The Trump Foulies: The Man From The Locker Room

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Surprised!   I am.   Not at what most of those Republicans candidates on the lower part of the ticket who are fleeing from their association with the guy at the top like rats from a sinking ship are surprised at.  I am surprised that they are surprised that the guy is a pig and looks at women as things to be assaulted and suggests that is what they want. I’m surprised they are suddenly shocked to listen to the guy’s words. Haven’t they ever heard of Jeffrey Esptein?

How many times do you have to hear what he told New York magazine in a when he was 56 years old in a 2002: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,  He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” ‘

You all know of Jeffrey Epstein. He did like girls on the younger side luring poor 14 and 15-year old girls  into his Florida mansion to engage in lurid sex acts with him. The richest pigs in the world all associating together thinking they are terrific guys using little teenagers for their pleasure. Epstein was even rumored to fly in young girls from outside the country for their orgies with older men as birthday presents. As for his association with Epstein they just had to read this article in Vice News here. That was in January 2016 before the primaries began.

What was Trump’s initial (and continuing) defense to his vile talk. He brought up the name of another Epstein buddy and another pig. That man besmirched the honor of the White House and had embarrassed parents explaining to their young children what “oral sex” was. Step by step America descended the ladder of decency as a nation to the point that people have no embarrassment putting bumper stickers on their cars, as I saw yesterday, suggesting “great men,” well they used the word bears, should do it.

The guy who the Republican nominee says he was not as big a pig as himself was Bill Clinton. That’s the circle that Epstein, Trump, Clinton and who knows how many other New York rich pigs cavort in. You might as well be surprised that Jeffrey Epstein talked like that as to be surprise Trump did.

Now what do all you Trumpeteers think? Don’t tell me you are surprised. You do know he was having engine trouble and slowly descending having alienated black and Latinos; now the whole bloody plane’s engines are on fire as the women recognize him for what he is.

Are you still going to associate with him? Did you think Bill Clinton’s brought shame upon the nation’s highest office? If you did how could you support putting another pig in there to muddy its carpets? Do you think women are no more than sex objects who want to be assaulted by men?

Voting for Trump is saying you think it is all right for a guy to think that. It is all right for the president of our nation to look at your wives, daughters, mothers and sisters as no more than sex toys.

The Trumpeteers should be sick they even thought of supporting the man.


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  1. Another one of the screaming defenses used by the Klinton Krime family and Dimwitcrats and lefties everywhere was:

    “I need to get on with the business of the country”

    So lefties were very, very willing to bend over for white trash Slick Willie and his co-president white trash wife and overlook all of the sexual attacks and “sexual prowess” by Slick – so that Slick and his co-prez could get it on with the business of the country.

    But now – the lefties and their lamestream media adherents are absolutely rabidly apoplectic for a statement in which Trump points out that women are very willing to throw themselves at rich and famous men.

    O, tempores, O, mores

    There’s a link posted above to Obamatollah saying “let’s go get some ribs and pussy.”

    The screaming excuse is that Obummer was reading from a book.

    Maybe Trump should have read his statement from a book – makes all the difference in the world.

  2. I am reminded that one of many severely aggressive defenses of white trash mouthbreather Slick Willie’s attacks on women was – “sex doesn’t matter.”

    And we were told that there was a vast right wing conspiracy.

    And we were assured ad nauseam that the HUGE difference between the US and England was/is that in England, sex matters, but money corruption doesn’t, but in the US, sex doesn’t matter, but money corruption does.

    And we were even told, proudly, that white trash Slick Willie’s “sexual prowess” was to be admired.

    As has been pointed out, Trump said a word 11 years ago.

    He didn’t attack any women, or rape them, like Slick Willie did, and he didn’t try to cover anything up like Killery did. Nor did he delete emails or take a hammer to computers and phones, like Killery did.

    Obama said the same word with a bro’ street cred lilt.

    This rabid apoplectic mania about Trump’s 5-second clip is, of course, obviously designed to get the attention off of the white elephant in the pantsuit – Billary Killery Kriminal Klinton – and her many, many shenanigans.

    The double standard comes into and out of play, according to lefties.

    Oh times, oh morals – now you see them, now you don’t. It’s hard to keep track of which standards apply when.

    Gary Hart must have felt like the biggest fool in the world after seeing the Klinton Krime family get away with murder as far as Slick Willie’s sexual escapades and cover-ups, together with Killery Billary, are concerned.

