The Trumpeteers – All That Is Missing Are The Brown Shirts

Heidi CruzI have often wondered how some dictators have come to power in countries through the free ballot. I can see it now in the actions of the Trumpeteers. They are a small group of disgruntled people who have been motivated by a seemingly innocuous and meaningless slogan “make America great again” which when coupled with Donald Tump’s rhetoric is as subtle as the old “you know where I stand” hateful racist slogan of L.D. Hicks. The Trumpeteers want to put into power a man who spreads ill will by denigrating other groups who he suggests are a danger to real Americans; a man who blames the others for any imagined ill that his Trumpeteers believe America is suffering from; a sloganizing man with no substance.

The Trumpeteers know who these people are who keep America from being great. They are identifiable by their features or names. They need not be forced to wear arm bands or other insignia so that we are able to tell them from the rest of us. We can look at them or read their names or listen to their speech and know these are the people who are attempting to steal away the rights of the Trumpeteers.

A major American party for the first time is presenting as its candidate a man who reached the nomination not as one seeking to unite us as a people but whose whole campaign has been divisive. A vulgar man who talks about his private part in a public forum; a crass and boastful man who avoided serving his country either in uniform or public service who trashed a true American hero who spent five and a half years as a prisoner of war who refused to go home when he had the chance ahead of any others.

The Trumpeteers heard their leader say about John McCain: “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, okay? I hate to tell you. He’s a war hero because he was captured, okay?”  That statement should have put him out of the race yet strangely in their zealotry the Trumpeteers were not bothered. It is eerie that statement which is an insult to every many who put on the uniform and fought in combat for our country did not do him any damage. Nor did his his insults hurled toward Mexico and Mexicans nor did his insult of the wives of other candidates: saying of Jeb Bush that he “has to like Mexican illegals because of his wife” and that “Jeb Bush is crazy, who cares that he speaks Mexican” and Heidi Cruz, Ted’s wife, by saying: “Be careful, Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife” and later posting the above picture of Heidi and his wife.

 This is a man who resorts to gutter politics  attacking women, a man who has taken crassness to a new height, a man who demeans military service, and a man who has spread ill will among Americans at a time when healing is needed more than any time in the past sixty years. Rather than being rejected for spewing his hate his rabid Trumpeteers blindly follow on after him excusing his evil, accepting his lies and blaming the others for what they perceive as being wrong with America.

The Trumpeteers want America to be what it cannot be. The Trumpeteers forget that America was founded and controlled by intellectual and thoughtful men who prepared for the time when a crisis like this would arrive. American history is full of hate filled groups that tried to gain the ascendency but ended up in the dust bin of history.

There are too many of those “others” here now. America is too interconnected with the world to go it alone. We cannot walk away from our costly alliances which keep the peace. The horse of hate left the barn a couple of generations ago.

Fortunately, it is impossible for Trump to win. I have written before how few Latinos or African-Americans will vote for him. His insults of women has him viewed unfavorably by 73% of registered women voters according to a March poll. All that are left are a few old white men.

Trump and the Trumpeteers will be viewed by historians as the closest America has ever come to having brownshirts or blackshirts take over the government. America is too good and too diverse to allow this to happen. We will allow America to continue to be great by making it a place where all can live in peace and be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin or the deity whom they worship.

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  1. @BillC, thanks for posting so many points with which I agree.

    @BobbyCurtis, same thing.

