Things to Ask the Freak! Is He Putting His Murder on Salemme?

I  wrote yesterday about the freak show that is going on in the Boston federal courthouse. Stevie Flemmi a career criminal and career FBI informant who is the chief freak will testify about seeing Frankie Salemme a career criminal and former Mafia king murder some poor guy who happened to get involved with them.

I was thinking of what questions I would like to ask Stevie when he takes the stand. By the way he is very comfortable there because he knows no matter what he says he will get away with it because of his close relationship with the prosecutor so one has to figure that into his questioning.

I think about this because of all the parts of a trial I found cross-examination most rewarding. I started practice as a criminal defense attorney in the days when you received no discovery. None. You got the indictment and if you were lucky a list of witness names with no indication whether they were government employees or civilians., Perhaps you could get a police report by using some skullduggery (knowing a friendly cop on the inside) but that was it. The only lead time you had after a witness was called was to look at the person’s trousers. If it had a blue stripe down the pants you knew the witness was a Boston cop if it was a case in Suffolk Superior Court.

Thus one had to cross-examine on the fly since the testimony you would be listening to was the first time you would hear it. You had no way to prepare for it. Grand jury minutes? They didn’t exist, or if they did, you never got them.

There was one great benefit I gained from this. I was skilled in cross-examination. I was unlike most prosecutors who start out on the prosecution side and haven’t learned that skill. It served me well because many defense counsel believed I was not skilled in the area and put up their client’s to testify to their chagrin. After a while, few did.

So you might imagine  how I would  have questions in my mind that I would like to ask of Stevie Flemmi.  Here are a few:

You’ve testified  how after the murder of some individuals you would love to take the teeth out of the victim’s mouth and otherwise abuse the victim’s body.

That never seemed to bother you, did it.

You’ve testified that you brought your long time girl friend Debbie Davis over to your mother’s house in South Boston to be murdered. You said someone else made you do it, isn’t that so?

If someone else wanted to kill your mother or father or another loved one would you have brought  any of them over to be murdered?

You believe it is a coincidence that the other person wanted your girlfriend murdered the day before she was leaving you for another guy in Mexico?

After  your girlfriend was murdered you mutilated her body, didn’t you?

And the girl you raised as your daughter who you sexually molested when she was a pre-teen and continued on for many years, you also say someone else made you bring her over to be murdered.

And you participated in her murder and mutilated her and buried her, didn’t you.

And this was a girl who called you daddy?

And in the murder of your girlfriend and your daughter and others which you testified to you stayed around after the victim was dead to commit further assaults upon that person such as extracting their teeth, isn’t that so?

In none of those cases, even those involving your daughter and long time girl friend you had no problem with staying with the body and burying it, did you?

Your testimony is such that this jury  could believe you liked to be involved in murders because they solved problems.

But you are now telling this jury that you went into the house of a Mafia leader and fellow criminal and saw him in the process of murdering  another guy and you left?

Didn’t you want to help in extracting the teeth?

If you had left during the murder wouldn’t that have cast suspicion on you that you could not be trusted?

Have you ever been involved in a murder where one of the persons seeing the murder run away?

You didn’t run away when your long time girl friend was murdered nor when you daughter was being murdered but you want us to believe that you ran away when this guy you hardly knew was being murdered?

By the way  do you think murders are funny, something to laugh at?

Do you remember the murder of Brian Halloran.

What was it you called him.

Do you think that is funny when you testify about his murder?

When you testified in Florida you and the prosecutor found something humorous in that didn’t you?

Isn’t it that you’ve been in so many murders including the two women I mentioned that  you are the kind of person where murder is something that you can laugh at.

Do you remember after Brian Halloran’s murder you sat around with Whitey Bulger laughing about the murder when Whitey told you how he fired at him while he was lying in the street?

By the way, you pleaded guilty to several of those murders you were involved in, didn’t you.

Do you remember that the judge sentenced you to life in federal prison.

Do you also remember you made a deal with the prosecutor and that as part of the deal you were able to keep million of dollars worth of assets.

And after being sentenced to federal prison the records of the Bureau of Prisons show that you never served a day in federal prison, isn’t that correct.

You are being treated differently than other people who have been sent to prison even though you have committed ten or more murders, isn’t that so.

All your life you have been able to game the system first by being an FBI informant and then a cooperating witness, isn’t that so.

