Tom Brady Welcomes Aaron Hernandez Back onto the Patriots?

(1) Judge-Susan-Garah_20131021060743729_660_320Tom Brady’s not washed up I like to believe. He’s just not getting the protection nor does he have the receivers he used to have. The other day I showed how well he did with Wes Welker. Even though Julian Edelman is a capable replacement statistics show he doesn’t measure up to Welker.

Perhaps the 2014 season will turn out to be a bust. But next year, which could be Brady’s penultimate year, things could come together for him again. 2015 and 2016 would be his final two years and he and his partner Bill Belichick may put together two great Super Bowl runs, and perhaps capture the ring. That would be a dynamic ending to their many years association.

Why this is possible is that Aaron Hernandez could very well be ready to play in 2015. His difficulties with the law would be over by then. He could then apply to return to the Patriots – after all with his acquittals there would be no reason to keep him off the team. Although they were not totally disappointed with shedding his big bucks contract there are always way to bring him back at a reduced rate.

Put Hernandez back in the lineup with Gronk then you have a devastating twosome. The offensive line will have matured. Another tall fleet wide receiver who can catch and we are looking at a team that will set the league on fire. Plus, for Bob Kraft’s sake it won’t be that expensive.

You’re probably thinking I’m taking an illegal substance. I’m not. I know Hernandez has pending murder charges in two counties in Massachusetts. He’ll have to win in both cases to return to the Patriots. But that is what is looking more and more likely.

I suggest that because it seems to me the cases in Suffolk County which will be tried after the case in Bristol County are not that strong. I really know nothing about them except the murders happened before the Bristol murder. They were pretty much dead in the water until the Bristol County case happened. That suggests they’re not the strongest since a motivation for them would be a conviction in Bristol and a follow-up pleas agreement in Suffolk.

As for the Bristol County case which I’ve warned about before, that too is having its troubles. Right now it seems there is something terribly wrong down there in the Fall River Courthouse. I’m really at a loss to explain what is happening.

I wrote how Judge E. Susan Garsh and the Bristol County DA’s office in the past have clashed. There is really bad blood between them. I thought having her sit on such a high-profile case was a mistake when there were so  many other judges available to sit. Now we are beginning to see the results of her sitting on it, or are we seeing something else.

Judge Garsh has decided that a lot of incriminating evidence against Hernandez will not be allowed to come into evidence against him. To an outsider like myself, some of it seems important. She earlier made a similar decision. I thought the Bristol DA might appeal the earlier decision but he didn’t. I said “all right, maybe that evidence isn’t important.”

Now I’m waiting to see if he appeals this latest decision. If he doesn’t, I have to say to myself “all right, he agrees with Judge Garsh that the warrant was faulty and the appeal will be futile.”  (By the way if he appeals you may have to forget everything I write here since the trial may be delayed until after the Patriots report for the 2015 season.)

If the DA believes Judge Garsh is right and the warrant deficient, then there’s an even bigger problem in Bristol. That DA’s office is unable to write a proper affidavit and warrant. There can be no justification for that. It is an elementary and fundamental function of any DA’s office to be able to prepare the paperwork for a proper search in all cases never mind a high-profile case like this. Just for a reference, in my 20 years plus in the DA’s office in no case where we executed warrants to seize evidence did we ever have any suppressed.

The DA’s office cannot escape responsibility by suggesting that it had no input into the searches. If it let the police do the paperwork without an ADA overseeing it then that is even worse. It’s an abdication of responsibility. Police officers no matter how good should be guided by the lawyers in all searches. The lawyers should be skilled in 4th Amendment law.

It seems the jury will be deprived of important evidence. That improves Hernandez’ chances for an acquittal. That improves the Patriots chances for another Super Bowl. Why doesn’t it improve our sense that justice is being served?


21 replies on “Tom Brady Welcomes Aaron Hernandez Back onto the Patriots?”

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  2. If Aaron Hernandez gets acquitted, it will be because of a fool of a judge who allows too much evidence to be thrown out and a stupid jury that can’t tell right from wrong. In any case, the evidence is clear and abundant that Aaron Hernandez is a ruthless and blood-thirsty murderer. No one should support him, including the NFL. If he does somehow manage to get off, barring some new and conclusive evidence as to his innocence, I will never watch a game that he plays in.

    1. Louis:

      Hopefully both the existence of the judge who leans to the defendant and the stupid jury will not result in Hernandez escaping the consequences of the murder he is alleged to have done. The trial should be interesting but will be overshadowed by the Tsarnaev trial in Boston.

  3. If the murder charges get tossed then how would any other charges stick. A bad warrant or search is just that, bad. As far as the NFL who knows, they’re all over the map.

