The Sunshine State Needs Some Sunlight: Part Two

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The Florida’s prosecution system is totally suspect. It’s not just its prosecution of John Connolly, or its failure to investigate a killing because the killer was an FBI agent, it’s the ongoing matter involving the young Florida State University (FSU) co-ed who said she was raped.

This young woman has the daunting task of securing justice because the person she alleges raped her is FSU star quarterback Jamies Winston. Not only has the woman been allegedly raped, she has been driven from the university by the mob. She like all co-eds at Florida state should have listened to a cop. 

The Miami Herald wrote that her attorney said: “Tallahassee police detective Scott Angulo told her in January that “Tallahassee is a big football town” and her client’s life would be made “miserable” if she pursued an allegation against Winston, a two-sport athlete who was preparing then for baseball season.” He sure knew what he was talking about. Not only was it made miserable, nothing has been done about her allegations.

Jamies Winston is the quarterback leading the number one college football team in the country. Obviously the people of Florida have a large interest in him. But Jamies Winston has a problem. He seems to get into little bits of trouble here and there. Now he has also gotten himself into a big problem. Here’s a good overview of the story.

The woman accused him of raping her last December 7. Last December? Yes, December 2012. In December he was not the big star he is now and she didn’t know him. She identified him in January. The Tallahassee police told Winston of her allegation in January. It did not interview him or any witnesses. “On November 20 the alleged victim’s family released a statement saying they wanted DNA and blood work collected from Winston back in January, but the investigating officer, Scott Angulo, ‘specifically refused to collect Winston’s DNA or interview Winston’s roommate who witnessed the attack. Detective Angulo stated that such activity would alert Winston and the matter could go public’.”

DNA which was not tested until 11 months later by the Tallahassee police has confirmed his involvement with her. The case sat in an “open inactive state.” The Tallahassee police sat on it. While keeping it quiet, they notified Winston’s attorneys of the allegations and kept him posted on the investigation while not advising the alleged victim they were doing this. They sat on it throughout most of the football season until inquiries were made on November 8 and 11.

After fielding the inquiry, they then forwarded the case to the State’s Attorney Willie Meggs.  Meggs, a politician, said he is not going to influenced by what is consuming the rest of Florida. Jamies Winston’s attorney is pushing for a quick decision after sitting on the matter for ten months. He’s keeping the pressure on Meggs hoping that he wouldn’t dare ruin his political career by going against the desires of the FSU fans.

In the offing is the ACC Championship game this Saturday night against Duke in which FSU is heavily favored. Next the voting on the Heisman Trophy winner which Winston would easily win were the allegations not pending. Heisman ballots have to be received by December 9.  The award is given on December 14.

The question is whether the DA will sit on it through the Heisman voting and the National Championship game. It was reported he said because one of his to assistants is on trial in a murder case and this is the holiday season he is can’t complete his investigation.  Will he have the moxie to delay it until after the national championship game in January?

It seems a simple matter. Do you believe a woman who reported she was raped on the night of the incident, went to the hospital, and did things right; or, do you believe the act was consensual. Obviously the first thing that should have been done is to gather some evidence. After the woman was able to identify him, the Tallahassee police apparently decided not to take a basic step and interview Winston or his witnesses. Sitting on the case until the news media asks what happens jeopardized all involved.

But it wasn’t just the Tallahassee police, The university, Florida State, is not a stranger to rape allegations., Its police department also knew of the allegations but it too sat on them.

Meanwhile the woman who has made the allegation reportedly has been haunted out of the college and her sorority has been subject to threats. How dare someone accuse a star athlete of doing something wrong? One Florida State booster has suggested: “Having gone to college and been a fraternity member, I know things happen. Boys will be boys.”







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