The Unpaid Kremlin Stooges:

Trump DrawngDo you remember what the dossier compiled by the British agent said about the agreement between the Trump team and the Russians? That dossier was known to the FBI sometime in December 2015 or thereabouts. The exact dates aren’t that important except to notice that it was compiled and given out before the beginning of 2016 and the start of the primary conventions in the Republican Party that led to Trump’s nomination.

It said Trump team members went to the Russians to seek help in getting him elected and the Russians agreed to do this using their cyber war capabilities. This has all been confirmed by all our intelligence agencies that Russia did do this despite some people suggesting it did not happen. In fact, Comey testified that Russia did not even try to hide its involvement as if it did it as a message to America that if it wished it could destroy our election process.

The question remains unsettled as to how much involved was the Trump team in helping the Russians undermine the American election and throw it to Trump. That is what the FBI is presently investigating. But in as much as the dossier made those claims it has been verified.

There remained the question what would the Trump team do for the Russians if it worked on its behalf. The dossier said: “In return the Trump team had agreed to sideline Russian intervention in Ukraine as a campaign issue and to raise US/NATO defence commitments in the Baltics and Eastern Europe to deflect attention away from Ukraine, a priority for PUTIN who needed to cauterize the subject.”

Sometime in March Paul Manafort the man behind the Russian stooge who became Ukrainian president, Victor Yanukovych, who was ousted by the people, became the campaign manager of Trump’s campaign. He would stay with Trump until after the convention when the publicity of his role in helping Putin and Yanukovych surfaced. He then had to step away from the campaign.

Interesting to note was yesterday Sean Spicer lied about Manafort’s role in the campaign (doesn’t he know how to tell the truth?) saying: “. . . Paul Manafort, who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time.” Since when is campaign manager a limited role.

Of important note though is that right after Manafort joined the campaign Trump first began his attack on NATO calling it obsolete and also complaining about people not paying their fair share which seemed directed at the Baltic nations..

Trump continued that for a bit which piqued the curiosity of the FBI which had the dossier and could see Trump was the first president since the 1940s who was undermining NATO. Why was he all of a sudden doing that?

Undermining NATO continues to this moment with the news that Tex Tillerson is going to skip the NATO meeting next month in Europe. Later in the month he will make a trip to Russia.

Russia? Isn’t that the nation that just attacked our democratic election? As someone said, the only reason he should be going there is to give back his friendship medal he got from Putin. How wrong could the dossier have been when it predicts this?

Of course that is not all. Manafort denied changing the Republican Party platform which originally supported defending Ukraine to one which made Ukraine look like the aggressor. His denial of being involved in that change has now been shown to be a lie. And, as you might expect, Trump played Mickey the Dunce over the change.

Some say it is only a coincidence that the dossier predicted these two events. If only one of them happened you could go along with that but seeing both then it is far from a coincidence. It hits to the heart of the Trump/Russian conspiracy.

Of course the Trump supporters will defend Russia (“never attacked our election”) and suggest better relations with that Kleptocracy would be good. They remind me of the Communists in the Thirties abetted by Walter Durante who had the same idea that you could make peace with the Russians.

The big difference is the Commies back then were getting money from the Soviets;. the people today are working for nothing to undermine America.  Putin must be delighted.

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  1. Hillary got all the Wall St. money not Trump. Clapper, Comey, and the NSA say no votes were changed in the swing states. Your argument that Trump won because of the Russians has no evidence to support it. You can substitute Columbia Necktie which was O J’s invented defense for Nicole’s murder with Russia Hacked the election. Two fantastic claims.

  2. Bill. How many hotels and golf courses did Jesse V want to build?
    Will Trump continue the push for US missles in Poland? (Another broken promise to have no offensive weapons in former Warsaw Pact countries.)
    Kleptocracy is not the taxing of citizens to do the country’s business-it is stealing the country’s assets and doling it out to your cronies. (Watch Wall Street drool over taking water systems private and stick it in the “commodities” column.) Is its the people’s right to a glass of water? No no no! Pay the Bond market and maybe you’ll get to get a swig of lead/copper etc-laced agua. Too much regulation.

    If you thought that the oil empires were up to high-rollin’ shenanigans. watchout for the Trumpsters take over of water systems.

    What did Andropov say to the Politburo upon being unanimously selected as Secretary of the Communist Party and Premier of the USSR? “Thank you gentlemen–you may step away from the wall and put down your hands now.”

  3. Your thesis of a Russian Plot by the Evil Vladimir fails in its premise. President Putin had in 2015 and 2106 an obviously ideal candidate: Hillary Clinton, always available for a bribe.