    1. BillC, Matt is a man who was in charge most of his career and he did a great job. His boss was intelligent enough to surround himself in very capable, loyal people who made him look good for many years. Matt still thinks that his word is law and if you disagree with him his iron fist of insults comes down on you. He ran a tough ship with that iron fist but those days are gone. I know that he was the brightest lightbulb in the prosecutors office and everyone respected him or feared him. The leftist, Matt, I never heard of until I began following this blog. His writings can be amusing, factual, on base, off base, fun to read and aggravating. I respect, Matt, he’s an honest, hard working guy who made it on his own. I enjoy his writings, I sometimes agree while other times I want to strangle him but all and all Matt’s blog is exactly what the world needs. A place where we can talk and exchange opposite ideas. It takes courage to stand up and speak ones mind. No matter what the message, we should listen and keep an open mind and try not to insult each other or demean one another simply because we disagree or are from a different planet. BillC, don’t just appreciate the words that you agree with, appreciate those that you harshly disagree with more because those are the words that inspire conversation, ideas and possible change. Have a sunny day!

      1. Bobby:

        Thanks for the nice words although “leftist” doesn’t apply unless anyone to the left of the far right is a leftist; “iron fist of insults” is a little much since I try, probably not always successfully not to insult the people who comment here, having been married for many years I know my word is far from the law, But your comments about how the comments should be considered and the recognition that a robust discussion is important to all, even if we disagree with every word the person wrote, makes us better understand our own positions. Thanks for spelling it out.


    CLEVELAND, Ohio — One of the protesters arrested Wednesday at a staged flag burning outside the Republican National Convention in downtown Cleveland caught himself and two other demonstrators on fire, leading to a violent altercation with police.

    Police Chief Calvin Williams said during an evening news conference that 18 people were arrested near the corner of East 4th Street and Prospect Avenue – two on felony charges, including assaulting a police officer. The others face misdemeanor charges of failure to disperse.

    The incident began when protesters blocked RNC delegates from accessing Quicken Loans Arena late Wednesday afternoon, and police issued an order to disperse, Williams said.

    The demonstrators refused to leave the area, and one began to set fire to an American flag, the chief said. When the protester’s pants caught fire, an officer stepped in to extinguish the flames. The protester tried to keep the burning flag away from the officer, and in doing so, lit two other demonstrators on fire, as well.

  3. Until Lyndon Johnson the bread and butter of the Democrat party was Racism, Jim Crow. It then switched horses, switched races. But it kept swigging on that Old Red Eye Racism. It put in mechanisms to discriminate against Whites – set asides, affirmative action, political correctness, refusal to enforce laws, etc. The moguls who run Hollywood, NYC and Washington fell into line. All of this is consistent with Marxist doctrine and the self interest of a hostile elite determined to replace the White working class.

    You grew up in Irish Dorchester. When did you learn to look down your nose at your neighbors and forebears? In the Marines? Law School? When a Democrat office holder offered 30 pieces of silver? At some point in time you decided that towheads and gingers were inferior and needed replacement. So much so that law and normal human affinity for one’s nearest had to be cast aside to promote advantage for others.

    This depravity had a beginning some where. I understand that radical Protestantism of the Puritans evolved into Abolitionism which joined with the Roman Church which encourage and made a virtue of manumission from Christianity’s earliest days. The Pilgrims were met by Squanto who had been ransomed by Spanish monks from slavery on the Barbary Coast. Abolition was not a fervor among the Irish, consider the Draft Riots during the Civil War. Catholicism uncomfortably coexisted with the economic forces that practiced slavery while it ransomed slaves over the centuries. But where is your anti-White Racism originate?

    Did you move up in ‘class’ when you passed the Bar? It is unfathomable to me that a sane, healthy individual wants to set aside natural affinity, lawfulness and simple decency to promote Genocide of his own. Your silly analogies to Nazism highlight an important difference between the Fuhrer and yourself. Mister Hitler wanted justice and the best for his people. You do not want that for yours.

    You cheer racial identity for Blacks, Jews, Asians and Hispanics and call Whites who do the same – Racists. In their heart everyone knows that in everyday retail politics Anti-Racism is merely a code word for Anti-White . It is not wrong that while I think Yellow and Black babies are cute my grin grows wider at the sight of pale skinned wee laddie or lassie shaking a rattle. You are wrong to condemn it, for scorning Nature.

