The Nuttiness of The Trump Team: Donnie Covid Seed

The guy was yelling “I can’t see, I can’t see!”  A woman ran up to him and said: “open your eyes!”  He did and exclaimed: “I can see!” I think of him every time I read about some of the Trump folk. I just want to run over to them and say “open your eyes.” Then I look at them and their eyes are wide open. What to do?

How do people with open eyes not see the evil in Trump?

I had someone who is a big, big Trump supporter comment to me a few days ago that  he disliked “women abusing, . . .  Joe Biden.” Isn’t that a little nutty for a Trump supporter to dislike Biden for abusing women (there’s one rebutted allegation by a woman of a scene that could only have happened in the mind of a Trump supporter or member of QAnon) but love Trump (who has a dozen or more suits against him for abusing women, raping women, and who admits he likes to grab women, and is a notorious philanderer)? You see what I mean about nuttiness.

I have written about the Trump BIG LIES about Covid-19 on the prior two days. These lies are endangering and causing countless numbers of people to risk infection with the virus. Many of them will be infected because there is strong indication that his hate fests have brought about an increase in Covid cases in the neighborhoods where he has held them shortly after he leaves. But he still holds them without a thought for the danger he is exposing his Trumpettes to. Wouldn’t you think that a responsible person, never mind the leader of a country, would err on the side of protecting his folk? Even if their nuttiness is shown by their willingness to attend his gatherings without face masks and social distancing.

Assuming he does not believe the virus spreads by air when one is in close contact with another which Xi told him in January; assuming he does not believe that his good friend Herman Cain caught Covid attending his hate fest and died; assuming he does not believe masks and social distancing are necessary as the CDC and most other scientist suggest, even in the oft chance they are correct shouldn’t he stop having his gatherings where people do not don masks and crowd in close together.

I suppose since we know he is totally irresponsible then perhaps we should turn to his followers and wonder why they in light of the dire news about Covid and the trail of death following Donnie Covid Seed they do not protect themselves. The only thing that can account for that is that they are nutty.

As I said I talked about two BIG LIES being spread by Trump. There is a third one. It is the true reason why Trump does not ask his followers to take the minimum cautionary steps. It is the reason his new best friend doctor Charles Atlas tweeted that masks do not work. As the old saw goes: “your actions thunder so loud I cannot hear what you are saying.”  Trump has bought into the idea of Herd Immunity. He will not admit it and will tell the BIG LIE if confronted with it but Trump’s goal is to have as many Americans as possible contract Covid-19 with the expectation that at some point so many will have had it, and the weak will have died, that those who remain will be immune to it.

It is so obvious what he is doing that even his followers must know it. It is obvious for month after month he had done nothing of substance to stop it other than protest that people are talking about it too much as if it will go away if it is not reported. That his people know he wants to let thousands upon thousands of Americans die so that he can reach some magical point where Covid disappears and they can still support him and take enormous risks to their lives by disregarding all caution points out how nutty his followers are.

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  1. wa-llahi! The putsch is on. Glorious Leader wants the Left to hit the streets, so, he can use his flunkies in the Defense Dept. to suppress them. His objective is the declaration of martial law. The Left won’t bite. Trump will fail, again.

  2. The putsch is on. Don’t be lolled into passive superiority. This is a fascist take-over. The Republicans don’t plan to relinquish power. The election is swiftly becoming irrelevant. America is tearing in halves. Sides are being drawn for a fratricidal conflict. What social ignition will furnish the Fort Sumter moment?

  3. I saw the best minds of my generation
    Starving with madness
    Dragging themselves through a Southie Dawn
    Looking for a Matt Connolly fix

    with my apologies to all the people who have worked so
    hard to find a cure for word salad

    In other words……

    Eternity Passes into Time Through the Portal I Am

  4. The DATA on coronavirus deaths:

    On October 28, there were 1,030 new deaths.
    On October 27, there were 1,055 new deaths.
    On October 26, there were 529 new deaths.
    On October 25, there were 442 new deaths.