    During the 1990s Bubba sent over Jeffrey Sachs from Harvard to loot the country on the recommendation of pal Lawrence Summers. And loot it they did. Over 90% of the so-called “oligarchs” were not Russians but had close ethnic and political links to Clintonistas such as Sachs and Summers.

    Why would Putin risk plotting against the venal Clinton when he knew that that for a few bucks he could get whatever he wanted? The problems in the Ukraine were handled by Gigolo John Kerry. Putin did not have any major issues with the US when Hillary was sitting at her cash register selling uranium and whatever else could be black marketed.

    Matt, your fanciful thesis of Trump being a pawn of the Russians fails a simple test. The opposite, that is, backing Clinton, makes more sense and is supported by better evidence that points to Hillary being a far more desirable, a far more reliable, a far more greedy pawn.. Your “crime” lacks a rational motive.

    Your obsession with the Rascally Russkies being America’s political puppeteers is daft. It is rooted a pussymarcher’s delusion that Clinton was entitled to win the election, the American people’s votes be damned.

    A further diagnosis of this obsession can be understood by the phenomena of psychological projection. This occurs when an individual sees in another the strengths and/or weaknesses of themselves. The left has to counter Hillary’s rapacious corruption by imputing it to the man who the American people elected over her.

    One should look into a mirror to see oneself, not to see another. Projection is a stumbling block best avoided.

    There are issues that have not yet been resolved. Energy can be usefully channeled there. The election is over. You lost. Accept it. Grow up. Move on. You have bigger fish to fry.

  4. Trump is not the first candidate to be critical of NATO. Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul and Rand Paul all voiced disapproval of the interventionist policies of NATO in Serbia and Libya and our entire Middle East policy. Adopting a different approach to foreign policy than the DC establishment is a positive move. 2. Are we to accept the word of the FBI and CIA? They have been wrong on many occasions. How dumb was the FBI in the Boston gangster investigations? They indict three honest FBI agents and get in bed with the Mafia. The area’s top hit men ( Winter, Salemme, Flemmi, Gucci Martorano and his brother, Limone, Nee and the Greek) are all let out of jail. How dumb was the FBI on terrorism? They miss 9-11. They know who the Tsarnaevs are but deny they do. Every terrorist attack in America from Orlando to Ft. Hood they had info on the terrorist but failed to stop them. Now we see the FBI in their dumbest mode falling for Hillary’s opposition research against the Republicans. The Fake dossier is created by a former MI6 guy on behalf of Trump’s opponents. Nothing in it can be verified. Yet the FBI starts an investigation of Trump who has limited contact with the Russians. The Clintons and Podestas have made millions through their extensive Russian connections. One of the Podestas is a lobbyist for a Russian bank. Yet the Dems aren’t looked at. They investigated for almost nine months and have found nothing. Trump is being treated by the FBI and media the way Bill Bulger was treated by the Boston Globe and the Boston DOJ. Only the FBI could make the Keystone cops look professional. Drain the swamp. Abolish the FBI. Comply with the 4th Amendment.

    1. NC:

      1. A great bunch of candidates totally rejected by the American people. As I recall it Buchanon objected to our fight against the Nazis. But even then none of them predicated defense of others on money. But deal with the facts, Putin wants the Baltic nations back and Trump was looking for a way to get out of our commitment to defend them.

      2. You would not want to accept the word of the FBI or the CIA. You would prefer Russia and Trump for the truth. As far as knocking the FBI for the deals made in the Whitey case I think you are riding on the wrong horse. That was done by the DOJ under Wyshak and the FBI was not part of it.

      As far as the fake dossier it is turning out that the guy was right on the money on some things. You too fall into the same trap as Trumpeteers who want to equate contact with Russians with colluding with Russians to undermine the American electoral process. It’s like someone who knew Gucci from high schoold and waved at him one day compared to Joe McDonald who helped him with his murders.

      I’d be highly reluctant to compare Bill Bulger a man of utmost integrity who never lied to the people with Donald Trump a consummate liar. I don’t believe Billy was treated poorly by the FBI as you suggest. Trump cannot complain about the FBI, Comey helped him win. Six Goldman Sachs executives have been added to Trump’steam and he complained about Hillary being in with Wall Street. They are going to drain the swamp all right and then concrete it over and build luxurious estates and hotels for themselves on the government land and enrich themselves.

  5. From the following concerning Jared Diamond’s book “Guns Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies” (1997):

    “According to Guns, Germs, and Steel, what is a kleptocracy?”

