Too Bad Charlie Manson Died: Trump Missed A Great Opportunity

Watching the staged meeting where Trump and Kim Jong Un walked across the room on a red carpet in front of an embarrassing and crude scene of a dozen flags of the United States and North Korea placed next to each other in alternating places (talk about respecting the flag) was far from  exhilarating. I had predicted not much would come out of this meeting of the two petulant silver spooners. I must admit I was wrong. Kim did exceeding well.

But before I get to that let me tell why I believe Trump failed to take advantage of Bad Times Charlie Manson prior to the time of his death last November. Upon shaking Kim’s hand Trump gushed: ““It’s my honor, and we will have a terrific relationship, I have no doubt.” 

I was thinking that when Bad Times Charlie was in California State Prison at Corcoran Trump could have arranged a meeting with him. Why him? I suggest him because he is somewhat equal in the hideously low and criminal behavior of Kim Jong Un.  Yes, I know we have Murderman Martorano, and Benji Ditchman Flemmi members of the local freak show who would give Bad Times a run for his money but the minds of the public are made up about the latter so meeting him would have  made a better television show.

Basically, my stomach turned when I though Trump considered meeting a man who killed his uncle, his aunt, his cousins, his brother, people who displease him (one general fell asleep during his speech and he was slaughtered with an anti-aircraft gun) by horrendous means, who has slave camps where whole families are worked to death, whose majority of inhabitants live on the edge of starvation and many of his people, as we witnessed with a soldier who ran over the demilitarized zone into South Korea who was shot and wounded, seek to escape, to name a few horrors, an honor.  Would you consider it an honor to meet Murderman or Benji Ditchman?

Well if Trump thinks meeting Kim is an honor he might of well have met Bad Times Charlie. At least he was an American and isn’t he supposed to be putting America first.

So what was going on. It turns out it was like a Jerry Seinfeld episode: a story about nothing. You know as well as i do the result of this “historic meeting” between the two petulant silver spooners resulted in nothing of value if we are looking at what was supposed to be the purpose of the duet. Remember, the United States under Trump was going to bring about Kim’s agreement to give up his nukes and ICBMs. That was the purported reason for the meeting because we did not want to live under his threat.

Do you feel that the threat no longer exists after the meeting? If you do your don’t know the history of North Korea in its dealings with the United States. Kim still has his nukes and missiles. He will not give them up as I explained previously because without them he will be another Nobody who no one will care about. So, had the meeting not happened nothing would be different from the point of view of the United States.

Oh, you think because Kim committed to denuclearization of North Korea that was a happening. You might if you knew nothing about prior dealings. One article of many noted: “The agreement’s language is apparently more vague and less demanding of North Korea’s denuclearization program than previous agreements the US has had with the country. In the same article a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies is quoted as saying: “This looks like a restatement of where we left negotiations more than 10 years ago and not a major step forward.”

The Great Kabuki Show could as easily have been carried on at a much less cost of California State Prison at Corcoran. Trump and Bad Times Charlie Manson could have issued a joint statement that the latter agreed he would commit no more crimes after he died. We would be as safe then as we are now.

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  1. ” For I confess to suffering from a grand delusion, that I am Joe Gould. ” .. Joe Gould…. Aka … Professor Seagull

  2. Jon : Interesting stuff, man. Words as triggers. Trigger words. Words without end. Amen

  3. Dear Matt,
    Here’s three more excerpts related to Manson (“MK-ULTRA”):

    “~9:30am Thursday January 5, 2017
    At People’s Place Hotel kitchen favorite seat. Yesterday told Marta she needs to cry. Told her it would feel good and help her body fight cancer. I also said, ‘You should hold Brian (husband) and cry hard.’

    Partially understand Donny Burriss dream. Donny faced me in room bathed with white light. Not simply room reflecting sunlight. He stood in doorway (led to street) bathed in bright white light. After Donny died, I held his sister and cried hard. Hurt feelings about losing this good friend poured out.

