Trump and His Followers BIG LIE: Few Die From Coronovirus

The Big Lie.  It came from Hitler.  It is being used by Trump. Here’s how it is summarized:

“A big lie (German: große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”. 

Trump and his followers have been spreading the BIG LIE about the coronavirus pandemic that is gripping the United States of America. It consists of two parts: first that the number of deaths from coronavirus are a tiny fraction of what has been publicized by the “fake media” and evil medical doctors. I had one person send me and article by one of those doctors that sells what he purports will better your health. This doctor is what we used to know as a snake oil salesman which is adequately defined as: 

Snake oil is an expression that originally referred to fraudulent health products or unproven medicine but has come to refer to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. By extension, a snake oil salesman is someone who knowingly sells fraudulent goods or who is himself or herself a fraud, quackcharlatan, and the like.”

The article by this doctor explained that even though it is reported (at the time he wrote the article) that we have had 160,000 deaths from Covid the true account is somewhere around 10,000, less than the flu.

The other day Trump spelled this out at one of his hate fests saying something to the effect that if a person has Covid but dies of a heart attack here in America they say he died of Covid but in the rest of the world they will say he died of a heart attack. He said they are doing this because the doctor’s make more money from a dead Covid patient than a dead heart attack patient. Like most things, there is nothing to back that up but that doesn’t prevent his almost all white non-college educated fans from ingesting it as a truism as if it was part of the theory of gravity. (They do believe in gravity I assume.) Basically, Trump was suggesting like the snake oil doctor that the figures were greatly exaggerated and not only that, it was being done because the health care workers on the front lines (over 1,700  have died from Covid) are deliberately lying about it.

Sadly we are the only nation in the world suffering from a pandemic where the leader of the country denies there is a pandemic. Trump and those caught in his web of lies can easily see the opposite of what they assert is true. If anything, the United States is underreporting the number of deaths from Covid.

I assume they do not deny there’s a pandemic raging in the rest of the world. Here’s how they get caught up in their  line of bs. If the rest of the world is properly labelling Covid deaths then we see how many deaths from the Covid pandemic are occurring in the world. Look at the figures.

There are 1,150,000  deaths worldwide attributed to Covid world and 43 million cases. This shows the death rate is about 3.488% of Covid cases.

The United States has 225,000 deaths attributed to Covid and 8,600,000 cases. This shows the death rate is about 2.626% of Covid cases.

Eliminate the U.S. deaths from the world and the world rate is 3.706%,  or a difference of 1.090%. If we were overcounting deaths because the people are dying from causes other than Covid then would not our percentage of deaths from Covid be much higher than the rest of the world.

If we experienced the world rate of 3.706% then our deaths would be 318,000.

Now isn’t that a coincidence with the latest news reporting: “The official Covid-19 mortality figures might be dramatically underestimating the real death toll of the pandemic in the US, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  From late January to early October, nearly 300,000 “excess deaths” occurred in America, the report authors estimate. That’s about a third more than the 216,025 coronavirus deaths the US reported in the same period.”

How then do the snake oil doctors and the Trump cult explain the 300,000 excess deaths? How then can they  “have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”.  They could blame it on climate change but they deny that is happening. Ah, that’s it, it is the Chinese who have killed the excess 300,000 Americans by putting an undetectable poison in their food. That will fly for the time being.

8 thoughts on “Trump and His Followers BIG LIE: Few Die From Coronovirus

  1. Matt
    The questions I would follow up with:

    Is Covid 19 a biologically engineered weapon?
    Who created it?
    Who benefits from it being deployed?
    What is it designed to do?

    In other stress analysis of a strapless evening gown…

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  2. A man who has “helped more blacks than anyone except for Lincoln–and maybe even him”–is not to be trifled with. He can turn a surge into a corner turner, extol masks while not wearing one, praise social distancing while cramming people into super spreaders and look you in the eye and deny he ever said what he said five minutes ago. What a guy!

