Time To Stop America’s Demise – A Plan To Do It — #No Red Court

salem_witchNever in my life have I seen any candidate for president undergo such a barrage of negative publicity as Donald Trump. I don’t like the guy and think he would be the worst type person to govern our country. Throw everything else aside you have to admit there is one thing clear about him and that is he is vindictive and vengeful and petty. His side battles, all which have hurt him badly, with the family of the dead Muslim Army officer and the various attacks on women criticizing their looks or conduct are deeply demeaning to him but he cannot help himself. He’s bold and brash but basically a bully and bullshitter.

All that and many other things have made it impossible for him to win. For the majority of the people of America are basically good people no matter their politics and are searching for someone who will change the direction of this country from where it is going. These people want change in a positive direction; in a way that will help those Americans who get up every morning and onto our jammed highways and crumbling infrastructure going to their jobs or those others who wish they could join them going to a job. These are the people, the core of America, the workers and believers in something more than themselves who have propelled America into its continuing leadership of the world. They will vote but they do so without the zealotry of some who seek not what is best for America but to push their agenda. We have seen their agenda ruin our communities as drugs destroy those who see no hope of a decent future.

These people – many considered deplorables – the hard-working lower to upper middle class –  the people I call the core of America – the immigrants most who have come here because of the equal opportunity to give their children better lives if they work harder – keep in mind how we made America into the shining star nation. Think of the Jewish parents running the tiny barely profitable Ma and Pa stores for 14 hours – the Eastern European mine workers including the Finns who were paid less than donkeys – the Irish and Italians digging canals and fighting over the scrapings that allowed their families to survive another day – the Chinese with their laundries – the blacks escaping the servitude of the tenant farms in the South – and many others,  all seeking not a hand out but a hard-working job in this land of America because they knew the little they could make they could keep and provide for their families and children to give them a better chance.

All of these hard-working non-involved in politics American workers know that both Trump and Hillary Clinton are failed candidates. The polls show those two holding unfavorable ratings among over 50% of all American voters – among those who are the core of America they must be disliked by more than 75%. Tragically the American system is set up so that only one of them will be elected. The alternative two – the Libertarian who has smoked too much grass and the Green even at this time have no traction. So people feel a compulsion to vote – many saying they will hold their nose.

The media has so destroyed Trump that it has made Hillary Clinton the next president. She will institute a progressofascio government that will destroy America as we know it establishing a Supreme Court that will outlaw many of our freedoms and change America to look more like the People’s Republic of China under Mao with those whose thoughts do not coincide with theirs being sent to retraining centers.

There is one way to stop this. It is to vote for Republicans on the lower ticket. I say that as a long-term Democrat who has walked away from that party into a political wilderness but not into the hands of the Republicans. A strong Republican Senate can save the country. A strong Republican Congress can limit the damage she will do. Even then she and her court can run rough shod over it but it is all we have left.

If you believe in traditional American values and are one of the core of people who made America great then vote the Republican under card to save America.  Stop Hillary’s plan to destroy America. Start talking to your friends – go to #noredcourt and help save our Democracy.

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  1. Good comments all around, except Skye’s calling Republicans “complete idiots”. Recent study shows Republicans are smarter than Democrats:
    “University of Oxford sociologist, Noah Carl, had an article accepted by a peer reviewed journal last year where he claimed that Republicans scored two to five points higher on verbal IQ tests than Democrats.”
    2. MEDIA BIAS: 96% of Media-types ( journalists,reporters, editors) who sent checks to Presidential Candidates as of “August 2016” sent them to Hillary Clinton. About 460 sent checks to Hillary; only 50 to Trump. (Center for Public Integrity.)

    1. Bill,
      Great statistics.
      1. I wonder where “Independents” or “Undecided” would score on that test relative to Dems and Repubs.

      2. No surprise there. Lol.

    2. Bill:

      1. Skye’s comments seem to be off the cuff unlike others here that will dispute with facts or reasonable arguments. That Republicans may be smarter than Democrats though means little. Some of the dumbest things have been done by smart people.
      2. As for media bias, you’d have to be real dumb not to see it in full display in this election. It it as if the media were an extension of the Democratic National Committee.

  2. Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering. That is its purpose.”
    ― Jane Roberts, Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

    We’re all just walking each other home.
    It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.
    The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

    1. Good post, msfreeh, but as you can see, the philosophy of the moment is, “The louder you yell, the more you are heard.”

      We’re not going anywhere.

  3. And further who cannot see that Pence is not merely a misogynist bigoted opportunist but a moron dressed in a suit ???

    1. True, that.

      My wealthy Republican aunt believes people should vote for Trump and hope he’s the victim of foul play, that way, Pence will become President.

    2. Don’t hold it against Pence just because he thinks the Universe started about 6000 years ago.

  4. Curious how smart followers here do not see that Trump is emotionally unstable or is it you just don’t care? And that the Republican Party consists of complete idiots?

