The Second Boston Massacre: Victim: Free Speech

It will be called the Boston Model. It will be the way  for those in power to pretend they support free  speech while starving it to death. It reminds me of several things. One is the time the Democrats changed the rules in the Senate allowing federal judicial nominees other those to the Supreme Court to pass with a majority vote perhaps thinking they would always control the Senate. This is like that. Others will follow the Boston Model and it may be used against the people who are not the flavor of the month.

It reminds me of the pussilanimity of the Boston’s academic community. None spoke out against this suppression. It reminds me of Orwell’s “all animals are equal but some are more equal. “ All speech is free but some less free.

It may have been different in Boston for the planned free speech gathering there on Saturday, August 19, but for Charlottesville, VA. After the clashes between the white supremacists and those opposed to them that lead to the unfortunate death of one woman, Heather Heyer, run over by a supremacist and the ham handed much belittled response to it by Trump, the planned Boston free speech gathering took on a different hue.

Boston officials, as everyone else in the nation, took notice of the unfortunate but predictable happening in Charlottesville. Their response was to immediately put up the “not welcome” or “no vacancy” signs. Mayor Walsh, Governor Baker, and others said that those who planned to attend the meeting were persona non grata. They did not approve of the speeches that they expected them to give.  Thousands thought this prior government censorship and suppression of speech to be good.

Yet at the same time with forked tongue they said the rally could  go on. For all that transpired the free speech people’s permit to rally could just as easily set as the place for the event the south tunnel into Castle William on Castle Island. You ask, “where’s that?” Well that’s the point.

The idea of free speech is that one can be heard. Heard not only by the converted but by others. It is epitomized by the Speakers Corner in London’s Hyde Park where for the cost of a soap box one can address and interact with the public openly. The recent obituary of Republican kingmaker Arthur Finkelstein notes he told of his start in politics.  “I would stand outside on soapboxes in Greenwich Village at 3 in the morning and argue with people about the nature of freedom.” 

As it happened the Boston rally took place subject to such onerous conditions as to deprive the free speech people their right to an audience and create an atmosphere designed to chase those interested in attending away. The bandstand where the speeches were to be given was encircled by a metal fence keeping people around 100 yards away. To gain entrance one seeking to participate had to pass though a crowd of hostile people who surrounded the only entrance.

That reminded me of a game we played as kids called the “hot oven.” Boys would line up on each side of a line and the one selected would have to run between them and be punched or hit with belts. How one got to be the lucky one I forget. It wasn’t fun having been the victim on occasion. I recall what hurt most deeply was when those who you thought to be your best friends gave you the hardest hits.

Our “hot oven” was more familiarly known as running the gauntlet. The Boston hot oven boiled over with screams. But not all made it safely. I saw one guy hit with a sucker punch and another had items torn away. I’m sure many thought it was not worth going through. Those who did faced the police who manned the entrance.

The police became the arbiters of who could pass on. They checked identifications. Yes, these are the same people who object to checking voters identifications. Since when do you have to be questioned by officers of the state as a prerequisite to hear a speaker. What were the standards they used? Those who were not supportive of the speakers, who were undecided, or who had crossed-eyes were barred.

Even the press could not attend the small gathering at the bandstand. Did anyone in the media complain? Where were the First Amendment lawyers seeking emergency hearings? I heard no complaints. The media happily let the free speech advocates’ speech be suppressed by state fiat.

You cannot have free speech if you are not allowed to address more than yourself and if locked in a closet. Nor can you have free speech if others supporting you are locked in with you. The idea behind it is to transmit your message to others uninterrupted if you own the forum.

As much as Boston is praised for its actions in keeping the peace it should be condemned for its suppression of free speech. Hardly is that honoring free speech when those who intend to speak are told their speech is not welcome. Hardly is it free speech when those who want to hear it have to run a gauntlet where they can be picked upon and identified.

The city officials took these steps because it was called the “hate speech” of white supremacists which is odious too many; but so too are some expressions of speech odious to others. Many find speeches urging boycotts if Israeli goods to be vile and legislation is pending to make it criminal. I remember the guy who wanted to get a plate in Vermont reading: “Irish.” The state and a judge denied him the right saying that was hate speech.

Perhaps then we can see the future of the St Patrick’s day parade in Boston. It will be allowed on O’Callahan Way in South Boston. It will be between noon and 1 p.m.  Only those who can prove they are Irish and  live or have lived on that street can attend.

The Boston model of allowing free speech but then denying it an audience may be the new way for government to pretend compliance with First Amendment rights. In truth  it is the massacre of it. When you deny speech an audience you have effectively murdered it.

The Revolution that began in Boston on the 19th of April 1775 may have experienced the beginning of its end on the 19th of August 2017. The shot heard round the world in ’75 is much different from the shot into the heart of the First Amendment in ’17. Where is our Paul Revere?