    Don’t understand Stephen Rakes dream. Stephen died as my friend, so why hit me with rubber hose? Maybe he’s worried Marta’s cancer could diminish fight to expose federal corruption.

    FBI fear seems small. Lost writing mentioned federal corruption. Wrote America can’t spread justice abroad until allowing justice here. Ended with comment on North Korea that included: “Fear of nuclear holocaust makes FBI fear seem small.’


    Enjoying cool breeze. Again at People’s Palace Hotel kitchen favorite seat. Last night, spoke with Marta. She received cancer diagnosis day after retiring from stressful nursing job.

    Last night, dreamed I was attracted to beautiful woman. For some reason knocked on Anthony’s window. Saw his smiling face. Numerous times, Anthony and I discussed MK-ULTRA. First met Anthony when bringing MK-ULTRA marijuana to Eddy Marchione in Somerville.

    Huge police crackdown on marijuana, LSD, and mescaline, funneled people wanting marijuana to East Boston. MK-ULTRA marijuana, LSD, and mescaline sold in Boston Commons and adjacent George’s Attic (‘head shop’ on West Street).
    Every night (~6pm) cars drove down East Boston’s Cottage Street to buy MK-ULTRA marijuana “nickel bags’ at entrance of Donald McKay school yard. Last time speaking with Anthony, described bringing MK-ULTRA marijuana to Somerville. Anthony said, ‘I knew Junior (Junior DeMileo). I went there (Donald McKay school yard) for pot.’

    Two years ago, Anthony’s son shot himself in head. He left drug program without permission. When police surrounded his New Hampshire motel room, he chose suicide instead of prison. Without doubt, Anthony being MK-ULTRA guinea pig indirectly harmed his son.

    My brother Ricky delivered first federal rescue supplies to 9/11 attack site. He was MK-ULTRA victim and now state prison inmate. Retired caption of Boston fire department, drunken domestic dispute lead to his incarceration.

    Will Donald Trump help give closure to MK-ULTRA victims?

    ~10:30pm Saturday January 7, 2017
    At People’s Palace Hotel kitchen wooden table diagonally facing favorite table (occupied by two 25ish Brazilian women).

    Soon phoning Marta. Last night, asked about FBI agent seducing her at Boston Commons. Marta said, ‘I got the LSD in the Cambridge Commons. It happened in an apartment.’ Asked, ‘How did you know he was an FBI agent?’ She said, ‘He told me.’ Asked what did he look like?’ Felt surprised hearing, ‘He looked like an FBI agent. He wasn’t wearing a suit jacket. His shirt was hanging out.’

    Asked when did this happen? What year? Marta said, ‘1969.’ Asked, ‘How old were you in 1969?’ She said, ‘16 years old.’ Told Marta in 1969, Austin Cate Academy was ‘laboratory for MK-ULTRA.’ Mentioned my social worker, Mr. Anderson, telling Mom students were taking LSD at Austin Cate Academy. Described ‘outsiders’ frequently bringing LSD to Austin Cate Academy and Mr. Barnetts holding up ‘Helter Skelter’ album asking our thoughts.

    Mentioned seeing 40ish Barnetts-like man (well-dressed and cold eyes) in Boston’s Park Square with vulnerable attractive underage girl. Very high on LSD, her huge eyes pupils flashed fear and confusion. That man was leading her away from Boston Commons. Obviously he planned sexually abusing distressed girl. Marta said, ‘I know. It happened to me.’

    ~7:40pm Monday April 10, 2017
    Sunny, mild day. On Queen Street mall bench listening to restaurant musician and passing voices. Feel unsettled. Don’t understand reason. Last night good phone calls (Marta and Anthony). This morning good boxing workout.

    This morning, and this afternoon, copied from ‘Helter Skelter.’ In boxing ring heard Beatles ‘Help’ on radio. Lyrics, like most of Beatles songs, fit perfect with MK-ULTRA thoughts (belief in surrounding powerful hidden forces).

    East Boston friend, Ronny Rabino (MK-ULTRA victim), was obsessed with Beatles because of these ‘messages.’ All day long he drove around East Boston listening to Beatles.

