Truly The Man Is Imbalanced: And That is Being Kind

Trump DrawngThe pool report of Trump’s speech last night to a group including some U.S. senators had him saying the following:

“Nobody ever told me that politics was going to be so much fun,” Trump said as he took the stage while Melanie sat down. “We are doing well, I just had a long call with Gen Mattis. We are doing really well in Iraq. Our soldiers are fighting, and fighting like never before, and the results are very good, so I just wanted to let everyone know.”

Then went back to talking about who was in the room tonight.

“I have some very special friends in the room . . . . Here we are and, shockingly, it’s bipartisan,” he joked to applause. “A lot of people showed up. People we weren’t expecting. I know that we are all going to make a deal on health care. That’s such an easy one.I have no doubt that’s going to happen very quickly. We have all been promising it – – Democrat, Republican – – to the public. We are going to talk about fixing up our military, which we really need.”

The only ones who could find any sanity in that type of talk are those who just woke up from a Rip Van Winkle sleep. It is more of the blather that he spun out during the campaign. It makes no sense what he is saying.

He tells us that politics is fun. Sadly that is how he thinks. He is giving it no more consideration than  playing a game like golf. I would think with the turmoil his first two-thirds of a hundred days have caused only a child would consider that fun. Is he suggesting all those angry tweets he posted were part of the fun?

Right after saying he was engaged in fun he turns to a deadly serious matter the war in Iraq. We’ve all read how difficult that is for the troops on the ground attempting to make headway against the ISIS forces in Mosul. We’ve read of the tragic killings of innocent civilians by American bombs. Those people living through the horror of war deserve a modicum of sympathy but as they suffer and die our president is having fun.

How do you explain it? What fun is there knowing that ongoing tragedy is happening under his watch. It is good to know he spoke with General Mattis. He tells us we are doing well when we know we are bogged down in a bloody battle where civilians are being used as bunkers for ISIS to hide behind. How are we doing well when almost 300 more soldiers were being sent there a day earlier?

What does he mean “fighting like never before.” Have we changed our policy where our troops are no longer acting as backup but have gone into the forward positions?

Remember this is the same man who said: “We never win and we don’t fight to win. We don’t fight to win. We’ve either got to win or don’t fight it at all.”  Does he think, like, “now that I am commander-in-chief the troops will start winning because of me.” Can it be he somehow thinks the troops fighting in Iraq now are somehow different from those who fought there before?

He then tells how he’s going to do a deal on health care because it is an easy one. Didn’t he just spend days trying to get a health care bill through and lose big. Didn’t he over the past few days tweet “big day for healthcare working hard” and previously “Great progress on healthcare. Improvements being made – Republicans coming together” and previously “Obamacare is imploding . . . Republicans will come together and save the day.” or that “It’s an unbelievably complex subject, nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”

Oh, and he is having fun and “doing well” while the American people give him a 36% approval rating for doing well. Let’s hope he doesn’t continue to have fun and recognize the job is more than having rallies and saying one thing one day and the other the next.

Trump is truly a bit unhinged judging from the way he speaks. That augurs poorly for the future of our nation. Wasn’t it Nero who was having fun fiddling while Rome burned?


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  1. Obama–an easy time? Remember Mitch Mc? Obama could have come up with a cure for cancer and the big M would have defeated the legislation to enact it.

    Fulfilling promises? Health Care? Release of taxes? Mexico’s paying for the Wall? The check must be in the mail.

    Cut government? 15,000 more border control agents. Cuts: NPR, EPA, (the water is fine), education, any social program that may help the general public etc.

  2. DanC:

    In the classic fascist military dictatorship, banana republic, only twenty % of the population is required to control the other seventy-eight percent for the two percent who own, and, control, everything, provided that twenty percent is composed of the cops, and, the military. Matt has been dead-on about the scary implications of that unfortunate demographic. Take a good look at Glorious leader’s most devoted followers. Lot’s of uniforms. Statistics can be scary.

  3. I see Trump’s approval rating is down to 35 percent in the latest Gallup poll. (I also see that only 17 percent of Americans approved of the GOP health care bill, according to a Quinnipiac poll. )

    Could part of Trump’s problem be that voters have concluded that 13 trips to the golf course are a tad too many for the man who said he’d be too busy as president to play any golf at all?

  4. Sorry to dwell on old business (Trump dumping is sooo much fun) but I must give encomiums to Matt for at least bringing the Gardner Heist investigation back from dead … and, more importantly, the dead ends. Saw where on 27th anniversary Mr. Amore (Read Museum… not FBI) now feels the crime was committed by local criminals (Which “crimes” are not?) but at least no mention of mob connections and that the loot never left Beantown (not Conn. or Philly). Huge! If we are to maintain our position as the cultural center of the New World I feel we must solve this outrage. Thanks again, Matt

  5. It is all about whose ox is gored. Am sure Matt was a great fan of Hubert Humphrey who billed himself as the Happy Warrior.