    1. One addition: The Civil War Draft Riots in New York City began when the list of new draftees were posted alongside the list of KIAs and locals saw a disproportionate number of Irish names on both lists.
      Large numbers of Irish-born soldiers and Irish-American soldiers served honorably on both sides during the Civil War.

    2. Tadzio:
      I don’t know what history books you are reading but you are the first one I ever heard say Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy were racists and Jim Crowers. Even Howard Zinn or Norm Chomsky didn’t go that far.
      So you then say the Democratic went from being racist against blacks to becoming racist against whites. – affirmative action, political correctness, refusing to enforce laws etc. They became “a hostile elite determined to replace the White working class.”
      I suggest the biggest damage to the white working class was done by the corporate bosses, probably mostly Republicans, who saw better profits could be made shipping jobs out of our country.
      You think all Dorchester people think like you? I don’t know where you are from but we all thought differently. Most were Irish but we grew up with friends whose ideas were very socialist and very conservative. That was like the lads at home. James Connolly was a socialist Marxist – you do know him of course. We never thought thinking our own way was to “look down our nose.” We never thought our forebears had only one way of thinking.
      The Marines helped me broaden my view of America. Growing up and through college most of my friends were Catholic, a lot Irish, but some of other persuasions like Tord Svenson, may he rest in peace or even among the Irish some heretics. In the Marines I met the rest of America – Southern Baptists were a strong group – northern protestants from Ivy league schools – all with different ideas but all with one thing in common a love for America. I learned we could believe differently and come from different backgrounds yet all have a desire for America to be a great country. I knew the four other members of my fire team who were out on maneuvers none of whom were Irish of Catholics would protect me as well as any other group. Yes, the Marines helped develop me and got me out of the ghetto mentality that I used to have before I met other fine Americans both enlisted and officer.
      Law School also broadened my thinking. Again the camaraderie among the classmates was fine. There I met with and befriended an even broader group of people. I also exchanged ideas and thoughts verbally with those whose ideas were diametrically opposed to mine and learned from them and maintained our friendships. While enlarging my view of the world and my relations with other people I still maintained my friendships with those I had grown up with whose world perspective was confined by the narrow parameters of the people they interacted with.
      I never thought anyone was inferior. I liked to think that we were all equal having been in contact with others who were from other groups but more courageous and brighter than me. I cast aside no one but tried to treat all as I would like to be treated. That is what my old time religion taught me to do.
      I find it strange you think treating all people the same is a depravity. I also find it strange you think all Irish think alike or that there is an Irish thought that must be followed. You don’t understand the Irish if that is the case. I also think it odd you believe that one who thinks all should be treated equally is “anti-White Racism.” What is sort of ludicrous is to suggest that the idea of equality is a genocide.
      I must admit I am pleased you did find there were differences between Hitler and me. You are correct I do not want justice and the best for my people if it means eradicating other people like Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, Priests, and other clergy. I’m not quite sure what this means: “You cheer racial identity for Blacks, Jews, Asians and Hispanics and call Whites who do the same – Racists.”
      I do not know a thing about you or your background other than you sound like you are white. You seem to think any white who wants to do anything other than to help other than white is a betrayer of his race. That suggests to me you are a white supremacist which thankfully is a rare and dying breed. I believe America will best survive and flourish when others look upon all those in our land as equal as I do; my religion taught me to look upon all people as equal; my Irish upbringing taught me that all people were equal although I must admit we thought us Irish a wee bit better than the others as confirmed by ditty: “God made the Irish, the Devil made the Dutch, whoever made the others didn’t make much.”