    Anthony told me Jackie Tagelleri suffered stroke. Described talking ‘with Jackie about MK-ULTRA 40 years ago at DARC drug program.’ Anthony mentioned Eddy Marchione at Walpole State Prison. Anthony’s friendship with another prisoner helped protect Eddy from being harmed.

    Eddy spent four years in Walpole’s infamous ‘10 Block.’ Told Anthony many MK-ULTRA victims punished with 10 Block solitary confinement. Remember Eddy telling me ‘10 Block messed up my head.’ After leaving prison, Eddy died from severe seizure.

    Told Anthony many MK-ULTRA victims in prison. Described Ricky supervising FEMA convoy to 9/11 and carrying first box of federal rescue supplies, saying, ‘My brother Ricky’s in state prison. His escaped from MK-ULTRA with alcohol.’

    Today planned transcribing journal notebook. Instead edited 11 pages of past writing and read part of book. Each day visit library without desired results. At least now, after writing in notebook, again feel cherished self worth.”

  4. Last week, I published on Amazon ($4.99): “GOD WANTS ROBERT MUELLER EXPOSED: THE GHOST OF WHITEY BULGER.“
    This excerpt mentions Manson:

    “~7:35pm Tuesday April 11, 2017
    Another sunny, mild day. Again on Queen Street mall bench listening to music and passing voices.

    This morning, boxing gym workout. Unlike yesterday, shadow boxed 15 rounds moving backward before moving forward. Yesterday’s empty feeling reason for extra workout. MK-ULTRA plenty reason for ‘empty feeling.’

    Told Anthony Austin Cate Academy was ‘MK-ULTRA laboratory.’ Described headmaster McLean severely beating and sexually abusing students. Told him Latin teacher, Mr. Bouchard, was Massachusetts State Police lieutenant who questioned me about drugs being brought there, saying, ‘He even knew the color of the tin containing mescalin.’ Described Mr. Barnetts holding up ‘Helter Skelter’ album asking our thoughts, also saying, ‘McLean and Barnetts worked together.’

    Yesterday morning, “Helter Skelter” revealed Sharon Tate pregnant with 8 ½ month-old boy when murdered.

    Believe CIA used Beatles songs to spread ‘mind control’ message. For many MK-ULTRA victims, song lyrics reinforced belief in powerful ‘hidden forces.’ Charles Manson took meaning of lyrics much differently. Not only did this cause Roman Polanski to lose beautiful wife, he lost young son. Now California court finds no reason for Roman Polanski to receive leniency.

    Anthony mentioned murders at Walpole State Prison. Think Ricky being in state prison, phone conversation with Anthony, and learning Sharon Tate 8 ½ months pregnant when murdered, helped create yesterday’s ‘unsettled feeling.’

    ~7:40pm Wednesday April 12, 2017
    Another beautiful day. Again on Queen Street mall bench. This morning, read “Helter Skelter,” then hit boxing gym. Again shadow boxed 15 rounds backwards before moving forward. As previous workouts, did so to make statement.

    This morning, read female member of Manson Family tasted Sharon Tate’s blood. Roman Polanski not given leniency, yet government MK-ULTRA program helped brutally slaughter his wife and unborn boy.”

  5. Wa-llahi! Tad, you gotta give up on the word pussy. Give it up, man. Go good. Truth be told, you entered this world through a pussy. Give Moms a break, you ol’stormtrooper. Even you, had one.

    1. Pussymarcher is an excellent word to describe those who refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election. It results from a national march in which many donned pink hats supposedly identified with a private part of female anatomy. The organizers and participants coined it to identify themselves. I honor their choice if not their antidemocratic, snowflake principles. The reason you object is that it is an effective device to ridicule the endless tantrums of the left. You gave me the sword, I will use it.

        1. Protesting against the result of a legitimate election , which was a major reason for the Pussymarch, is antidemocratic. The followers of the candidate who was too entitled and too dumb to understand the American electoral system tried to subvert the Electoral College, and afterwards sought an impeachment before Trump’s term of office. This behavior has continued without merit, or even definition, since.

