The Present Dilemma for Trump: Melania’s Mansion

Trump has settled into his new home in Florida pretending to believe he was wrongly  evicted from his former place in Washington. It is said that he had asked his lawyers prior to January 20th if the ban on evictions applied to him. He intended to assert that he could not be put out during the pandemic. Fortunately he was convinced that since he did not pay rent he was not covered.

Trump has had several visitors to his newly established abode in his old club where he now lives. Word from them is Melania is not too happy being there in the confined quarters which she considers to be like a fish bowl. She is hoping to find another place that has much more space and privacy as befits a former first lady.  She told Trump he cannot expect her to be happy in a club house after four years in the White House. (It was actually 3 1/2 years. She stayed in NYC for the first six months.)

Melania has remained adamant about this. No one is sure whether there is a must move before date but it seems clear that if Trump wants her to stay in Florida he must act fast.  He is anxious to have her around and not too far from the club so he can bring her there when necessary. He is desperately trying to buy up a place as soon as possible.

He had been unable to come up with anything that would satisfy Melanie and was beginning to get desperate. Then, miracles of miracles, Rush Lindbaugh who owns the house Melania always talked about died. Trump knew the Rush’s mansion on the beach nearby would soon be coming on the market. He’s scheming to grab it. To do this he knows he must show due respect to those who will now decide who will be its next owner.

Trump’s call to Fox Show Host Hannity extolling praise on Rush was the first step even though it kills him to be praising another and not himself. Desperate to show more, he called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He told him to  announce that flags in Florida will be flown at half-staff in honor of Rush Limbaugh when the conservative radio host is laid to rest. Trump is also having his followers put pressure on President Biden to do the same throughout the country under the theory this is one way he can unite the country. Word is Trump told the heirs who will decide the next occupants of Rush’s beachfront mansion that if he still had presidential powers, which he lacks even though he is president,  he would have Rush lie in state at the Capitol and bury him beside the Unknown Soldier at Arlington.

The last thing Trump wants is a bidding war over the house. Even as much as he seeks that there is only so much  he is willing to pay to accomplish it. He has asked the heirs of Rush to allow him to gain possession of it right away under a rent-to-buy arrangement. Even if he can grab it Melania might decide to relocate depending on where Baron ends up in school. But one step at a time. The house then Baron.

Privately Trump told his family he’s upset that Rush did not die sooner while he was president. Ten he could have had one of the Russian oligarchs pick it up and gift it over to him. Now he is having difficulty talking this over with his good friend Vladimir Putin.

Stay tuned. This is a developing story.

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