Trump and the Nazis

“Heil” some shouted. Many others gave the Nazi straight arm salute. ‘Hark, Hark, the dogs do bark. The haters are coming to town.”

Like Senator Orrin Hatch I had a relative, uncle and Godfather, killed in uniform during the war: James Rogers. Other uncles served in uniform to fight the Nazis with their message of hate. I’m told one of my uncles wrote , “onward to Moscow.”  Did anyone in Trump’s family ever serve? Perhaps that explains his fondness for the Nazis and Putin.

You know that Trump knows how to fire out tweets within minutes at people he doesn’t like. A CEO tweets a resignation from one of his boards and within an hour he’s tweeting back saying the CEO’s pharmacy company is ripping off  people. I’m sure all will agree he’s quick on the tweeter.

Except when it came to the Nazis. I use the generic term Nazis to cover all those like the KKK, white supremacist group, and other so-called alt-right who gathered in Charlottesville Friday August 11, 2017, and the Saturday next, for the ostensible purpose of protesting the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee.

Thirty-two-year-old Heather Heyer a 2003 graduate from high school was killed by one of the Nazis. Lots of video show the crash in which she lost her life. I have to admit I initially thought there was something strange about it. The alleged driver of the car James Alex Fields Jr., age 20, driving his Silver Dodge Challenger drove at a high rate of speed down Fourth Street at about 1:45 pm and plowed into the rear of a stopped sedan caving in the trunk area and pushing it into a minivan in front of it. My initial reaction was “that’s strange he drove by people on the sidewalk and into the rear of a car. If his intent was to hurt people why didn’t he drive into them rather than a car like all other terrorists seem to do?”

The people who were hurt in the crash were those who came to protest against the Nazis. Heather too was there for that purpose. Within hours it was clear that Fields was a Nazi sympathizer when his face book postings were uncovered. It was also clear that Heather had died.

One video shows a woman being thrown over the top of the Sedan at the moment of impact. Was that Heather? Most likely. Whoever it was seeing it you had the feeling that if it was severe enough to propel her over a car she was unlikely to survive.

By early Saturday evening it was clear that one of the Nazis had murdered a woman protesting their message of hate. That was the time for Trump to condemn the Nazis for spewing their hate and for lamenting the death of Heather. He should have stood in an impromptu press conference and expressed his disgust at the Nazis and sympathy for Heather. It could have been done in a minute. It did not have to be scripted. It could even have been tweeted.

He didn’t do it then. Nor did he do it on Sunday. On Monday he finally did. But it was strange the way he did. He read in a deadpan manner from a teleprompter. When asked if he would answer questions he walked away suggesting he wouldn’t because of the fake media.

Nothing I said above was fake. He did hesitate in condemning the message of hate by the Nazis. If I said he reluctantly did so on Monday you might think that was fake. You decide. He tweeted after making the statement: “”Made additional remarks on Charlottesville and realized once again that the #fake news Media will never be satisfied…truly bad people!”

 Apparently he was content to not condemn the Nazis but did so to satisfy the news media. It wasn’t that he thought it appropriate to condemn those who advocate white supremacy; he did so reluctantly being almost forced to do it.

Viewing videos I figured out why the Dodge passed people on the sidewalk and rammed into the car. He could not see the Sedan as he sped down the street. It was hidden by a crowd of people. He planned to roar through that crowd hoping to run over hundreds. He never saw the Sedan until he was upon it. That it was there saved perhaps fifty to a hundred lives.

That’s what hate can do. It can blind one to the consequences of his actions so that he acts in a fury at others.  That’s why it must be condemned quickly, openly and voluntarily. Too bad we have a president who doesn’t  understand that basic principle of life.

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  1. Lets keep purging the land of everything that is offensive.

    It reminds me of a quote by Marx. He said, “Outside of a dog, a book is mans best friend. Inside of a dog, its too dark to read.”

  2. Elmer: Thanks for directing me to the article about “Lenin Fall. ” It strongly supports my point.

  3. I wonder when the antifa, who may very well be paid rent-a-mobs, got interested in attacking defenseless Confederate statues?

    1. Elmer: Are there statues of Nester Makno in Ukraine? How about Lenin, and, Trotsky? If there were, do you think they should be attacked and torn down?

        1. Elmer: I’m making one those equivalences even fascists can understand. Statues dedicated to former Communist rulers were torn down as symbols of oppression after the iron curtain came down. African Americans feel the same way about statues of Confederate military heroes and racist politicians. I know you are going say, “What about the white southerners?” Wa-llahi! The southern pale faces lost the civil war. To hell with their heroes and their commemoration of plantation slavery. It would be like Ukrainian Communists putting up statues to venerate camp commandants in the GULAG. How well would that go over?

