The Taking of America 123: Three: The Firing of Mueller

Strange how a guy who served as a Marine officer with valor in Vietnam, worked as a U.S. attorney, headed up the FBI longer than anyone other than J. Edgar Hoover, happens to be a Republican and skillful prosecutor, and bleeds red, white and blue is all of a sudden under attack by Fox News and the GOP members of Congress.   Why is he being attacked? Obviously because he is doing his job investigating the Russian interference in the American presidential election and it is closing in on President Trump.

Why else? All the rest of the talk about corrupt FBI and prejudice has no substance behind it. It is a smoke screen to hide the real motive that the GOP itself wants to protect Trump from a valid investigation. Imagine if back in Watergate days the GOP senate was as it is today. Nixon would never have been investigated and his involvement in the cover-up never disclosed.

Here’s how bad things have become. Back in May Newt Gringrich tweeted: “Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down ” On December 6 he said on Fox News: “Mueller is corrupt. The senior FBI is corrupt. The system is corrupt.” In a little over six months Mueller goes from superb to corrupt.

What changed? Mueller who is 73 years-old a Princeton graduate whose been married for over 50 years and whose father served in WWII and also graduated from Princeton didn’t. Then what? How does a guy with  Bronze Star Medal with Combat “V”Purple Heart Medal, and two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals with Combat “V”. suddenly become corrupt. He doesn’t.

The real corruption is with the people who want to stop Mueller. There is not one scintilla of evidence Mueller has done anything corrupt. Those familiar with this blog will see the similarity between what is happening to Mueller and Bill Bulger. In fact, those going after Mueller were the same people as went after Bulger, Dershowitz and Howard Carr both big Trump guys. I can’t imagine anyone could support this assault on Mueller knowing the sources.

The Los Angeles Times notes this:  “the attacks on the FBI fit a clear pattern of misdirection and deflection by the Trump administration and its GOP allies on the issue of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.” It goes on: “the question is whether such a perception[of a lack of even-handedness] is fair or the result of politically motivated exaggeration by the president and his supporters. So far the evidence points strongly in the latter direction.” In other words the attacks on the FBI are being done for political purposes.

Fox News’s Hannity is reported to have: “called Mueller “a disgrace to the American justice system’’ and said his team is “corrupt, abusively biased and political.’’” Last Friday night Trump had this to say: “This is a rigged system. This is a sick system from the inside. And, you know, there is no country like our country but we have a lot of sickness in some of our institutions.” Trump is aiming at the FBI.

This is being done after Mueller has secured evidence to indict four persons in connection with his probe into Russia. He has had two of them plead guilty. He is continuing to push higher in his probe right up to the doorstep of Trump and his family. As he  conducts his investigation the panic among Trump and his stooges grows.

It all leads to one end. It is to justify the Trump firing of Mueller so that he can stop the investigation of his involvement with Russia. Those seeking to destroy Mueller to help hide Trump’s criminality are destroying America. If the president can as Dershowitz would have it run the Justice Department by himself he would destroy the America we knew.

These are dire days. The FBI is being compared to the KGB. The president is aiding in the FBI attacks. An honorable man is being slandered. And some in Congress want to stop an investigation into Russia’s assault on American’s election process. The president will fire Mueller probably before Christmas.

I do not understand how any American could countenance this. Normally, it should not happen. Normally



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  1. The news on T.V. tonight is that it was the FBI itself hostile to Trump, planning to not let him win, interacting with Fusion GPS, where one agent’s wife worked, getting that Dosier dusted up and into the FISA court, preparing Hillary’s acquittal in May three months before the interviews began of key people, McCabe’s wife with cash, listening in on Trump Tower, spreading rumors . . . it was the FBI itself that was trying to interfere in the election and help Hillary and stop Trump . . . . and what about Clapper lying to Congress about mass surveillance . . . he was the National Intelligence Director . .. and he lied bold faced to Congress . . . then after Trump was elected tried to do everything within his power to defang him, disembowel him, falsely link him to Russsia.

    It’s not the enemy without, it’s The Enemy Within, and this times its not corrupt labor unions as Bobby Kennedy warned us about, its the corrupt cold deep state in Washington D.C., made up mostly of Libs and Dems.

  2. Yes, Dan, I want a Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate Mueller’s pick of 90% HIllary supporters, the Clinton Crime Family’s Foundation and Uranium One, why the Foundation hires 90% of former employees who worked for Bill or Hill, why Comey soft pedalled HIllary’s investigation . . . why grossly negligent was changed to extremely careless . . . why no taping, no notes, no hard questions during Hillary’s interview, why she was treated like royalty and allowed to escape . . . . and yes I want to plummet to the depths of the leftist deep state’s core and gut it. Your government has a hard core and soft top who are working against your interests. Hillary should be in jail.

    We need more investigation and criticism of the Investigators, the Interventionists, and judicial tyrants that still exist in America, who rewrite laws in judicial chambers, effectively enacting Bills of Attainder by judicial fiat.