    So, it’s true that the last two days had about 1,000 new deaths daily, but also true that the two previous days had about 500 new deaths daily. Matt cherry picks data and writes only about the 1,000 deaths per day.

    I have cited the data before. CDC data shows109,200 Covid-19 deaths from March 28 to May 30, or 1,761 deaths per day (62 days.) From August 22 to October 24 (63 days) there were 29,872 deaths divided by 63 equals 474 deaths per day on average. The peak number of daily deaths in April was about 2,200 deaths.

    So, we see fluctuations in daily deaths, from a peak of 2,200 in April, from an average of 1,761 daily deaths through April and May, and an average of 474 deaths from August through October.

    Everyone must admit that our daily death rate is far lower than in April and May, but no soothsayer and no doomsayer can predict the future. Time will tell. All we can admit is that the death rate in the U.S. has reduced up to 70%. Hopefully, we will continue to turn the corner.

    2. All public health authorities advise to wear face masks in public when not able to maintain social distancing. Most public health authorities admit that lockdowns have adverse health effects: increased suicides, depressions, drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, deferring routine physician visits, deferring cancer screenings, etcetera.

    3. Matt likes to engage in ad hominem attacks. Matt writes that I live in a “bizzaro world.” Matt disdains people who don’t agree with him. Matt thinks he lives in the right world. No, Matt lives in the leftist liberals DTS world. Matt is oftentimes wrong.

    1. NYT reports on July 21: “Across the country, 59,628 people were being treated in hospitals on Wednesday, according to the Covid Tracking Project, nearing an earlier peak of 59,940 on April 15, when the center of the outbreak was New York.”
      WSJ reports on October 13: “U.S. hospitalizations are now at their highest level since Sept. 2, according to data from the Covid Tracking Project. As of Monday, there were 35,056 patients hospitalized across the country, more than 16% higher than the level a week earlier. While hospitalizations are rising, they are still lower than July’s daily highs of more than 59,000.”
      Matt writes: “September 27 we had 29,434 hospitalized, October 15: 37,308; October 28: 45,045.”

      We know hospitalizations surged in April and July, then fell off, and now it appears another surge from 30,000 in September to 37,000 to 45, OOO in October. The death rate in October that varies from 40% to 70% lower that April’s peak death rate of 2,200 daily deaths. The hospitalization in October is still 20% less than the April and July peaks. Time will tell whether we are continuing turning the corner with fewer deaths in spite of higher hospitalizations in October. Higher hospitalizations still have not reached the peaks of April and July.

    1. JPC:

      Don’t be quoting Breitbart news. It is right wing fake news designed to help Trump. Of course masks work. Why do you wear one? Don’t be like some who comment here and say that we have turned the corner on the virus when a thousand or more are dying every day. Here is a state that did an experiment in masks. The governor ordered everyone mask but it was up to the counties to decide whether they would follow the order. Some did, others didn’t. Here’s the result:

      Kansas’ ‘natural experiment’ shows masks work, state health official says. If you are going to push out the bs the masks don’t work I hope you are not wearing one no matter what yu do. Can you honestly say you haven’t done so. If you wear them why are you putting out nonsense – even Doctor Atlas who put out a tweet to that effect had it blocked because everyone knows masks work. How do you think Asia has kept its count so low. How do you think South Korea has done it? Be serious. This isn’t a time for nonsense.

  5. Almost forgot….

    News and nouns at noon…

    She was afraid of her lawyer. Then the text messages started.

    Leah Kerwin began receiving daily texts and videos explicitly requesting sex. They came from her court-appointed attorney, who had already been suspended for other misconduct. When she spoke up, the situation got worse


    The bureau’s report on domestic terrorist threats, including from the far right, happens to be delayed. And the president happens to believe that the only real threat is antifa.
    OCTOBER 27, 2020

    Former Black special agents say FBI’s culture is “not conducive to minorities”

    Hanged Man: Historic execution of red-bearded Fraserburgh tramp in 1870

    by Gayle Ritchie
    October 28, 2020, 12:13 pm
    Updated: October 28, 2020, 12:14 pm