    As the Romans said: “for my friends, everything; for my enemies the law.”

    Or, to paraphrase – for Dems, no accountability for anything and no morals; for Repubs, scream about morals”

    1. Elmer:

      Good comment. Can’t say I disagree with much of it. I have no brief for Bill or Hillary. I like the Roman saying which I never ehard beforer: “For my friends everything, for my enemies the law.” It is true, so true, most recently being seen in FBI Director’s Comey’s vindication of Hillary.

      Both parties are up to the old double standard — that has always been the case. As bad as the Clintons are that does not make Trump any better than he is. I am aware of all the Clinton apologists who sid Bill’s actions with Monica had no bearing on his ability to govern- wasn’t that the eventuall aregument that kept him in office after his impeachment that his lying about his sexual exploits are not to be considered high crimes and misdemeanors.

      I don’t think too much has been madea bout Trump’s fol language and attitude toward women. My condemning him in no ways is support for his opponet. I want neither in the White House but mostly I fear Bill having a third and fourth term as president.

      1. Matt, all I can say is that Gary Hart must still be shaking his head in disbelief as to what Klinton and the Klinton Krime family have gotten away with.

        And so is Martha Stewart.

        I disagree with you about the reaction of the media, Dems and certain Repulsives who are now suddenly so sanctimoniously self-righteous in their fake outrage.

        The rabid hyperventilation is highly suspect and incredibly overdone, especially in view of the Klinton Krime family lesson that sex doesn’t matter. Almost as if it was planned.

        Now, apparently, even talking about sex suddenly matters.

        Trump has already apologized – good.

        But the continued hyperventilation continues.

        And as to all of the Repulsives who have called for Trump to bow out – sort of proves his point that there is an establishment which is interested only in their sinecures and nothing else.

        Let me pose to you the following thought – and I operate on the principle found in Christian liturgy that I do not put my faith in princes, in sons and daughters of men and women, in whom there is no salvation.

        Trump is not the ideal candidate – noone is.

        But the Klintons have demonstrated that they want to be above the law – and, in fact, they have already demonstrated that with the elimination of Comey and the FBI, and with the elimination of Loretta Lynch and the DOJ.

        This on top of violation of national security.

        And if Killery is elected, we will wind up with a “managed democracy” dictatorship a la Putler.

        When Billary Killery gets on stage, it already looks like a Politburo meeting, with everyone including Hildebeast clapping like seals.

        I understand your statements about supporting or not supporting the candidates.

        But I do not want a “managed democracy” dictatorship.

        We have come a very, very long way from “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

        I do not want the Klinton Krime family to be the tipping point to a “managed democracy” dictatorship.

        1. Elmer:
          I agree with you that Clinton is a bad candidate. I dread her being elected. She will with her court appointments send the country on a downward cycle that it has not experienced in its history. You point to Comey which is a well made point. No one dare cross the Clintons – they are like J Edgar Hoover who no one dared cross because the retribution was total and continuing.
          Gary Hart is ruing the day he resigned thinking he may have easily carried on but he would be wrong. Those were different times – John Edwards also had a similar situation to Hart but a little more tawdry. Crossing the line in certain sexual areas has been the downfall for some candidates. Trump crossed the line with his talk about trying to seduce a married women and how because he’s a celebrity he can do vile things – as I said that should have not come as a surprise.
          You weight up the evils and see that Clintons’ greatly outweigh Trump’s; I see that after a certain point it does not matter since both are distasteful to me. It is sad that Clinton will win in one sense because that will damn America for decades whereas with Trump he’d have not caused that much harm and would have self-destructed as president in four years.
          The great tragedy is with anyone normal or near normal candidate the Republicans could have easily won the presidency. They gave it away with Trump. I still cannot get over the idea that somehow Trump was the Clintons candidate and they did whatever they could do to foist him on the Republicans knowing that was the only way Hillary could get elected. .

  3. If Hilary wins and the Demos gain the House and Senate, maybe, we can get “single-payer” through, and, put the wood to the health insurance and pharma big boys. That’s the only silver in this big black cloud.

    1. Khalid:

      I write a post somewhat about that coming up – I call it omnicare. True, it is the only silver lining.

  4. Some women comment:

    Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick is weighing in on Donald Trump’s controversial comments from 2005 that are mysteriously resurfacing just hours before the second debate and weeks before the general election.