  4. Reply to some earlier replies.
    1. Abortion: You wrote that if we restrict abortions some women would flee to Canada/Mexico. If we restrict Narcotics, some people would go outside the USA to get them. Trying to save thousands of lives from abortion or narcotics is Noble. The Culture of Death has many proponents. More voices should be raised defending innocent human life. What grows inside a mother’s womb is another human being, a human body with its own unique genetic code. The unique genetic code comes at the moment of conception. It is transmitted to virtually every cell in the embryo/ fetus body (except denucleated Red Blood Cells). The mother has a right to control her own body. The fetus is the body of another human being. To Legalize abortion throughout the country, Roe v. Wade simply declared the fetus was not “a legal person.” The Court invented a legal fiction to dehumanize all unborn human beings.
    2. Only about 5% of lawyers go to Ivy League schools. Lets get some diversity on the Supreme Court. The best constitutional lawyer in Massachusetts was and is the great Chester Darling (New England Law School) and the best constitutional judge was the late great Joe Nolan (B.U. Law.)

    1. Bill:

      1. I suppose Hillary’s vice president pick said it all about abortion and with which I agree, “I’m personally against abortion but it is the law and the law must be followed.” By the way we do restrict narcotics but no one has to go over the border.

      2. Right now the Supreme Court is all Ivy League educated. I agree it would be a better court if it were more diverse. Both parties are responsible for its lack of diversity.

    1. Ed:
      I’m aware of the Godwin law. I happen to disagree with his suggestion that the mention of things connected with Hilter trivializes the Holocaust. What are we suppose to only talk about the Holocaust when we mention him? It makes no sense. It is important to understand what forces brought Hitler into power and to know how appeasing him worked to the disadvantage of all.

  5. 1. Matt: You miss the forest for the trees.
    2. Yes, Trump has said some stupid, crude, lewd things. Bill Clinton, however, has done many lewd things and you want him and his wife back in the White House. Is it worse to say a lewd thing or to do many lewd things (seduce interns, accost, grope, assault, allegedly rape: charges made against Bill Clinton). Remember, too, Bill Clinton was disbarred for Perjury. His capacity for truth-telling we know matches his wife’s. Both Bill and Hillary have stood before cameras and calculatingly told bold-faced lies to the American people.
    3. Trump is new to politics and speaks off the cuff. He makes mistakes. He’s not a cold, calculating liar like Hillary. Trump is too blunt. Hillary is too deceitful. Hillary is a proven liar. (Dodging sniper fire in Bosnia, running with her head down to military vehicles)
    4. Neither Hillary, nor Bill nor Barack served in the Military. Didn’t Bill flee to London to avoid service? Didn’t Bill Clinton once say, “I loathe the military.”?
    5. Public Service: It is a great public service to create a business and provide 10,000 jobs to people.
    6. Trump a racist? Over his entire business career he has employed and worked with people of every race.
    7. Trump anti-woman? Ask the women who’ve worked with him and for him for 40 years.
    8. Trump supporters = Nazi Brownshirts? Polls show 40% or more of Americans support Trump. Are they all Nazis or just most of them?
    9. Do you know when liberals started calling Trump Hitler, a Nazi, a Racist, a Misogynist? Not during his 40 years in Business. Not during his 10 years on TV. Only one year ago, when he announced his plans to run for the Republican nomination.
    10. Who else have the liberals called Nazis or compared to Hitler: Nixon, Goldwater, Reagan, Buchanan, George W. Bush, Cruz, Rubio and now Trump. Can you see a pattern here? Weren’t the supporters of Governor Ed King’s called “Haters”? Check this out:
    11. The NAZIS were the Democratic National Socialist Party. George Orwell wrote that all sorts of folks have been called Nazis or fascists, even Mahatma Ghandi, and such words have become simple “swearwords.” It would be like someone calling Clinton supporters Commies or Ass…..!
    12. The Republican Party was started in 1854 by a group of Anti-Slavery, Abolitionists. It’s the Party of Lincoln. The GOP Congress passed the 13th and 14th Amendments outlawing slavery and granting equal protection; the GOP Congress established Yellowstone Park in1872; GOP had the first African-American Governor, the first woman in Congress; in 1919 the GOP Congress gave women the right to vote; Justice Earl Warren (ex GOP gov. Cal.) wrote Brown v. Board of Education in 1954; Ike signed the ’57 Civil Rights Act; the first Asian-American U.S. Senator was Republican; the ‘64 Civil Rights Act was passed when Republican Sen. Dirksen defeated a Democratic filibuster., etc, etc. There are many reasons to vote Republican.
    13. “angry old white men”? By the way, what’s the hangup with old white men? They’re Americans, too, who are worthy of respect. I bet there are a lot of happy old white men who support Trump too.
    14. Latest Rasmussen Poll (July 21) Trump 43, Hillary 42: Trump is ahead by 13 points among men, while Clinton posts a 10-point lead among women. I’ve seen Polls with Trump getting 30% of Latinos (better than Romney) and 10% or less of blacks (Romney got 5% of blacks)
    15. You paint with too broad a brush. In the left-leaning Politico article (it’s good to read both sides of the political spectrum):, “Quit Comparing Trump to Hitler: In American politics everyone at some point gets compared to Der Fuhrer, even Obama” the author states: “In the case of Trump, legitimate historical parallels can be drawn. In some respects, he resembles historic American populists like Andrew Jackson, William Jennings Bryan and Huey Long. Like George Wallace and Pat Buchanan, he has a constituency on the right motivated in part by racial resentments. Trump can also be compared to various contemporary European politicians on the populist right, including Britain’s Nigel Farage and France’s Marine Le Pen.”
    16. Maybe 1% of Trump supporters have KKK-type resentments and maybe 1% of Hillary-Obama supporters have Black-Panther-type resentments, but let’s not stigmatize the vast majority of Republican or Democratic voters, 99% of whom are not hateful, but merely have differing political sensibilities.

