To The Busybodies in the Pro-Life Movement: Life Does Not End At Birth


Did you ever hear the term busybody? I suppose I heard it first as a kid when I’d be talking with my mother about what someone else was doing or should do and she would tell me to mind my own business and not be a busybody with the words, “stop sticking your nose into someone else’s business.”

The dictionaries define busybodies as “a meddling or prying person.” It also defines meddle as “Interfere in something that is not one’s concern.;” and it defines pry as “enquire too inquisitively into a person’s private affairs.”

What all that means in everyday language is that a busybody wants to tell other people how they should live. That’s a wonderful feeling I suppose for one person to approve or disapprove of the way others should conduct themselves. What makes it so exquisitely delightful is that the busybody does not have to do anything but talk, and along with the talk, condemn. Like the cross is to Dracula, the proverb of the Cherokee tribe of Native Americans: “Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes” is to busybodies.

A busybody can sit at home. She never has to leave her house. The position requires little more than that. The busybodies will demand  others to do something but not demand anything of themselves. They want a feeling of being superior to the other person.

That’s why the abortion issue has its great appeal to them. They can feel morally uplifted by taking the position that abortion is wrong while not getting up out of the couch. It costs them nothing.

After a child is born the pro-life busybodies believe their work has accomplished something.  Another baby has been brought into the world. They are satisfy and can go back to their comfortable chair and rail against others, many who may not have comfortable chairs to sit in, who may not believe like they believe.

It never seems to occur to these busybodies who consider themselves part of the pro-life movement that life doesn’t end with birth. It continues. The birth produces a baby that has to be cared for; that baby will become a toddler who should start learning things; the toddler becomes a child who has to be educated; and the child will grow up into an adult who we be a reflection of the benefits or lack of benefits that he or she received prior to reaching adulthood.

The busybodies don’t want to think of those things because to address those life issues may require something more of them than their words. They might have to pay for the home care of the infants or the pre-school for the children or the education of them. They might have to pay for their health care and to provide them with a healthy environment. All those things require more than talk and condemnation even though some will condemn the actions of those which result from their poor education.

The busybodies don’t want to look at what is happening to other lives in the world. They do not express concern for the children who have been born in Yemen but are now dying as part of what has been called the worst famine in a century; they don’t express any thoughts on the millions of children living in refugee camps; nor are they showing that they are upset by the separation of children from their parents by their own country and the warehousing of those children.

The pro-life busybodies should recognize that the living have life. If they were truly concerned with life their interest in it would not end at birth.



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  1. The best Pope JP2 cautioned us about embracing the culture of death. Said it wasn’t the Christian approach. The best President of the 20th century Reagan said government wasn’t the solution . Government was the problem. In a debate in the Senate in the 90s Sen. Graham asked how much more should we spend on welfare? The American people had spent up to that time 10 trillion dollars on means tested programs. Today it is probably 20 trillion. The American people are the most generous in the world but much of government spending is waste, fraud and abuse. 2. Read an interesting book by a Duke grad named Frye called Walls. In it he points out in 2016 during the campaign President Obama called the idea of border walls ” wacky” forgetting that he financed a $600 million wall for Jordan along the Syrian border and a$100 million dollar wall for Tunisia along the Libyan border a couple of years earlier.

  2. Climate Change orthodoxy requires many bodies busying themselves about the notion that Man can rule the Seasons and appease the Rain, Flood, and Fire Gods by telling them to go fuck themselves.

    There is nothing new under the Sun .

    Including that expression .

    Smile, Gonna die , … We all pack that umbrella, Einstein !!!

  3. And while trying to criticize “busybodies” who try to save unborn lives, why not criticize those busybodies who try to prevent folks from using heroin, from distributing narcotics, or criticize those busybodies who administer Narcan or cardio-resuscitation to comatose, or those busybodies we call EMTs or RNs or MDs or Police and Fire Rescue who try to save human lives.

    Busybodies who are busy every hour of every day in the business of saving human bodies from death, disease, injury.

    We need more busybodies concerned about the welfare of their families and neighbors, professional busybodies, social workers, nurses, doctors, medics, educators, police, fire . . . .folks concerned about saving human lives . . .human bodies . . . .and remember that inside every pregnant human mother’s womb is the body of another human being . . . .