    “How many times must it be said,” she tweeted Saturday morning.

    “Actions speak louder than words. (Donald Trump) said bad things! (Hillary Clinton) threatened me after (Bill Clinton) raped me.”


    The Hag has called us bimbos, sluts, trailer trash, whores, skanks. From one woman to her rapist’s victims. When will u resign from ur campaign?


    Hillary calls Trump’s remarks “horrific” while she lives with and protects a “Rapist”. Her actions are horrific.

    1. Henry:

      We certainly are being treated to some uplifting news having two such wonderful candidates that we have come to the point of debating who is the most debased.

  5. Given the records of several past Presidents including JFK, Trump now sounds presidential. Here is a recording of the most recent one:

    1. Lefties and the lamestream media are screaming that this is OK because Obamatollah is reading from a book.

      I guess he’s reading from the book on pussy.

      I guess everything would have been OK if Trump had read from the book on pussy.

    2. Ed:

      You got me thinking about the presidents. On a scale one to ten – ten being like Trump and one like Gearoge Bush when it comes to attitude toward involvement with women other than one’s wife I’d rate them from FDR on: FDR – 3 – had one other close friend but was discreet and not offensive; Truman – 1; Eisenhower -3 – like FDR had one onther close friend; JFK – 8 – the only thing that saves him from 10 is that the media was discreet; LBJ – 3 – not for his other romances but for his “locker room” talk liek Trump but no action behind it; Nixon – 1 – too busy adding and subtracting from names in his black book of who he wanted to get revenge on; Ford – 1, too clumsy for much extra-curricular; Carter – 1 – only lusted in his heart; Reagan – 1 – wouldn’t dare cross Nancy; Bush I – 1 – content in himself, an old guy with old time honor rather jump out of plane than fool around; Clinton – 10 – right up there with the Donald; Bush – II – simple life appealed best to him; Obama – 1 – too much of a role model for others of his race to do anything to do anything out of line. All in all we’ve been lucky with our presidents as role models for the kids but it only took one, Clinton, to begin the downward trend toward a guy like Trump.

  6. Trump has foul mouth when with the boys. Most men I know do. Hillary put anatomically correct male figurines on the White House Christmas tree. For children to see. It appears neither of them was brought up in the Victorian Age.

    This silliness has been sat on for mouths. It was not a big deal then. It is not a big deal now. I do not care.

    Hillary will get the US in a war with Russia. Trump will do deal with Putin. I do care. I care about lives and massive destruction.

    There were B-52 exhaust trails across the skies here in Northern Maine last week. They practice here when there is a threat of deployment.

    I know young men who will be sent God only knows where. I care about them. Hillary does not care about them. That I know.

    Sitting at a poker table or standing in a polling booth, you can only play the cards you’re dealt.

    I believe Trump does care about those young who must fight, get maimed and die. Yes, I want to believe he cares. But I know Clinton does not care. Trump has got my vote.

    This is not a nationwide poll. From all I hear he has the votes and hopes of all of Aroostook.

    1. Tadzio:

      I have the same concerns as you about war and not wasting the lives of our young people even though they are volunteers most of whom have been forced to do so by their economic status. Who wouldn’t prefer to go to college rather than the Army if they had the wherewithall.

      I’m not sure Trump will keep us out of war anymore than Clinton. Reasonable folk can disagree on that since we do not know how each one will react in the future. Bill Clinton being occupied as he was with matters of the zipper did a good job of not getting us involved in wars; so did Barack Obama although we learned from him that avoiding wars can sometimes make the situation worse. Trump I see as a threat to start a war with Iran; I don’t see that with Hillary. As for Russia, I believe that will not be a Trump or Clinton decision but a Putin decision — he is the one doing the pushing.

      I see the B-52s being used over Syria – not Russia. We do though have to practice flying them despite their advanced age. I’m afraid though that Trump is more than just foul talk; it is an attitude some guys have toward women. I’m not sure how universal the “boys talk” may be about women but I never engaged in it and those I knew didn’t around me. Not to say there weren’t dirty jokes or dirty ditties that were universal in aspect but those differ from the Trump type talk where he mentions specific women or actual things he was doing. Stay warm now that the potato harvesting season is over.

