Trump Announces New Ban to Keep Americans Safe


lightningSean Spicer told members of the press corps that amazing efforts are being taken by the great people on the president’s team to continue with their formidable efforts to protect the American people.

Kellyanne Conway appearing on RT told Larry King last night: “despite hostile media efforts to refuse to join our team and their continuing attempt undermine our popular president by its continuing mocking and scurrilous reporting, the great majority of the great American people know the president loves them and will move heaven and earth to protect them.”

Asked about the recent demonstrations against his seven nation ban she replied: “You know in dice when you roll seven on your first toss you win.  We threw a seven.”

Larry then asked whether the demonstrations have shown her that these bans should not be rushed, she laughed saying: “they were not rushed but were put into effect at the earliest possible moment since President Trump will not take any chances on the safety of Americans. The mainstream media has no concern for their safety. Imagine if we did not take that step and a terrorist attack happened? All the media seeks to do is talk and criticize. Our president Mr. Trump is a man of action.  Like Commander Perry he tells us ‘Damn the media, full steam ahead’ without worrying about the willy nilly’s in the media.” (I’m told Admiral David Farragut said this. I wonder if Kellyanne knew that.)

She then went on: “we calculated there were about thirty thousand people at demonstrations at most, but let’s grossly exaggerate and say fifty thousand. We saw them at 17 airports. Now this proves our point. The media all except Fox covered these as if they amounted to something. That is the latest example of their hostility to our president. There are 318 million Americans. What is fifty thousand compared to that? They absolutely failed to cover 317 million nine hundred fifty thousand Americans. You see the bias and animosity. There are eleven thousands four hundred sixty-nine airports in America and they put out news about what is happening at seventeen. Did you see coverage of any other airports? How many demonstrations at those airports were in favor of the ban. I’d guess a hell of a lot more than seventeen. But that is hidden because there was no coverage.”

She pause with a smile to let that sink in. A caller to the show started to ask her about something he heard on CNN.  She said “you’re listening to CNN. Fake news. I don’t answer fake news.” She turned to Larry and said: “I’ll give you a news scoop since you and RT have been good to us. President Trump is going to issue a new ban in an executive order tomorrow.”

Larry turned the camera and said: “Listen up folks we have a scoop.”

Ms Conway said “You absolutely do have one. The Cato Institute has done calculations on the dangers Americans face and the odds of them happening. It has noted the danger to Americans from terrorist attacks involving mass shootings is 1 in 3.6 million. We believe our order relative to the 7 nations have made that even more unlikely.

In figuring that out the president who is looking ahead and trying to prevent dangers to Americans and not reacting to them saw that there was a greater danger where the odds of Americans being endangered are even higher. It is 1 in 1.2 million. This new executive order addresses that and President Trump is on the telephone right now to tell  about it.”

The president’s voice could be heard as a photograph of him sitting at his cluttered desk came across the television screen: “My utmost and greatest priority is to keep Americans safe. I love all Americans. When I learned of this danger I acted quickly to ban it. Kellyanne has a draft of my order and she will read it. Rest assured my first priority is to keep America safe from harm and prosperous. Thank you and good night.”

Ms Conway then picked up some paper that she took out of a folder.  “Thank you Mr. President,” she said. Turning to Larry she went on,“Here it is, Larry.”

Let’s hear it!” said Larry rubbing his hands together obviously pleased he was going to be the first to make this news know.

Ms Conway began: “I’m reading now. Effective immediately a permanent ban on lightning strikes which hit 1 in 1.2 million Americans a year is herewith enacted throughout the United States in the red states. The blue states will remain unaffected by this ban.”


21 thoughts on “Trump Announces New Ban to Keep Americans Safe

  1. ED:

    Try “Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Galicia.” The article goes into great detail.

  2. Elmer, you get me wrong. I hope Glorious Leader gets played by Ukraine, just, as, Bandera used Hitler. It was clever to have Ukrainians join the puppet police of the conquering Germans. When the tide turned against Germany, these puppet police deserted in unison. Their German supplied weaponry disappeared with them. Of even more importance, was the experience Ukrainian puppet police had gained from participating in the “Final Solution.” This knowledge would later be put to use systematically exterminating Poles. Beats me, why the Soviets went to such efforts to see him dead.

  3. Tom Brady’s hero is his father. Guess that makes him as bad as Trump. Claiming enhanced scrutiny from seven Muslim countries is a MUSLIM BAN is a canard. Over 90% of the Muslims in the world are not effected. Three hundred thousand sought entry into America last Saturday. 100 were detained. One percent of America is Muslim. So probably 3000 Muslims were among the three hundred thousand returning. Thus 97% of the returning Muslims were not subject to the additional scrutiny. A minor episode is blown out of all proportion. 2. The U S code vests the President with the authority to admit or exclude immigrants. He alone decides who poses a threat. His order was reviewed and approved by the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department. That is why Yates action was improper and her firing was required. She disobeyed a legal order of the executive. All judicial rulings against the order are bogus. 3. The Democrats are really in a sad state. They have no power, no ideas and are reduced to political theater. As Ronald Reagan said He didn’t leave the Democratic Party . They left him. They also left millions of others.

    1. NC:

      You truly have fallen for the Trump doublespeak. Brady like Trump doesn’t read books so of course their heroes are their fathers. I’ve never considered Brady a great thinker although he is a great football player. Yes, in understanding history Brady is as bad as Trump but he has not gone into other fields where he is incompetent as Trump has gone.