  5. Rose law firm leased small airports throughout the Central South to ship weapons and resupply to the Contras. The firm has a long history of involvement with the spooks. Barry Seals recruited, and, organized, pilots for the gig. After dumping their goods in Honduras and Guatemala, pilots would reload with cocaine and fly back to the states. Oliver North was in the thick of things. There’s DEA guy named Levine who wanted to bust him, but, higher-ups pulled the plug on his investigation.

  6. wa-llahi! Don’t sweat it. Clinton isn’t going to be the 21st century’s FDR. She’s a corrupt bourgeois politician who takes her orders from big biz. Banksters and hedge-fund traitors will be calling all the shots. Until folks get it into their heads that Wall St treats them like a bunch of stupid cattle, they are doomed to keep getting screwed.

    Almost everything, particularly in the market, works off algorithms. These mathematical formulas, and, the severs which put them into play, are owned by the haut-bourgeoisie in their corporate identities. Algorithms are neutral, and, could be employed to serve the public, rather than, despoil it. All we need do is liquidate their present owners. We really have no need of an owning class. They only hold us down.

    Clinton is going to face major opposition from the left, when, she fails to pursue the progressive agenda. The left-leaning faction will split from the Democratic party, and, form a new political party. The “hard,” or, “real”, Left, will continue to organize in the prisons, and, on the streets. They’ll be at every strike, and, protest, flying the red and the black banner. Imagine committed militant Socialists/Anarchists marching down Main St., clenched fists pointing at the sky, singing the Internationale. I love a parade!

  7. By the way, could Trump have owned a casino in Atlantic City without mob affiliations? Maybe Hillz is saving that info for the last week of October.

    1. Honest:

      A better question is could Trump have built his buildings in NY City without mob connections. There have been articles showing that he made deals with the Mafia not to interrupt the constructions of them.

      1. Abe and Matt,

        I don’t think Trump could have built in NYC or seemingly taken over Atlantic City (unsuccessfully) without some mafia interaction…….involuntary, I’m sure.

        But, this election should really be about WHICH ONE HAS THE ABILITY TO EFFECT IMMEDIATE, MEANINGFUL CHANGE IN THE SYSTEM?……come 2017….but as usual the digression to mudslinging and surgically timed attacks (which will escalate in the next few weeks) and focusing on the irrelevant and personal…all to keep our eye off the ball,….which is the answer to the question I posed above.

        The answer to that is obvious.

        “President Trump” has a nice ring to it.

        1. I don’t think Trump or Hillz has the ability to make meaningful change. Ms. Pantsuit doesn’t want change except in her favor and Trump will be alone in the Oval Office. If Trump could do one tenth of what he is saying he will do I would vote for him. He can’t. The expression ‘etched in stone’ comes to mind.

          If Trump wasn’t defending himself for the past year he would probably not be nearly as popular with many of his followers. He has been given the platform BY the media. The more they piled on the more he screamed back. He morphs into whatever animal he needs to be to survive.

          And both sides will be resorting to ‘mudslinging and surgically timed attacks’ in the coming weeks. Why bother with issues? Neither one of these clown has the balls to face facts, so how do we expect either one to look us in the eye? Almost every move they make is a disrespectful slap in the puss to American voters. It is most unfortunate that most Americans have no clue as to what this country needs.

          President Paulsen has a nice ring to it.

          1. Abe,
            Thanks for your response.
            Maybe neither one of them have that ability in truth.
            I seem to remember a big feeling of new hope and change about eight years ago, but nothing really came of that.
            It really is all rhetoric.
            Say anything to get elected…..do whatever you feel when you get in.
            That’s the modern American way.
            All but hopeless.

            To me, Trump at least represents the possibility of change, since he is not bound by whims of those who control his purse-strings,….as the Clintons very, very much are,….nor is he part of the political system. Instant credibility boost from the jump, for our dear President Trump.

  8. Sad sad sad. You all believe that the old Republican Party is still here. It is not and has not been here for a long time. You think you can control this asshole Trump. No one can. He is a time bomb. I’d rather Hillary in any state than him. The press didn’t twist my thinking. Years of Trump in the news did. No ine needed the media to learn what an ass he is. The whole Republican Party is going down. They are a bunch of crooks laying theives worse than the Clintons could ever be.

    1. Sky,
      The old Republican party (Bushes) are not here.
      Trump is not even a real Republican, he was just the personification of a silent majority of fed-up citizens. In fact, he was shrewd in his dealings with politicians and the government from his perch in the private sector…..covering his bases by donating to both sides….and legally minimizing (or wiping out) his federal taxes….

      A good businessman and hard-ass on foreign policy is who I want running this country.
      If you don’t think Hillary is a criminal,…..with her and her (now-revealed) sidekick and puppet Slick Willie…….amassing $150 MILLION in “private” wealth, while in “public” service……not to mention everything else……then you are sad, sad, sadly deluded.

      I got two words for ya……….Clinton Foundation.

      1. The Clintons were manufactured from day one.

        He was made governor and she was the portal at Rose Law Firm through which all the dividends first flowed.

        Ever heard of Witt Stephens ?

  9. A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the same. It’s that simple. A GOP Congress will bring us another round of gridlock and a possible government shutdown. All the rest is conspiracy talk. Rank-and-file Republicans got Trump the nomination, NOT the Clintons. Trump would have never gotten the nomination if most of the media had its way, so you can toss away that conspiracy theory as well.

