insisted that her husband wasn’t involved in the triple murder in Waltham, Massachusetts. Manukyan said she has records that prove her husband was with her in Atlanta on the night of the crime. “We want to know why it happened,” she added. “We want to know what is the truth.”

Welcome to the new America where no one seems particularly upset that the FBI can’t tell us what happened in a room full of cops when an unarmed man is shot in the back of the head for over a week. It seems to go along with everything else we’ve learned about the FBI since we started taking a closer look at it. And by the way, we’re also waiting for the answers to our questions surrounding its action before and after the Marathon Terrorist Attack.




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  1. Matt,

    Your nesting policy didn’t let me reply to your comment above. You wrote:

    “So Uncle Ruslan married a CIA agent’s daughter and live in the same house with the CIA agent. Running around the Internet chasing an answer I see the conspiracy theorists are out in full force with one site suggesting the Tsarnaevs were not the bombers after all and when they saw themselves identified as that they fled.”

    I don’t buy into wacky conspiracy theories, and even if Uncle Ruslan was/is CIA I don’t see how that would affect the Tsarnaev brothers. I was just referring to the fact that Ruslan is quite wealthy and successful while his Cambridge relatives were not. I’m still highly suspicious of just about anything the FBI or CIA does though. I grew up in the 1960s, and I remember COINTELPRO. I think the FBI is back to their old tricks (if they ever suspended them).

    Your reference to “the number 32” is mystifying to me. Can you explain, or would you have to kill me afterward?

    1. Boston:

      I’m not sure what the nesting policy is but it seems mysterious to me.

      I didn’t suggest you bought into those theories it was just as I was reading about Uncle Rus I came across all those sites. Many do think he was clearly CIA with his Russian language ability and his hatred of the Russians. It seems Uncle Rus went to extraordinary lengths to disassociate himself from his nephews; it seemed like he had a panic attack. I wonder why he let his brother struggle so much while he had the good life living in a real spy’s house. But that’s neither here or there right now.

      I agree with your analysis of the CIA and FBI. They are detrimental to a free society. I just don’t get how we can have a police force that is responsible to no one and carried out COINTELPRO which was an attack against Americans. Yet over and over again it seems to continue doing the same thing. The thing that is puzzling is that it has so many good people working for it but it seems to be a sinister force.

      As for # 32, it is the number of counties in a united Ireland. I’m trying to figure out myself why that would be of importance to the Tsarnaev brothers that they choose the date that added up to that number to do their dastardly act.

      1. Nesting is the way you have your comments set up to let people reply to each other. You only have two levels. My blog has five. You should be able to reset the instructions on your WordPress dashboard. It should be under settings/discussion, and then you’ll see a place where you can increase the number of levels you allow for comment replies.

        I don’t doubt that Ruslan is/was a CIA operative of some kind, because he’s in the oil business and worked for USAID and Halliburton, both known CIA cover orgs. I just don’t see how that would connect up with the Tsarnaev brothers unless Tamerlan was asked to spy for the CIA in Russia. It is kind of strange how he managed to fly out of JFK and again out of Moscow with no problems when the FSB was monitoring him and he was on two no-fly lists in the US.

        1. Boston:

          Thanks. I know very little about the technical end. My brain rejects it no matter how much I try to learn. I went to the dashboard and followed your instructions and saw that it is 5 levels deep. I didn’t change it.

          It would be nice if we knew what the relationship between Tamerlan and the FBI or the CIA was. It’s now reported that the Russians gave the FBI a large amount of information on Tamerlan and the FBI never followed up on it. Yet no one seems to care.

          1. That’s weird that it says 5 levels. If so there should be a reply button at the end of indented posts. Oh well, it’s no big deal–maybe it’s my mistake. I know the feeling about the technical blog stuff.

            I saw that story about what Russia is saying about Tamerlan. I don’t know what to make of it, because the same story said they claimed they didn’t know Tamerlan was in Russia during his nearly 7-month visit. I don’t believe that for one minute, because they seem to know all the people he met with. Two of them (activist fighters) were killed and a relative of his was interrogated. They also released the info that Tamerlan had attended a conference in Georgia put on by CIA-linked Georgian and Jamestown Foundations.



