The Teddy Deegan Hit Was A Mafia Hit. Why Did The Mafia Guys Get A Hundred Million Dollars?

You all know by now that four guys who were convicted of murdering Teddy Deegan were sent to prison for life. After a well orchestrated publicity plan two of them who were still alive were released; the other two had died in prison. All  of them by the way were Mafia guys or hung around with them. They were not four guys who just happened to be walking down the street or were picked up out of lineup; they all knew the guys involved in the murder of Teddy Deegan. Long after the murder happened they or their estates sued for damages in federal district court where they were awarded in total over 100 million dollars by Judge Nancy Gertner, a former defense lawyer.

Her basis for overturning their convictions was that the main witness in the case, which was tried in the Suffolk County Superior Court and not the federal court, was Joseph “The Animal” Barboza (he went by the name Baron which is used in the quotes from the court decision  and who is shown above) may have given some false testimony. Also, that some FBI agents knew about it and should have done something about it even though Barboza said he never told the FBI agents the full story.

What you never hear is that Barboza testified for two days on direct examination and six and a half days under withering cross-examination. You don’t hear much about the two other defendants in the case. You don’t hear that no one could murder anyone else in the area without the approval of Raymond L.S. Patriarca, and Gerry Angiulo if it was to happen in his jurisdiction. You don’t hear that Henry Tameleo and  Peter Limone set up the murder. You don’t hear that Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone, Ronald Cassesso, and Joseph Salvati were indicted as accessory before the fact.

You may have heard Louis Grieco testified he was in Florida the night Deegan was murdered. You don’t hear that the jury knew that and didn’t believe him.  You don’t hear that Barboza testified that Limone gave him $7500 to do the hit.

You don’t hear that Barboza testified “he spoke to Tameleo at the Ebb Tide. Baron reported to Tameleo that Limone had said “it would be all right to whack out Stathopoulos and . . . he was sure the office would okay it.” Tameleo replied, “[H]e has . . . as many sins as Deegan has and he goes too.” [Barboza] testified that, if Tameleo had not given this approval and the earlier approval of killing Deegan, he (Baron) would have done nothing further about killing Deegan and Stathopoulos.”

You don’t hear Barboza told  him “that the Deegan contract was an office matter and that . . . Limone was the one that offered it” to Baron “and that it was okayed.” Baron told Cassesso “why the office wanted . . . Deegan wiped out.”

I suppose you don’t know Barboza testified:  “Limone offered him a “contract” to kill Deegan for $7,500, which Limone said had been approved by the “office” and that Tameleo knew of it. Baron explained (without objection) that the “office” was what “people termed as the Cosa Nostra.” Limone gave reasons for offering the “contract.” (1) Deegan had participated in a theft from one Puopolo’s house. Harold Hannah and William Delaney had been with him. They already had been “found floating in the water” dead. (2) Deegan and Stathopoulos had been involved in the death (on October 17, 1964) of one Sacramone and “the office” was going to do something about it; and (3) Deegan had caused trouble, at the Ebb Tide Restaurant in Revere, and had caused annoyance to Limone. Baron told Limone that he wanted to speak to Tameleo about the proposal.” (My emphasis.)

You don’t hear of the over sixty murders being carried out at this time supposedly part of the McLaughlin/McLean feud but in fact mostly done by the Mafia (such as Harold Hannah, William Delaney, Romeo Martin, Teddy Deegan)

As for Grieco, Barboza testified  “Grieco and Martin were to be in the alley before French and Deegan arrived.” (Martin was murdered 5 months after Deegan.)  He said after the murder “Martin told the group that he was inside the doorway when he “heard a shot.” He “opened the door, and Deegan was just going to his knees.” Grieco “was already over him,” and “was firing into . . . [Deegan’s] chest.” After giving Grieco his money for the hit Barboza said Grieco “said he was going to use the alibi . . . that he never left Florida.” The guy who was supposed to be hit along with Deegan, Stathopoulos, testified he: “heard a volley of shots.” French reappeared and was joined by a “quite heavy” man with a gun in his hand who looked like Grieco.

Attorney John Fitzgerald whose car was bombed at the request of Patriarca testified  “Grieco said that he knew how to straighten out Baron (by giving him “bread,” i.e. money). Tameleo said that Grieco “was his man and that any future deals” should “be made through . . . Grieco.” They would eventually offer Barboza $50,000 not to testify. Robert Glavin doing a life sentence testified: “Glavin testified that Ventola had told him that the “office” wanted Glavin “to cop out” (i.e. wrongly confess to) the Deegan murder, for which, Glavin was told, Cassesso had been indicted.”  The “office” is a reference to the Boston Mafia.

Those quotes are from the decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Court. One thing that would later seems likely was that Barboza lied about Joe Salvati being at the crime scene to cover-up for his buddy Jimmy Flemmi. What doesn’t appear out of line is the testimony against the others. Backing up Barboza’s testimony that this is a Mafia hit was that the FBI had intercepted a call involving the Mafia boss Patriarca with another who said Barboza came to him looking for permission to do the hit.

I will analyze Gertner’s decision at some time soon, I hope, but the idea that four innocent guys went to the can is pretty much a non starter.

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  1. Matt
    Are there links to the 2 day testimony and 6 day cross examination of Barboza?

    On a side note what do U S. Marshals do and why were females not Marshals until in recent years. Psychological profile of female U.S. Marshals ( attributes needed to be a good Marshal)?

  2. ooops sorry

    here is link for story in previous post
    about how cops gave trump and family
    illegal gun licenses

    also see

    The FBI invented a fictitious “abortion extremist” movement, then warned local cops about potential acts of domestic terror from it

    and don’t forget

    Multiple Fairfield police officers disciplined for sexual advances, records show

    Photo of Megan Cassidy
    Megan Cassidy Jan. 31, 2019 Updated: Jan. 31, 2019 5:22 p.m.