  10. Matt: Insightful post: We have the two most disliked and most flawed presidential candidates in American History.
    I could never vote for Hillary Clinton, a power-drunk, duplicitous, bold-faced liar. I will vote for the bumptious bumbler, who picked a good V.P. and will pick “Scalia” type Supreme Court justices.
    2. An interesting analysis shows if just Men voted, Trump would win 340 electoral votes; If just women voted Hillary would win 418 electoral votes. See: votes.http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/election-update-women-are-defeating-donald-trump/
    3. Within 30 days of the election, a dozen women accused Trump of “improprieties”; there was no time to investigate, corroborate or refute these allegations. In response, dozens of women (former Miss Americas, Apprentice contestants, Trump employees, etc.) said Trump has always been “a perfect gentlemen.” The Media gives countless hours to the accusers and scant time to Trump’s female defenders.
    4. As I’ve previously mentioned, a most glaring example of Media bias occurred during the Second Debate: When the audience applauded a Hillary comment, neither Cooper nor Raddatz shushed the crowd, but sat silently allowing the applause to continue unabated. When the audience applauded Trump (once) or laughed at a Trump quip (once), Cooper and Raddatz immediately admonished the audience to remain silent. Later, Raddatz decided it was her role to debate Trump.

  11. Donald Trump is a bully and a braggart, but he is scaring the piss out of someone with a lot of power. The Democrats are against him, the Republicans are against him, Wall St is against him against him, the EU is against him, the major media is against him, actually basically all media, except Sean Hannity is against him, yet he won the Republican nomination and even with the full force of the establishment arrayed against him he is still within striking distance of the Presidency. He might not win but he did expose the absolute bias of the major media, the Washington establishment and powers that be. And for that Donald Trump you big mouth, braggart I thank you

    1. Nice post. I bet half of those who feel the same about Trump as you do will vote for him (I know I will) since Hillary is so very rotten.

      Recently I heard something dreamy on the radio: If elected, Trump would resign immediately after taking the oath of office. Now THAT would be something…

      1. GOK:

        Did you ever wonder why all this sex stuff about Trump has been held until now. Had it come out in the primary it is probable he would not have been nominated. Was it that the Clintons knew the only way they could foist her on America was if Trump were her opponent? Yes, Hillary is rotten to the core and has the potential to destroy much of what is traditional in America.

        1. “Did you ever wonder why all this sex stuff about Trump has been held until now.”

          Did I read somewhere that it was only the Clintons’ deep pockets that had the means to pay off alleged victims…oops, I mean, the means to pull off the necessary digging up of dirt to bring these bad things to light? That seems silly given that plenty was known about Trump’s playboy life. Maybe all the Republican candidates were paid significant hush money? Nah, only if the Clintons had sufficient dirt on each candidate… far-fetched.

      2. GOK,
        I hadn’t heard that. Like a form of protest?
        Just to say…..”Well, I won,…..this is how ****ed up the American system is. Now I resign.”
        A hell of a moral statement to make, but where would that leave us…….with President Mike Pence?

      3. GOK,
        I get it now……this was all kind of like “Undercover Boss”….except Trump went “overcover” as a presidential candidate? Now, if he wins,….he will instantly resign and launch his next “Apprentice”-like franchise on TV.

        Was it all a big marketing campaign?


        Really,…..the whole world must be laughing at us right now, but…..

        “That’s Entertainment.”

        1. “Really,…..the whole world must be laughing at us right now, but…..”

          My wife and I just spent two weeks birding in Cape May. There are lots of foreign birdwatchers there in the fall from everywhere. They are all mightily amused by our current political state. I asked several dozen what they thought about the election and they were all in comedic disbelief.

          “Why?” came up a lot. Like many of us they just can’t believe it has come down to these two. And you are correct about the laughing.

    2. Daniel:

      You are right that Trump did bring to light the great conspiracy among the media to work to put into office the candidate it preferred and how it worked together to undermine Trump. There’s even a story of how the top NBC executives held back the Trump sex talk tape until it could do the most damage and then sent it over to the Washington Post to have it disclosed.

      This tape has been in NBC’s hands for a long time and if its top executives believed it should be public then they should have released it during the primaries – as should all these other women now coming forth with allegations against Trump have come out during the primaries – so that the voters on the Republican side could consider if this is the type of person the party should put forth.

      This goes back to my original points that Trump was the one candidate that Hillary wanted to run against. Recall the conversation between Bill and Trump within weeks of his announcement. The great conspiracy was to get him the nomination and then destroy him which was all orchestrated by the Clintons. The only Republican who could have lost to the much hated Hillary is Trump.

      As you note When it looked like even he had a chance to win against all expectations the media in a panic threw down its disguises and showed it true colors.

    3. Love him for the enemies he has made. They are your enemies too. Vote The Donald, warts and all.

      1. Its a tough choice and you may be right. My comment concerns the general state of everything political in the country. I never thought political despair had such a deep bottom.

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