The Whitey Bulger Murders: The Elimination of John McIntyre. 4 0f 4

(6) Old HarborPat Nee is one of the most capable among the Mullens. He has a tendency to pin hits on those who are dead. They cannot contradict him. They cannot be charged with any criminal acts because of his testimony.

He also has a memory lapses in telling his tales. One strange thing is that at one time he was partners and close buddies with Paulie McGonagle and Tommy King. They will be among those Whitey is supposed to have murdered. Nee seemed to omit discussing his role, if any, in those murders or exhibit any dismay at their murder.

It seems Nee was very interested in himself and no one other. That would highly incentivize him to take whatever actions he deems necessary to protect himself. He knew McIntyre presented a threat to him.

When McIntyre leaves his house on November 30, 1984, it is to visit with Pat Nee. That what he told his father. It is a mystery why the police never followed up on that.

We learn from books by Pat Nee and Kevin Weeks that McIntyre did meet with Pat Nee. We also learn from their books that Nee and Weeks are friends. They write in complimentary manner about the other.

Nee writes about Weeks, “Kevin was a great kid;. . .. I liked Kevin a lot.  We’d studied Uechi-ryu karate together until Whitey decided Kevin was spending too much time away from him.  Too bad, Kevin was talented.”

Weeks writes about Nee. He says that he began taking karate lessons “with Pat Nee, a friend of mine.” He writes how they entered several karate tournaments together and were highly successful.

They published their books in 2006 within two weeks of each other. Had they cooperated they would not have inadvertently implicated Nee in McIntyre’s murder.

Weeks writes about the murder of John McIntyre: “McIntyre goes into the car with Murray and  another individual.Nee in his book identifies himself as that person. This show Weeks lack of transparency. It also makes it appear that Weeks did not name him in order to disguise his involvement in McIntyre’s murder. We saw in the murder of Halloran Weeks said he could not identify him because he was wearing a ski mask.

 Weeks goes on: ”After Murray was dropped off, “the other guy [Nee] said he had to drop some beer off for a party at”  East Third Street.. “Around noon, the other guy [Nee] walked into 799 East Third Street with a case of Miller light. . . “  The other guy [Nee] then left. McIntyre walked into the trap they set for him. Weeks said that after McIntyre was killed by Whitey: “I was digging the hole for the grave . . . .”

Pat Nee in his book writes that he is the other guy. He admits that he drove John McIntyre to East Third Street. He said he knew nothing about the planned murder. He said he ‘d left before McIntyre was immediately set upon by Whitey and Weeks. He wrote that he stayed away long enough to return in time to help Weeks bury McIntyre in the basement.

Nee brings him there.  He returns to help bury him. Weeks will testify as soon as he walked into the house he slammed him to the floor. That would have put Nee right there when it happened. Nee expects us to believe he knew nothing about the murder but tells us he told McIntyre they were going to have a party and they were bringing beer to it. He admits there was no party. If there was no party then he was bringing McIntyre there to be murdered for that is what happened.

Waiting at the house is Nee’s buddy Weeks. We know from T.J.English who spoke with Weeks during his trial “Kevin . . . seemed to enjoy punching people. . . . [Whitey had him] beat up people . . . [who] might find themselves on the receiving end of a beating by Weeks.” Weeks will admit to five murders but put himself as a spectator; isn’t it more likely he wanted to show his creds in doing a couple himself?

Joe Murray brings McIntyre to Nee. Nee brings him to his buddy Kevin Weeks who is waiting at Nee’s brother’s house. He is tortured and murdered after admitting he is the informant against Nee. There is no need for Whitey to have been involved in this at all since McIntyre could not hurt him since they never met.

Weeks and Nee were both capable of murders and of doing their own work on McIntyre for their buddy Joe Murray. Nee also was in danger from McIntyre.  This is another case of putting the blame on Whitey to please the prosecutor.  There is enough doubt here to eliminate him from McIntyre’s murder when he had nothing at stake and those who admit they were there had much to gain.

(Next Week I will do the Mullen gang murders)


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  1. Jerome
    As always we remind the voter and taxpayer
    that these men Matt describes so aptly
    graduated from those schools of crime
    called reform schools and prisons or
    as we say down in the whisper stream
    ” electronic cesspools”

    Only to return to our communities a more
    vicious and competent criminal.

    again let me repeat until voters and taxpayers
    set and enforce standards for the criminal
    justice system the inmates will be running the asylum.

    in other news

    occurrencesforeigndomestic dot com/2016/06/09/hillarys-ascent/

    1. msfreeh
      I definitely agree with you that the prison system made Whitey Bulger a much more hardened and dangerous criminal. The judicial system is a joke if you dont have much money. But since Capitalism is the foundation of America that should not be a surprise, no?

  2. Matt
    Agree with Doubting Thomas. Its pretty obvious that Kevin Weeks is a hands on killer too. Amazing the deals that Weeks, Nee, and Martorano all got just to demonize Whitey Bulger. Its pretty disgusting what the judicial system has accomplished that whitey Bulger could never do for himself. Feel some sympathy for a sociopath. Sympathy because the judicial system was clearly never ever about justice in this whole saga. A hard pill to swallow for an idealist but this is probably par for the course among so many murder trials and organized crime trials.

    1. Jerome- Well put. Jerome, have you been following along with the Rosetti situation?

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