          1. oh, I see, Khalid – Lenin must have been a Confederate

            interesting that all of this sudden “concern” about Confederates is raised by media idiots and political idiots only after Trump takes office

            And suddenly people who were never slaves are fighting people were who never Nazis over Confederate statues place by Dems, but somehow it’s all Trump’s fault.

            Yesterday, there was a large group of people milling about in Boston. The media idiots were waiting breathlessly for fights to break out. Boy, they were chomping at the bit, salivating, for fights to break out. When no fights broke out, the media idiots lost interest.

            The media idiots are lazy and stupid. They don’t report facts, and they want to inject themselves and their own perceived sanctimonious self-righteousness into what they “report.”


  4. Anti-fa deploy fascist tactics: Violence, shutting down speakers!
    Now the Leftists want to tear down monuments (not of Malcolm X, but of Confederates); next they’ll burn books (Google already tears down sites under its “hate speech” policy); next they’ll require internment camps (prison time for dissident “hate speakers” who oppose the socialist state.)

    You, know it’s funny: Malcolm X denounced violence and Black Supremacy only towards the end of his life when he rejected the Nation of Islam. Most Confederates renounced violence, accepted the Union and accepted the end of Slavery.
    No one will want Malcolm X’s statutes or street signs torn down. But Robert E. Lee, the West Point Grad, who accepted the Union?
    If we’re going to tear down statutes of Confederates, tear them down of adulterers (Clinton, MLK, JFK, etc.) Tear down statutes of everyone who sinned!

    1. Bill: Macolm X! Have you read his autobiography? The guy could write. If you broadened your intellectual horizons, your arguments might be more lucid. After you are done with the autobiography, you can tear into the “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison. I look forward to your making more sense.

    2. Elmer: As, soon, as, the Reconstruction was declared over, and, Union troops removed from the South, the Ex-Confederates you mention began instituting the Jim Crow Laws. This effort reached it’s apex in the twenties, when, most of the offensive statues were put up. Like the little iron lawn jockeys out in front of stately southern homes, the statues of Confederate war heroes were/are a constant reminder of African-Americans’ place in the new oppressive system. Jim Crow was enforced by lynching, and/or prison.

  5. There is an ultra-left and an ultra-right. Let’s not pretend there’s only a bad “alt-right” and a good “left.” There are maniacs all over the place, and the Charlottesville driver may indeed be one of them.
    But Matt, here’s where I must be a critical.
    You wrote yesterday: “Gorja, Bannon and Miller all white supremacists believing others are lesser.” Of course, many liberal Democrats believe Gorka, Bannon and Miller are lesser than themselves. They are not a white supremacists; they are liberal Democratic supremacist.
    They agree with Hillary that 50% of Trump supporters are deplorable racists, sexists, homophobes? Like the Boston press that labelled anti-forced-busing folks “racists” except those Brookline-Newton suburbanites who sued to keep forced-busing in the city.
    2. Bereft of facts, the left is reduced to ad hominem slanders, name-calling, throwing stones. It’s easy to do when you’re better than others.
    Like Goebbles, the Left pushes The Big Lie.
    The Big Lie: “Trump and his supporters are NAZIs. We liberals, the Big Government, tax-and-spend, interventionist, socialistic, pro-abortion liberals are pure of heart, soul and mind!”
    (3.) After several commentators berated Matt for his cartoon labeling Trump staffers Nazis, Matt backed off and labeled them “white supremacists.”
    (4.) Just because, you know where I stand, don’t throw stones at me!

    1. Bill C, you’ll get a kick out of this, I’m sure.

      National Propaganda Radio is pushing the pap that the antifa are “not as bad” and “can’t be equated” to the bad, bad white supremacists because the antifa “don’t think they’re better than anyone else.”

      Goebbels: “we are not striving for truth, but for effect.”

      1. The hair that can be split, in my opinion, is the final goal of the supremacists. Final solution, if you will.

        Someone I spoke to is LEFT. Far LEFT. In his opinion the next major confrontation is going to be Hagler (left) v. Hearns (right). I said that Trump is going to feast on that one and he agreed. They don’t care.

          1. Abe: A Socialist? What did you learn? Socialists range from Fabian to Trotskyite. Is your contact an Ultra?

    2. Bill: I didn’t mention any moral equivalence between the groups. There isn’t any. If you want to criticize the antifa movement, you have to know what line they articulate. Many folks in antifa, but, not all, espouse the ultra line. Ultras are guided by modern Marxist thought, as articulated by Slavoj Zizek, and, others.