    We need to purge the Press of the calumniating reporters . . . for example, WBZ radio has described Judge Moore for weeks as being accused of sexual assault by nine young women. That type of outright lie is part of the MSM, Judicial, Political mind warping that’s sweeping America. The constant lies, fabrications, distortions emanating from the Left ought to be investigated. Remember the phrase about telling the big lie, often enough and the masses will soon believe it?

    Times v. Sullivan ought to be repealed, too, and the actual malice standard replaced with gross negligence. The Press, writers like Howie Carr and worse from the left have tried to destroy thousands of reputations.

    Yes Virginia, the Media, Government, Justice Department and FBI sometimes are looking you in the eye while lying to you and robbing you blind. Keep your hands up in the sense of en garde. Look how they made a sacrificial lamb out of John Connolly when their real prey was Bill Bulger. En garde. I wouldn’t trust those bastards as far as I could throw them. How many more lives will a willful media in league with Big Government attack folks like the Probation Officers. Today the Globe is going after Boston Area hospitals . . . too many white people working in high tech and physicians jobs, its Spotlight Team wrote, the lying bastards, as the sent out 5 white investigative reporters to point fingers. Soon the A.G.s and D.A.s and FBI etc will be investigating at the leftists’ behest.

    Get with it. there’s a new game in town. It’s called “all out treachery from the left”.Cheeks . . .sakes alive . . . . Get with it, and stop this leftist drivel, and the glorification of the pro-abortion, anti-family, socialistic, big government liberals in the MSM and Government an at Amazon.

  3. CNN A series of text messages exchanged between top FBI employees referring to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump as an “idiot” and “d*uche,” while fearing his potential victory as “terrifying,” were released to lawmakers Tuesday evening on Capitol Hill amid increasing demands to see them, according to documents reviewed by CNN.

    As long as we’re going to judge the competence of investigators and FBI agents based on their texts, how about we have a gander at Comey’s texts before the election? And how about the texts of the FBI Team responsible for protecting our election from Russian cyber attacks and other interference?

    “Questions over the FBI’s handling of Fancy Bear’s broad hacking sweep date to March 2016, when agents arrived unannounced at Hillary Clinton’s headquarters in Brooklyn to warn her campaign about a surge of rogue, password-stealing emails.

    The agents offered little more than generic security tips the campaign had already put into practice and refused to say who they thought was behind the attempted intrusions, according to a person who was there and spoke on condition of anonymity because the conversation was meant to be confidential.”

    It’s not like Russian interference in our political process was anything new or unknown:

    “I’ve had access to 40 defectors from East European secret services, now living in the West. They are all astonished at the ease with which the KGB can conduct disinformation operations in the U.S.” “The Spike” author Arnaud de Borchgrave NY Times 1981

    I hope Mueller has been persuaded by Fox News as to the critical nature of investigators’ political leanings in conducting themselves professionally and will, like Fox New and the Republicans in Congress use this as a basis for further investigation.

    1. Yuh, I also heard left wing Feds spiked Hawaii’s computers and inserted a fabricated birth certificate.

      And there’s the widely published real story that with $50,000 the Russians reached 198 million Americans during the presidential campaign with disinformation. Some people believe 50 grand well spent can affect a presidential election.

      Imaging what the DNC did with its $1.2 billion? It must reached trillions and trillions of people in cyberspace.

      Get real people. The Dems, liberals and leftists are conning you!

      Mueller should be fired based on his hiring picks alone.

  4. I see Trump’s boy, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, has offered a pretty strong defense of the Mueller investigation in an appearance before a GOP-controlled congressional committee. Another Trump pick to click, FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, has already weighed in with a ringing defense of the Bureau. (The last time I looked, Wray’s confirmation was supported by every single Senate Republican.)
    So what’s going on here? Are Rosenstein and Wray secretly part of the liberal-MSM-Deep State-Dunkin’Donuts conspiracy to get the president? And if so, is Trump an “idiot” (as an FBI official claims) or merely a “moron” (as a high-ranking Cabinet member claims) for putting these two men into their current positions?
    How many here support the Republican solution: the appointment of another special prosecutor? Please raise your hands.
    And how many here believe the Trumpster is in a panic because Mueller is closing in? (Yes, my hand is up.)

    1. Afterthought: This situation really is kind of weird. I have always assumed that the FBI is Trump country insofar as the political beliefs of its agents are concerned. I was shocked, shocked, shocked to read that at least two agents view Trump as an idiot, or worse. And I’m now shocked to see many Republicans denouncing the Bureau and/or Robert Mueller. (I really am surprised about that.)

      Anyway, here’s how I see the situation. I think Mueller should be permitted to finish his investigation without any interference from Omarosa, the Mooch, “disheveled drunk” Steve Bannon or any other Trump-related entity or personage.

