The Purpose of this Blog:

I posted three posts on a day and was told by Paul Ahern who I’ve known and liked for over 40 years that was unwise.  It is only from such people you get candor.  I explained why I did it, a four day appointment in New York City that prevented me posting.  He listened.  He didn’t buy my excuse.  We then went on to discuss the blog in greater detail.

My discussions with him made me recognized I had not clearly set out the purpose of this blog.  True, it relates to my soon to be released book, “Don’t Embarrass The Family – The Trial of Whitey Bulger’s Handler.”   But why is that book about the trial of FBI Agent John Connolly important?

It gives the first trial testimony of the major players involved in this matter.  It provides a background discussion of the trial issues.  You might now think that seems mundane, why bother?  If you do, then you’re reflecting back to me my first feelings.

It was only when I fully grasped the reason for the trial, the subsequent events and the lies now accepted as truisms I realized that the trial was like Pandora’s Box.  The husband of the all-gifted Pandora, Epimetheus, opened that beautiful box.  It contained unimaginable evils which spilled out inflicting misery upon mankind.

The Connolly trial likewise opened the FBI box that empowered Whitey Bulger.  That too spilled out the evils of the FBI.  Pandora acting by herself tried to put the cover back on the box to contain the spread of the evils but failed.  The FBI acting with the government, the media and other individuals has been successful in containing the evils exposed by the Connolly trial.  Today many things accepted as gospel may be false.   Truth has become an orphan in the ongoing cover-up.

The purpose of this blog is to give those persons with a keen interest in the operation of the law enforcement arm of our government an understanding of what actually happened during the Whitey Bulger era.  I want them to know the true facts so that they can reinforce or reassess their opinion on these matters.  I ask them to put aside their prejudices and to consider the facts with an open mind.

I want intelligent people especially in law enforcement to discuss these issues.  I believe that an open recognition of these past and ongoing evils and advocacy for real change, not cosmetic touch ups, will help us survive as a free people.  We don’t help our children by closing our eyes to their wrongs; we try to correct them because we love them.  We will not help our country by averting our eyes from law enforcement evils; we must discuss, confront and correct them because we love our country.  It is the place where our children will live.  We want for them a land free from evil where all are treated equally.

The readers of this blog will grasp how much there is to the full picture of these events.  They should draw their own conclusions.  They should discuss, educate and correct others.  Too many people have too little knowledge or too much to hide so the facts have been distorted.  I will discuss matters I believe have not been sufficiently aired or are too one sided.

Pandora did not totally fail.  She managed to save one thing in her box, Hope, who would provide consolation to mankind by easing its labors and rendering the sorrows and troubles of life less painful. Once we confront the evils exposed by the Connolly trial we too will have hope remaining.  Our hope is that substantial changes in the way our Justice system operates will be made so that we will never have a repeat of these events and America will become a better place.