And now, you are trying to game the jury by again turning on Frank Salemme to get as you did before to get a deal for yourself.

Isn’t the truth here Mr. Witness that it wasn’t Frank Salemme who murdered the victim but it was you because you enjoy murdering people and to get yourself off the hook you are blaming others for what you did.


Sadly that may be the truth. We know the prosecutor let Flemmi testified Whitey murdered Debbie Davis when he knew that Flemmi told another of his witnesses that he accidentally strangled her. Flemmi has a record of putting others into his murders. Because the prosecutors has hitched his  wagon to Flemmi he is letting him put Salemme in the jackpot.

If there is one thing that’s certain it is that guys who love murdering people don’t leave the scene of a murder.

16 thoughts on “Things to Ask the Freak! Is He Putting His Murder on Salemme?

  1. I don’t know anything about the Desario case, but I can guarantee Stevie didn’t just conveniently walk in on Frank while he was strangling somebody. There is more to this story than we’ll ever know. Stevie is the biggest piece of garbage in the history of the business. He’s put the screws to everyone he ever worked with so he can kick back in witsec and eat lobster every night. Stevie hasn’t stopped flapping his gums in over 50 years. He never had the guts to square off with anybody. But he could sure as hell strangle defenseless women, shoot people who were chained up, and run people over with cars when they weren’t looking. Stevie is a mook, a rat, and coward.

  2. Bill C, I agree with your comments 100% except that I don’t agree the buck stops at prosecutor F W when it comes to plea deals. Even though Whyshak initiates the fraudulate plea deal and knows that the individual seeking the deal knows exactly what answers ( LIES ) the prosecutor is looking for that will get him ( ex. Flemme ) a unbelievable reward for the crimes he has committed and the lies he is telling. I believe the JUDGE that signs the plea deal should be taken to task for agreeing to the DEAL. THE JUDGE CERTAINLY KNOWS the history of these individuals and how many DEALS have been awarded and broken in the past.

  3. If I were the judge, as soon as Flemmi raised his hand, and swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I would have him arrested for perjury, because (1) he has admitted to twice bold-faced perjuring himself under oath and while not under oath to repeatedly lying to federal officials for 8 years and (2) because he is a conscienceless serial killer, incestuous child molester, daughter-killer, drug pusher, and conscienceless liar who knows no moral constraints and has no moral impediments to perjury, and (3) the FED Prosecutors have paid him royally for his obviously carefully crafted well rehearsed testimony.

    Secondly, at the same time as I the judge would order the arrest of Flemmi, I would order the arrest of Wyshak and other Federal Prosecutors for suborning perjury for putting Flemmi on the stand.

    Thidly, I would order the arrest of Wyshak and other Federal prosecutors in prior cases and recommend to Miami to do similarly for putting John Martorano on the witness stand, who also is a conscienceless serial killer, drug pusher, drug-inducing rapist (plying young women in Kenmore Square areas with cocaine), killer of a teenage woman (shot her in the back of the head while he was sitting in the back seat of the car she was in), and who too has no moral constraints upon him and who also has been royally paid by Federal Prosecutors for his carefully crafted, well rehearsed testimony.

    Martorano cannot honestly swear “to tell the whole truth” because Sterns, Durham and Wyshak and their FED prosecutorial cohorts in Boston and their bosses in DC who green-lighted their moves have cut a deal with him that he never has to say anything about his brothers’ murders, nor the murders’ of he and his brothers’ gangsters/mafioso-type associates. Martorano cannot honestly swear to tell the whole truth, and even if he did so swear, the conscienceless serial killer who repeatedly kills on a whim without remorse and who has obviously lied under oath (The Boston Jury Did Not Believe One Word of His Testimony) and I am convinced obviously lied about the killing of Tony Veranis of Savin HIll, in my studied opinion based on concrete facts and the words of Father Peter Hart and others who knew Tony, and Martorano lied throughout his life and lived a life of lies . . .based on all of this, I as a judge would conclude Martorano is incapable of telling the truth and putting him on the witness stand in perpetuating a fraud on the court.

    If I were the judge, for these reasons and many others, I would have Flemmi, Martorano and Federal Prosecutor Wyshak and his cohorts in Boston and their cohorts and bosses in Washington D.C. arrested and prosecuted for suborning perjury, abusing federal prosecutorial power and perpetuating a fraud on the court and on the American system of Justice.