          Note that to advocate an impeachment when no impeachable action could have taken place because the term had not yet commenced is an attack on the Constitutional order. It is antidemocratic by definition because it is an assault on the political order not an advocacy of a reckoning for an abuse of the office as the office had not yet been been entered into and could not yet have been abused.

          Ask Willie Sutton, you are not a bank robber until you have robbed a bank.

          The Pussymarch was not partisan politics as usual. It was rooted in a bizarre dream of igniting a Golpe De Estado. It was financed and organized by would be revolutionaries, the Bill Ayers type, and populated by the naive, by chronic malcontents, by hyper partisans, by fools. It was antidemocratic in its inception and in its purpose though most Pussymarchers were simple, useful idiots. This is a Communist template for seizing power.

  6. It ‘ll be a while before Manson gets fully thought out. Matt’s using Manson as a standard of evil. Sixties gone wrong. Sociopath acid freak is how I see him. If God is dead, all things are possible (Nietzsche).

  7. Apparently even recent history escapes Trump. Twenty-five years of broken agreements and Trump has the answer—-condos on the shore. But he did come back with a change. Unfortunately it was Kim who skinned him. Call off the exercises and don’t tell the South Koreans. That’s the art of the deal. Another chance to lift his leg on an ally.

    (BTW- I thought the Japanese have no military, how are they going to help?)

  8. As Reagan said ” there you go again” Consistently mistaken. The Singapore agreement specified Complete Denuclearization. At Trump’s press conference he stated that American and international inspectors would verify North Korea’s efforts. If they refuse to abide by the agreement the U S and Japan will use force to rid them of their wmd and it would happen in the near future. Obama was hailed for going to Cuba. How many political foes did the Castros kill. How many are still in prison? 2. Tadzio is right about Wilson, LBJ, and FDR. Throw in TR who along with FDR pushed our worst president Wilson into WW1. America had no vital interest in that European fight. WW1 was the worst geo political decision in a thousand years and was the condition precedent for WW2. Almost 100 million deaths from those two conflicts and the demise of European influence directly attributable to Churchill, Wilson, FDR and TR. 3. Right after Trump was elected Krugman at the NYT predicted a stock market crash and an economic downturn. Was he right ? Why would any intelligent person pay attention to that nonsense? Just about everyone knows that Marxism, communism and socialism are failed economic systems yet some in Academia and the media cling to that fantasy. 4. Whatever the outcome in N. Korea the effort towards peace was worth it. Lets give peace a chance. In 2017 Americans gave a record $405 million to charity. Not bad.

  9. Partisanship, hatred and anti-democratic delusions of entitlement can wreak a frightful toll on the mental health of Pussymarchers. Their drooling is creating a sticky pool that the weaker of that petulant ilk will drown in. Probably in November this year.

    Trump brought home a cautious document that may or may not blossom into a safer Korean peninsular. His strange political bedfellow was in a moral class that the American leadership has provided with photo opportunities before. Roosevelt and Truman with Stalin. Kennedy with Khrushchev. Nixon with Mao. And in the tail wagging the dog category nearly every President and several joint sessions of Congress have honored multiple avowed terrorist Prime Ministers of Israel with a platform. Also recall Nelson Mandela being fawned over by the bulk of the establishment.

    The Singapore Tryst was simply Politics As Usual. Oddly Our Good Host left out of the diatribe the best part of the show – Trump’s news conference before departing. It was a boffo performance. He took on all questions. Extended it a couple of times to please the jackals. The best part was near the end. Pushed on whether he might be the author of failure if the whole thing fell apart he riposted that he would not take credit in that case, that he laughed he would “think of something”.

    Seldom has a politician mocked himself so openly. Self deprecating humor is an effective political tactic. Everyman knows he has done the same in his own life. Often. Fess up, the guy is a political genius.

    1. Tadzio:

      Pussymarchers. I thought that was the term associated with your idol.