    1. This reminds me of the old poem, “and then they came for me”. It’s obvious that Matt, being a true leftist, feels very superior to all people that don’t agree with him. He’s one of the untouchables. He may be in for a rude awakening under Hillary’s dictatorship.

      1. Bobby: Matt isn’t a “leftist.” Believe me, it takes one to know one, and Matt doesn’t come close to qualifying. There’s two ways to look at another thing you said: Leftists feel very superior to all with whom they disagree. I prefer to believe that your average, good-old-boy right-winger has a massive inferiority complex, and that it’s this intense feeling of inferiority that makes him think he’s being talked down to. On another matter, Donald Trump racked up five draft deferments. Five draft deferments makes Trump a draft dodger in my book. Four student deferments and a magical medical deferment for bone spurs in both feet. John McCain, by the way, flew 23 combat missions over Vietnam before he was shot down on his 23rd mission. How dare a man with Trump’s record mock a war hero like John McCain!

        1. DanC, your obviously a leftist defending your pal from facing a truth of being a follower of Fr Drinan’s philosophy. Thanks okay, pals should defend one another. You can put on a spin on everything to your advantage but that doesn’t mean your correct. Draft deferments were allowed by law, using it does not make someone a “dodger”. I do agree with you that John McCain is an American hero, I also feel that everyone who served in our military is a hero. John McCain does not consider himself a hero but that is all characteristic of his heroism. John McCain was not responsible for other American heroes being innocently slaughtered in Benghazi. Your hero, Hillary is. She then lied countless number of times about it. She lies until today about it. Putting aside all the other criminal things she’s done and her phony corrupt Clinton Foundation, you have to be un-American to vote for her. Remember, “then they came for me”, DanC, they are right around the corner if Hillary is elected.

          1. I think Matt was a Marine lieutenant, so you can put him on your hero list. I spent two years in the U.S. Army as a lowly clerk, so I guess you can add my name as well. If you blame Hillary for Benghazi, then I guess your boy Bush and his sidekick, Dick Cheney, must take the blame for the thousands of American lives lost on Sept. 11. This happened on their watch, no?