      You confuse things. 100 somewhat were detained and released. They were already in transit. Tens of thousands with proper papers were prohibited from boarding aircraft coming to America. Perhaps you might want to read this: Your 3,000 figure is made up just like Trump’s facts because Muslims were stopped from boarding so they could not be among those detained. Children and families trying to reunite were stopped cold. That wouldn’t bother anyone supporting Trump.

      2. It is not that simple citing the U.S.Code. Many of the people stranded overseas have lived here for many years. They were admitted and went home for visits. They now cannot come back. Read the countless stories of the people and children who are stranded. As for Yates, one is supposed to stand up for what they believe is an illegal order or do you think one should follow orders they believe to be illegal. No one questions his right to fire her. He likes to fire people. He likes to threaten them as he did with the State Department people who are also concerned with his immigration order. He wants them to get with the program or leave. Is that what you want in our government a total silence among people lest they lose their jobs. No, sorry, even Sean Spicer does not call the judicial rulings bogus. They only applied to those who were being detained and were in fact followed by the administration. None were appealed.
      3. If the Democrats are in a sad state the Republican are worse. They are led by an egotistical man who is concerned with his crowd numbers and approval ratings who has allied himself with Russia and the far right demagogues. They are now in the position of the Whigs.

  4. wa-llahi! I see Russia is moving on Ukraine, this morning. That didn’t take long. It’s almost, as, if, it was planned months ago. Glorious Leader gave Putin the Green-light. Elmer, how does that make you feel? Are you torn between two horses? The Trumpsovki are betraying Ukraine, so Glorious Leader can cuddle-up with Putin. How do you think Yarosh will react to this stab in the back? I’m headed over to Kiiv Post to look for his comment. If Bandera were alive, today, I don’t think he’d see much day-light between Trump, and, Hitler.

    1. Glorious Leader is going to weaken the FDA. Does anybody remember the Thalidomide tragedy? It devastated families in Canada and Europe. The drug caused horrible birth defects. The USA was spared, because, the FDA refused to allow it to be distributed. Thalidomide did not pass their rigorous scientific critique. Trump has just promised to “stream-line that critique, so, big pharma can main-line dangerous drugs straight into Americans with minimal testing beforehand.

      Every day, in every way, we must resist Trump.

    2. Khalid, what you said is neither humor nor fact.

      Bandera was in a Nazi concentration camp. I assure that he would see absolutely no similarity between Trump and Hitler. Godwin’s law also comes into play here, no matter how much fun lefties are having bashing Trump.

      Here is a detailed report of the latest Russian push in Avdiivka from Ukrainian Pravda, including a satellite photo:

    3. Khalid:

      That seems to be the case. Although Trump the coward said he did not broach the subject of Ukraine with Putin which defies logic. How could he talk with him and not discuss that? It is just like he said he did not talk about paying for the wall when he went to Mexico. He lies about everything. I think he told Putin that Ukraine is in his sphere of influence and it is none of America’s business what Russia does there.

  5. Your post about Orlando:
    The FBI Blundered – It Should Have Stopped This: Note the Fear to Criticize It
    June 13, 2016Uncategorized

    The Yates/Comey press conference in Orlando

    Farragut actually said….”Damn! The Torpedos! FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!”…it’s all in the puctuation.

    1. Bill:

      I know you were there at the time the statement “Damn the torpedoes” was made so I defer to your expertise and not my memory. I will make the correction, thanks.

      As for Orlando, Marathon Day, and other events a more alert FBI should have stopped them.

      1. I am old! Thanks know everyone in Southie says Farragut turned his back on Souh Boston and a drunk sat parked for hours thinking he was a traffic cop….the press conference that horrified me was while they were madly spinning the shooter was a conflicted gay man…when they altered his transcript exchanging Allah for God and making the scene of terror into some inclusive gathering..Comey’s conclusion, berating us for failing to see something say something, was so insulting after the FBI failure in Orlando.

  6. Humor is the best tonic for Trump. Thanks, Matt, for bringing into focus the absurdity of the situation. Beckett would be proud of you.

  7. Matt:
    I believe that the “Damn the torpedos” quote was from Adm. Farragut steaming up Mobile Bay. It would add a lot to our confidence in our government if our leaders were exposed to U.S history or, better yet, had served in the U.S. sea services.

  8. During the horror surrounding the Orlando killings, and the FBI’s failures and excuses about lone wolf activities, I sent a friend at Customs your blog entry and then this note about the ‘new’ Archibald Cox. I recall being appalled at her presentation then and I am as disturbed now about her insubordination:

    just suffered through presentations by Obama, SallyYates from U S Attorney ( promoted by Holder to effect release of drug prisoners and who said..We are not the Department of Prosecution..we are the Dept of Justice…) and FBI’s Comey…we are in deep trouble

    1. Bill:

      You hit the nail on the head. It seems Sally Yates just pulled a political stunt. However if she truly believed the law was illegal, which I cannot tell, then she had no choice but to do it even though she knew it would characterized as what I called it.

      1. Sally Yates had every right to resign in dudgeon. She chose the political choice in hopes of becoming a Cox martyr. I hold her in very low regard for her works at Justice and her exit from the department. I keep seeing two old bumper stickers: Nixon is a Cox Sacker and Jesus Saves; but Esposito Scores on the Rebound! Those were the days!

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