      Goebbels was your boy, honest. Just ask Tad.

  6. ultra left:

    The term originated in the 1920s in the German and Dutch workers movements, originally referring to a Marxist group opposed to both Bolshevism and social democracy, and with some affinities with anarchism. The ultra-left is defined particularly by its breed of anti-authoritarian Marxism, which generally involves an opposition to the state and to state socialism, as well as to parliamentary democracy and wage labour. In opposition to Bolshevism, the ultra left generally places heavy emphasis upon the autonomy and self-organisation of the proletariat.

  7. Matt: The Second International was contentious. The social democrat trade unionists wanted to accept a piece of the pie from the bourgeoisie. Lenin insisted on the whole pie, and, the extinction of the bourgeoisie. Differences with the Anarchists are another matter.

    1. True, that. Carnival is a festival of masks. Masks can release the libidinal in folks. They can also free up rage. Masks are the face of what lurks beyond the authority of the law.

      1. There are a million things said on the internet in forums and on blogs every hour that would never be said to a persons face. I’m like Mister McDonald in that I don’t lie. It makes life easier. My father got in more trouble because he was a totally honest man than if he were a compulsive liar. As they always said, the truth hurts.

        An amusing story I have that I can tell happened on a boxing forum I was active on. I mentioned that I had been in a fracas years ago and had been bitten well hard on the face. My chin to be exact. I was called out immediately and posted a picture of the bite mark. Even that didn’t convince a man from the Midwest who was visiting in-laws in Baltimore. He took the train down to Union Station to spend some time with me. We had never met. First thing he said is, “Lets take a look at that bite” and sure enough half of his motivation was to see the scar. Honest Abe, you know.

  8. Masks are important. When you see masks in the joint it means that the jail house snitches are headed for a reckoning (a good thing). A mask liberates it’ wearer. Remember Attica. Exterminate the rats.

    All praise to antifa. All power to the Dialectic.

  9. right now, all sorts of idiot politicians and media idiots are having an orgy of virtue signaling by condemning the right of people to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E Lee – and they are having orgasm after orgasm blaming it all on Trump.

    all the antifas and BLM and Soros rent-a-mob idiots had to do is stay away; instead they came to the dance, spoiling for a fight, and they got it

    as it turns out, the kid from Ohio who drove his Charger into the crowd is a nut job, and had previous run-ins with the law as a juvenile and assaults against his mom – Trump’s fault, too, no doubt

    yeah, yeah, I know, Trump cannot do anything right in the eyes of the lefties and media idiots who live in and invent fantasy worlds and who are nauseatingly smarmy with their self-proclaimed breast-beating self-righteousness and virtue

    the Democrats fomented slavery, and now they want to re-write a history, which they and a whole host of other people never knew in the first place, by a clean sweep and re-branding of the South

    but wait

    son of a gun, if this don’t beat all

    In Fremont, Washington, there is a statue to a thug, a mass murderer, an oppressor – Lenin. Notice the way these articles depict it – oh, tee hee, tee hee, that’s just quirky Fremont.

    Wonder what the idiot antifas/BLM/lefties have to say about that? Probably nothing – because they don’t know history, and seek to replace history with their own fantasy.

    1. Sorting it out . Turns out the .. permitted … Right Wing Fringe nuts were allowed to rally in a square shaped park . Police lined three contiguous sides . The Alt Left : masked , batwielding , chemical spray at hip , and plexiglass shields ready , formed up at the open end . When things got going the Right Fringe were ordered to leave the park by the authorities . They were not allowed to egress through any of the three sides where the police were standing . Forced therefore into the maw of the mob the whole deal got set off . It was a State sanctioned , Terry McAuliffe , beatdown of a group that could have easily been scoffed at and managed . But the Lefties don’t like that President Trump is at the helm of the Government .This was an opportunity to exploit a situation for political gain and advantage .A young and gifted woman was killed. How’s that for Determinism ? Effect follows Cause . Her death was Caused by the Alt Left . They are as insidious as the Right Wing Nutcases . She was the Sacrificial Lamb at their Black Mass. Their energy is as demonic as that of their counterparts .

      1. I didn’t know the exact logistics. Friday’s rally by the Right was kind of scary, but the media shows you what they want you to see.

        About 12 years ago there was a conference in DC and the Left tore the place apart. Like I said, salt or fresh…….