    What is being whined about is Trumps’s non use of speechwriters and teleprompters. He is spontaneous. He speaks to the common man. There is measure of Sinclair Lewis’s Babbitt in him – unabashed boosterism. He is as bubbly as HHH but without the soft spot for socialism and whatever the NYT dictated any particular morning.

    It is easy to tear apart the written text of anyone who speaks off the cuff. There is no reason to treat such remarks as state papers. It is silly to do. When addressing the general public or unscripted gatherings on a daily basis informality is a good tack. Trump does it well.

  6. You must have missed McCain’s comments this morning – positive reaction on Iraq, and praise for a very strong national security council.

    It’s not Trump who is unhinged – it’s all the libtards and the midiots who are spinning like whirling dervishes, inventing all sorts of conspiracies based on innuendos.

    Spicer was absolutely right yesterday- If Trump had Russian dressing on a salad, there would be tons of screeching and screaming by libtards and midiots about “Rooshan connections” and worse.

  7. Here’s how unhinged liberals think: “Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump.” Michael Moore.

    1. That’s one opinion. I’m a tree hugger and a conservative and I know that its not true. Moore is looking for special effects. He’s got his public that he has to perform for, just like everyone else on the airwaves.

      (Are there still airwaves?)

  8. Different rules of engagement may enhance the chances of victory. Mattis may be using different tactics which can produce superior results. 2. Consumer confidence and business confidence are at 15 year highs under Trump. The market is up. Trump is keeping all his campaign promises. He is off to a great start.

    1. NC: Check out Reuters’ Mideast reports on the latest English language news on the Mosul battle. It’s Mattis’ baby, now. Pretty shortly, we’ll be able judge how competent he is. Being the Secretary of Defense is a different job than being a division commander. The picture is a lot bigger. Thinking about it makes me dizzy. Wa-llahi! I hope we’re not swirling the toilet bowl.

      On a more hopeful note, Paul Manafort’s gonna roll on Glorious Leader, hamdu-llilahi! What a marvelous turn of events!

      All power to the dialectic!

  9. Does he think, like, “now that I am commander-in-chief the troops will start winning because of me.” Can it be he somehow thinks the troops fighting in Iraq now are somehow different from those who fought there before?

    When you spend your life taking one card on an inside straight, as Trump has done, bluffing when you don’t get the card you need, and then delegate the not paying up part to lawyers and accountants, who are out of sight and out of mind, whenever someone calls your bluff, and you get away with it, yes:

    President Trump somehow thinks the troops fighting in Iraq now are somehow different from those who fought there before. Trump believes probability and statistics are for the weak. But not even Trump can be bigger than the system and be the system at the same time, not without threatening to bring the whole damn thing crashing down to preserve his delusional matrix.

    Who will call President Trump’s bluff then?

  10. The point is for 8 years, little critique of Obama; now in less than 60 days with Trump, the sky is falling.

    1. Did you watch Fox at all in the last eight years? Little critique? Did you read The Washington Times?

      My point was, don’t react to the critics. Silence them with actions. Stick Spicer out there every day and let him do his job. Your work is needed somewhere else. Why the hell does Trump care what people say? He assures us that he is winning. That the world is going to be a better place. Fine. We have heard you. Now get on with the job. Stop wasting time with image. Substance is what you will eventually be judged on.

  11. Who’s really unhinged are the Trump haters! And they’ve been unhinged on a daily basis since Trump won the election.
    We know, Matt: Obama’s bombs and drones never hurt civilians; only Trump’s; Obama was never bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq (and Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen); Obama never spoke lightheartedly; Obama never played golf; Obama never said the war was going well! Obama never jokingly bragged about his drone program: “Turns out I’m good at killing people . . . never thought that would be a strong suit of mine.” (Halperin; Heilleman); Obama never called ISIS “the JV team.”
    Who’s unhinged?

      1. I hit post too soon. My apologies.

        Obama is gone. I think Trump enjoys the positivity of rallies in front of crowds of his solid supporters. That feeling is a good one and I don’t blame him for enjoying it. I wish, as president, he would work his ass off. The rallies are fun and show the world that there is a lot of rabid support for him, the candidate. He needs to move into this office and forget about approval ratings. Polls are for campaigns. Approval ratings are meaningless when dealing with the problems of our country. Work to be done. Problems to solve. Why bring up Obama. He is old news. Trump must make his own news. Work, work, work. As we use to say in the gym, “Take out the mouthpiece. You won the fight.”

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