Trouble On My Mind: The FBI A Sinister Force in the American Democracy

(1) j edgarThe FBI destroyed the Communist Party in the United States. It did this by infiltrating it with informants some of whom also became agent provocateurs. At one time well over one-quarter of the Communist Party members were on the FBI’s payroll. Huge amounts of money were still being paid to these communist informants even when the membership of the Communist Party fell to less than 8,000 members threatening America no more than the Jockeys’ Guild.

J. Edgar Hoover’s believed that the way to destroy any group was to bore inside of it and destroy it from within the organization. He first did this prior to the time he became director of what was to be the FBI when he perceived the rise of the black press to be a threat to America. In those early days he hired three or four black agents, he would never hire another one except as a driver or staff servant, for the purpose of providing information against those publishing the black newspapers and to set one publisher against the other. It helped cause their demise.

That would become the FBI M.O. from then on. It continues to be the way the FBI operates to this day. It depends heavily on informants. It believes it cannot do its job without them. It has always been my belief that an informant is a lazy cop’s tool. Having seen the disaster that is inherent in the Top Echelon Informant (TEI) program where the FBI agent/handler and the TEI criminal develop close relationships and the criminal is protected by the FBI you would think that it would recognize its heavy reliance on informants is foolhardy. That is not to say informants are not useful in some instances; though it is to say that an over reliance on them makes for poor police work.

Unfortunately relying on informants for information is the mentality that pervades the thinking of the FBI. There seems to be little understanding in the Bureau of the costs to society of its dependency on them. The first cost is the usual manner in which it develops an informant. It is through a promise to the person that it will do something for him that would not otherwise be done if he does not agree to work with the FBI.

That person is usually someone who is already in trouble and facing some type of difficulty. Take the case of a Boston police lieutenant named Cox. He was caught taking bribes. He made a deal with the FBI where he would be wired up and get into conversations with other cops about them taking bribes. The first people he went to were guys who grew up with him. He got them into conversations which he steered in such a way to make them look culpable. Cox got off, got his job back, and the others got charged.

That is the typical way it is done and often the person most blameworthy is let off the hook and others usually lesser type criminals are the ones who suffer. What adds to the perversity of the deal is if the informant is then apprehended by another agency for a different crime, the FBI will tell the informant he must not disclose that he was an informant. If he does then they will work to get him the maximum punishment; if he keeps his mouth shut they will work to get him a lesser sentence.

The informant/agent provocateur worked well on the blacks both in the teen years of the 20th Century and during the 1960s under an FBI program COININTEL. The informant program without its provocateur part did a good job destroying the Communist Party; the TEI informant program against the Mafia destroyed the Mafia but also caused countless other vicious and deadly crimes by giving the TEIs a pass. The informant/provocateur program is now being used against Muslims in America.

The FBI agents are under enormous pressure to recruit Muslims to become informants. People like Tamerlan Tsarnaev are sought out and pressured to give the FBI information under threat of imprisonment for some charge that the FBI can conjure up against the person which with the abundance of foolish federal laws such as attempting to interfere with an FBI investigation it is very easy. These informants are pressured to set up other Muslims. You will notice the high number of cases where people have been accused of doing things which they could not otherwise have done unless aided by the FBI’s informant as in the case of Alex Ciccolo.

The downside of all this when it comes to Muslims is that they can snap. The Usaama Ramin the guy at the CVS in Roslindale who was gunned down by an FBI agent had been pressured by the FBI to cooperate with it. Did that also happen to Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

Here is our great problem. The FBI hides all of this. We do not know how many Muslim men it has tried to recruit; how many it has recruited; or how many who have been recruited have snapped because of the FBI pressure put on them and they became radicalized murderers. Unfortunately there is no way to find out because no one overseas the FBI. Relying on such a group is destructive of a democracy for how can we (and our elected officials) act intelligently in our decisions when we have a national police force that is independent of any oversight or responsibility.

4 thoughts on “Trouble On My Mind: The FBI A Sinister Force in the American Democracy

  1. What to do,what to do what to do Matt?
    C’mon’ we know you have some solutions to these problems.

    and Puleeeeeze remember the FBI never did anything.
    It is just 3 letters of the alphabet.
    Once you name Tzamarev’s FBI agent handlers
    then extracting a confession from those persons is
    the next step.

    We know FBI agents Anticev, Floyd , Fox and others higher up agents
    like Louis Freeh perhaps who
    handled Ahmed Salem , the FBI informant who created the 1993
    1st World Trade Center bombing.

    Then we have FBI supervisor Larry Potts and other FBI agents higher up
    like maybe Louis Freeh who handled Timothy McVeigh in the 1995 Oklahoma
    City bombing. Also cross index Assistant FBI Director Oliver
    Buck Reville with Larry Potts.
    Assistant Director Reville has been accused of pulling
    his son off the plane in Europe before it took off and exploded
    over Lockerbie.

    Then you may want to identify the FBI handlers of Whitey Bulger
    who provided Whitey with C4 explosives that were transferred by
    Whitey to the IRA and used in the Omargh bombing by ,you guessed it,
    FBI informant David Ruppert.

    Then you have the principal architect behind the Mumbai
    attack in India, David Headley.
    Who were the FBI agents handling Headley?

    Did I forget FBI Uber SAC Kallstrom and the downing of
    TWA flight 800 over Long Island?

    In the primal scream newswire service this just in.

    Both former FBI Directors Mueller and Freeh learn how to
    say Sig Heil

    Tuesday, Jan 19th 2016 4PM 11°F 7PM 10°F 5-Day Forecast

    Judge names ex-FBI director as VW diesel settlement adviser

    Published: 15:19 EST, 19 January 2016 | Updated: 15:19 EST, 19 January 2016

    WASHINGTON, Jan 19 (Reuters) – A former Federal Bureau of Investigation director was named on Tuesday to help settle more than 500 lawsuits filed against German automaker Volkswagen AG over its excess diesel emissions, after no parties filed objections last week.

    Robert S. Mueller, a Washington lawyer, was named as “settlement master” in the lawsuits by U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer, who oversees the cases.

    Breyer announced his intent on Jan. 11 to name Mueller to “use his considerable experience and judgment to facilitate settlement discussions among the various parties in these complex matters.”

    No one had filed objections to Mueller’s appointment by the judge’s deadline of Jan. 15.

    VW potentially faces billions of dollars in claims from owners of vehicles with excess emissions. Separately, the Justice Department sued VW earlier this month under the Clean Air Act seeking up to $46 billion.

    On Friday, the Justice Department suit was transferred to Breyer’s court.

    VW has admitted to using software to allow 580,000 vehicles to emit up to 40 times legally allowable pollution. It also faces investigations by 47 state attorneys general.

    Last month, VW named its own adviser, lawyer Ken Feinberg, to create a VW diesel owner claims program. Feinberg said the program is aimed in part at settling lawsuits out of court.

    VW has not decided the details of the compensation program or on remedies, including potential vehicle buybacks.

    Separately, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported on Tuesday that VW plans to hire Louis Freeh, another former FBI chief, to help the carmaker deal with authorities in the United States investigating an emissions scandal.

    A special committee on Volkswagen’s supervisory board is due to discuss his appointment on Tuesday, the German newspaper said.

    A Volkswagen spokesman declined to comment on “speculation” about Freeh’s appointment.




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