Todashev Report – Hold Your Nose!

smoking-gunThe report is out, finally. Ten months to produce it. I haven’t examined it yet. The Boston Globe has on its site a copy of it. Now hold your nose. It includes and FBI agent’s report of what happened. It is dated March 22, 2013  February 21, 2014, a full 9 months after the incident happened. Talk about having time to massage something. Anyway, must go. Will have more on it later.

6 thoughts on “Todashev Report – Hold Your Nose!

  1. Matt : That is “Plug ” in the ballistic sense of the expression. Fire away MC … H.M.S Indefatigable you are … Rake them now !!! 🙂

  2. Matt : You Merry Quipster 🙂 … Well ultimately Old Plug we none of us really have any choice in Life but to be always trailing the old Proboscis … No ??? 🙂

  3. Matt :

    Follow your nose !!! … This is what a good bloodhound does. Remember … Those who nose don’t tell ; Those who tell don’t nose !!! 🙂

  4. Where is the actual legal CERTIFIED DEATH CERTIFICATE in this load of paper work distraction? If you find it = please post. I went through all papers twice. I see an ME report but no DEATH CERTIFICATE!

    1. LJ:

      What difference would a certified death certificate make. Do you have any doubt how Todashev was killed?

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