    Plandemic: Indoctornation

  6. Oh!

    Taiwan celebrates record 200 days with no locally transmitted infections

    Taiwan on Thursday celebrated its 200th day without recording a single locally transmitted coronavirus infection, a milestone no other government can claim.
    With only 550 cases and seven fatalities reported to date on a densely populated island home to more than 23 million people, Taiwan’s successful handling of the pandemic has been closely analyzed by health experts, especially since it never imposed a lockdown. A March article in the Journal of the American Medical Association noted that the island’s proximity to China, and the number of flights between the two countries each day, led scientists to anticipate that it would have the second-worst outbreak worldwide.
    But the opposite happened, because Taiwan had learned from past epidemics and took the virus seriously from the start. As soon as China reported the first coronavirus case to the World Health Organization in December, Taiwan began screening passengers on flights from Wuhan. By late January, the government was using records from its national health system to identify people who had recently developed respiratory problems and have them tested for the coronavirus. Immigration databases were similarly leveraged to allow doctors to prioritize testing people who had recently traveled to hot spots.
    Taiwan has also relied heavily on technology, tracking people once they cross the border to ensure they comply with the 14-day quarantine requirement, and creating an app that allowed residents to check which pharmacies had masks in stock. An article published this month in the Lancet notes that the island “had an established culture of face mask use” that meant many people began wearing masks in public before they were officially required to do so — and that the government was quick to ramp up production and form a plan to distribute masks to all residents.
    Many also point to high levels of trust in government health officials — who acknowledged the dangers from the start — as a crucial factor in stopping the virus’s spread.


    Anthrax Vaccine — posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.
    This blog began in 2007, focusing on anthrax vaccine, and later expanded to other public health and political issues. The blog links to media reports, medical literature, official documents and other materials.
    Wednesday, October 28, 2020
    TIME Magazine does its bit for the Great Reset
    Time Magazine has hosted 22 thinkers doing short pieces on the Great Reset. The thinkers include the head of the IMF (who wants to apply green stress tests to her loans), Harry and Meghan (calling out misinformation) and disgraced ex-PM Tony Blair (calling for global cooperation). Sadly, it’s no joke.

    Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 10:19 PM 0 comments


    Laboratory Escapes and “Self-fulfilling prophecy” Epidemics
    By: Martin Furmanski MD
    Scientist’s Working Group on Chemical and Biologic Weapons Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation
    February 17, 2014
    The danger to world or regional public health from the escape from microbiology laboratories of pathogens capable of causing pandemics, or Potentially Pandemic Pathogens (PPPs) has been the subject of considerable discussion1,2,3,4 including
    mathematical modeling of the probability and impact of such escapes . The risk of such
    releases has generally been determined from estimates of laboratory infections that are often incomplete, except for the recent 2013 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report , which is a significant source of recent data on escapes from undetected and unreported laboratory-acquired infections (LAIs).
    This paper presents an historical review of outbreaks of PPPs or similarly transmissible pathogens that occurred from presumably well-funded and supervised nationally supported laboratories. It should be emphasized that these examples are only the “tip of the iceberg” because they represent laboratory accidents that have actually caused illness outside of the laboratory in the general public environment. The list of laboratory workers who have contracted potentially contagious infections in microbiology labs but did not start community outbreaks is much, much longer. The examples here are not “near misses;” these escapes caused real-world outbreaks.
    Methods of pathogen identification
    Modern genetic analysis allows pathogens to be identified, and given a suf

    1. Matt thinks Trump is “evil”. I think Trump has been good for America, on many fronts: pro-life, keeping us out of wars, appointing conservative justices, improving the economy, lower taxes, cutting regulations, etcetera. I’ve previously listed dozens of good things Trump has done.

      Trump did good establishing the Coronavirus Task Force on January 29. The Task Force since April has advocated mask use, washing hands, social distancing. From MSNBC: “Members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield, have repeatedly urged the public to wear masks.” Even MSNBC admitted on July 21, 2020, “Trump urges Americans to wear masks to contain the coronavirus outbreak.”

