The Republican Party Attempts To Throw The Monkey Off Its Back. It Will Fail.

Roger Stone and General Mike Flynn who both received and accepted pardons which demonstrate their acknowledgement that they committed criminal acts have declared the Republican Party no longer exists. In its ashes they say  there is the Trump Party. Stone was convicted by a jury; Flynn pleaded guilty. Without the pardons they would both end up in prison. So it is no wonder they consider themselves the members of the Trump Party – which in a sense can be called the party of pardoned criminals.

Pardons prevent the further prosecution of the criminal act but it does not eliminate the act or knowledge of it. A pardoned person is not innocent; in fact, it is just the opposite. A pardoned person has committed a crime – “Pardon is an ‘executive forgiveness of crime.'” The Supreme Court has noted: “A pardon is a deed, to the validity of which delivery is essential, and delivery is not complete without acceptance. It may then be rejected by the person to whom it is tendered, and if it be rejected, we have discovered no power in a court to force it on him.” 

Basically let no one argue the Roger Stone or General Michael Flynn have not committed crimes. They have. They have then received forgiveness for it from their buddy Trump. The same applies to Paul Manafort who was duly convicted by a jury and ended up in prison.

What crimes then did these folk commit? They all related in one manner or another to intercourse with Russia. (Above photo shows Flynn shaking hands with Putin.) That is something that must be  kept in mind. It has now been clearly established that Manafort who was Trump’s campaign manager colluded with Russia by turning over GOP information to it which allowed it to understand where to spread its pernicious statements undermining America.

It is dawning on more and more Americans that the Russian aided election of Trump and the four years of his divisive language while kowtowing to Putin was not in the best interests of our country. The latest polling data shows: Among registered voters, 32% had a favorable view of the former president, while 55% had an unfavorable view. Comparatively, Trump’s favorability in the same poll in January stood at 40%.” Imagine dropping 8% points from an already low standing.

It should be kept in mind that Trump “will leave office with the lowest approval rating of his presidency, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS, with more Americans than ever in support of removing him from office. A majority, 54%, say Trump ought to be removed from office before January 20 . . . “

The Flynns and Stones of the world are being seen for what they are: pardoned criminals and members of the Trump Party. The above mentioned poll pointed out: “For the first time since 2019, NBC polling found supporters of the GOP outnumbered those who said they back Trump more than the party. The poll found 50% of Republicans said they support the GOP more than they support Trump, while 44% said they support the former commander-in-chief more than the Republican party.”

It would be good for America if the Republican Party could come back and shake off the Trump stench. I just do not see it happening. Too many have swallowed his evil ways which follow Putin’s prescription of dividing Americans so that we become weak.



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  1. You forgot the corrupt judges. Those leftists infect everything and everyone. Only the pure-hearted, God-fearing, Republicans can save this country–with the help of the sainted Russians. Thank Heaven for the Blessed Putin-Savior and Defender of the Faith, blazing trails of Freedom, Justice, and the Champion of Democracy. Where do we find such men!

    1. Hutch, your shooting for sarcasm or irony.

      Leftists in fact, historically, have brought us Stalinism and Maoism, and, I opine, Nationalistic Socialism.

      Hutch, you are trying for sarcasm or irony.
      It is true that leftism brought us Stalin and Mao.
      True, that leftist liberals think they are morally and intellectually superior.

      I know no Conservative, Reagan, Bulger, Sowell, Ike, and the like, like Shelby Steele, Mark Levin, etcetera, who have sanctified Russians, except those individuals from Russia and other Slavic states who are rightfully recognized as Saints.
      Don’t Orthodox Churches and Roman Catholic Churches have saints?

      Today, mosts Russians are as good in heart and soul as are today’s Americans.

      Remember these days Russian has brought some peace between warring factors in the middle east, and simmered down conflicts within Russia’s hegemony. Russia was wiser to leave Afghanistan, where U.S.lingered too long.
      Remember, too, that Russian leaders acquiesced to the tearing down of that Berlin Wall. Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul II convinced Russia to withdraw, and dissolve the Soviet Union.

      REMEMBER, too, that Russsia and China were our allies in WWII.

      Remember, too, at the end of WWI and during Russian’s Civil War, the United States invaded Russia both from the North and from the East. To my knowledge, Russia has never set foot on American soil, and did withdraw its missiles from Cuba under JFKs pressure. Sure, there’s been tensions and debates about Artic areas, and international areas.

