Time To Arrest Trump: Inciting An Insurrection or Rebellion Is A Crime:

It is time to arrest Trump. His actions are violative of our laws. This is why the Office of Legal Counsel Memorandum exempting a president from indictment is in error. We are supposed to be a country of laws and no one is supposed to be above them. One of our laws follows:

18 U.S. Code §2383.Rebellion or insurrection

Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

We see this happening all over our nation as a result of Trump’s defeat in the recent election in which he insists that he won and suggests it has been stolen from him. He has called governors or state representatives urging them to disregard the votes of the people and act on their own to give him votes so that he can be declared the winner of an election. This is something no other American president has ever done before. He is on a steady path to destroy democracy in America as we have known it since our founding.

Here is what he has wrought. Dozens of armed people gathered outside Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s home over the weekend “shouting obscenities” and threatening violence in an effort to overturn the presidential election results in the state.

Benson and her 4-year-old son had just finished decorating their home for Christmas and were about to watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” when the group arrived, she said in a statement: “The demands made outside my home were unambiguous, loud and threatening. They targeted me in my role as Michigan’s Chief Election Officer. Through threats of violence, intimidation and bullying, the armed people outside my home and their political allies seek to undermine and silence the will and voices of every voter in this state, no matter who they voted for.”

Imagine being a 43 year old mother a graduate of Wellesley, Oxford and Harvard Law School getting ready to celebrate Christmas with your child and having armed thugs show up outside your house yelling threats at you. Threats by armed thugs is a crime.

This is the America Trump wants and has encouraged. He has encouraged by his lies saying the election was stolen. He has incited by his failure to condemn these groups who believe his lies and threaten violence against elected officials doing no more than their jobs.

Is this the America you want? If not the only way to stop it is to arrest the Inciter in Chief.

It just is not in Michigan where Trump is inciting an insurrection against the laws. A few days earlier we heard Gabriel Sterling, a top Republican elections official in Georgia who complained about Trump’s repeated false claims that the election was stolen. He said doing this had led to death threats, intimidation and violence. Mr. Sterling asked Trump to “step up” and condemn the people making these threats.

Trump did the opposite. He held one of his hate fests in Georgia a couple of days after that on Saturday. He repeated his baseless assertions of the election being stolen. He incites people to do something against those he labels as thieves. They have done so. One worker for a voting machine company has had his family harassed and “there’s a noose out there with his name on it.” And as  we saw in Michigan this is how Trump supporters respond.

How much longer must we wait to stop this attempted rebellion being incited by Trump. The law has no language excepting the president. Read it again. Think of what is happening in America. Trump is inciting a rebellion and insurrection against the laws of our country and added to that he is giving aid or comfort to those doing it. He should be indicted and arrested.

Ha, you say, Bill Barr will never charge him being his crony. But we will have a new attorney general soon who will be able to do it if we survive the rebellion and insurrection. It seems the case is easy to prove. The best part of it is that when Trump is convicted he shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” Once an for all America can begin to clean the dirt of off itself and fix up our country so that we never face this again.



12 thoughts on “Time To Arrest Trump: Inciting An Insurrection or Rebellion Is A Crime:

  1. Wa-llahi! Perot, the Supremes shot you down. Read the paper. Are you the new guy from Voronezh? The other two seem to have retired.

  2. Neo-fascism
    Neo-fascism is a post-World War II ideology that includes significant elements of fascism. Neo-fascism usually includes ultranationalism, racial supremacy, populism, authoritarianism, nativism, xenophobia and anti-immigration sentiment as well as opposition to liberal democracy, parliamentarianism, liberalism, capitalism, Marxism, communism and socialism.

    wa-llahi! If the sheets fit, wear them. Glorious Leader, and, his brown-shirts, are neo-fascists, and, proud of it.
    The putsch is on. Watch Flynn. He’s the play maker.

  3. arrest trump for inciting insurrection now before he defecates on the entire country,
    trump supporters please wake up and and stand for our country not against, trump is using you to destroy our patriotic values and will piss all over you through his feces loaded depends double diaper when he is done with you, what will you say to your grandbabies’ when they ask you why and how did you react to this criminal behavior of the most sore LOSER in American history ?

  4. Swamp waited until now to release.

    The Senate report on Hunter Biden just dropped, and includes James & Sara Biden.

    The damning report doesn’t just “raise conflicts of interest concerns, they raise CRIMINAL, FINANCIAL, COUNTERINTELLIGENCE and EXTORTION concerns.”

    Covers Bidens’ ties to Ukraine & China.

      1. PA suit not thrown out, just no injunctive relief.

        SC accepts Texas lawsuit, multiple states join the original 5 Plaintiffs.

  5. This is arrant nonsense. Your Trump hatred has overcome any power of reason. The DOJ Memo on indicting is correct or incorrect on its own merits. That you don’t like a particular action is not “why the Office of Legal Counsel Memorandum exempting a president from indictment is in error.”

    Until January 20 Trump is the head of the government so could hardly be charged with running an insurrection against himself. The Constitution places the selection of electors in the hands of the state legislatures. It’s perfectly Constitutional to urge a legislature to change the laws and select them directly. It’s just bad politics and that’s why it won’t happen.

    The precedent for trying to undermine election results was set four years ago and has been going on ever since.

    Chill out till January 20. And don’t choke on that Cool Aid.

    1. Indeed. But its perfectly legal to encourage officials to follow valid election laws, and state and Fedwral Constitutions.

      Not ad hoc changes hurriedly injected into the vote by mail system in the months before the election.

      Void illegal votes from dead people, double & triple votes, votes by those too young to vote, felons, felons in prison, illegal immigrants, deceased women voting under their maiden name, and those voting in 2 or 3 states.

      And don’t forget hundreds of thousands if votes received lae, broken chain of custody, and those with improper signatures.

      Isn’t it interesting that many of these illegal acts occurred in historically corrupt swing states? Specifically includes Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Milwaukee.

    2. Trump is inciting rebellion and insurrection in the swing states of course he’s not doing it against himself.
      I’m surprised at people who support Trump calling state leaders asking them to ignore the peoples vote.
      As for the OLC memo – Trump’s criminal activities supporting arned thugs threatening state officials shows ongoing criminal activity that can only be stopped by charging him.

      1. The Supremes accept the TX lawsuit, multiple states join the original Plaintiffs.

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