The Pathetic Show Goes On.

It wasn’t before a crowd of thousands that Trump ranted. It wasn’t even before a crowd of hundreds. It was a small gathering of people at his Mar-A-Largo club in Florida who were there for dinner or to have their photos taken with Trump. The photo here shows some of them. Who are those folks Trump is now hanging around with?  Ah, how the pretender has fallen from the days when he could bring around him Motor Cyclers for Trump.

Trump had this to say: “Watch Arizona, some very interesting things are happening in Arizona, and we just had a great ruling, or actually the Senate, the State Senate of Arizona. Let’s see what they find, I wouldn’t be surprised if they found thousands and thousands and thousands of votes. So we’re going to watch that very close to the end after that we’ll watch Pennsylvania and you watch Georgia and you’re going to watch Michigan and Wisconsin and you’re watching New Hampshire, they found a lot of votes up in New Hampshire, a lot of votes up in New Hampshire just now, you saw that? Because this was a rigged election, everybody knows it and we’re going to be watching it very closely but start off by you just take a look, it’s on closed circuit I guess it’s on all over the place and everyone’s talking about yesterday, front page of the New York Times, they didn’t want to write it but that’s because they thought they were going to have a negative decision and the judge gave us a positive decision.”

Now I am sure you have heard about the lots of votes that they found up in New Hampshire just now. You haven’t. That’s obviously because the fake news is hiding it. Those evil leftists refuse to tell us about the New Hampshire votes. If we did not have the liberal press you would know how the election was rigged. Why isn’t Fox News, the Boston Herald, Howie Carr onto this?

Yes, it was truly rigged. Those Republican states that Trump lost he never should have lost in them. After all, they had Republican governors and Republican legislators and Republicans in charge of counting the votes. These Republicans rigged it against Trump. In fact, when he asked one to find twelve thousand votes that had been cast for him that had not been counted the guy in Georgia refused to do it.

Trump believes finally we will get the real count in Arizona. Yes, it has been counted three times already and he lost but it wasn’t counted by his people, the right people, who will find the ballots. Trump knows it is not the voters that matter, it is who counts the votes who matter.

After these vote counters in Arizona find or lose the ballots that give Trump the win, Trump expects they’ll do the same act in the rest of the Republican states that are contested. But the bottom line is so what?

Trump won’t then become president even if his counters give him the states to make him claim he won the Electoral College vote. No one of sound mind will believe his counters in any event. Of course, seriously, this is right out of Putin’s playbook. Let there be no end to an election. Keep counting the votes until you get what you want. Keep dividing the American people. It only benefits our enemies.

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  1. If it were Biden in this photo instead of Trump, I’m sure Biden would be accused of consorting with Satanists. These guys have the look of a not-terribly-successful rock band. As you can see from the photo, they’re not exactly eager youngsters on the way up. I’d love to tell you that the index finger-pinky hand gesture that two of them are making is a salute to Satan, but it’s just the “rock on” gesture commonly seen at rock festivals.

    1. Dan, leftists are trying to tell me that the O.K. sign is offensive, or that the Texas Long Horn signs are offensive, or the peace sign backwards in Italy is offensive . . . .it’s like Beauty is the eye of the beholder . . . .It’s like Free Bird, throughout which there are a lot of Pro-Christian, Pro-Country, Pro-Freedom signs and symbols, and if that offends some heckler, tough . . . .Americans don’t change your signs, symbols or language because Orwellian Newspeakers try to censore us . . .

  2. 1, As always it’s the Boogie Man.
    Most bikers are rockers . . . .Mettalica, Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird, etc
    News: Putin is not behind this

    2., People ridicule Trump supporters. No respect for those who think differently.. Liberals’ stale tactics: name calling, mud-slinging. Nothing new.

    3, American Pie: questioning election results, demanding recounts, is all American.

    Remember Al Gore demanding recounts, and Hillary’s Hillarians chanteuses chanting “the Russians stole it’ Another Boogey Man, Straw Man the leftists burn in effigy.