        1. Well Abe , It’s GONE FISHING on today’s thread . Sumtin’ to do on this one . I like the irony of West Va. saint and Democrat icon … Hillary called him her ” legislative mentor ” and Barak eulogized him fulsomely … Senator Robert Byrd … having been elected GRAND KLEAGLE of the KKK in ’65 . He actively recruited for them. LBJ’s go to Texas drawling epithet was … And I quote … ” Nigger .” Bobby Kennedy, like Papa Joe , was an absolutely virulent anti-Semite . JFK was quoted as referring to nascent independent African states as …. And I quote … ” The Boogie Nations ,” and from the Nuclear Submarine namesake Senator John Stennis on and on , the Southern Democrat ranks were bustin’ … ” boy ” … with ardent Segregationists . Bill and Hil each sported Confederate Flag lapel pins in the Seventies btw … Documented !

          My , such … Inconsistencies .

          Surely , Ye Sage Of The Olde Neponset , it is indeed true that we must pull it all together , rather than that it should pull us all apart .

          Talk about taking it on the chin .

          1. Lenny Bruce did a bit on how LBS’s handlers had a hell of a time teaching him to say Negro. He kept saying Nee-ger-o.

            Speaking of Gone Fishing, Last month I was given a nice vintage Shakespeare fly reel in trade for an old book on fishing. I put it on a vintage 8′ bamboo fly rod I got for a song (Oy! Wholesale?) a couple years ago. Hooked and landed a 22″ Largemouth Bass this afternoon. If I could figure out how I could put a picture of the fish on here. Caught and released. Happy, happy, happy.

            1. Now … That’s … Pulling it all together . As my Old Poet Friend Jack Powers would say … Saluté !

    2. Elmer. Do you own Elmer’s Barn in Maine? I love that place. Best tool seller in New England.

      I like your post. I disagree with some of it and agree with other parts. I think the left leaning mob should have come to dance, after all we did fight WWII to defeat the same ideology that the protestors adore and proclaim is there final goal. You do understand that this mob wants the government we have to dissolve and replace it with a fascist government. Anyway, I think riots are just that.

      One thing that really disturbs me is the need for all these statues to be torn down. Granted they don’t have statues of Hitler in Germany or Mussolini in Italy, but the Civil War was quite different. It is a part of all of our history. When I moved to Virginia from Boston 23 years ago I knew nothing about The War Of Northern Aggression. I am now surrounded by it in Northern Virginia and have studied it extensively. I am not studying a foreign country when I study the war. I am studying and learning about MY history. America’s history. My knowledge and appreciation of this country of mine has been greatly enriched beyond anything I could have imagined because I have immersed myself in this culture. To understand America and its history one MUST understand that war we fought. And it is about all of us, no matter where you live in the United States. This political correctness stuff can really piss me off.

      I was originally from Grove Hall. I still have Black friends up there. I never heard a peep about a problem with a statue of Stonewall Jackson or Robert E. Lee. And remember, Lee was offered the job to lead the North in that war. He chose his home state. That’s how close the sides were. One second thought and he could have replaced Grant as the hero.

      1. Honest Abe, here’s an irony:

        Unite the Right won’t be able to replace a government by rioting or preventing statues from being taken down.

        You do understand that the antifa want a fascist/PC government. They won’t be able to replace a government by rioting or tearing down statues.

        Unite the Right never did get a chance to speak; and the antifas shouted mindless slogans

        all of this occurred as they all re-enacted their own little version of Jets v Sharks (West Side Story)

        All of the Confederate soldiers, save one, were pardoned. And both sides got together annually after the war – peacefully. There are movies and newspaper reports of it.

        So – one wonders. What is the role of the prez of the US? To be an arbiter of history, and to comment on every stupid group that decides to do something stupid in the US? Or is it to execute the laws of the US?

        There is so much self-righteous virtue signaling going on right now, including vitriolic attacks against Trump, that surely we must have been turned into heaven by all the proclamations.

        And in Congress, Nadler, the fat guy from New York, and 2 others, have introduced a censure resolution against Trump. Nothing to do with his job as prez – apparently, he is not righteous enough for their tastes.

        The PC stuff is something that has been done before – in the sovok union. Except that is was called “counter-revolutionary talk.” People, even children, were encouraged to report and denounce one another for “counter-revolutionary talk”. They even had a child hero – little Pavlik Morozov – who was held up as an example, because he informed on his parents.

        It turned everyone into whisperers. Why? Because you didn’t want anyone to overhear what you were saying and get denounced and sent to Siberia. Orlando Figues covers this very, very well in his book, “The Whisperers.”

        So far, we are being told that the Washington Monument is safe, because “he owned slaves at a time when it was legal to own slaves and because he did wonderful things for our country.” Seriously.

        eenie, meenie, miney moe
        PC people get to pick which ones stay
        and which ones go

        I don’t think that’s the way history – accurate history – is supposed to be reflected.