            And why did Russia out that CIA agent(Fogle)and the Moscow CIA station chief? There’s definitely something strange going on.


  2. Matt,

    Evidently the media is starting to pick up the foul scent. From The Atlantic:

    Now it was a metal pole or maybe a broomstick. In a room full of cops, no one can determine what the dead guy on the floor has in his hands.

    By the way, I vote yes on your digressions. I enjoy reading your [and your commenters’] opinions on the ongoing FBI cluster-fying of the Todachev investigation. You can always make time for Whitey and I enjoy reading you weighing in on other areas where your life experience gives you definite opinions and suspicions.


    1. Jeff:
      Thanks but I do have to start getting back to Whitey but I’ll still stick my nose into other things. I did notice the latest story that he came after the FBI agent after he knocked the table over and grabbed a pole or a broomstick. How an FBI agent could under any circumstance be in fear of his life that she had to use lethal force against a man with a stick in a room full of cops defies explanation. The agent was allegedly firing from the floor and managed to get one of her bullet to boomerang into the back of his head. Meanwhile the other dozen cops were so engrossed in watching some reality show on TV they missed the whole thing. I was reminded by Rick that he still believes Tamerlan did the triple homicide. I can’t prove he didn’t but I told him that we wouldn’t even have to wonder about it if the FBI took the simple step of recording its interviews. If Todashev implicated himself and Tamerlan in the murders wouldn’t it have been nice to hear it on tape. Isn’t the failure of the FBI to record any interrogation sessions an admission it is corrupt?

    1. Henry:

      The FBI has not extended its reach into foreign countries yet. Nor has it taken over the Internet, yet. The mainstream media is willing to be its dupe in exchange for not being harassed by its agents. Every time any of those sources get out of line they get a visit.

  3. Matt: Here’s a hypothetical: A BIGWIG FED bully fails to frame Mr. X (whose views he detests), so he decides instead to “scare” him into being silent; he sends out goons to scare him, harrass him, follow him, put him in fear of battery or a wrongful arrest. Now the FED forgot a few things: 1. Mr. X is a senior citizen and it’s a felony under MGL to scare (assault) a senior citizen; and 2. Mr. X has a bad heart, so the risk in scaring him is serious bodily injury and 3. since the FED’s goons were hired (on the payroll) when the felony assaults occurred the penalty is compounded to 20 years in prison. The penalties are further compounded because Mr. X is a Witness to Murder. Plus Mr. X can sue the FED civilly and make millions. Mr. X also can get imprisoned and sue civilly all the Goons. The Nuremberg Trial and Geneva Conventions make clear that “only following orders” is no defense; nor is “ignorance of the law.” So, all those jerks scaring seniors beware: your fortunes nd liberty are at risk. In my new novel, The True Confessons of Tris Tandan: “I Sold Tea”, a rift on Trisan and Isolde, I’ll spell this all out and prove beyond a shadow of a dubt that the FEDS are gutting the Constitution.

    1. Bill:
      Feds don’t send out goons. They go out themselves. Feds are not subject to state law in doing their job (unless their name is John Connolly). Further, the only compounding is done by a federal judge and they don’t compound when it comes to feds only to people without records like Catherine Greig who was found to be in possession of a gun when she wasn’t and to have obstructed justice when she didn’t. No one has ever won a civil suit against the feds unless the feds involved were POOF. Good luck with your book.