    Three Fairfield police officers engaged in sexual misconduct with members of the public. Four others had sustained findings of dishonesty — they withheld evidence, committed forgery or falsified reports. And several other officers used a level of force that broke bones, required surgeries and killed two people.

    These are the findings of more than two decades of internal investigations recently unsealed by the Fairfield Police Department.

  3. I called Patricia Donahue and Salvati’s attorney
    trying to bring them to speak in Maine at our
    conference on Crimes Committed by the FBI

    In other dirty laundry in Matt’s Maytag….
    Revealed: FBI investigated civil rights group as ‘terrorism’ threat and viewed KKK as victims
    Bureau spied on California activists, citing potential ‘conspiracy’ against the ‘rights’ of neo-Nazis

    Off-duty NYPD officer beat man bloody in bar brawl, then lied – prosecutors

    JAN 31, 2019 | 10

    Crooked lieutenant who blew whistle on favors in NYPD License Division sentenced to 18 months

    JAN 31, 2019 | 4:30 PM

  4. Patricia Donohue ; Hope she, at the end of the day, when some idjits realize what is actually on the Table if she does not , gets the money she deserves. Talk about ripped off : RIP Tommy Donohue ( Mensch btw ) Just like his namesake from what I can see.

  5. How was the 100 million cut up? Who were the lawyers for the gangsters? How much did they get? Did they divide their share with anyone? This smells to high Heaven. A grand jury should be called to look into where this money went. How dishonest are the DOJ in DC and Boston, along with the Federal Judges to permit this ripoff? This is more evidence that the Feds, the Mafia and the press are a pernicious cabal working against the people. 2. Aren’t these abortion laws in NY just permitting infanticide? Shouldn’t the Governor be excommunicated?

  6. REmember, too, JUdge YOUng and other FEderal judges went along with Wyshak and the “not hiring the most qualified” phony charge. Young also went along with Wyshak recommending probation for the Congressman’s Wife . . .Young gave her 30 days . . .while Wyshak recommended 8 years for the far less culpable, in fact innocent nurse wife of the bookin, who the Court gave one year in prison.

    And now, Matt, you will rightfully expose Gertner and the sham that occurred in her courtroom.

    In Three Billboards Outside Boston I begin a partial list of those railroaded by the FEDs, Kenny Conley the FEDs persecuted for 10 years, the Scwartz boy driven to suicide, the Caswell Motel the FEDs tried to steal, the phony Probation Officers’ fiasco, costing families hundreds of thousands of dollars in defense fees, and phony 132 page indictment of State Senator Joyce, driving him to a heart attack, I believe, and many, many more we could list as this Judiciary and this Prosecutors Office and others in DC acts out of control in violation of the Constitution.

    The Globe and Howie Carr and Kevin Cullen and Jeff Jacoby, in fact almost all Globe editorial and op-ed writers and many at the Herald I also hold in the utmost professional contempt.

    Otherwise, I wish one and all a good day; Peace to persons of good will; to those not of good will: Special Forces.

    Read Three Billboards Outside Boston (now available) and Spiritual Glue (available soon.)

  7. Two other things. Remember it was the Globe who first reported that the Probation Department where Bill Bulger’s son Chris worked had hired “not the highest qualified persons”

    The FEDs, the Sterns Gang, the Boston Prosecutors Office, Sterns, Wyshak, Durham et al, then invented a new federal crime: “Not highering the most qualified person” and charge O’Brien’s probation department and even indicted the speaker of house, DeLeo, as an unindicted co-conspirator. They did this to continue their prosecutorial persecution of Bill Bulger associates and John Connolly associates. Of course, it took years and a Federal Appeals Court to throw out the phony case. All along the Globe and Herald and Howie Carr and MSM pilloried and shunned the falsely indicted.

    Also, whenever you read Black Mass, by two Globies, O’neil and Lehr, remember that they took much of their data from civil cases where no one was representing the supposedly “rogue” FBI agents. Plaintiffs were suing the FEDs alleging the FBI did not do enough, and the FED lawyers, like Wyshak’s ilk, this time acting as defense counsel, threw good FBI agents under the bus claiming they were rogue. In other words, the GLOBE, the FEDS and the Plaintiffs were all pointing fingers at certain FBI agents and no one was defending them in Court nor in the MEDIA. It was a rigged Circus . . .a travesty of justice.

  8. This, Matt, is typical of judges and reporters getting it all wrong. Oftentimes, they work fist in glove to get things wrong.
    Howie Carr is a good example . . .I call him Howie Cur cause he mocks the dead and delights in others’ suffering, so I also call him Mr. Schadenfreude and Mr. Smear . . .he’s a hick from Maine who went to college in North Carolina, a Johnny-come-lately to Boston, who settled in Wellesley and knows nothing about these matter, except second and third hand, from afar, in the comfy of his cubicles

    It’s like Jeff Jacoby who calls for Bill Bulger’s Shunning, a 17th Century Salem Rememdy . .. because Bill’s brother was found to be a killer sometime in the late 1990s

    it’s like the FEDs and STATIES leaking transcripts to the GLOBE and the GLOBE covering for the excesses and abuses of the FEDS like Wyshak and Sterns Gang

    They work hand in glove and as long as their leftist visions are being advanced they don’t give a damn how many constitutional rights they violate

  9. Barboza was a complex and highly intelligent tough guy who inspired rabid loyalty from those who knew him. Joe was a guy that guns are made for. He learned that from J.R. Russo .

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