        And – all the antifa people had to do is to stay away to avoid violence. But both sides were spoiling for a fight. And they got it. Stupid morons.

        1. Again, I have to agree with most of your post. The one thing that should be in front of all these quarrels is that the Right marchers are trying to bring about a form of government that many Americans and allies died to suppress and eliminate.

          I don’t give a shit about who cracked who on the skull or who had a permit or was wearing a mask. That is all meaningless. You got to a rock fight and get hit with a rock, don’t complain. And I doubt that many of those on either side that came equipped to fight have complained. I never stepped into a boxing ring or onto the ice and whined about getting hurt. Let the two sides get it out of their systems. Put them on a big island an blow the whistle. It is what both sides want. The last man standing wins. Just don’t hand the microphone to some politician or news caster and allow them to pontificate. I don’t want to know what they think because I don’t care what they think. Their opinion means absolutely nothing to me and is usually so far off center it is worthless. I would much rather see reporting like that young woman did who went out on the street and in a civil manner simply asked people on both sides why they were there and what they hoped to accomplish. I hate the fact that these news pigs always have to find out who is to blame for this and blame for that. Then they can feel really good about themselves and say, “I told you so.” Bunch of self promoting douchebags.

          1. well, Honest Abe, sir, this reminds me of one of the best rules ever implemented in hockey – the “third man in.” Used to be that there was an effort to break up the fights. Then people wised up. Let the 2 jerks who started fighting keep going till they tire themselves out – third man, and those after that, supposedly trying to break up the fight, are penalized.

            Fights last a lot shorter.

            And – no self promoting douchebags!

  10. I know Mo the match man . Only liar liars ever have their pants on fire . I never lie and I never exaggerate . Many people throughout my life seem to have viewed it as a character deficit of mine. I do not have the honor of knowing Mo Fitz . That by the way would be a great name for a pants store on Blue Hill Ave . I give it to you if you decide to sit back down on the Old Patch . I was on a Cormac McCarthy jag about twenty years ago . The last book of his I read was about that cowboy riding his horse through suburban hill and dale in a modern American landscape . He refused to get out of the saddle. Good on him .

    1. The Road … I don’t think I read that . I like the title . I must re-visit Cormac . Tx .

  11. “We have reached a sickening pass in American Politics ; Fat cats , Right and Left , feeding on the carrion of the Body Politic .”

    No matter if the water is salt or fresh, shit floats.

    Yeah, we got problems. Its like the time I boated out to Bird Island in Buzzards Bay and watched a Peregrine Falcon kill a Roseate Tern. One endangered species killing and feasting on another endangered species. Can’t they all just get along?

    1. Yep, It floats downstream . That’s the point . Good Miltonian like you certainly knows that.

      One To Count Cadence is an exercise in verbosity the likes of which I have not encountered in quite some time . Turgid prose , yet , in the streambed , some real nuggets , of gold , not shit . Perhaps that is all we can ever hope for as the river of life , political and otherwise , courses on .

      See how I pulled that all together, Abe .

      1. The Olde Neponset River. You are blessed. A gentleman and a scholar but I wouldn’t tell you if your pants were on fire. (I use that line all the time. Don’t ask me why.) How many times did I cross that stone bridge to pick up a corned beef on rye at Blackie’s Deli? Eh, who cares?

        Do you know Dorchester citizen Mo Fitz, that is Maurice Fitzgerald? He was 1st Marine, Chosin Reservoir. Just curious. His son is a good buddy.

        One To Count Cadence might have been his first novel. It was an early one. I have not read it. The Janissary Tree interrupted The Final Country. I picked it back up last night. Except for Dancing Bear I have given all his books away.

        Have you read Cormac McCarthy? Dark stuff but highly recommended. I consider The Road his masterpiece. Most disagree.

  12. Gorka, a naturalized US citizen from Hungary (his father fought the Commies), taught at numerous US-military affiliated institutions.
    Bannon, grew up in a pro-JFK Catholic family, served 7 years in the US Navy and was special advisor to a Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon.
    Steve Miller grew up in a liberal Jewish family, graduated from Duke and worked on Capital Hill for numerous conservative politicians.
    And Matt portrays all as “Nazis”!

    2. I don’t believe Trump made any “mistake”; I believe the hysterical media overreacted.

    3. One right wing maniac drove a car into a crowd; one left-wing maniac shot 5 Dallas cops; one left-wing maniac shot a Congressmen and two cops in Arlington. And that means what? There are violent maniacs, left and right, and all sane people denounce them!

    1. Absolutely correct except more than just the hysterical MSM reacted.

      You said it a lot better than I. These three men are not Nazis.