  4. Matt: Here’s a hypothetical: A FED bully fails to frame Mr. X, so he decides instead to “scare” him into being silent; he sends out goons to scare him, harrass him, follow him, put him in fear of battery or a wrongful

  5. M & N, I’m surprised you didn’t mention your brother Bill’s excellent books which have stood the test of time: THE FIX (CHAPTER.APPNDX ON CONNOLLY FBI-fiasco) CHARACTER ASSASSINS: CARR, DERSHOWITZ, MUDD: WHO’LL LIVE IN INFAMY (which also nails the FBI fiasco and debacles surrounding William Bulger) Mac the Dog the novel (which is prophetic: and the Walkowski-Connolly tome which proved judiciaries could be totally constitutionally corrupted by ideological considerations: From Trial Court to teh United States Supreme Court: Anatomy of a Free Speech Case (the theft of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade) Branden 1995. None of this governmental corruption is new! In fact it’s old hat in Massachusetts (going back to forced busing) and in America (consider Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson, the latter of which was substantially based on a Mass. SJC decision first articulating the Separate but Equal travesty.

  6. I am always intriqued by your choice of photos – Pourquoi la photo du “chat noir”? C’est tres interressant.

    1. Alex:
      Sometimes my choices often intrigue me so it is difficult to answer your question.

  7. Matt –

    I am an infrequent commentor but a daily reader. Not that we need any more to pile on – but wanted to bring this to your attention also:

    FBI ran and posted online very, deeply horrifying and disturbing images of children (thereby victimizing them publicly) as part of an investigation. My stomach turns. This should be added to the litany of reprehensible tactics the FBI engages in. They act like gangsters to catch gangsters – but do we want them also to be acting as child pornographers, and actively distributing that material??

    There is the old ‘frog in hot water’ analogy – which illustrates that you can put a frog in a pot of cool water, gradually increase the temp til it is boiling – and it will not try to get out. because it acclimates itself to each increase in temperature – adjusting to feel that the new environment temp is ‘normal’. If you drop one into boiling water – it scrambles to get out. I argue that some of us are recognizing the environment is not right – too hot, something is wrong and we should not become acclimated to this, silently. My question to you: is the water already boiling? How can one ever conceive of being able to successfuly fight against or, better, dissemble the FBI and/or DOJ given their power granted thus far by our acquiescence?


    1. Tom:
      Wow! You gave me pause with that question. I understand your disgust at what the FBI did in running a child pornography web site but I have to ask myself what I would have done in that situation when I did investigations. I have to assume the decision was to immediately shut it down and just be able to prosecute the person who was running it; or, to go after the people who are involved in viewing the site and making some of the sick comments set forth in this article.
      I agree that every day the site was up hundreds of children continued to be abused by having their pictures displayed; on the other hand if the FBI can track down the people who are interested in doing this stuff and in the future save many more children from being abused is that worth letting the site stand for another two weeks. One could argue that they could have delayed the search hoping to get more evidence and if that was the case the site would be up during that time period anyway.
      I have to say it’s a tough call and if the FBI did not have enough to prosecute the perverts who were active on this site and thought the only way it could get the information against them and believed that in doing that they would prevent future abuse, I’m not going to say their judgment was plainly wrong.
      I would note that the usual continues: “The FBI declined requests to discuss the investigation or investigators’ motivations to continue operating the site. Court records indicate investigators hoped to trace customers and were unable to do so through traditional means.
      “This remains an ongoing investigation, and local court rules and Department of Justice policy prohibit me from providing more information at this time,” said Sandy Breault, spokeswoman for the FBI Omaha Division.”

      1. Regarding your comments to Tom, I bet that Nebraska pedophile sting-ring had something to do with the FBI’s efforts leading up to the recent capture of another one of its Ten Most Wanted – Justin Toth – a Capture we should celebrate but that is “conspicuously” going unnoticed and under-reported. Reports are that he was captured in Nicaragua on a tip – but again who’s to say that “tip” did not come from things back in “Nebraska?”

        And actually – Kudos and Hats Off to whoever called it in/and to the FBI team that worked on that case for finally nabbing Toth. (Think about the disturbing, stomach turning, sick “ick” factor the FBI employees had to go through/witness/deal with on that assignment. They need a vacation after that one.)

        So the question, becomes – Isn’t it more interesting/peculiar however that the the repeater news services organizations (and the brass at the DOJ/FBI too maybe) aren’t broadcasting that “stat” as loudly as they did Whitey’s despite the recognition that Whitey was on the run longer?

