The Strange Happenings That Occurred To FBI Agent John Connolly for Not Lying.

I wrote how siting through FBI Agent John Connolly’s trial I settled on the idea he was being prosecuted because he embarrassed the FBI. That may have been the motive of the FBI in prosecuting him so it could pretend he was doing what he should not have been doing when he was actually doing his job. But it did not seem to be the motive of the prosecutors in the case.

The prosecution team included, or I should say was led by, Fred Wyshak. The prosecutor trying the Connolly case in Boston was John Durham. Wyshak is the prosecutor who hid the memo that I wrote about the other day that contained information that I suggest should have been disclosed to Connolly.  It seemed to me their motive in bringing the case was to squeeze Connolly into providing information  to them on the former president of the Massachusetts Senate, William “Billy” Bulger, the younger brother of Whitey Bulger.

Unfortunately for Connolly he had nothing to give them on Billy or anyone else. He could have made up some lies about him. It would have been simple. All he had to say was that Billy told him to protect Whitey or he gave Billy some money from Whitey and lickety-split he’d probably have been the toast of the town. I happened to mention to Connolly late in the trial that seemed to me to be the purpose of the case. He said he could never lie about anyone because he would not be able to live with himself the rest of his life. So for not lying, something that has become quite routine lately in American life, Connolly sits in a Florida prison for made-up crime where his earliest parole date will get him out just before age 100.

You’re probably tired of me beating this dead horse complaining about this but there are so many thing that were unusual that happened to Connolly that as much as I want to think things are on the up-and-up the memo incident suggests to me that perhaps despite my experience I have been naive.

Here are the odd things that I’ve written about before on this blog which seem to indicate some sinister force is operating to keep Connolly in prison.

‘1. The FBI never backed him up knowing his job was to deal with Top Level Informants. On that score I never could figure out why that was not gone into in-depth during his trial. I wondered why Connolly remained silent about that.

‘2.  During Connolly’s trial a major witness against him, Frank Salemme, committed perjury. He also told an FBI informant in prison that he was told what to testify to by the prosecutors and was getting his revenge on Connolly. Salemme’s testimony was important to some of the charges for which Connolly was found guilty. On appeal the First Circuit Court of Appeals made light of Salemme’s testimony and passed it off as not important even though it was critical.

‘3. Connolly was indicted by Florida for a murder  for which he was found not responsible in Boston. No argument of double jeopardy was presented in federal court by habeas even though the prosecutors in both cases were the same.  Also, if Connolly was acting in the course of his duty the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution should have protected him from state prosecution yet it was never raised.

‘4. The crime for which Connolly was convicted in Florida — murder by gun — exists to deter criminals from bringing guns to their planned crimes. It heightens the penalty. The Appeals Court in Florida to keep Connolly in prison made new law. It said if you have a gun or other weapon on you during any stage of planning a crime you are guilty of murder by gun even if the person who was murdered was strangled or poisoned. Few seemed to understand how flagrantly wrong an interpretation of the law that is by the appeals court. This could not have occurred without their being a special animus toward Connolly.  Why?

‘5. The deliberate non-disclosure of the memo by Wyshak. Add to that the answer Wyshak gave when asked after Connolly’s Florida conviction where Connolly went wrong. He said,  “He got too close to South Boston and the Bulgers.”  

That sort of brought the circle to a close. Wyshak suggested Billy Bulger was a force for evil. It was Billy Bulger after all who was the target.  There we have it. All the shenanigans going on in Connolly’s case seem to result from him not lying. Too bad for Connolly he was not a criminal. If he were then there being no honor among criminals he would have lied as Salemme and the other witnesses against him did.


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  1. ” Megan Walbrandt, who guarded Meinel, had three blocks, Alana Cardona stuffed three shots and senior Kate Connolly sent four attempts packing. Souderton’s strength is blocking without fouling, which Connolly said is a byproduct of just going straight up and down and using their length. “It’s kind of funny, we all have really long arms so putting them up in the air, it’s really helpful having that extra length,” Connolly said.

  2. I love your site. Very thoughtful, that being said… you protest too much. Agent Connolly sold his badge (at a small profit to a smaller creep) End of story!

    1. John Connolly left a Florida courtroom , not wearing his badge , but being carried out upon it . He still had it when his Agency service revolver surpassed the mysteries of the Transubstantiation of Christ into bread and wine when he was convicted of being in two places at the same time , with a magic gun .