      A cautious document? Haven’t we heard that before? You put Kim on the level with Stalin, Khruschev and Mao? Come on, he’s a tin pot dictator.

      Oh, yeah, left out that news conference that was nonsense. Jackals? Since when do we call people trying to ask questions about what is going on in the head of that man jackals? Oh, I forget, it’s the fake news. Where by the way do I get the real news. From Trump’s press conferences? From Trump’s statements that are always changed by the people around him?

      Yes, he’s a political genius separating kids from their parents. The last guy that did that rose to power in the 30s in Germany. Some called him a political genius.

      1. Pussymarchers are what the Pussymarchers called themselves. Remember? Liberal and leftist feminist, uniformly pro-abortion, pro-big government, against Republicans, Conservatives and Trump, and generally socialists.

        I recall many marching against Trump within weeks or days of him being elected.

        Trump is doing a very good job, domestically and internationally . . .he may be crude, at times, but generally he’s a good decision maker. He’s not a hater. Most liberal-leftists I know are viscerally hateful and bigoted and oftentimes irrational. Most, not all. If we are to enforce our immigration laws fairly and justly, of course families will be separated. When children illegally enter America or mothers illegally enter and then give birth to American citizens, sometimes compassion, mercy should trump justice. But not always. When a criminal goes to prison, oftentimes it is a parent who is separated from his children.

        Another point: We often hear Americans pointing their fingers at other countries accusing them of murder, when we, as Tadzio and NC, have pointed out have unjustly killed millions . .Remember the Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Libya etc, etc, etc . . .

        Trump is to be commended for forging peace treaties and for cutting red tape and for reducing federal bureaucratic bloat and appointing conservative jurists and for a booming economy.

        1. Wa-llahi! Bill, it’s like “Lord of the Flies” in those temporary holding pens. The older kids predate on the younger ones. The staff have no specialized training to handle adolescents, and, children. Think about being an eight year old in that environment.

    2. Trump Cult members like nazi-tad either haven’t realized Trump has turned the Republican party into a white ethno-nationalist fascist party, or they are glad he did. I think nazi-tad is in the latter of this group.

  10. Matt, you quote Anthony Ruggiero of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a former advisor to Marco Rubio, as writing about the Trump and Kim meeting: “This looks like a restatement of where we left negotiations more than 10 years ago and not a major step forward.”

    The FDD is a well-known anti-Trump neo-conservative pro-Israel, anti-Iran, war-hawk advocacy group, run by Clifford D. May, q. v.

    Of course they would not see anything good coming from the meeting between Trump and Kim.

    1. Henry:

      The FDD might be all you say but you have to admit the deal Trump entered into was no better than any other deal in the past. Same words and same pledges of disarmament.

      Trump accomplished very little – in fact he has no idea what he agreed to since his advisers have been taking back a lot of what he has said. There may, however have been something he stumbled into, I write about that tomorrow, however I fear he does not realize it and will undo what he has done in a few months and will get back to throwing verbal bricks at Kim.

  11. Donald Trump is a reflection of American society in the 2018. All those years he spent on TV seem to have ingrained him in American culture. People who are born in Massachusetts and spend most of their lives there and who are educated and white collar seem to have no understanding how much smarter most people are in New England compared to the rest of the country. A woman from the town I grew up in was a teacher, became a Superintendent of schools and also has the word Doctor before her name. My point? She is more able to lead the Department of Education that the woman Trump picked and right on down the line.Also , Trump crushed the Republicans who ran against him. A lot of people not liking the photo ops with the North Korean leader. Did they like the video of Hilary being dragged away on Labor Day 2106 by the Secret Service not able to walk on her own? Can you imagine Bernie or Liz on the world stage?

    1. Wa-llahi! I know three generations of junkies from Worcester. They migrated to Madtown in order to counter jump pharmacies in a local where it was still sport. Their Mass brogues made them stand out. Alpo McSorley was typical. His arm wouldn’t let him spend money on human food. Bold rogues they were. Steven RIP.

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