7 thoughts on “The Second Boston Massacre: Victim: Free Speech

  1. The problem is that letting the alt-right/KKK/Nazis speak normalizes their hateful rhetoric. Germany forbids the public display of Nazi symbols, and, strictly, limits cultural space for Nazi speech. Maybe, there’s a lesson there.

    The Nazi/Klan have always caught flack. Back in the early seventies, Al Steerguard would round up a group of young comrades from the Milwaukee/Madison factions and, go brace the Nazis at some public function they’d be holding. Al was a veteran of the Lincoln Battalion of the International Brigades, and, had held a Party Card for decades. Down to the beer hall for a donnybrook we’d go. Red Madison was always well represented. One time, the Nazis were crazy enough to bring their crap for an airing at WORT, Madison’s local alternative station. It was all hush-hush. It didn’t matter. As, soon, as, they started sieg heiling on the radio, the local phone lines glowed hot. Within the hour it took for the show to finish, a crowd of five hundred angry comrades surrounded the station. Only a hurried police escort out of town saved the fascists from the temper of the crowd.

  2. Comrades, isn’t it wonderful? ESPN just eliminated a sportscaster named Robert Lee!

    Comrades, from what I can tell, there were about 500 “protesters” total in Charlottesville, which is being milked and milked and milked and milked….. Apparently the number of protesters is a top secret matter.

    The jerk who drove the car had psycho problems, and had previously attacked his own disabled mom.

    In Boston – well, it’s like a fish story. The fish just keeps getting bigger and bigger. At first it was 15,000, no wait, …. 40,000, super-righteous douchebags, surrounding a very small number of nasty, evil whatever they were – it’s not clear, except that it’s Trump’s fault.

    Nothing happened, so the media idiots finally stopped coverage.

    My favorite part happened last night – one of the antifa rent-a-mob took one for the self-righteous team right in the cojones with a rubber bullet. The Phoenix cops were not messing around.

    Again – no word on the total number of “protesters,” just lots of smoke.

    And – this is great. Flipping through channels, I caught the howling hyenas of PMSNBC for a few seconds. Their “coverage” consisted of a split screen – on one side, a picture of Trump giving his speech – but there was no sound. On the other side, a parade of babbleheads babbling on and on.

    One had to be a lip reader in order to “hear” Trump’s speech via PMSNBC.

    And, of course, whatever it is related to Trump – they’re against it.

    After Billary Pandersuit lost to Putler, the lefties have been casting about for all sorts of stuff to get rid of Trump. Claims of insanity, rasha rasha rasha, claims of impeachment, nothing has worked so far.

    So now we’re on to having a Prez who is Hitler and a slave owner and a Nazi and a rashan – all rolled into one.

    No claims yet of Trump being a child killer.

    Looks like in Boston free speech isn’t free.

  3. Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 268 Section 34

    Section 34: Disguises to obstruct execution of law, performance of duties, or exercise of rights

    Section 34. Whoever disguises himself with intent to obstruct the due execution of the law, or to intimidate, hinder or interrupt an officer or other person in the lawful performance of his duty, or in the exercise of his rights under the constitution or laws of the commonwealth, whether such intent is effected or not, shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year and may if imprisoned also be bound to good behavior for one year after the expiration of such imprisonment.

    How many charges were brought? Mayor Walsh and Governor Baker had a duty to enforce the law. A lot of violence can be avoided by forcing actions to be done in the open. That is the purpose of that particular law. The antifa, aka anti-racists, fear to show their faces. The slanderously misnamed White supremacists do not.

    The tools for a civilized society are in place but evil men subvert their use. Mayor Signer and Governor McAuliffe designed a template for chaos and mayhem in Charlottesville. Walsh and Baker aped their reckless politically motivated maneuver. It is fortunate that no schizophrenic panicked and brought about an opportunity for a heightened orgy of self-righteous hating in Boston. The price paid was only, as you point out, the loss of liberty.

  4. THE SECOND BOSTON MASSACRE . That is pretty rich . Did you see the riot clad SWAT embroiled with the Antifa , masked and confident they had the total sympathy of the Mass of Forty Thousand , at the corner of Tremont and Park ? It was a very ugly scene. Talk to the BPPA . They are ripshit at the way everything was downplayed by Mayor Walsh and Commissioner Evans and of course the even tempered paragon of political virtue , Governor Baker. The BPD had nasty running skirmishes with these Brownshirts throughout the afternoon into early evening . But those guys are politicians. Except for Bill Evans , who is a Mayor whisperer, a very effective Commissioner , and knows which side the bread gets buttered on. They are men of their Times , basically.

    The ” Times ” in which they function called for civic order and the Downtown of America’s most historic city , Boston , not being torn apart and defiled by Lefty ” revolutionaries. ” They executed a , ” highly effective, ” game plan that prevented the sacking of the Downtown area . It has happened in other cities.