      2. Matt mentions some women have “accused” Trump of assault. Matt forgets the Constitutional principle: “innocent until proven guilty.”

      Matt falsely accused Trump of “liking” “grabbing” women, implying assault. But Trump said some women “let” Stars do what they want to do. Matt forgets there’s a difference between consent and assault. Matt falsely writes Trump “admits he likes to grab women.” Trump never admitted that.

      3. Of course, some Americans decide not to wear masks, at rallies or protests. Shall we arrest all?

      The fact is a lot of Americans ignore Health Advisories (on masks, drug abuse, speeding, excess alcohol, assaults, robberies, looting, rioting, etc.) Some people freely commit crimes; others freely take risks, even endangering others’ lives (speeding). If you walk down a typical street you’ll see some walkers and joggers without masks. You’ll see many wearing those masks below the nose. Should we imprison folks who don’t wear masks properly?

      4. Matt mocks “herd immunity” but in fact the only way we defeat Covid is to create herd immunity whether naturally or by vaccines. Matt, what is the purpose of vaccines? It’s to develop herd immunity. “Did you know that when you get vaccinated, you’re protecting yourself and your community? This concept is called community immunity, or herd immunity.”

      5. If the vaccine is very effective, like the measles vaccine or the yellow fever vaccine or the polio vaccine, we’ll mostly eradicate these diseases. At best, we may develop relative herd immunity from Covid. It may always be with us, like AIDS; at best we may save more lives from a combination of better treatments and better vaccines.

      It will be sad if we are forever wearing masks and maintaining social distance and isolating and avoiding crowds. These things diminish the enjoyment of life. Will we never have packed concerts, packed stadiums, packed theaters, packed lectures, packed family reunions or friends’ reunions? Will we never walk down streets and simply see faces?

      I hope we develop in warp speed an effective vaccine and we develop better treatments. Trump supports these good efforts.

      1. William:

        What universe do you live in. It really seems it is the Htrae universe also called Bizzaro world. Please stop posting comments from there because the last I heard up was down there. You talk about vaccine. It’s not here. We are having over a thousand people die a day.

        You and Trump say we are turning a corner. September 27 we had 29,434 hospitalized, October 15: 37,308; October 28: 45,045. In a month we’ve come close to doubling our numbers. How about people in ICU – 9/27 = 6080; 10/15 = 7,220; 10/28 = 9,034. You see what I mean only in Bizzaro World would that be considered turning the corner.

        You confuse everyone getting Covid-19 (Herd Immunity) with vaccine. Another Bizzaro World thing. To think using Herd Immunity which upwards of one million or more will die is really way out of it. Vaccine’s prevent people from getting hit with a full dose of Covid-19 thus saves lives. Herd Immunity kills many on its way as we now see. Herd Immunity is rejected by every sane scientist. If it was effective we would not need a vaccine.

        Another dream world you live in is the Trump created a Task Force. You quote a July MSBC report saying: “Trump urges Americans to wear masks to contain the coronavirus outbreak.” Fine but what does he do. He’s holding his hate fests – sometimes three a day where people gather together in close proximity to each other without masks. Does Trump try to stop it. Absolutely not he encourages it. You don’t have to arrest everyone, you merely have to not let people attend without masks. It’s simple except in bizzaro world. How does that square with his words? It doesn’t. Don’t you see that.Dr, Fauci said it had been months since Trump met with the Task Force. Face it, he wants everyone to get Covid-19.

        Trump is pro-life for some – he certainly isn’t for immigrants. Imagine we can’t put together more than 500 kids with their mothers. You what that is called – kidnapping, pure and simple. Trump’s program to separate the kids was criminal. If he were pro-life we would have less than a thousand deaths from Covid like they have in South Korea. Or, is life to him, and to you, only what exists in the womb.