        Apparently the capture of a geriatric tagged with wide-scale harm/murders being done to other thugs(wrong as it was) is more “compelling”/newsworthy than the capture of a scary, sketchy, computer whiz tagged with widescale brutal irreparable harm being done to your innocent children. In other words, the message becomes: thugs are worth more than your kids. Or is it that some in the news/DOJ just have less of a problem when the harm involves porn and child abuse because there are those out there trying to politically “normalize” it???

        I wonder who Toth will get for a Judge? Hope there is no chance his case could get venue shifted to Massachusetts. Hope the NAMBLA folks and ACLU case don’t shop it to US District Court in San Francisco or here in Boston. It would be terrible for him to be assigned say, the likes of Judge Wolf on one of Wolf’s “Hey – I’ll take that case for fun” calls that he gets to make in his cushy behind the scenes iron curtain capacity he so enjoys. If that happens look out – we will all be forking more over in taxes very soon to make sure Justin Toth has everything he needs to make his propensitities and proclivities more comfortable for his “stay” and “convalescence” ala “Kosinski.”

        The real telling issue will be what the DOJ recommends for Toth’s sentencing and if it is the same or less than Bulger’s – or Catherine Greig’s for that matter – than that will say A LOT about the leaders of the DOJ and the future of our region – I mean country.!

        I bet there are some FBI folks out there doing a great job and when things get to the courts, they probably get extremely frustrated sometimes.

        1. Alex:
          Don’t get me wrong in my criticism of the FBI. You’re right when you say “there are some FBI folks out there doing a great job.” There lots of them. It’s not them I criticize but the institution that they work in. It was created in by J. Edgar Hoover who taught it they did not have to follow the law and the result was all tht mattered. He set up the best public relations bureau the country has ever seen. He built its reputation so high, deservedly or not, that he could confidently say if the FBI tells the American people what happened they’ll believe it without question. It still operates under Hoover rules or I should say Hoover still rules 41 years after his departure.
          The capture of Justin Toth did get some publicity. What I read made me believe the FBI had little to do with it directly. Had it been involved perhaps it would have tooted its horn more. Toth should have been nabbed years earlier since he was pretty much working in the open. The FBI didn’t put him on its most wanted list for three years. He took the spot vacated by Osama bin Laden. It seems sometimes the FBI like the mule in the field has to be hit over the head with a sledge hammer to get its attention. Putting Toth on the list was what eventually led to his capture.
          True that Toth’s capture received minor coverage compared with the capture of Whitey Bulger. But Whitey is more legend than reality created by people with powerful pens who worked to keep him that way, especially in Boston, where they had created this monster who appeared many times more harmful to society than Toth. Whitey’s victims were also children but as not as widespread as Toth’s. The kids of his victims suffered. But people like Toth who abuse children are infinitely more harmful and deserve much greater scorn.
          It will be interesting to see what sentence he gets. Your remarks about Judge Wolf made me wonder whether the day in not far away when a group of psychologists tell a judge like Wolf that a pervert in prison is suffering cruel and unusual treatment because the state won’t let him look at kiddie porn and the judge orders that he be allowed to see it.

  8. Mtc9393: So, what are the thoughts on Mr. Comey being Obama’s pick to replace Mr. Mueller?

    1. Alex:
      I’m in the process of forming them. He showed some courage standing up to Bush but he’s a typical DOJ employee, friend of David Margolis, who goes in and out of the Justice Department to big business and back to the Justice Department. I don’ think they’ll be any changes with that guy but I have to learn more about him before I state that as a fact.