    That you have the gall to criticize the death of Free Speech when the Left’s Mass reaction to Free Speech is to scream and pummel it down , to rain piss bottles on police , to assault Flag carrying elders and sucker punch political supporters of a sitting,, duly elected , American President is .. Again , too rich for even irony to encompass .

    What you saw with your own eyes at the Free Speech beatdown was an object lesson in Lefty Fascist political tactics of disinformation, bullying , and suppression , Orwellian in scope, of any political views not in Lefty goose step with their own.

    Your conscience rebuked you . Rather than sorting out why it did you wrote this nonsensical , diversionary screed taking the City to task for trying to maintain civic order in this new ” Worker’s Paradise ” dystopic and entirely logical outcome of the Left’s … Shadow side… complete and unyielding intolerance of differing views and an authoritarian insistence on political conformity . What do we call it , George O . ? Why in England we call it … FASCISM. .. Sir !

    Lefty , heal thyself .

  5. If the people who hold the tv and radio broadcast licenses in Boston won’t defend the Constitutional Right to free speech then those licenses should be given to others who will. All the judges who violated the Veterans Rights on the St. Pats parade case should have been punished, suspended or removed. 2. The organizers of that Free speech rally should head to Federal Court and get an injunction against the City prohibiting it from curtailing their rights. Almost all the violence comes from the Left but the dishonest media doesn’t report it. All those arrested were the anti free speech demonstrators. The brown shirts are on the Left.

  6. I was there . Blue shirt , blue bike helmet , blue Trek bike. I was leaning against it on brow , midway , of hill facing the bandstand . I saw plenty I did not like , including the vortex swirl of manic mob energy as , screaming and roiling with murderous energy , your fellow travelers reached a critical mass incendiary tip point with a , lone , Trumper holding up a sign . That he was not beaten senseless , or worse , had to do with just how ballsy the Boston cops were in injecting themselves , whistles blowing , into that Antifa fascist boil to rescue him .

    You have a lot of balls to write this article . They are , after all , Fellow Travelers . Their fascist mentality and actions , hitherto , eminently logical and supremely morally justified to you.

    You cannot have it both ways. Figure ” it ” out !

  7. Matt: very true! Yes, the liberals, the State and people like Mayor Walsh are killing free speech.
    1. In Germany, a journalist was give a 1 year suspended sentence and 100 hours community service for calling Islam “a fascist religion.” It’s coming to America.
    2. There was a Paul Revere in Boston. His name was Chester Darling. He represented the Veterans. In Massachusetts from 1992-1995, all judges (state and administrative) (except one, Joe Nolan) ruled that the Veterans must alter the expressive content of their St. Pat’s Parade and include banner carrying gay-pride groups. A Federal Appeals Court was still deciding whether the City of Boston could deny the Veterans a permit, when the US Supreme Court unanimously (9-0) struck down the Massachusetts’ grotesque evisceration of the Veterans’ free speech rights. The Supreme Court said Massachusetts’ judges acted “without lawful authority.” Even after the unanimous Supreme Court ruling, Mass. Appellate Judge Katz wrote an article in Lawyers’ Weekly saying “the majority of judges in Massachusetts” disagreed with the Supreme Court. Katz argued the First Amendment allowed the Government to force the gay group into the St. Pat’s Parade; he omitted the logical inference that Government could force Hezbollah into the Israeli Day Parade. (The blind leading the blind.)
    3. Yes, people like Marty Walsh will continue to eviscerate free speech rights in the name of “diversity”. “Hate speech” will be banned and Democrats on the left will define what hate speech is.
    4. Hate speech likely will include speech which is pro-life (“anti-feminist”) against gay-marriage (“anti-lgbtqxyz”), against affirmative action and quotas (“racist” and “sexist”) against radical Islam (“Islamophobic”).
    5. Walsh doesn’t understand that under our Constitution as interpreted by our Supreme Court, there is no “hate speech” in America. All speech is protected with a few well known exceptions (shouting fire in crowded theater); even the Nazis have a constitutional right to speak and march.
    6. The Press-Media is complicit in killing free speech rights. They ignored the onerous restrictions placed on the speakers and listeners in Boston. As Matt said, imagine having to show an ID to attend a public speech? Imagine running two gauntlets: through police and angry demonstrators?
    7. The MSM ignored an elderly woman carrying an American flag being assaulted, ignored a young man wearing a Trump hat and carrying an Israeli flag being assaulted (his hat was stolen) downplayed the 33 arrests of those assaulting police, etc. It was a “peaceful” demonstration. Propaganda!
    8. The Civil Rights Commission rightfully condemned Charlottesville’s right-wing violence (KKK, one guy was dressed as KKK, Nazis (one Nazi flag) and white supremacists) but refused to condemn the violence of the left (Anti-fa, BLM.)
    7. Two members of the Civil Rights Commission proposed a resolution condemning all violence, but it was rejected. The Commission only condemns the violence of the right?

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