Thursday Morning Shocker

BrahimDidn’t really know what to post about this morning so I was trying to catch up on answering some of the comments which I feel obligated to respond to when they are directed to me.  I like doing it even though I fall way behind in other things because I learn so much from the discussions for which I thank you.

I’m sitting in the press over flow room and this guy Jon (a real good guy from MIT) is talking about a motion filed this morning by Carney seeking to continue the case after Mirer finishes testifying until next Tuesday.  He said he needs that time because the government informed him last night that it expected to finish its case next week.

Wow! That’s a surprise. The first thing that came to mind is Flemmi.  How does Flemmi fit into all of this? Will the government not call him?  How would that be?

That would be the bold move I’ve been looking for from the government. I’ve been writing that his has no strategy. This shows it has had a team back and is content with what it has done. I agree. If it takes the case to the jury without Flemmi it is in the best position. Why have someone come in and make you look really sleazy. Stand by.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Shocker

  1. MISTRIAL? REALLY? Not one arrest between 1965 and 2011, over a decade as a wanted fugitive and then last but not least a mistrial. I do not think that will go over well with the press. Please expand upon the mistrial thought process, because over and over in this trial he has been shown to be a top criminal. regards,

    1. Norwood:

      Mistrial will happen if the jury cannot agree 12 to 0 that he is guilty as charged. It can happen other ways but I don’t see them being relevant to this case unless Whitey pulls a going to the hospital act and is adjudged too sick to come back. J.W. Carney put in a motion today saying Whitey was getting tired. I didn’t read it but I can tell you for sure he’s getting tired of hearing all the evidence against him.

      What I’m referring to when I use it is the idea that Carney can convince one or two jurors of his postion that the government made a deal with Whitey that he could commit the crimes and he wouldn’t be prosecuted. If he can. that juror or those jurors will not vote to find him guilty so there cannot be a unanimous verdict. When a jury is at an impasse for a long period and it looks like they can’t agree a judge will declare a mistrial and we will have to start all over again in a few months.

      Whitey would like that best of all so that’s what I see as his only hope since he knows he won’t see the street again.

  2. Maybe the government realizes that with all of these murderers taking the stand for them, Whitey might come across as the only one that is telling the truth. What does Whitey want from all this? I heard it was that he wants to convince people that he is not a rat. He could be extremely believable on the stand. If he is he could rip apart the testimony that has come before his. Also, what does Whitey have to lose? I’m just asking.

    1. Honest:

      Whitey wants three things: 1. he not be thought of as an informant, he’s convinced me of that; 2. that he never murdered a woman – he’ll have to do more to convince me of that; 3. a mistrial – he may be well on the way to getting a hung jury.

  3. Will the defense call flemmi then? If they call pat nee why not call flemmi?

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