  3. Before Sterns became the AAG (or whatever, the Big Honcho in the Boston Prosecutor’s Office of the FEDs) the Assistant Attorney General(?) . . .anyway . . .he and Dershowitz were opposing counsel on a major case in the First Circuit (or First District) . . .Was the Dersh instrumental in getting Sterns appointed ? Did he have influence with Sterns . . .did he pitch the curve ball “get Billy Bulger by squeezing John Connolly of Southie” to Sterns, early on, and is this what got the machinery rolling against an innocent man?
    Sterns was rewarded after his service to Dersh et al . . .he did do Dersh’s will, whether incidentally, accidentally by happenstance, or intentionally ONLY a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR will determine and one should be appointed soon . . . . .
    Curious though the intertwinning circles Dersh, Sterns, Durham, Wyshak brought in . . . .Judge Wolfe set up . . . de facto “indictments, nay convictions” issued during ex parte proceedings on Flemmi/Cardinale’s motion to dismiss some charges . . .A Letter written to judge on Police Stationary turned into a Federal Crime . . .a private citizen saying he heard through the grapevine an indictment was coming down . .practically commonknowledgeon the street . ..turned into a crime . . .. .telling someone to tell someone else to tell a Prosecutor that you are/were and honest cop, is also turned into a crime . . .SPEECH by a cop retired 8 years is turned into a federal crime byWyshak, Durham, Sterns . . .and AFter THE FULL COURT PRESS AND PERJURIOUS SERIAL KILLERS AND WYSHAK, DURHAM ET AL HAVE THEIR DAYS IN COURT, the jury finds the good cop guilty of one crime during his 20-plus years as a most highly decorated officer . . .giving a closed case of wine with an envelope inside containing $1,000 to his boss (John Morris, an admittedly perjurious, murderous (revealed names to get them killed) corrupt cop who admitted takiing $$$ from multiple criminals. And who tweaked this razor thin threadbare story from Morris’s spinal, I mean, vocal cords? Why none other than out persistently perverse prosecutorial power abusers,Wyshak, Durham, Sterns, ET AL . . .

    And after that debacle of a trial in Boston where the jury did not believe one word uttered by the serial murderer John Martorano, what did the dishonorable federal prosecutor Wyshak do? Why he dragged Martorano and three other perjurious murderers (Flemmi, Weeks, Morris) to Miami to re-try John Connolly on some words some perjurious killers remembered Whitey said John said in 1982. What words, allegedely? “If Callahan talks we’ll all be in trouble.”

    Surely, any decent Prosecutor in America would flaunt double-jeopardy jurisprudence and deputize 5 State Cops and drag them and 4 mass murderers to Miami to re-try a cop based on the triple hearsay “word” of Martorano and Flemmi, wouldn’t he or she? Don’t know? Find one who’d answer yes today, yesterday or ever, except Wyshak et a.

  4. Patty, the end isn’t in sight . . .As Chicago sang: “It’s only the beginning . . .”

    I mean no sacrilegious disrespect, but I mean this: For Lent, I’m giving up going easy on Wyshak and his Sterns’ gang (including Sterns, Durham, Dershowitz, Carr, Cullen and others at Globe, etc: the CABAL (part of M.A.F.I.A.) which gave us the trumped-up Connolly case, Probation case, etc, etc..) the CABAL that aimed to take down conservative/moderate pro-life politicians in Massachusetts (Finneran, current speaker DeMeo (unindicted c0-conspirator in phony probation case) and all other good decent men and women (including nurses with clean records) the Sleaze Wyshak targeted . . .the Sleaaaaze wise guy Wyshak abused his power to bully some to the brink of bankruptcy, to bully one honorable promising brilliant young man to suicide, to try to steal a Motel from a hardworking family . . .Icould go on . . .the Sleaze Wyshak misled judges, failed to vigorously defend government clients he was ethically and constitutionally charged with defending, instead sold them down the drain (before Judge Wolfe who was chopblocked by Wyshak and his Sterns Gang (theh 21st century governmental power abuses and usurpers who targetted and tried to destroyed innocent men, women and children . . .the sleaze, I could go on this Holy Day of Februay 14, 2018,, the first day of Lent . . .but I’ll save my spittle for now for the sink . . .If I were the judge, Wyshak, Sterns, Durham, Dershowitz (who manipulated, coaxed and conspired with them to target Bill Bulger) and Howie Carr (a principal accessory in the press, lying mudslinger, another blase murderer of reputations who stones the least of these our American brethren, the poor on food stamps, the struggling immigrant) . . .if I were the judge for conspiracy to abuse the power and authority of the courts, I would sentence all and all who knowingly conspired with them TO SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES BEHIND PRISON WALLS PERHAPS IN QUANTANAMO OR QUANTICO …. A MILITARY PRISON IF A HARSH ENOUGH CIVILIAN PRISON COULD NOT BE FOUND FOR THE SCUM WHO USED THE “JUSTICE” DEPARTMENT TO WREAK “INJUSTICE” THROUGHOUT THE LAND.