        As far as keeping us out of war what he has done is put others in danger. He abandoned our Kurdish allies and let Assad and Putin take over the territory where American troops had protected them at little or no cost. He is embracing the Taliban the people who would put women out of the workplace and schools and back into their homes. Anyone can keep us out of wars if you let the other people walk all over you. He doesn’t stand up to everyone. The other day he said Putin, Xi and Kim Jung un want him reelected. Why do you think that. It is because he is giving away the house to them. Have you seen the rating of America in the rest of the world. Putin and Xi have more favorable ratings than Trump. Must make you proud of your leader.

        Here’s the Trump statement on grapping women: Trump is heard talking about how he tried to have an affair with a married woman and described how he makes moves on women. “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.” That’s not consent. It is a straight assault. As far as innocence until proven guilty you might know of the concept in law of admission or confession. Just because you are not charged (you do have to be charged to be found guilty) does not mean you did not do the act. When someone admits it then it seems to me it is clear the person did it.

        I don’t understand why you want effective vaccines. When I first suggested masks you were against them. When I suggest Trump wants Herd Immunity you write “the only way we defeat Covid is to create herd immunity” either naturally (which is letting everyone get the virus) or by
        vaccine. You suggest either way is okay with you.

        By the way you should know a couple of things: they have been trying to develop a vaccine for HIV for over 30 years and it has not been done. The Covid-19 has been compared by some to HIV. There is no guarantee a vaccine will come about. Second, there are now reports that the immunity of those who have caught Covid-19 may last for a year or less. In that case your advocacy for Herd Immunity makes a lot less sense.

        1. Matt, so much illogic.

          Matt, you do not understand that herd immunity is created naturally or via a vaccine, or combined with both naturally creating antibodies by contact and by vaccines creating antibodies. Matt writes falsely: “I don’t understand why you want effective vaccines.” Matt knows both I and President Trump want effective vaccines. Everyone wants effective vaccines. Why does Matt “don’t understand”? It is apparent that Matt does not understand.

          Matt falsely accused Trump of saying he liked to grab women. Matt resorts to saying Trump admitted kissing women. How petty. How many assault and battery cases have your prosecuted for “kissing.”?

          Matt, says convolutedly, that just because you have not been charged, does not mean you have not committed the act. This is idiocy. It’s saying nothing. It’s vicious insinuating. O.K., lets follow Matt’s logic and apply it to Matt. Matt, just because you have not been charged with drug trafficking and you have not admitted to drug trafficking, does not mean you have not committed drug trafficking. Is not that a vicious insinuation! This is how Matt thinks. Matt is irrational. It is nonsense. It’s Matt’s way of saying nothing.

          Matt refuses to admit that in March Doctors Fauci, Birx, Adams and others still advised not to use masks. They first advised masks in April.

          1. Jesus Christ. You really are the problem. Bonespurs might not be Hitler but you absolutely are the fine German people that followed him off the fucking cliff. You want to see a hand puppet? Look in the mirror. I always knew that a huge part of the population in this country were sheep. I just never thought that they would be wearing brown shirts.

            1. Welcome back, Khalid. Or were you really gone?

              I’m afraid if Bonespurs loses Billy will go back to drinking. And not just the blood of children.

          2. Trump admitted the act. Don’t you get it. An unwarranted kiss is an assault
            First thing you learn in law school – a non consensual touching is an assault.

            Your suggestion that Herd Immunity is gained by everyone getting Covid-19 or by vaccination or a combination of both in your attempt to justify Trump doing nothing about the virus leads to the conclusion a vaccine is really not necessary. You fail to understand the difference between getting a vaccine or catching it from another person.

            1. Today, while on a stump, Bonespurs, while talking about the virus, said, “Ya know, doctors get more money if a patient dies. They do. They make more money.”

              The leader of the United States says that to comfort our nation. People are dying every day in his country, the cases are spiking off the charts, fresh tears are rolling down the cheeks of those that have lost loved ones, and the man insinuates that the dead are seen as profit by some of our doctors. That is the bullshit he infuses into a stump speech. A drowning man will reach for a used condom floating on the waters of the River Jordan.

              And suddenly the passage of Scripture recited by Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction come to mind.


    2. JPC:

      Doctor Mercola is a fraud. You should not be deceiving people by suggesting they listen to him.

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