      On the other hand, I don’t think Mueller’s investigation should be permitted to drag on endlessly a la Ken Starr. Nor do I think Mueller should be permitted to switch the focus of his investigation from Russia to — let’s say — Trump’s real estate dealings just because he’s not coming up with anything substantial vis a vis Russia.

  5. and excuse the typos, but throw in the adjective “mendacious” before every metastatic .

    . . . it is how you can tell a leftist: lies, agit-prop, prevarication, hysterically distorting the facts and laws, concealing exculpatory facts and data, resort to the ad hominem, character assassinations, name-calling, low blows, delirium trumpens.

    But this is America and everyone’s entitled to their opinions, they say . . .

  6. The FBI is oftentimes out of control, and has been since Hoover. It’s reins must be pulled in; it must be more responsive to Congress and the Courts. It is just one agency of the Executive Branch. It often forgets that.

    You are correct that Dershowitz and Carr maliciously attacked the Honorable William Bulger for over 20 years . . . William bested both in repartee . . . but in attacking William D & C had the MSM on their side, maliciously so, too. Muellar has the MSM on his side. Muellar may be honorable, but he picked mostly biased investigators and some have gotten out of control. None are immune from review and sacking in a true representative democracy . . . we have no Holy Cows. Mueller isn’t one.

    John Connolly, a Veteran and one of the most highly decorated FBI agents of all time, was maliciously smeared and prosecuted ten years after he retired and Dershowitz, Carr, and Globe reporters bear much of the blame, as well as overzealously federal prosecutors who used serial murderers and perjurers to testify against him. The entire MSM was against him. The Zeitgeist was corruptly against him.

    Roy Moore, West Point, Vietnam Combat Vet, elected judge, jurist, loyal husband, grandfather of 5 daughters, was maliciously maligned by the MSM. He date a few teenagers . . . one mother said her daughter was the luckiest girl in the world and Moore would make a good husband . . .he dated two others and treated them gentlemanly . . . he flirted with some young women, like Elizabeth Taylor at 16 and 17 flirted with older men and married two 40 year olds, one at 18 another at 20, like Elvis and Jerry Springer, like when the average marital age for women was 20.3 years in America back in the 1960s an 1970s, not 26 in the age of abortion. Roy Moore was maliciously smeared by the MSM and WaPo who produced salacious stories, witholding exculpating evidence, and introducing a 14 and 16 year old who’s well-rehearsed stories have fallen completely apart in just three weeks. A travesty of justice.

    If the world is falling apart, as you suggest, Matt, it is from the excesses of the Left, not because conservatives are attempting to exert a bit of control on our metastatic big government and conservatives refuse to genuflect before our deceitful Orwellian metastatic Main Stream Media.

    1. The Republicans lost in Alabama for the same reason the Democrats lost the election last November. Their candidate was horrible. If the position vacated was that important and Moore was the answer then the GOP need an overhaul. Huge overhaul.

  7. From WaPo: “Alan Dershowitz, the famed defense lawyer and Harvard Law School professor emeritus, is a lifelong liberal and proud of it. He twice voted in presidential elections for Barack Obama. He’s a friend and supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton — voted for her in 2016 and even contributed money to her campaign.” From our good host: “Dershowitz and Howard Carr both big Trump guys”.

    Deershowitz, who I loathe, rendered a legal opinion that you disagree with. That does not make him a Trump supporter. It may be the only way he can get on TV and collect a fee. It could be he believes it. But Dershowitz is not a Trump guy.

    Hatred overindulged becomes irrational and counterfactual. Brains become fevered. Yet a fact is still a fact. Dershowitz is pro Benji Ditch Duo.

  8. Dershowitz is a liberal Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton. Mueller is suppose to be an independent counsel. Yet he staffed his office with political partisans. If he had any decency he never would have indicted Flynn. The General was the victim of the crime. He was illegally unmasked by someone in Obama’s government who criminally leaked this to the Post. The FBI never should have had a conversation with Flynn on this matter yet they combined with the Obama crowd to undermine the new Administration and frame Flynn. This has been an attempted coup by the Deep State and Media. 2. Amazing how people want to avert their eyes from the Fake Russian dossier paid by the DNC and the Hillary campaign. It was opp research and a dirty trick by Hillary against the Republicans. The FBI turned it into the basis for the entire bogus investigation. The FBI and CIA may have committed the biggest political crime in American history by spying on the other party. The Constitution was mangled by the Democrats. Mueller should look at the real crimes not the imaginary ones in the Dossier. 3. Gingrich knows more today than he did then. What was the Truman formula? If one enters politics with no money and finishes wealthy he is a thief. LBJ and the Clintons, $150 million net worth. are prime examples. Should the elected officials run the government or the entrenched bureaucracy? 4. You are confused over who attacked Bill Bulger. It was the Globe, PBS, CBS, NBC and ABC and the mainstream media. The Globe, Post ,Times and 99% of the mainstream media are attacking Trump as they did during the campaign. The same cabal that attacked Bulger. Thankfully few pay attention to them.

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