  5. Of all the mountains of perjury Wyshak suborned in his career, he chose to charge Salemme and Fitzpatrick with perjury. However, Wysak didn’t even push for harsh sentences for either man. Remember, Salemme not only admitted he lied when testifying at Connolly’s trial, Salemme also explained in great detail how Fred and the DOJ coach immunized witnesses to lie.

    Possible Conclusion: Wyshak only needed to permanently discredit these two by giving them the label “convicted perjurer”. He made them defective witnesses who could never testify to tip Connolly’s shaky conviction or in anyway expose Fred and the DOJ. Fred’s throwaway convictions of two older retired men only served to protect the DOJ family…
    In the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

  6. Your last three excellent posts should be sent to the FBI I G Horowitz new Director Wray Chief of Staff Kelly and White House Counsel McGhan. The current Administration should know that the DOJ and FBI wrongdoing is not confined to recent FISA abuses. 2. The gangsters in the Boston DOJ, FBI, DEA, Customs, State Police and the Media fabricated this false narrative for one purpose i.e. to get Sen. Bulger. The Godfather of this illicit tactic of criminalizing political disputes was Dershowitz. He lost a debate at the State House and has spent over thirty years seeking revenge. This is the same delusional New York half wit who recently on national t.v. agreed with Hillary that there was a vast Right Wing Conspiracy out to get the Clintons. Paranoia strikes deep. Are the members of that Conspiracy and the Deplorables the same thing? Dershowitz who routinely defamed all Police as liars spend most of his Academic life denouncing Reagan and Meese our best President and AG. What a loser. 3. Beware the geek bearing gifts. Is Dershowitz a Trojan horse for Hillary? Trump’s people and Fox news should be weary of this hypocrite a life long votary of Hillary, who is panicked over the spotlight being turned on him. He couldn’t survive the scrutiny. 4. Bob Dylan wrote a song about Medgar Evers called A Pawn in the Game. Connolly was a pawn in the game. His only crime was he was from the same area as Bulger. His and Rico’s prosecutions were a gross injustice. As most know Adam Schiff was a big Dylan fan. Even the President of the United States has to stand naked is a line from one of his songs. That may explain Schiff’s frantic botched attempt to get naked pictures of Trump. So don’t fear if you hear a foreign sound in your ear it is only Adam sighing.

  7. Matt, you hit the nail on the head, coming at it from the prosecutor’s viewpoint and an experienced trial lawyer’s one at that, with no axe to grind.

    Tadzio: Bonfires have been lit, and we’re going to continue lighting them. They’re not seen because the Leftist MSM, Leftist Academia, and Leftist Top Echelon Feds hide from them or obscure them or simply will not see what is right in front of their eyes.

    For 20 years, since John Connolly’s first indictment, this case stunk to high heaven, and most everyone in the know smelled the rot. Multiple serial killers proven perjurers lined up by Wyshak et al against one defenseless innocent FBI agent, 8 years retired, raising a family with a wife and three sons in the suburbs.

    Burning fires of outrage set off in our hearts, souls and minds decades ago. And don’t parochialize it to Boston . . .this is Leftist Media, Academia, Feds out of control, abusing power, locally and nationally, and pushing their interventionistic imperialistic visions globally. It’s a War of World Views where the Leftists’ side has no moral constraints upon it . . .Wyshak et al merely epitomize the depths of depravity, the abuse of power, how low they”ll go . . .

    1. Remember Steppenwolf’s Song, “Monster” . . .there’s a Monster on the loose, he’s good our heads into a noose and he just sits there Watching . .

      the Monster must be decapitated . . .it’s a Corrupt Insidious Leftist Structuralistic Incubus sitting on ominous hunches inside D.C. . . .get at it and gut it . . .

      make America whole and wholesome again . . .purge the power usurpers

  8. The prosecution/persecution of John Connolly grows out of the intense ethnic politics of Boston/Massachusetts, more so than from the PR problems of the FBI. The solution to political problems is not the legal system. Pressure should be put on key officials who can then use the law to override the roadblocks put up by William Bulger’s ethnic political foes. As mentioned before the most sensitive political positions would be the US Attorney for Massachusetts and the Florida office that was hoodwinked by Wyshak. If they can be moved to take an interest in John’s case then the legal system will be activated and justice can prevail. Before a fire gets lit, you must strike a match.

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