  9. The blade involved in the Todashev matter was a Gillette blue blade found in his bathroom. The FBI is now trying to connect that blade to John Connolly’s father who was an employee of said company fifty years ago. Naturally this will cause a prolonged delay. You misapprehended what was said about the sword. Todashev was eating swordfish when the Feds shot him. The fish may have been illegally caught so all actions were in compliance with the Endangered species act. 2. Two interesting television shows were on last night. One was a PBS production about the Marathon bombing. While it showed that some degree of sophistication was needed to set off the two bombs at the same time and was unlikely the work of amateurs it was an apologia for the FBI’s conduct. No FBI person appeared on the show but they had the Boston Police claiming that the Feds really didn’t know the identities of the bombers until Friday after Tamerlan was killed and his fingerprints were obtained. Sounds preposterous considering the info from Russia and that three different photos( FBI, Cambridge Police and Passport)were easily available. It appears that on Tuesday or Wednesday the FBI knew but sought instructions from Washington on how to proceed. The Administration may be at the mercy of the FBI because of Benghazi and the IRS mess. This accounts for the cancelled Wednesday press conference and the bogus one Thursday looking for the Public’s help. If the FBI couldn’t identify Tamerlan as claimed they are the most clueless and incompetent law enforcement agency in history. Chief inspector Clouseau could do a better job. The other television show was the ten commandments of the Mafia. Part of the program told how a DEA agent penetrated a Sicilian heroin ring called the Pizza connection. This ring did over a billion dollars in business. The DEA was able to flip two Mafia guys in Philadelphia who were facing jail time if they didn’t co operate. The Mafia guys wouldn’t squeal on the local hoods but betrayed the two Sicilians. Isn’t this standard law enforcement practice to get lower level criminals to give up bigger fish? Why has the DOJ abandoned this approach in the WB case? When the FBI investigated Tamerlan did they ask him to assist? Was he ever an informant? Was he still an active agent? He obviously broke his asylum status by returning to Russia. Was he threatened with deportation? 3. If Rakes testifies at the WB trial should C and B inquire about his first wife? She was murdered and Rakes brother was indicted. A witness recanted and he was acquitted. Hitchens described Bill Clinton’s conduct towards women as hateful. How would you describe Rakes, Flemmi, Martorano and Weeks conduct to women? WB seems to have an exemplary record in that regard. 4. Isn’t Congress doing an outstanding job getting the facts to the public?

    1. N.
      1. Good post but I have my sources who say you are absolutely wrong about Todashev being killed over a King Gillette Blue Blade. Here’s how the matter of blade came into play according to my sources who can’t be identified because they are not authorized to talk to me. There were 9 cops and Todashev in the room having a general talk. Todashev indicated he was a fan of Walt Whitman and had just finished reading the book Leaves of Grass. (The same book Bill Clinton gave to Monica Lewinsky.) One of the four FBI agents in the room (there were two from Boston and two from Orlando), a man named Pete with almost 30 years in, said he thought the book was called Blades of Grass. Todashev laughed and called him an “ignorant American.” Pete’s partner, a young FBI agent named Melody Love, got so incensed at seeing an elder respected member of the Bureau insulted pulled out her government issued weapon and ala John Martorano snuck up behind Todashev and let him have it in the head. As for the sword, the original FBI report had the sword in Todashev’s hands with him lashing away at Melody and it said after he was shot he put it back on the wall. Dave Margolis the cleanup man told them to change it since some people might not believe a dead guy could put the sword back on the wall.
      2. PBS knows it is best not to contradict the FBI. The FBI will come out with its report on the Marathon Terrorist Attack when the cows come home. The Boston cops easily fall in line praising the FBI who had control over some of their overtime money. It would be nice to know if Tamerlan was an informant; maybe Todasheve was going to tell us.
      3. I have inside information from my same source that Whitey had something to do with Rakes’s first wife’s murder but he is unclear what it was. Is that enough to charge him?
      4. Congress – the last I looked half of the members were in Russian singing the praises of Uncle Joe Vladimir Putin, shades of Jimmy Durante Walter Duranty the Liverpool born correspondent for NY Times..

    1. Henry:

      The problem is the FBI is never caught in anything since everything remains under investigation forever.

    1. Henry:

      Thanks, maybe people will start to catch on that the vaunted FBI is not what it’s cracked up to be. Do you think the FBI agent who shot Todasheve was one of those persons who had never been confronted before and the only response she knew was to unload a clip of ammo on him? It’s going to be hard to cover up seven bullet hole; maybe that’s why it’s taking so long for the investigation – they are waiting for the plaster to dry.