    “You can answer this by looking in Chapter 14, page 276 in the paperback edition of the book. There, we see how Diamond defines a kleptocracy. He says that a kleptocracy is any government which transfers wealth from commoners to upper classes. He argues that it is very difficult to tell the difference between a kleptocracy and a good government. Governments always take money from the common people. If the “commoners” like what the government does with that money, the government is not a kleptocracy. If they do not like what the government does, the government is a kleptocracy.”

    In April, 2008, the question was asked whether the United States is a kleptocracy. Using Jared Diamond’s definition, the author’s answer was “Yes”.,_Germs,_and_Steel

    1. ed:

      Even though Jared Diamond is a graduate of Roxbury Latin School he can still be wrong. He is only suggesting that the United States fits his broad definition. I suggest that few if any other reasonable people would come to the same conclusion even using his definition.

        1. Ed:

          There is no society in the world where everyone gets back what they pay in. Some states are wealthier than others and the idea behind a group of united states is that some that are better off may help the others. None of it involves kleptocracy.

          Russia is a very backward and poor nation. The wealthy few are friends of Putin who have become billionaires. They have robbed the land of all their natural resources. The population of Russia is two times that of France and its GDP is less than half of France’s. Comparing it to the Unites States is plainly silly.

  6. Matt:

    Trump began his campaign in June of 2015.
    Manafort came on as an adviser in April 2016.
    Manafort was appointed Campaign Manager on June 20, 2016.
    Manafort resigned on August 19, 2016.

    Campaign associate for less than four months, campaign manager for less than 2 months; I’d call that “a very limited amount of time.” As far as “a very limited role”, that’s a matter of opinion, isn’t it? At most, you’d say that’s an “understatement”; but not “a lie.” Here’s a lie: “Michael Cohen met a Russian Agent in Prague.”

    Here’s the bottom line: Hillary’s team paid for the Dossier; the FBI got its hands on the Dossier; the FBI has been chasing down the unproven (fake) allegations in the Dossier ever since.

    1. Bill:

      You’d call that a limited amount of time but that is expected. It sure is strange that Manafort a friend of Putin who hates NATO came on the campaign and Trump started attacking NATO. Yes, you’d call that a mere coincidence I suppose. Unfortunately, for you Trumpeteers the dossier is proving true, which I don’t wxpect you to like. It is so true that Tex Tillerson is going to Russia over NATO.

  7. Matt:

    The Dossier: Why would the Russians help prepare a Dossier (dated @ June-July 2016) so damaging to Trump, if they were trying to help him win the election? Yesterday, Comey said the FBI has been investigating Trump’s campaign links to Russia since July, then he categorically denied any surveillance of Trump or his campaign. How does the FBI investigate without surveilling?
    The Dossier has been totally debunked. The one checkable fact (that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen met a Russian Agent in Prague) was a total fabrication. Cohen had never been to Prague and was at his son’s softball game in California during the alleged fake meeting.
    Moreover the Dossier begins by telling how the Russians have been cultivating Trump “for five years or more.” Of course the Russians knew in 2011 that Trump would be one of 17 candidates for President and the likely winner. Why didn’t the Russians cultivate Jesse Ventura who five years ago had about as much a chance as Trump of being elected President?
    The Dossier also says the Russians had a dossier on Hillary but they didn’t release it. I thought they were trying to hurt Hillary!
    2. Yes, Trump is in favor of better relations with Russia, as are many Americans. Sadly, other Americans want to return to the Cold War and return to the Red Scare.
    3. And yes, NATO has become ineffective in dealing with terrorism; and NATO at times has been an aggressor (bombing Libya and Serbia.)

    What the Media reports, then hides about NATO and Trump:
    CNN (July, 2016): 23 of 28 NATO countries fail to pay their fair share (2%): “Of the 28 countries in the alliance, only five — the US, Greece, Poland, Estonia and the UK — meet the target. Many European members — including big economies like France and Germany — lag behind. Germany spent 1.19% of its GDP on defense last year and France forked out 1.78%.”
    CNN: July 27, Trump: “Speaking in Doral, Florida, Trump said, “I think NATO’s great. But it’s got to be modernized. And countries that we’re protecting have to pay what they’re supposed to be paying.”
    Wash Post (9/28/2016): Trump: “We’ll work with Poland on strengthening NATO. When I am president, we will strengthen NATO,” Trump said during a speech at the Polish National Alliance in Chicago.”