    This is the Health Care Professionals Calling . . .to be busy caring for human bodies . . .in all stages of development from conception to natural death.

  4. Recommended reading for anyone seeking A sense of truthful news….
    21St Lessons for the 21St Century.


  5. Sheer leftist idiocy.
    The leftist-libs, today’s Dems, by and large, are for Abortion on Demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy . . .they’ve argued such since Roe v. Wade; it is what Roe v. Wade and its companion case Doe v. Bolton expressly allow .. . .
    The leftist-libs, today’s Dems, are also for EUTHANASIA . . .they’ve actively supported it and got legislation passed authorizing it in some states.
    THE DEMS ARE THE PARTY OF DEATH . . .hasn’t always been so, has been so since Roe v. Wade
    Since Hillary, and Obama, they’ve become the Party of Aggressive Interventionisms, waging wars and financing wars in such places as Syria, Libya and Yemen

    The sheer idiocy is that the DEM’s Big Government TAX & SPEND programs are better for the health of Americans than the Republicans more rational approaches to health care.

    How have Obama’s policies impacted the 70,000-plus overdose deaths, the alcoholism, drug addiction, endemic inner city and rural health care crises in America. The DEMS policies have worsened health care in America.

    There is no Panacea. The DEMS, the party of DEATH, offer typical Big Gov, TAX & SPEND solutions that do not work, and exacerbate addictions and other illnesses.

    It is through local education, early intervention, local prevention programs, advocating exercise, good nutrition, avoidance of drug and alcohol, all on the local levels, that will improve health care . . .not the DEMS BIG GOV TAX & Spend, Abort and Euthanize Solutions.

    Matt, your arguments are hollow; same old Leftist rhetoric. We’ve heard these tired old party of death songs’ before.

    Try to get it: BIG GOVERNMENT, SOCIALISM, EUTHANASIA, ABORTION are not “goods”.

    1. Bill:

      And the Republican solution is to provide less money for child healthcare, childhood education, and the opiod crises which has reached alarming proportions under the Trump administration. Big Government provides for those in need which you seem to object to. Or do you suggest the billionaires like Trump are going to take care of our needy, disabled and disturbed fellow citizens. Trump’s been in for almost two years and you are blaming Obama for the things that have gone wrong. When will he take responsibility for anything?

      You do know that it is the socialist programs like social security and medicare that take care of many of us. I don’t understand people who receive the benefits of these programs criticizing them. You do know to cut down on the ever increasing deficit caused by Trump’s tax cuts they are going to cut back on these programs which help all Americans especially those in need.

      You blame others for wars Trump is not engaged in. He is the one that has increased military aid to the Saudis so that they can bomb Yermen. Is that Obama and Hillary’s fault? He is increasing the forces in Afghanistan. But we wanted to mention that either. help fund them. the scp

      What are the Republicans rational approach to healthcare? From what I can see it is to cut millions off health care and allow people with pre-existing conditions to be charged many times more than those without them. Maybe I’s wrong so enlighten me. Is the health care provided in Massachusetts a Republican plan – it is under Romney – the Obama plan mirrored that – but even that is too much for the Republicans.

      The Republicans seek to deny one of the most essential needs people have which is health care. The rich don’t care because they can pay for whatever they need; but the poor who have gone into bankruptcy and lost their houses because they got ill do need help. Did you know 643,000 Americans go bankrupt each year due to medical costs. You know how many go bankrupt in Europe because of it; none. You see nothing wrong with that situation where hard working people who get sick lose their homes on top of medical needs, often many involving children with cancer and other ailments that are expensive to treat. What is the purpose of a government that cannot provide equal health care for all its people; oh, it can for those over 65 but what about the rest? The Republicans have no solution for that.

      It is the leftist liberals who have brought the benefits to most Americans; it is the Republican Party that has helped the richest of Americans with its tax laws and tax cuts. I think you are mixed up when you call the Democrats the party of death. It is the Republicans who don’t care about those will sickness who will die because of improper medical treatment. It is time for people to not only be concerned about the unborn but perhaps those that have been born.

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