          1. Boston:
            The guy was shot up pretty badly with those shots aimed in a tight pattern execution style toward his heart. You’d think in a room full of cops that would never happen. It is obviously excessive force even if he was armed, which he was not. I suppose the delay in the report was the FBI hoping that the people who buried Todashev would never have taken those pictures. I’d expect the state of Florida would want to be bringing charges in this case. I don’t understand why it is not involved in investigating it.

        1. Boston:
          Martorano tells a story in his testimony and his book with Howie Carr how he was quicker than Tony Veranis who came at him with a gun. He makes it seem like it was an old Western shoot out with each man drawing at the same time but he was just a little bit faster. The trouble with his story is Veranis was pistol whipped and shot in the back of the head. Howie tried to explain this by saying Martorano was taller than Veranis and shot down into his head. That still wouldn’t explain the bullet going in the back and in fact, Tony was taller than Martorano. I’d guess that’s why the investigation is going on so long. It’s difficult explaining that.

          1. Hi Matt,

            It looks to me as if Todashev’s family and friends are smarter and more organized than the Tsarnaevs. Of course the parents were in Dagestan and Uncle Ruslan just wanted to keep himself from being tainted by what his poor relations did. Todashev’s father works directly for with Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Chechen Republic. He isn’t going to just lie down and take this. There will probably be a wrongful death lawsuit to come.

            1. Boston:
              So Uncle Ruslan married a CIA agent’s daughter and live in the same house with the CIA agent. Running around the Internet chasing an answer I see the conspiracy theorists are out in full force with one site suggesting the Tsarnaevs were not the bombers after all and when they saw themselves identified as that they fled. Unfortunately, their apartment was full of bombs with the conspiracy people don’t want us to know about.

              There is a lot of information being circulated that Uncle Ruslan was a CIA operative; the father of the two Marathon Terrosist Attack is suppose to have been a prosecutor for the Russians working against the Chechen people. There’s FBI and CIA involvement with Tamerlan prior to 4/15/13. Add up those numbers and you get 32. What is the significance of the number 32 to the Chechen people?

  10. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for another great post! I’m so glad I found your blog. You have already given me so much to ponder. Here’s my latest take on the Todashev story:

    I downloaded your book and hope to read it over the weekend. Do you recommend any of the books on Whitey Bulger, e.g. Kevin Cullen’s or Foley and Sedgwick’s? I haven’t read any of them. I have lived in Boston and Greater Boston since 1967 so have followed the story to some extent over the years.

    1. Boston:

      Thanks for downloading the book. You’ll be able to follow along the testimony of the gangsters that it contains when it happens this summer. The one thing about putting one’s thoughts into a book and then learning more about a subject as I have done since I started this blog is that I look back and see how much I’ve changed my mind on many things. However, one thing I seem to have been right about is the FBI. Tom Foley’s book is pretty good. He has one blind spot when it comes to John Naimovich but otherwise he seems to tell it straight out, especially the way the FBI continually undermined the state police. Foley’s book doesn’t contain a lot of the fiction in the other books because he was on the front lines doing something and not reading about it. The O’Neill, Lehr, Cullen and Murphy books all tell the story from the point of view of the Globe with a lot of made up stuff. Ralph Ranelli’s book Deadly Alliance was the first one to go after the FBI on the use of Top Echelon Informants and he give a good overview but it is also from the gangster point of view, that is, he’s been fed information from the gangster side.

      If you read any of the Globe books just keep in mind they were the product of having two FBI guys as informants who did not like either of the Bulgers and the Globe’s unending to quest to get something on Billy Bulger along with the idea that the way Whitey became an informant is totally wrong which gives an off flavor to the whole tale. Any of Howie Carr’s books are pretty much more fiction than reality. All give some information on what happened but it is not necessarily the correct information which is the problem with this whole story.

        1. Boston:

          It kills me to recommend it because of my disagreement with Foley over Naimovich but I have to call a spade a spade and think you’ll enjoy it.

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