  3. An early Thanksgiving refection–
    What a fine thing it is to read these keyboard battles of the brothers Connolly!

  4. Once again, Matt wrongfully compares Trump to Hitler (four years of comparing Trump to Hitler; Matt long ago lost all credibility.) Matt falsely accuses Trump of denying the pandemic. Matt’s Big Lie: Matt writes Trump “denies there is a pandemic.” Funny, Trump just yesterday discussed and mentioned “the pandemic” and just last week discussed the pandemic with CBS’s Leslie Stahl. Matt wrongfully wrote: “Sadly we are the only nation in the world suffering from a pandemic where the leader of the country denies there is a pandemic.” Matt can’t get a quote where Trump denied a pandemic. Trump declared Covid a Public Health Emergency in January, and in March set up a task force under Pence, Fauci, Birx, Adams, etcetera, to address the pandemic. The WHO declared a worldwide pandemic in March, and the Trump Administration echoed and affirmatively addressed the pandemic.

    Yesterday, Trump said that introducing the vaccine: “will quickly end the pandemic.” Matt wrongfully alleges that Trump denies the pandemic, but Trump actually uses the word “pandemic.” Headline today, “Trump discusses pandemic during rally in New Hampshire.” Oct. 26, 2020 at 6:46 AM EDT| Updated: 4 hours ago. Watch the video from ABC local news:

    Matt is promulgating the big lie. Compare: “”
    Now, who is telling the Big Lie?

    2. Here is how the CDC calculates Covid deaths. Confirmed Covid Deaths (tested “with Covid”) plus Probable Deaths (dies with similar symptoms, but not tested positive for Covid) and Excess Deaths ( all excess deaths are simply added in as Covid deaths.) There are good arguments to be made that the CDC is overestimating Covid deaths. Some, like Fauci, argue we may be underestimating Covid deaths, primarly because Fauci says persons who died “at home” (e.g. heart attacks) were not tested routinely for Covid presence.

    3. Matt’s own cited report states “excess deaths” may due to “people experiencing heart attacks have been forgoing emergency room visits, and drop-offs in cancer screenings.” Studies citing excess deaths may underestimate increased suicides, drug overdoses, alcoholism, violence and fewer hospital/doctor visits due to the lockdown itself. Joblessness and isolation causes increase deaths.

    1. William:

      Saying doctors are making money off of the pandemic by classifying other deaths as Covid deaths is denying the Pandemic.

      Just uttering the word pandemic doesn’t mean Trump believes in it. Clearly he is sending the word out to people that the 225,000 Americans who died from the disease died from somethin else which is denying it.

      It took Hitler years to become the HItler we got to know my suggestion Trump is using a Hitler propaganda tool is exactly what Hitler did. Hopefully he will not get the time to perfect his Hitler act.

      Trump knew in January from Xi how bad the virus was. He continued for months to downplay it to the American people. That is denying the pandemic. You mention his stopping flights from China which he did after 46 other nations did the same thing. Even with that 40,000 people still arrived from China under his exceptions. You sometime suggest things others didn’t do but none of them were president.

      Trump speaking to maskless people bunched together is denying the pandemic. Everything he does is denying the pandemic as we see it increasing in ever greater numbers. If he recognized it, that is if he did not deny it, he might lead us on a safer path. He doesn’t. He denies it with BIG LIES like doctors making money from it. One doctor asked about it said it was insulting.

      Clearly the statistics show the U.S. is underestimating deaths by 1% point less than the rest of the world. You want to suggest we are overestimating it. Makes no sense.

      The 300,000 undercount has been attributed to the virus and perhaps some other things. It is raging out of control in parts of the U.S. and you want to tell us it isn’t. I expected as much from a Trump supporter. It is good he hasn’t said the moon is made of cheese for if he had you would be saying someone, somewhere also said that.

    1. NC: Isn’t HItler bad enough. I could suggest Pol Pot but Trump would need more time to come up with the Killing Fields.

      1. I wouldn’t compare Bonespurs to Hitler. I would compare Hitler to Bonespurs.

        The truth about comparing certain bad people from history to our present crop of creodonts is misunderstood by many of the tunnel-visioned, slime defenders of the Right and Left. I got in huge trouble many years ago, in my teens, because I said that Hitler was an amazing public speaker. I didn’t say he was a good man. Just a good speaker. My neighborhood had many people with numbers on their forearms. My opinion never got beyond our living room walls, but still, it was the last time I made the observation aloud. My father had a wicked left hook for an Orthodox Jew. Or for anyone in his weight class.

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