        2. Dan C. 1. Trump’s comment on McCain was intemperate. 2. Vietnam: everyone in college got four years of 2S deferments. Lots of guys got deferments for flat feet and high blood pressure. Who is to say if Trump’s “bone spurs” were phony?
          About 27 million were eligible to serve during Vietnam, about 8 million served (most volunteered) and about 2.5 million went to Vietnam; about 10%, we know, were killed or wounded there.
          Here’s some facts: “According to the National Archives, among approximately 27 million American men eligible for military service between 1964 and 1973, the draft raised 2,215,000 men for military service (in the U.S., Southeast Asia, West Germany, and elsewhere). Around 15.4 million were granted deferments, mostly for education, some for mental, physical and family hardships. There were more than 300,000 deserters and draft evaders in total.”

        3. Dan:

          I did suggest to Bobby that only those on the far right who consider everyone to the left of them as a leftist would allow me to fit into the leftist suit.

          I do find it remarkable that someone like Trump suffered no consequences with his insults against McCain. That is when I started to think that his followers were like those who followed the Pied Piper because he represents something they find wanting in their lives. I find comfort in the idea that Americans have brief encounters with people like Trump but when it comes down to giving him the high office they stop hearing the false music and return to sanity.

    2. Bill C:

      I’ll briefly respond.
      1. I see the forest very clearly.
      2. Trump has both said and is also accused of doing crude things. He is closely connected with Epstein which you want to overlook when he himse lf years ago said he had been his friend for 15 years. Hillary never approved of Bill’s conduct nor has she been accused of doing crude or lewd things. Hillary’s lies were not of the moment of Bill’s. But so has Trump stood before American people and lied. But worse, he divides Americans.
      3. Trump is new but as I said before he has no record (not even his tax records) upon which we can judge him. He could be ten times worse than Hillary. Hillary’s lies were from misunderstanding or boastfulness. Consider the millions of times she has been under the spotlight and in the public eye they are like pointing to a needle in a haystack and saying the haystack is infected with needles.
      4. Hillary did not serve because she had no obligation to serve. Trump did and got five deferments. He stayed home afraid to go while the young men from the inner cities had no choice.
      5. The by-product of business is to create jobs; its main purpose is to benefit the owner who uses the people he hires to enrich himself. Public service people have as a main purpose helping others.
      6. Trump used racist language against Mexican, immigrants, and Muslims to get to the position where he is. I’m sure if it would benefit him in his business he would hire anyone.
      7. Trump’s language suggests he is anti-woman. As any woman who was not dependent upon him for a pay check.
      8. Trump has a hard core of supporter just like Muscolini who support him such as the David Dukes and American Militia movements. He appeals to the hard right.
      9. No one cared about Trump as he went about his business of building golf courses, chasing women, and buying New York real estate just like few care about all those people. When he decided he wanted to become president then what do you expect? He should be treated as if he is in business or should we want to know more about him. Is your point that the liberal should not say anything about him now that he is running for president because they did not say anything when he was running his businesses?
      10. Liberals are a diverse group. How many conservatives have called liberals communists or socialists? Both sides use intemperate language but it was never a general liberal position to identify those you mention with Hitler. The closest one I have seen to him is Trump.
      11. The beauty of free speech is the ability to suggest people are compared to other things and let the people decide for themselves. I do worry though that Trump seems more like a dictator than an American leader.
      12. Lincoln was the first Republican president but the party has not followed his ideas for a long time. In fact Andrew Johnson who followed him in the presidency was quick to turn away from a lot of Lincoln’s ideas which brought about the attempt to remove him from office by impeachment. Things started as on thing often change over the years, decades and centuries. America started as a country that approved of slavery. I could list as many evils the GOP has done as the good things it has done – not the least its opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act – but time is pressing.
      13. Sure there are happy old white men but they are voting for Hillary. What is wrong with old men is the future does not belong to them – they can rant and rave but they should let those who govern and make the decisions about the type of country it will be to those who will be part of it. Old narcissist white men like Trump who are having ego problems should stare into their West Palm beach swimming pools and admire themselves and leave the rest of us alone.
      14. Polls are not important at this point. People have not focused. Dukakis was up by 20 points at this time. When people start looking closely at Trump he’ll sink faster than a lead balloon. The world is too dangerous for a newcomer to try to navigate.
      15. America is a broad country that needs a broad brush. The writer in Politico is way off base and should not be accepted as having any understanding of American politics. Andrew Jackson was and American hero who hated the British; Bryan was nothing like Trump and anyway he was defeated in the many times he ran for office; Huey Long, Pat Buchanan, and George Wallace had their red neck followers but nothing like the Trump mobs.
      16. I’d put the KKK types as representing 25% of Trump’s group which is far more than is needed for a coup. The Democrats do not appeal to groups like that since most far left groups join the radical parties of which there are a few.

