Thoughts On Super Bowl Sunday: There is No Winner

Notice how Russia’s our friend and enemy.

How we seem to use it any way we please.

Sometimes friend and sometime foe

Depending on the way the wind blows.


The other day three top Russian spies

We’re welcomed here to our surprise

Why they were here we were not told

I would guess something bad will unfold


Today Russia’s being used as an excuse

For our country to start buying more nukes

Small nuclear bombs Russia has made

Now we start acting as if we’re afraid.


Billions will be spent on nukes so small

The ones that manage to kill less than all

We want to be able to feel very free

To use bombs as small as at Nagasaki




12 thoughts on “Thoughts On Super Bowl Sunday: There is No Winner

  1. Let them play football, box, drive race cars, scuba dive and ski. More people per capita are killed scuba diving and skiing than playing football.

    Traumatic head injury: Here are what some of my high school football teammates all of whom played college football ended up doing. Skip Sviokla, Harvard Med, Psychiatrist, Mike Annanis, Harvard PhD School Admin/Psychologist; Paul Saba Harvard Law/lawyer; Jack Gurry/BC top gov administator; Bob Slattery top business world and I could go on and on and on . . . .all very successful and BETTER for competing in the highly disciplined sport of AMerican football

    Same with the boxers I knew Joe DeNucci fought for MIddleweight Championship, State Auditor; Eddie Connors successful businessman, friend, neighbor, father of eight; Tony DeMarco a credit to the State and State House, where he long served; Marvin Hagler, world champion like Tony, a great businessmen; Tommy McNeilly, the O’Shea Brothers, all stronger, better for boxing and football and Danny Sullivan of Savin Hill all pro-lineman with Colts, great hockey player too, contributed immensley to business world and his neighborhood and Jimmy Cotter and the list goes on and on . .

    Stop listening to the pussy-mongers, pansies and lilly-livered parlor boys . . .LIFE IS A CONTACT SPORT ….what? You want to outlaw jumping off Suicide Cliff at the Quincy Quarries . . .next you’ll want to outlaw Intercourse, pregnancy, birth and jay-walking . . .

    Let boys be boys and girls be girls, and let the rough/tough American games continue as they are . . . .

    LIFE IS RISKY . . .that’s why it’s so much FUn


    Doctor Quackenbush, a.k.a., just another Savin Hill Billy

    1. We use to say, “Life is tough. Wear a helmet.”

      If they want to play, let them. I agree with you, but……..

      For every ex-fighter that makes out fairly well, there are 100 that are paying the price for their thrills.

      Remember the amazing Wilfredo Benitez? Took the title from my beloved Kid Pembele, Antonio Cervantes, when he was just a teenage. One of the Hall Of Famers, for sure. He is now in diapers and is living with his mother. Can’t feed himself and can barely speak. We all loved it when we started out. But maybe like global warming, all the hundreds of pro football brains they are finding with severe damage is just a hoax.


      Rabbi Abe-ish, a.k.a., Just another Grove Hall Yid

    2. Bill, are you saying that traumatic brain injury (TBI) isn’t a life changing condition? A lot of people would disagree with that, especially, doctors. Football and boxing are often causes of TBI. You can, also, get your bell rung being too close to the concussive effects of an explosion. There’s a lot of guys dealing with TBI at VA. TBI is no joke. Contact sports can leave you punchy. Protected by the skull, the brain floats in liquid. The halves of the skull are fused on the interior top of the skull . That fusion leaves a sharp bone ridge in the ceiling of the brain case. Normally, the brain floats in such a way that it doesn’t come into contact with the bone ridge, but, when the head suffers concussive force, the brain bumps up against the ridge. Each time it bumps, a cut occurs on the brain. With sports, the effects only become noticeable over time. When you are too close to an explosion, the effects are severe and immediate.

    3. ” . . .next you’ll want to outlaw Intercourse, pregnancy, birth and jay-walking . . .”

      Jay-walking? Its already outlawed. If it wasn’t it would just be called walking.

      The media can really piss a guy off. One example. On TV last night. On the news, if you will pardon the expression. There is a woman that is drunk and she is screaming her butt off with glee, surrounded by thousands of her fellow fans, because the Eagles have won the Super Bowl. She has never been this happy about her team. As we Pats fans know, the first one is the best. So a guy with a mic runs over to her and asks her a question.

      Was it; How do you feel about winning? Is it as great as you imagined? Was it worth the wait? How happy are you? Did you ever think it would happen? No. He asks, “How much love do you have for Tom Brady right now?” At this point she hasn’t once thought of Tom Brady. This is ecstasy. This is the greatest feeling a fan can feel. All she can feel is joy. So the jerk with the mic wants to know one thing. How much do you hate right now? Lets put all the nirvana aside and get to your most vile thought. Let it out. Express to all America how much you hate Tom Brady. What a pathetic arse.

      Rant over.

  2. Wa-llahi! Try hurly. It’s mayhem with a stick. Earnest hurly enthusiasts have sets of broken teeth like old time hockey players.

    1. Buzkashi is the real man’s sport.

      And what do you mean old time hockey players? These boys and girls now can’t eat an ear of corn in under twenty minutes.

    1. I taped Wales-Scotland yesterday. The start to Six Nations rugby tournament. That is what I’m watching right now. Great game.

  3. If the Patriots lose, or the Patriots win,

    These men keep on getting their brains battered in.

    If the Patriots win, or the Patriots lose,

    In five years will they know how to tie their own shoes?

    I’ve been KO’d myself playing gridiron game,

    And for days I was challenged to speak my own name.

    So what price will be paid for one day in the sun?

    Junior Seau paid dues with his hand on a gun.

    Yes, the games lost its shine cause it takes such a toll,

    So down here we’ll be watching tonight’s Puppy Bowl.

    Honest Abe

  4. For there is a despot named Kim .

    And a Kipling hero it ain’t him .

    He was groomed by Da’ for killing .

    And the Bond villain thug is willing .

    He had uncle whacked by AA gun .

    A VX nerve agent hit on half bro Nam

    This twisted fuck will nuke your ass .

    And then you can pine ; remedy is past .

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