    1. Charles:

      The murder is a tough sell because there are three of them present at the murder who walked away and without a showing that it was a joint enterprise or conspiracy of sorts the jury will be in a position of guessing who pulled the trigger if only one gun was used. if there is no evidence pointing to one over the other then they will all walk. I’m not sure what the DA has to show it was Hernandez so we’ll wait and see.

      The murder charge could get thrown out but the evidence that Hernandez had a handgun could still survive. Isn’t there a video of him walking into the house with it? If he’s licensed to carry that would be another story but just because the murder may go out there may be other evidence that I do not know about supporting other charges. I just don’t have enough information at this time to giver you a better answer.

      1. Interesting, I thought if it was a bad search then anything found gets tossed. Personally I think he walks, great counsel and I agree with you, three people, who pulled the trigger. Unless of course someone is cutting a deal. Great blog by the way and the only one I’ve ever followed, it makes me think, instead of just being a daily journal of your life !

        1. Charles:

          Each piece of evidence is treated differenty – anything gained through the bad search or even from what is called the fruits of the bad search will be thrown out but if there is other evidence obtained through legally correct means that will still be admissible.

          Herandez has good lawyers and the judge is on the liberal side, that can make a big difference at trial. I don’t see any deal in the case by Hernandez — it might be a little too late for the others to get one although as the day of reckoning approaches one might get cold feet and cooperate. Even then it might do little harm since the other two will make the one who cooperates into the one who did the killing.
          Thanks for the nice words.

  4. This has to be the most horribly misguided article ever written. Let’s say in some alternative universe Hernandez is acquitted of the murder charges in BOTH cases, there are still serious weapons charges which seem like more of a slam dunk than the murder charges. This should keep him locked up at least a few years in addition to the time he has already served by the time the murder cases have run their course. In addition to that, think of the current environment in the NFL with regards to violence and personal conduct. If Hernandez is acquitted of all three murder charges he will be subject to an O.J. level of pariah status in society, not just the NFL. While he was certainly a productive tight end, he was not such a incredible talent that an NFL team will find it irresistible to sign him regardless of the unprecedented public backlash that would result in an NFL team extending him a contract. NFL teams are not willing to take the risks they were a few years ago signing players with “character” issues. Seattle just traded the most explosive play maker in the NFL because he has an anger problem. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson may never play again. “Tom Brady Welcoming Aaron Hernandez Back to the Patriots”….I don’t think so.

  5. That would be a horrible mistake if Tom Brady let him come back. If he is found not guilty, it doesn’t mean that most people won’t still think he is a murderer. I don’t see how the Pats could get any support if they ever let that guy come back. Most people think he did it and probably always will regardless of his verdict.

  6. I believe there is a good chance Hernandez walks. If he plays again? Having him back on the Pat’s, playing like he once could would be incredible. If found innocent or case thrown out, yes back on the Pat’s for sure.

    1. Steve:

      It will be an interesting case. Hernandez has good counsel who will fight hard for every inch of ground. If he wins, the real fun will be watching the NFL try to keep him from playing.

  7. That is the fucking most stupid article ever…. arron hernandez receiving passes from Tom Brady again….what planet are you on… yes arron will be receiving. .. but it wont be from professional football players…

    1. John:

      Thanks for the comment. Your not following this blog enough if you think Aaron is going to be convicted.

  8. Free AH81!!! I hope/wish he could play for the Pats again. Hope everything goes fair for the defense in both cases. What is the status of the union trying to collect his money for him

    1. Nigo:

      Not sure of how the union is making out. Don’t worry about Aaron’s defense, he has some good lawyers so that at the end of the day if he is convicted he would have been well represented. I think he’s got a good shot at being found not guilty but we’ll have to wait and see. If he is, how can the NFL say he can’t play for them again?

  9. Do not act like you have worked in a DA office unless you were a secretary. You are completely disrespectful.

  10. You are exceptionally dumb and horribly illiterate. I hope things work out for you… You dumb shit. Try running spell check and have your mom read your article next time – and try not to comment on stuff way above your head… Thanks for a complete waste of time. I literally feel more dumb for having read this.

    1. NicK:

      I like that “exceptionally dumb and horribly illiterate.” I wondered could I be one without the other or do both have to coincide at the same time? Perhaps you could take a little of your own advice and not comment on things way above your head. Sorry you are dumber than before you read my post.

  11. I suppose that _some_ NFL teams may express interest in Hernandez if these cases go away, but I can’t see the Pats among them. My guess is that there’d be sufficient public outcry to interfere with a Pats deal.

    Your writings on Garsh are telling, especially WRT her inexperience in cases of this type.

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