      I DO NOT listen to War Mongers today, stuck in ante-deluvian thinking, or pre-twenty-first century thinking.
      Crimea, yes Russia took it by force. Kosovo, we and our NATO allies took it from Serbia, after bombing for 78 days. Remember Syria, Libya, Iraq?. Our beloved USA does not have clean hands historically.

      No one I know recognizes Putin as a Savior and Defender of the Faith, as you allege.

      American Bishops have blasted Biden for being publicly scandalous with his pro-abortion advocacy of policies responsible for the killings of millions of unborn at home and abroad.

      Will Biden bring more peace, or will he plant more offensive missiles in Ukraine, blundering America into needless conflicts?

      Democrats today seem less sainted but more like apparatchiks of the increasingly leftist Democratic Party with its race-based, identity positions and Big Tax & Spend programs, pograms purging Academia, Media and Feds itself of Conservatives. Leftist Dems are saluting and genuflecting at modern day’s leftists liberalisms’ anti-American policies and traditions, dangerous to our Constitution and our children.

      Don’t think so? Look up the Biden dictates vibrating inside Harvard Medical Hospitals who now publicly say they must install programs of “Preferential Care” based on skin color. Blatantly unconstitutional and grotesquely medically unethical, yet Hospitals say they are merely acting in accordance with Biden’s race based Executive Orders.

      All the corrupt judges I”ve dealt with, from trial court to the U.S. Supreme Court were liberals, leftists, ostensibly Democrats.

      The best judges I’ve dealt with are conservative Joseph Nolan in Massachusetts and a few in the Federal Courts . . . .I have, of course, encountered many good judges appointed by Democrats and Republicans . . .

      But the corrupt judges I’ve known since Judge Troy in the 60s was not just venal, but blatantly corrupting the Constitution were mostly “liberals”.

      I remember when Vets were driven to the brink of bankruptcy fighting for their free speech rights against corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt legal institutions, like CLUM and the ACLU, and the ABA; all were acting in concert with their partners in the leftist media, to crush Veterans free speech rights. I’ve seen the same cadre try to crush Americans’ religious freedomsand Judeo-Christian traditions..

      Yes, deadly, dangerous Marxism is alive and well in America, today.

      1. Reagan did not defeat Communism-capitalism did.
        Your conservative judges historically panicked in the face of anything smacking of “leftist” philosophy. (20 years for two leaflets.)
        Draconian drug sentences (historically).

        I agree the US has dirty hands, that is no excuse play footsy with an adversary-unless you have a personal economic interest.

        I am a liberal in the mode of Hubert Humphrey and proud of it. Most latter day “leftists” would stone me.
        Republicans spend two trillion (pre-Covid checks and free loans) and you do not bat an eye.

        I agree, I do irony badly. Go get that broad brush out of the paint can.

        1. My father-in-law was Department Of State but took several years off from overseas work to run world tours for several presidents and Executive Branch people. He was a staunch conservative till the day he died. Even so, he told me the only decent man among all that he dealt with that would have been someone he would vote into The White House was HHH.

  2. They faced rigged prosecutions by corrupt Feds and biased Jurors, leftists.

    I wouldn’t trust any poll conducted by CNN.

    Rasmussen had Trump at 50% over the last few months.

    When the leftists have the like of CNN, MSNBC, the corrupt WaPo and NYT in their back pockets . . .what do you expects from the leftists in the FEDs, Media and Academia? Fairness, objectivity, fair prosecutions, equal justice, objective covering by leftists in the Media and Academia. You forget recent history, going back decades before President Trump was elected, before Carter.

      1. Yes, I listened to Miss Womack and Mister Leonard Cohen and danced with all good folks, regardless of their ideologies. Like my friend Tuck used to say, “We don’t discriminate against girls.”

        I want to defeat leftists by freely expressing my views on the bloodless battlefields of fearless expressionism, like Kafka, Fitzy, Camus, St. Paul and Pollack.

        1. Good duty, Bill. We use to shake hands, at the urgings of the local adults, after we fought on the playground. I wonder if that ever happens any more.

          I want to defeat any damaging citizens, but I don’t call them left or right. Just damaging. There is garbage all around. No party or group is exempt from having assholes within its ranks. Remember; No matter if the water is salt or fresh, shit floats.

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