    4. Yes, Russia invaded Georgia: Georgia provoked the invasion; and Russian intervention was short term; moreover, Abkhazia and South Ossetia have claimed independence from Georgia, long before any Russia intervention. Moreover, Russia’s limited incursion lasted a few months; America has been in Iraq and Afghanistan for 15 years.

    5. Always we forget how many countries the US/NATO has invaded: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan (with drones) et alia; Then we hammer Russia for “invading”.

    6. Ukraine is complicated. As said, the Ukrainian people overthrew a pro-Russian President (duly elected) and installed a new government; Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine rebelled against the new government; Russia has aided those rebels. Crimea was a part of Russia for 200 years. Russia gave Crimea to the Ukraine in the 1950s when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. Russia has a strong claim on Crimea. (A good book Russia’s Near Abroad by Gerard Toal: just finished.)

    7. When US invades to protect American citizens or interests, that’s good; when Russia invades to protect ethnic Russians, that’s bad!

    1. Bill:

      1. The Russians did not prepare the dossier. If you cannot figure out how the FBI can investigate Russia’s connection to the Trump team without surveilling Trump I can’t help you there. The dossier was based on hearsay information – some mght be wrong and some might be true. Unfortunately as I said before, the items I pointed to in the dossier are proving true –> undermining Ukraine and NATO. Do you deny that is happening?

      The Russians knew that Trump was desirous of doing deals with Russia so it found him as an easy patsy to work with. They knew he loved money more than America so they worked with him and they may also have worked with others. They are not telling us the names of all they might have compromised.
      As for the dossier on Hillary you are mixing apples and pine apples – you start by saying the Russians made a dossier on Trump which is error. A British agent made that. I don’t think the British agent made on on Hillary. If the Russians did, they did not have to release it because no one would believe what the Russians said so they used subterfuge and sent it through Wikileaks via the email scandal which, unlike what you previously said, continued right up to the election.

      2. The only ones in favor of better relations with Russia are the Republicans who follow the Pied Tweeterer. To befriend Putin (he is Russia) you have to betray your allies.

      3. I’ve said before you cannot put a price on 70 years of European freedom. Whatever it cost us it was worth it. A free Europe is a benefit to the world; an Russian controlled Europe would see its evil spread even more widely.

      4. Russia is always being provoked by its smaller neighbors. You know how the weak like to pick on the strong. By the way Russia “limited incursion” has resulted in it incorporating the territories taken from Georgia into its nation. Sure is a lot longer than a few months. I don’t see the U.S. doing things like that. Making apologies for Russia’s invasion seems very odd. At least you didn’t say that Crimean Tartars threatened Russia. It also incorporated Crimea into Russia and is planning to do that to Eastern Ukraine and with Trump’s help Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania alleging that they provoked it.

      5. Yes, America invaded some nations but not for the purpose of stealing them. There is a difference. We did not invade Afghanistan before we were attacked from that territory or did you forget. The people in Afghanistan went to Pakistan and with the assent of that government we used drones against them. Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria all contain forces that are have declared war on us. I see that your Trump is increasing the American role in those conflicts.

      6. Ukraine is not complicated. Yanukovych was driven out by a popular uprising when he wanted to take Ukraine out of its Western alliances and put it under the control of Putin. Once he announced he was no longer going to turn to the west but was going to deal with Putin, who gave him a large amount of cash, the Ukrainian people rose up against him and he fled the country to Russia. That is not complicated. The Ukrainians don’t want to be under Putin and Putin wants them to be.

      Whether Russian gave Ukraine Crimea or not is immaterial. The UN gave Israel its land around the same time. Is it all right for someone to invade that location and claim it for itself. The fact was Crimea was part of Ukraine and Russia invaded it. It was only 150 years ago Mexico gave us the land (after we invaded it) that makes up six of our states. Would it be all right for it to invade and get it back? Or, is there some magic time limit in your computation about how long a country can hold on to its land which it received in a peaceful manner from another country.

      As far as Eastern Ukraine for someone to suggest that was an indigenous uprising s to ignore that all the leaders of the uprising came from Russia and Russia poured troops over the border to sustain it. It was a Russian inspired uprising in which some Eastern Ukrainians participated. By the way once Trump give the green light expect more troops from Russia to invade and more Ukrainian land to be claimed. Yes, I can hear you now, the Ukrainians provoked the invasion by defending their land.

      7. I’m glad you admitted that Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine to protect ethnic Russians which you seeme dot deny in the prior number. There are ethnic Russians in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, and other places in Europe including London and Paris. If any are maltreated you would cheer Russia’s invasionof those countries even though none threaten Russia. Americans have invaded where forces threaten America. It does not invade to seize territory like Russia.

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