    1. That could be said on any day since Cicero said it, and apply.

      Tacitus said, “The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government.”

      1. That cogent observation by Tacitus occasions an excellent reason to appreciate the presidency of Donald Trump who has done more to unburden the American people of Rules and Regulations than any man who has held that office.

        1. Sadly, any unburdening he has accomplished is the microscopic tip of a huge iceberg that covers the whole country. And he is not beyond corruption, either. There is a scale and it has weight on both pans.

  4. Since there is no sense asking any of these liars anything, isn’t it time we used a more scientific method of obtaining information?

  5. Your questions are very good. Another good question to ask would be how many cops he paid off? How many FBI he paid off? Did he pay any prosecutors or judges off? When he blew up Att. Fitzgerald’s car was he paid by the Mafia to do it? How many murders were done on Mafia orders? Is he still working for the Mafia and does the Mafia have an arrangement with the Boston DOJ? How does he account for the liberty of the Martoranos, Flemmi, Winter, Busias and Nee, all known killers except payoffs to prosecutors and judges? In the Godfather movie there was a line that LCN had newspaper people on the payroll. Did you pay off any of the press? In Goodfellas they said they had cops, lawyers and judges paid off. Any truth to that? 2. When he was first arrested he testified under oath that FBI agent Connolly was honest? Eight years later he said he was corrupt ( almost twenty years after Connolly;s retirement). Was his claim of corruption a condition for his release from prison? What prosecutor made that offer? Did you pay him off or are you just a good citizen correcting the record? You would never do anything dishonest to get out of jail? Would you have said that you paid off all the Federal judges in Boston if it would obtain your release? Would you say anything to obtain your release?

  6. Haven’t all these freaks long ago outlived their usefulness to mankind? Why would any court allow their names to be mentioned? Can anyone in their right mind think that any of them have a gram of authenticity? What a pathetic judiciary we have in this country.

  7. Great questions, Matt:

    The depths of depravity of people like Flemmi, Martorano and Wyshak who uses these admitted serial killers-rapists (both drtougged women prey prior to assaulting them; both murdered young women) is bottomless. Wyshak and his cohorts of Fed Prosecutors, also allowed Martorano to keep all his criminal profits, to not to say anything about his brother’s murders and their associates’ murders, and Wyshak and his fellow Fed Prosecutors also agreed to give Martorano $20,000 in tax-payer cash upon his release and to do 12 years for 20 admitted murders (with time served, Wyshak et al allowed Martorano to walk in a few years (for 20 MURDERS and the FEDs sloppily investigated these murders: Martorano likely was admitting to murders his brother or others did); . . .a serial mass murderer drug-pusher rapist became a free man thanks to Wyshak and his pals in Boston’s Federal Prosecutors Office . . .BECAUSE HE AGREED TO SAY WHAT THE FEDS WANTED TO HEAR and they believed and foisted on juries every lying word that came out of the conscienceless mouths of these serial killers, Flemmi, Martorano et al . . .and they, Fed Prosecutor Wyshak especially and his cover man, his apologist Howie Carr and others in media, laugh in public at murder victims . . .


  8. Hi Matt and thanks for interesting article on your blog.

    If Flemmi murdered the poor guy then did Salemme only order Deluca to find a spot to bury him?

    What do you make of Deluca testifying against Salemme?

    1. Flemmi loved to murder people and mutilare bodies. So to think he saw his buddies murdering someone and walked out is there nonsense. Just like thinking he didn’t kill his girlfriend or daughter. His reason for Whitey wanting them dead had a thousand holes in it but the prosecutor wanted him on the show and he closed his eyes to the absurdities.

      These hoodlums have no honor. Their tough when together and arned against unarmed people. Yes, Salemme told DeLuca to line up a grave site but that was after Flemmi murdered him.DrLuca is testifying to save his own butt.

  9. Don’t forget that prior to DiSarro, Flemmi drove Thomas Timmons down to Salemme’s house in Sharon where they strangled him in the kitchen and buried his body nearby. In this trial, neither side wants to mention the Timmons murder or the fact that he’s still buried in a shallow grave near Salemme’s house. Pattern evidence?

  10. The old Prosecutor finally brings the real fire !!!

    Questions I would ask Steve Flemmi ?

    You could be very good at these exercises !!!

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