  7. wa-llahi! I wonder what the Clintons are holding back? It’s like they have a voodoo doll of Trump. Glorious Leader is beginning to melt down. Do you guys think he’ll make it to the debate? Hope, so. A no-show would be deeply disappointing. Maybe, we’ll witness a “Face in the Crowd” moment. Can Trump top Andy Griffith? Only the TV knows…

    I’m having the neighbors over to watch Sunday’s debate, told’em all they’d see history made on the small screen. I’m barbecuing a goat for the occasion. All power to the Dialectic!

      1. I wish. Unfortunately, I’m not that proficient a horseman. Guys who play that game were born in the saddle.

    1. Khalid:

      I think he is going to be at the debate although as you know I predicted he would back out. This makes for a good evening wondering what Trump will show up – will he be the apologetic one and leave out any references to evil Bill; or will he spill some tales of luridness –
      The wikileaks emails on Clinton show that during the Republican primaries her team worked to elevate someone quite obnoxious as the Republican candidate. Keep in mind Bill had a long conversation with Trump shortly before he ran (wonder if they resorted to locker room talk) and maybe the Clintons had figured out they could con him into running and if they did he would win and they would then have an easy path to the presidency – perhaps the only way Hillary could have run was if Trump were the nominee.
      Good point about a “Face In The Crowd” moment – that is exactly what the Trump candidacy is all about – true – it is time to slaughter the goat since this could be a momentous evening – hope Trump goes for the gold.

  8. Sighted: Two creepy clowns running for President.
    The current two creepy clowns running for President
    is a active barometer of who selects what we get stuck with while denying us a ‘ none of the above option’

    I find it odd Matt has not discussed the FBI coverup
    of the Vince Foster murder,eh?

    1. MS:

      True – two creppy clowns. If you have that choice then you should write-in as I am going to do Alfred E. Neuman who some suggest is a clown but no one ever called him creepy.

      I don’t write about the FBI’s cover-up of Vince Fosters murder because all I have read is that he did commit suicide. It seemed clear that Hillary’s treatment of him (and I suppose Bill’s) a long time friend and supporter contributed to him taking his life. Clearly his friends say he had become a changed and depressed man working for the Clintons – perhaps he did not realize the extent of their evil until he saw how they operated in the top spot. What the FBI did in a case which is a suicide is of little interest.

  9. This is bound to damage Trump among evangelicals. They’re not going to vote for Clinton, but I do see them spending less time and money on Trump, and perhaps sitting it out on Election Day.

    1. Dan:

      I agree. A lot will sit at home. I wish I knew whether Alfred E. Neuman was an evangelical; were he then they may come out and vote for him. I’m not of the school if you have two bad choices you vote for the least bad. That still empowers a bad person. I’d rather abstain for find someone else even if he or she had no chance.

  10. Khalid’s logic: It is bad to “down talk women” except when Rap artists do so.
    2. The liberals will vote for the Clintons, some holding their noses.
    The conservatives will vote for Trump, some holding their noses.
    The Independents will decide whether we go further left (open borders, sanctuary cities, free trade, Obamacare, big government, globalism) or shift back to the center.
    It’s simple.

  11. Matt:

    I feel bad for the guys who’ve expressed support for Glorious Leader. Trump doesn’t deserve their loyalty. What he deserves is a smack in the mouth. Down talking women is the power-play of a coward. In some neighborhoods talk like that could get him stuffed into dumpster. The bourgeois decadence of Trump and Epstein is symptomatic of the rot in our culture. The rich must be taught that they cannot have their way with us. Raise the hammer-fist!

    1. Khalid:

      All true except those neighborhoods you talk about may be in another time period. As for the rot in our culture I think Henry pointed to that. Given that we have a guy like Trump being nominated shows us the state of a large minority of our people who so object to one candidate that they would take a person who would make it even worse. The Republicans since Nixon have been appealing to white male chauvinist haters and Trump epitomizes the triumph of that policy.

  12. Matt: You write that Bill Clinton has “brought shame upon the Nation’s highest office” and now you suggest we put him and his wife back in the White House.
    Bill Clinton as president has done vulgar things; Hillary has defended him and attacked his accusers. Neither have apologized.
    Trump as a private citizen has said vulgar things. He has apologized.

