Trouble In Patriot Nation: A New Revolution

() wisecatYou won’t read much about this but there is big trouble brewing in Patriot Nation — which inside sources have said is as big as the trouble that brought about Declaration of Independence in the year BI 207 that formerly was known as 1776.

(Another real thriving movement you won’t read much about is the one to change the calendar from that which has Christian significance in which the dates are calculated from the birth of Christ. For over nineteen centuries the dates BC (before Christ) and AD {anno domino, year of the Lord} were used to designate the year. Lately, some who do not want to have any association with Christ use the dates BCE {which supposedly means “before the common era” which is makes little sense and something you would expect to find in Lewis Carrol story and CE, “common era” likewise an empty formulation and could with equal merit and justification mean “comma era” celebrating the widespread use of that punctuation mark.}

To make all feel comfortable as it did with the twenty dollar bill the United States has decided to date everything from the date the ARPANET {the U.S. Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency} adopted TCP/IP on January 1, 1983.  That is the date of the beginning of the internet and will be the date from which we calculate our years. Every year before that will be designate BI; those that follow AI. For instance we are in the year 33AI and no one’s nose is out of joint by having the years associated with a religious figure.)

The revolt that is coming about in the NFL, soon to be named World Wide Football League (WWFL), not to be confused with the World Wide Web (WWW), which is fermenting in Patriot Nation can best be summed up by the slogan: “If Tom Don’t Play We All Stay Away.”

No need to mention who Tom is but for those who don’t know all I can say is you will soon find out fast enough although if I told you he was the man behind the Patriot Winning Machine that may give you a hint.

It seems the WWFL players have recognized that the real reason behind keeping Tom from playing is that the Owners of the WWFL teams want more balance in the league. It was during last year when the Owners were involved in gambling activities having invested in fantasy football that it first occurred to them they would earn more money if the teams were more evenly matched and one was not a sure pick. One way that could happen was to take away from the Patriots the best quarterback who ever played in the WWFL.

Everyone in Patriot Nation knows the “deflategate” issue that gave rise to Tom’s punishment was a set up. Look at how well he played afterward when they checked the ball after almost every play. Full pressured or under pressured had no effect on Tom’s performance. He is just that good that he could be throwing a bowling ball or a beach ball and still win.

That was upsetting the Owners. It was affecting their pocket books. They conspired to keep him out for one quarter of the season. The Patriot owner did not protest. He too had invested in fantasy football.

Now the WWFL players from Patriot Nation are riding into every village and farm where other WWFL players live issuing a cry of defiance, and not of fear, in this hour of darkness and peril and need that all should not show up if the game is going to be rigged.

It has become a real sore point among the players who know if they are on a winning Super Bowl team this year they will never know if they are really Super Bowl Champs because the best player was handcuffed. The Owners will soon be presented with a demand to let Tom play; if not, there will be no WWFL this year not even for the 12 weeks Tom plays.


This action is revolutionary. It takes control of the players away from the Owners. The WWFL players can now control their own destiny. Expect a radical change in the game once the players write their own constitution with their new bill of rights.


4 thoughts on “Trouble In Patriot Nation: A New Revolution

  1. Matt: First a response, then I’m appending a response to Sky who commented on my response yesterday.
    Someone told me today “Sports are like Cartoons: entertainment! Don’t take them seriously.”
    On the B.C./A.D. dispute. It’s funny: the B.C.E. folks mark the beginning of the Common Era at the birth of Christ. Since we are purging Christ from the calendars, we should purge saints’ names from places: San Antonio, San Jose, San Francisco, St. Louis; then lets get the deists out of the universe and nix Mars and Jupiter. Also, Simon Winchester says date everything from the first Hydrogen Bomb Test. (1952) BHB/AHB?
    O.K. Sky raised some good points yesterday, to which I respond:
    1. The Flint problem: It would have been avoided entirely if someone on the local level had simply tested the water for lead contamination before turning on the new system. Flint is a great example of a colossal government failure, preventable by expending a few thousand dollars in testing.
    2. You are incensed that someone in Florida got $1 million from the Sugar Industry? Hillary, I read, got about $150 million from Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers, while Trump has received $19,000 from Hedge Funders. Hillary is bought and sold. How about those Wall Street Transcripts? What a great public servant she is! Just like Mother Teresa. She and Bill are only worth @ $130 million from their years of doing nothing but public service!
    3. No one denies that there is great waste, fraud and abuse in Government. Matt wrote that all politicians promise to reduce waste, etc. I was responding to Matt, that Hillary failed to mention one word of it. No one denies that government, federal, state, local does great good. I’ve read that in the 1950s Gov took @ 30% of the GDP; Today Gov. takes @ 46% of the GDP. “Houston, we’ve got a problem!” See: 19 trillion in debt!
    4. Trump is not a bigot. He’s said some stupid things. Hillary’s been caught in bold face lies. (“Landing under sniper fire” in Bosnia; “running with our heads down”; “I turned over all work-related emails” except the 2,000 the FBI found, etc.)
    5. Throughout his life, Trump has employed and worked with people of every race, religion and ethnic group. No one called him a bigot until he decided to run for office one year ago. Reagan, Pat Buchanan and other Conservatives were unjustly labelled “bigots”, too.

    1. Bill:

      The Saints will be next but fortunately no one in the east need worry. That was a Catholic/Mexican thing out west.

      IN the east we had the Know Nothings – sort of like Trump – by the way his father was arrested at a KKK rally. It was noted: The predication for the Klan to march, according to a flier passed around Jamaica beforehand, was that “Native-born Protestant Americans” were being “assaulted by Roman Catholic police of New York City.” “Liberty and Democracy have been trampled upon,” it continued, “when native-born Protestant Americans dare to organize to protect one flag, the American flag; one school, the public school; and one language, the English language.”

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