    Remember, the guy demanding a recount, circa 1990, a circus: Bill Delahunt demanded a recount , ,then Johnson still won . . . .Delahunt lost first by 0.6% then on recount still lost by o.4% So, Delahunt went to the judge he had worked with. Elizabeth Donovan, and said, “Here are ballots we challenged”, ballots he’d hand-picked, ballots manipulated previously many times, and lookey here said, Bill, look at these dimples, marks near punch-holes, and these hanging chads, and tell us, Betty Doe, do you see what we see,? Betty D said, I sure do.

    And She found that of the 950 challenged ballots Delahunt won 700, 70% and Johnson won only 250 or 25% of challenged ballots, whereas third parties, others were just 5% or less
    So, why is this controversial , , , ,because in the primary runoff, Delahunt got 37.5% of the vote even after the first recount, and Johnson got about 37.8 percent, and others got the remainder about 25% . . . .So how come a guy who got just 38% of the votes, get 70% of the recount of dimpled BALLOTS?

    Now, Al Gore, was a roommate of Tommy Lee Jones, and was at Harvard when four of tough young men formerly on B.C. High’s football team with me, were playing tough football with Tommy Lee at Harvard …those four were Skip Sviokla, Steve Ranere, Mike Annanis and Paul Saba, two became Harvard Med grads and one a Harvard Law grad, and one a PHD in psychological education . . .

    What’s the relevance? h. Al Gore was asking Florida to emulated Judge Donovan and Mass SJC.: recount of ballots with dimples, and dents and hanging chads . . . .because the DEMs learned they had a shot at stealing it as Delahunt had . . . .the SJC had came to the truth that Delahunt’s voters had fainter fingers than Johnson’s voters and couldn’t push that stylus through the paper circles to make holes . .

    Was it legit, or rigged?

    You know, in America, there has been widespread corruption in the Main Stream Media claiming Russian Collusion, etcetera, Mussolini Pelosi, I mean Nancy the Mad Ripper Pelosi, with the Botoxed Brain said Hillary’s loss was due to “a hijack” by PUtin.. . .and remember Senator from BC Law Marty Martinette Markey said, “SCOTUS WAS ‘STOLEN/” just last week, or so.

    So, now it all is crystal clear, like crystal meth or ecstasy, that President Trump is still applauded by 75 million plus would continue to vote Conservative and never vote for leftists like the HIllarians nor Turncoat Benedict Bidenites acting autocratically practically . . . .well you know The Thang: typical liberal: Big Government, Big Taxing, Big spender, anti-religion, mawkishly mimicking devotion, blundering, leftist socialistic war mongering, baby butchers . . .

    4. Conservatives, Traditionalists . . . . .ROCK ON

      1. But, Abe, to my senses it is seamlessly harmonious, maybe like abstract art or Joyce’s streams of conscientious consciousness, but to me its like looking at a juggler who goes for leftists’ jugulars while keeping four multicolored balls in the air, simultaneously. At least, however inscrutable, to me it is honest, scrupulous, scrumptious word crunching, encapsulating . . .like a banana split . . .many ingredients at once . . .wordsmithing , , , cutting to the quick . . .sometimes we need more words than a poet, vignette or even an essay requires . . .more like a short story in a half-hundred words . . .

      1. Matt’s rule, as I understand it, does not forbid “name calling” against say Presidents, Politicians, Op-Editors, but Matt does prohibit “ad hominem” attacks against bloggers on this site . . .for example, I could not call a fellow blogger on this cite “a dirty rotten Commie Bun Party Doll” but we could condemn someone’s political affiliation . . .that is we can condemn opinions/policies of bloggers, but not attack their character . . . It’s sorta like Free Speech, and lawyers know no one has a “heckler’s veto”

        So, Principles over Personalities . . . .I’ll give you an example if Trump blogged on this cite, I may agree or disagree with his ideas, although I could not call him a dog-faced dirty swine, but I could say Trump’s defamation of others is bad . . .Trump not blogging here, we can call him Orange Man or Bone Spurs, or call Biden a draft dodger the phony asthmatic all American football player

        Basically, under Matt’s rules you cannot call a fellow blogger a diddler nor fellow female blogger a vulgarian sleazey slu no slurs of our co-bloggers . .

        Dig it?

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