  6. The “Trumpeteers”, well I’m one of millions. You lefties keep saying that Trump can’t win the Presidential election in November. Think back along the road of the primaries when you lefties laughed and said Trump was a joke. You lefties may just have to eat all your words when Donald Trump is elected. If he doesn’t win then you lefties can simply continue to accept and be co-conspiators to a corrupt government. I find it funny how lefties can insult and talk down to people as if they believe they are the superior class. Hillary gets elected, our Country will increase the speed of our slide into being a third world nation. Then again, depending who’s elected, folks can leave the USA along with Ophra, Woopi, O’Donnell and the rest of the lefties. Me? I’m staying right here and I’ll go out with a fight to save our Country and our Constitution as it stands.


    A Democratic National Committee delegate pledged to Hillary Clinton tried to murder her husband with a gun on Sunday, but the national media won’t talk about it.

    Deanna Vicites, a 47-year-old Hillary Clinton delegate from Pennsylvania, was charged with attempted homicide after shooting her husband in the neck with a revolver over the weekend. The two admitted to authorities they had been drinking all day, and while Deanna initially told authorities it was a mistake, the district attorney said there was no way the shooting was an accident.


    Following the Benghazi attack, Clinton lied to the families of the victims about the true motivations of the terrorists — telling them that a video spurred the attack — when her own e-mail correspondence with her daughter revealed that Clinton knew the cause to be a pre-planned attack by radical Islamic terrorists.

    While serving as Secretary of State, Clinton also trafficked top secret information on an unsecured, private email server — putting the lives of U.S. human intelligence assets at risk. Her “extremely careless” behavior is arguably far worse than actions taken by others who have actually been jailed for treason.

  8. Matt, I happen to agree with almost everything you say about Trump. I’m even voting for Hillary, for God’s sake. But I think what Cruz did last night was completely outrageous, and I can now see why every other GOP Senator can’t stand him. I know Trump threw a lot of mud at Cruz, including a false and preposterous allegation that Cruz’ father was somehow mixed up in the JFK assassination. Even so, the right move for Cruz would have been to decline to speak on the perfectly sensible ground that he could not support the nominee of the party. Instead, we got a sideshow that hurt Cruz, Trump and the party.

  9. Massachusetts cracking down on “assault-type”weapons…….yesterday.
    Wow, maybe Maura Healey reads Matt of Boston.

    “The Attorney General sent gun sellers and manufacturers an enforcement notice on Wednesday, prohibiting them from selling weapons that have key functional components that are interchangeable with assault weapons.”

    Among those weapons banned:
    •Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK) (all models);
    •Action Arms Israeli Military Industries UZI and Galil;
    •Beretta Ar70 (SC-70);
    •Colt AR-15;
    •Fabrique National FN/FAL, FN/LAR and FNC;
    •SWD M-10, M-11, M-11/9 and M-12;
    •Steyr AUG;
    •INTRATEC TEC-9, TEC-DC9 and TEC-22; and
    •Revolving cylinder shotguns

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