      And, there are violent maniacs left and right, AND in the middle. You can’t turn your back on anyone.

    2. Bill:

      The event. The gathering of Nazis, KKK, alt-right dividing America should be condemned. White supremacists should be condemned. Gorja, Bannon and Miller all white supremacists believing others are lesser. They have a right to their beliefs but it is an obligation of a president to say what they preach is wrong. How can you say Trump did not make a mistake in not condemning these people who seek to divide America until he was forced to do so?

  13. Identity Politics . Who knew we had 96 million Nazis in America ? We do not . The National Socialists ( NAZIS ) and the International Socialists ( The Antifah ” Anti-Fascist” Fascists ) went at each other in Charlottesville . Let me drape myself in Virtue : I hate Nazis , the KKK and all simple minded White Supremacists . Let me also add : I hate hypocrites who employ fascist brutality while declaring themselves ” Anti – Fascists ,” Lefties who generally hate white men as a matter of political creed and principle and who chant ” What do we want , dead cops , when do we want them , Now ! ” at their Love Trumps Hate rallies and especially weaselly bug eyed Trotskyites who live comfortably, opine radically , and have everyone else’s skin in the game but their own . We have reached a sickening pass in American Politics ; Fat cats , Right and Left , feeding on the carrion of the Body Politic .

  14. “I use the generic term Nazis to cover all those like the KKK, white supremacist group, and other so-called alt-right ” are words of hate. This level of rhetorical excess allows me to claim that the generic term Reds covers antifa, BLM and each and every pussymarcher.

    “That it [a sedan] was there saved perhaps fifty to a hundred lives.” No exaggeration here. History is replete with single cars being used to slaughter fifty to a hundred people. Given the lawlessness promoted by the Gov. McAuliffe and Mayor Signer, does not it behoove reasonable people to withhold judgement on the motivation and state of mind of the driver of the vehicle. With rocks smashing into his windshield, with an imminent threat to his life, he may have panicked and over-excelerated. What evidence do you have, other than your own hate, of his state of mind that points to malice aforethought?

    Ҥ 18.2-422. Prohibition of wearing of masks in certain places; exceptions.
    It shall be unlawful for any person over 16 years of age to, with the intent to conceal his identity, wear any mask, hood or other device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer, to be or appear in any public place, or upon any private property in this Commonwealth without first having obtained from the owner or tenant thereof consent to do so in writing. However, the provisions of this section shall not apply to persons (i) wearing traditional holiday costumes; (ii) engaged in professions, trades, employment or other activities and wearing protective masks which are deemed necessary for the physical safety of the wearer or other persons; (iii) engaged in any bona fide theatrical production or masquerade ball; or (iv) wearing a mask, hood or other device for bona fide medical reasons upon (a) the advice of a licensed physician or osteopath and carrying on his person an affidavit from the physician or osteopath specifying the medical necessity for wearing the device and the date on which the wearing of the device will no longer be necessary and providing a brief description of the device, or (b) the declaration of a disaster or state of emergency by the Governor in response to a public health emergency where the emergency declaration expressly waives this section, defines the mask appropriate for the emergency, and provides for the duration of the waiver. The violation of any provisions of this section is a Class 6 felony.”

    Query: Did either the Governor or the Mayor order the police to not enforce Virginia’s Anti-Masking Law? Masks are used by the left to cowardly hide their identity and to terrorize peaceful persons. Citizens with right wing opinions have been subjected to violence recently at other venues by such non-enforcement of laws ordered by left wing government leaders. It is clear that the law was not being enforced. The public official responsible for non-enforcement of laws against masking is in part responsible for the fatal violence. That official encouraged violence.

    This single refusal to enforce public order and to instead encourage violence is a small part of a pattern. An order of a federal judge to vindicate the First Amendment was subverted. Police were told to push the opposing sides together. Clintonista Governor Terry McAuliffe and Democrat Mayor Mike Signer have blood stained hands. Both consciously enabled violence.

    1. Tadzio:

      There were no rocks being thrown into his windshield. He was speeding down a street full of pedestrians aiming and crasing into a group of them. Did you not see it? Motive – his face book site, his marching with the shield, etc give a clear clue to his motive. The objective facts speak for themselves. Pretty sad you make up imaginary scenarios to justify this heinous act.

      Why do you talk about a mask law? How is this relevant to the Nazis and their friends. No one is justifying the Reds, as you call them. But the group that gathered and marched and from which came the murderer has a hate philosophy of white supremacy which has no place in America. It should be condemned.