    1. Bill:

      Trump has done evil things — his attitude toward women is atrocious — he is a pig. Hillary is no prize. I like neither candidate. I would like to believe that Hillary’s husband would not turn it into a White Sty like Donald clearly would but I have no hope for that. TWo wrongs don’t make a right. Vote for Neuman.

  13. Doesn’t sound like any minds are being changed, Matt. Oh well. I’m voting for Hillary. And I promise to blame Clinton when things go wrong — not R. Kelly or her husband Bill or even Jeffrey Epstein.

    1. Dan:

      I’m going for Alfred E. Neuman — finally decided. Just hope I spell his last name right since I tend to write it Newman.

  14. Sordid candidates for sordid times.
    FACTS: The Clintons were closer to Jeffrey Epstein. (1) Bill Clinton was the one who flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet 26 times, often ditching his Secret Service detail to do so. (2) And the woman who recruited under-aged girls for Jeffrey? Miss Maxwell. The Clintons invited her to Chelsea’s wedding. See the Church photos!!
    How quickly we forget the Groper in Chief. Remember Paula Jones? Juanita, etc, etc etc.
    So, you have your choice. Put Bill Clinton back in the White House who has been credibly accused of rape and assaulting multiple women. (settling with Paula Jones for @ $750,000)
    Or put Donald Trump in the White House, who uses vulgar language.
    2. With corrupt Hillary you get corrupt Bill who Hillary has said she’ll put in charge of the economy. With corrupt Hillary you get Anthony Weiner’s wife as a top adviser.

    1. Bill:

      Either Bill or Donald – by the way it is more than vulgar language it is vulgar acts at a minimum – will make us think of the Whitey House as the White Sty. They are not your only choices. Alfred E. Neuman may not be the best looking guy but he has a heart of gold. Vote for him.

      1. Matt,
        …heh, heh heh……it didn’t dawn on me that you were referring to Johnson himself as Alfred E. Neuman…..they both look like him….except the Beacon Hill Brahmin’s nose is more bulbous and red.

  15. It would be so easy for Trumpeteers to ditch their man for this reason and others. There’s just one massive problem with doing so: HILLARY and the Clinton Machine.

    So, as I usually do in elections, I will cast my vote (one month from today) AGAINST a candidate, not FOR a candidate.

    I will still VOTE AGAINST HILLARY!

    1. GOK:

      True — if you have to go out one exit you elect the one that is the least obnoxious; but there are other alternatives than those two which after seeing the performance of Johnson the libertarian candidate (he should be put on display around the Commonwealth by the anti-legalisation of marijuana folks to show how badly one’s brain can become soft with its frequent use) I can’t vote for him. I then considered Jill Stein but after reading a little about her ( she is out. so I have finally settled upon writing in: Alfred E. Neuman.

      1. Matt ….
        ……isn’t he already the VP candidate with Johnson?
        “What,…me worry???….(hiccup)”

        Between him and Johnson they have the partying constituency covered.

        Another occasional “Dover St.” slummer from back in the day.

  16. The candidate merely reflects the culture of the times.

    Trump’s words sounded like words from a Kanye West or Jay-Z tune. Or that cultural icon, R. Kelly. Remember Kelly’s hit song “Pussy Is Mine?” No feminist indignant protests heard there.

    But I suppose we can be thankful he doesn’t stand up there and recite the lyrics of songs heard every day on the radio and web, what with ‘ho’ rhyming with ‘bro’ every other line, interspersed with the ‘muthah’ expletive.

    Trump ain’t no Ike, but I’ll wager Hillary has matched if not exceeded his salacious language.

    1. Henry:

      Good points. The culture ain’t what it used to be as you note. At one time it seemed that we aspired to emulate the better points, now we look for our examples other ways. I could never understand most of the rap language the infrequent times that it played around me reading about it I recognized it was far from uplifting.

      You make a good point with the muthah expression. When I first heard it I was sort of taken aback that someone would use it now it seems it has become just another day expletive. I guess I come from a different time and place – unlike one of my friends who came here from Ireland while in his teens and most of the younger generation I could never us the F word in mixed company. Not too long ago a woman (probably now in her mid-40s a former coworker who I have lunch with every so often) who frequently sprinkled the F word in her conversatins asked me if I ever used it.

      As for Hillary, I’m sure she’s tough but I don’t think knowing her upbringing she’d be comfortable with that type talk. Not that I’ll vote for her but I do hope Trump-talk is nat as ubiquitous as you suggest.

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