      1. Remember Trayvon Martin and the edited tape of his conversation with the police? The network removed the question asked and presented the answer as a unsolicited statement. You see a single film clip from the lügenpresse and you KNOW everything about the man, his circumstances and his motivations. I’m too old to be that smart and will have to await a vetting of all the evidence before passing judgement.

      2. Matt, we can oppose Nazis, neo-Nazis, KKK, white supremacists, black supremacists, communists, anti-fa, BLM, and condemn “hate speech”, but we must constantly re-assert that hate speech is constitutionally free speech in America and the KKK and Black Panthers and BLM and Anti-fa have a right to peacefully assemble, march and express themselves. Anti-fa has no right to destroy property at Berkeley and shut down Ann Coulter’s speech.

      3. He was speeding down a one way street, relatively devoid of pedestrians. He crossed an intersection, continued to speed, seemed to slow down as more pedestrians lined both sides of the street.
        He crashed into the back on one vehicle, pushing that vehicle into a second vehicle, which was propelled into a crowd.
        He was immediately attacked by stick-wielding Anti-fa persons. One hit his vehicle on the side; three or four jumped on the back of his vehicle.
        He then backed up.
        Maybe he panicked.
        Maybe his intent was just to flee!
        Signed, Attorney for the Defense!

    2. “With rocks smashing into his windshield, with an imminent threat to his life, he may have panicked and over-excelerated. What evidence do you have, other than your own hate, of his state of mind that points to malice aforethought?”

      I just read this. I can’t believe you misspelled accelerate. I thought you were better than that.

    3. Who’d of thunk nazi-tad would come out in defense of the Nazis blaming law enforcement and the scary masks of the “alt-left.” Are you saying the scary masks of the “alt-left” scared your triggered snowflake nazi boy to drive 50 mph into a crowd of people? Well then…case closed.

  15. I also agree that the cartoon is awful. Completely unfair and as yellow as it gets. I know Sebastian Gorka and he is a good guy and portraying him in that light is beyond unfair. As they say, “Until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes…..”

      1. No. I need to know more. Who are the fascists he supports? Who calls them fascists? What is their agenda and political stance on freedoms in Hungary? What are their favorite color balloons? Do they consider dancing with a mailman odd? Those last two questions are not jokes. They have meaning within the fascists movements in European countries. If you understand them than you have been looking hard. Khalid probably has an idea.

  16. All your bullshit aside, Trump made a mistake and he can’t come back from that. That’s because he can’t admit he made a mistake. He handled it improperly. You always bring back Obama and Hillary. That’s because Trump can’t stand on his own. This isn’t Nazi Germany, its the USA. We have certain rules that are etched in stone. Our way of life or the way of life we strive for will not tolerate White supremasists to run the place. The hate they spew should not be tolerated on any level and the president didn’t make that clear. I wish that you guys that are blowing him would just stand back and say what my Ultra Conservative Trump supporting neighbor just told me about five minutes ago when I was bringing in my trash barrel.

    “He fucked up.”

  17. Who employs Nazi tactics? The left and leftist MSM adopt Goebbles’ tact: The Big Lie. Hitler’s Propaganda Minister said, “Tell a big lie often enough and people will believe it. ” The Nazis portrayed Jews as disloyal sub-humans. The Left portrays Trump and his cabinet as disloyal Nazis.
    The hyperbole. The Big Lie. This is a Nazi tactic, adopted by the Left.

    1. Ummmm Bill C. That is a truly stupid post. I think the people yelling Nazi Chants, wearing Nazi outfits, and marching with Nazi flags are the Nazis. These are the people that support Trump. Trump’s agenda fits the Nazis agenda. Trump refused to completely denounce the Unite the Right protest. You cannot sit here and say the Unite the Right protest stood for anything but white supremacy.

      1. Dave, you don’t understand! Commies can employ the tactics of Goebbels. The entire advertising industry employs Goebbels tactic. A friend of mine, Larry Tye, wrote a book about it.

  18. That cartoon is a nasty smear. Bannon and Miller are Nazis? What a vile thing to say about people you disagree with. Is this how empty the Left is of ideas? Hillary has to call half of Trump’s supporters a basket of deplorables ( racists, homophobes, Islamophobes etc.). Is name calling the only card the Left has? Trump denounced all the violence. Why does he have to do more? Is violence of the Left ( Black Panthers, Weathermen, Antifa and BLM) acceptable? Seems the Media and the Dems have a double standard. 2. A few hundred radicals of the Right and Left show up for a demonstration and a counter protest. Both groups are carrying sticks, wearing head gear and prepared for a fight. Both engage in violence. Yet only one is to be denounced? Fake news propaganda. 3. How many gullible people are there? Trump has a campaign rally. Thousands peacefully assemble. The dirty tricks wing of the Dems send over a few disruptive protesters. They are removed from the event after attempting a hecklers veto. The Fake news condemns Trump for creating a climate of violence which was manufactured by his foes. 4. The real news is a growing economy, a stronger military, a robust stock market and consumer and business confidence at historic highs.

    1. Have you ever read (I’m assuming you have considering the types of post you write). The articles are racially charged, and the comment section is filled with fascists, neo nazis, racists, misognyists, etc. Our AG says he reads it every morning. The people who lurk in the Breitbart comment section are those people who attend rallies like Unite the Right.

      1. Breitbart is a good solid conservative site. Of course, the Leftists hate it, and so like all “ideas” the leftists (liberal democrats) disagree with, they throw stones at it, labeling it racist, white supremacist, etc. An old Nazi and Commie tactic: censorship! burn the books!
        It’s why the leftists won’t let Ann Coulter speak (former clerk to Supreme Court Justice): because they “hate” her ideas.

  19. 1. Trump promptly condemned the violence of the the extreme leftists (antifa, BLM who carried sticks, shields, pepper spray, and cans with flame throwers) and the extreme rightists (KKK, neo-Nazis, who were similarly armed (except no flame throwers.) THE FAKE NEWS IS hysterically QUIBBLING OVER SEMANTICS.
    2. Since 2000, Trump has publicly condemned KKK and people like David Duke. During a 2016 campaign debate in Detroit, Chris Wallace asked him if he condemned the KKK, David Duke and white supremacists, “Trump answered Yes, I totally disavow them “This must be the 18th time I’ve answered that question.” In the prior week he repeatedly condemned them.)
    3. Obama never served in the Military.
    4. Trump never lied about his family’s service. Obama lied about his family’s service in the military:

    “Obama’s Memorial Day Whoppers

    “Obama also spoke about his typical white uncle, who was part of the American brigade that helped to liberate Auschwitz. He said the family legend is that, upon returning from war, his uncle spent six months in an attic.”

    First lie! — Wow! Very dramatic! The problem is that Auschwitz of course is in Poland. It was liberated by the Red Army on January 27th, 1945. . . .The Allies were wrapping up the battle of the bulge in late January of 1945 — the Rhine crossings were still well into the future when Auschwitz was liberated.

    Second lie! — Obama has no uncles. His mother Anna was an only child, and Obama Sr. had two sisters.

    Oh, it’s not a lie, his campaign says he made a mistake — he just made another gaffe in the growing collection of documented Obama’s gaffes — it was his great-uncle and it was a sub-camp of Buchenwald, but who cares about these little details, right?

    AGAIN? — well, it turns out that he’s told this tale before, in 2002 — except he identifies his typical white grandfather as the liberator.

    “My grandfather signed up for a war the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, fought in Patton’s army. He saw the dead and dying across the fields of Europe; he heard the stories of fellow troops who first entered Auschwitz and Treblinka. He fought in the name of a larger freedom, part of that arsenal of democracy that triumphed over evil, and he did not fight in vain.”

    Third lie! — Obama’s grandfather enlisted on June 18, 1942.

    Fourth lie! — In his autobiography, “Dreams of My Father,” Obama states his grandfather never engaged in combat. “Gramps returned from the war never having seen real combat, and the family moved to California, where he enrolled at Berkeley under the GI bill.”

    5. The cartoon you posted is scurrilous and beneath contempt. Of course, ever since Trump’s election you’ve delighted in calling him Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot. Conservatives like Bannon, Gorka and Miller you call Nazis . . . how about listing all the Nazi-like things they’ve done?

    1. Trump’s father has a long history of racism. He was even arrested in 1927 during a KKK rally. Trump (real name drumpf) is a liar, thin-skinned phony with racist tendencies. If you defend him, it is only because you are a racist like he is.

    2. Just admit it, you are grasping for straws…Obama…seriously, what does he have to do with any of this besides show how terrible of a President Trump is? You might as well come out and say you support the white supremacists at this point.

  20. Talk about being hoist on one’s own petard. The Nazis have blown Glorious Leader sky high. Trump’s approval rating is headed for the abyss. The next dust up with the Nazis will look like a battle scene from “Gangs of NY.” Remember Greensboro.

  21. Hitler is their hero. We all know that. They want to mold this country into a place where only Whites are in power. Period. His reading of the three main classes of people doing this sounded like he was going over a shopping list before he entered the supermarket.

    “…..white supremasists…..the KKK…..neo-Nazis…..”

    Think of how long it would have taken Reagan to come back with a statement and what that statement would have contained. This is the worst.

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