Trump lied – People Died – Case Closed – Listen to President’s Words

When Trump imposed the travel ban on China – which did not ban everyone from traveling from there – it exempted Americans and their families as well as citizens of Hong Kong and Macao who were coming from China. There was no ban on people coming in from Europe until March 12. That allowed people to come in from overseas to attend business conferences such as the the one who attended the international business conference held in Boston from February 26-27 by Biogen at the Marriott Long Wharf hotel which infected thousands.

That ban was imposed as we now know from Bob Woodworth’s just published book which is supported by Trump’s own words recorded over 18 interviews and which recordings have been made available to the public.  On February 7 Trump told Woodworth that he had spoken to XI about the virus in China. He said he knew the virus was at least five times worse than the flu and that it was very dangerous and could be transmitted through the air. He noted to Woodward how dangerous it was because of that.

After that time Trump played down the dangerous nature of the virus knowing that he was doing it. He said he was doing it to keep the people calm. He told Woodward on March 19 that he was deliberately downplaying the dangerousness and the seriousness of Covid-19 and had been doing it all along.  He was admitting that he was lying to the American people about the seriousness of the virus making them more complacent and believing that it was not a danger to them or their families.

We now have the largest number of Covid-19 deaths in the world. The last I looked it was over 190,000 Americans who had died. Why so many? It was because Trump lied and Americans died. He deliberately and admittedly downplayed the virus knowing its great danger. How is it possible for a person not to understand that Trump led thousands upon thousands to their death by deceiving them.

Imagine that people would vote for this guy. It is beyond belief. Imagine if Trump had come out and warned Americans of its danger as was his obligation. Imagine if rather than shifting the burden to the governors he acted on his own to protect the American people. But that is so much against what one can expect from Trump.

Have you seen his latest gatherings in Florida and North Carolina where the people are still crowding in without masks? Trump says nothing about it. He stands there indifferent to the fate of those showing up to listen to him. Have you seen him at his other gatherings where people crowd in maskless while he stands back from them protecting himself?

Without knowing of his deliberated duplicity regarding the virus it should have been obvious he cared little for the folks. A man standing with a Bible while telling the people one thing and a book writer another. What a sad state of affairs!


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    NH Supreme Court To Hear Laurie List Dishonest Cop Case Wednesday

    CONCORD – The much-anticipated oral arguments that will determine if the unredacted Laurie List of dishonest law enforcement officers will finally be made public will be heard Wednesday with one disqualified justice and two Superior Court judges sitting in.

    Atlanta group kicks off ‘cop-watch safety patrols
    * From staff reports Sep 14, 2020

    How politics and police unions stopped bills to hold bad cops accountable

    What Does the FBI Teach Its Own about the FBI’s History of Violating Rights?

    Download Episode
    | Listen on: Spotify • Apple Podcasts • Google Play
    September 14, 2020
    What Does the FBI Teach Its Own about the FBI’s History of Violating Rights?

  2. Grandfather night news feed…..

    The Cop Who Quit Instead of Helping to Gentrify Atlanta

    “It dawned on me that the entire system, the entire thing, was just a shitty mafia system.”


    Body Cam Footage Released

    9/14/2020 6:48 AM PT


    Saturday’s shooting wasn’t Buffalo cop’s first
    Officer who shot homeless man Saturday also involved in shooting that paralyzed teen in 2012 and cost Buffalo $4.5 million to settle. He’s also been investigated 17 times by Internal Affairs, often for allegations of excessive use of force.
    By Geoff Kelly


    New Documentary MLK/FBI Explores Surveillance of Civil Rights Icon

  3. Wa-llahi! The civil war is here. Revolution can’t be far behind. The people, united, can never be defeated. Once the bourgeois cliques (Reps and Dems) bleed each other sufficient to weaken them both, the red flag will fly. The streets will come alive.
    Death to fascism. Down with the dictator. All power to the dialectic.

    The socio-political situation is beginning to resemble late Weimar Germany. Everyone has seen the old films of depression era Germany, featuring, machine guns and cannon blasting away down barb-wire tangled city streets. We’re almost there. The Trumpist Freikorps is threatening to suppress the election. If they take to the streets, it won’t be long, until, we see a major urban battle. Seeing as the army, and, the crotch, are sixty percent black and brown, do you think black/brown soldiers/marines would march into a black/brown neighborhood and shoot black/brown people? More likely they’ll join the fighters on the barricades. The Left isn’t frightened. Many of the folks who fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, lean left. The comrade the Feds killed in Washington was one such individual, as, are, all the cadres who went through the mill in Rojava. If it’s a fight the fascists want, it’s a fight they’ll get.

    1. This is a perfect example of why you have to read blog posts w a block of salt. The US Military isn’t 60% black and brown. Ridiculous.

      Pew research: “In 2017, 57% of U.S. servicemembers were white, 16% were black and 16% were Hispanic. Some 4% of all active duty personnel were Asian and an additional 6% identified as “other” or unknown. The share of racial and ethnic minorities in the military has grown steadily in recent decades.” Sep 10, 2019

    1. wa-llahi! 42% will do. It’s certainly enough for a mutiny. And, you never know, some white guys have three digits of IQ, and, heart. Could be a salt and pepper line manning the port side of the barricades.

  4. News and nouns at Noon

    Oregon Police Beg Public to Stop Calling In False Reports Blaming Antifa for Wildfires
    False claims that antifascists are starting forest fires have been spread by supporters of President Donald Trump.
    Robert Mackey
    September 10 2020, 10:30 p.m.





    In the last half-century, journalists James Bamford, Ben Bradlee, Seymour Hersh, and Neil Sheehan were each threatened with prosecution under the Espionage Act. But the U.S. government never followed through with Espionage Act charges against a journalist until 2019, when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested and charged.

    Trevor Timm, the executive director for the Freedom of


    On Indian Reservations, Storm Clouds Gather Over Law Enforcement
    By Naomi Schaefer Riley, RealClearInvestigations
    September 10, 2020

    That why it’s called a crime family….

    Louisiana judge found guilty of sex crimes against teenage daughters’ friends

    SEP 13, 2020 AT 3:56 PM

    1. An Outsider will make mistakes, and adjust.

      Same Outsider brought Peace Deals to 3 Muslim Arab countries – not achieved in 26 years. Amazing!

      Saudi Arabia next? Then the Noble Peace Prize?

  5. Sunday news feed for Matt’s Irregulars from the Center
    for Irreproducible Results

    Orcas express outrage over Trump’s candidacy

    Scientists baffled by orcas ramming sailing boats near Spain and Portugal


    Tell Attorney General William Barr: “Stop the Executions!”
    AG Barr is set to receive an award from the “National Catholic Prayer Breakfast” on Sept. 23, despite promoting actions contrary to clear Catholic teaching.ion-critical
    On July 14, 2020, the U.S. federal government restarted executions for the first time in 17 years, with AG Barr serving as the principal administration official behind the resumption effort. Since then, the Department of Justice — again, with AG Barr at the helm — has carried out more federal executions than in any other time in the past 70 years.

    Now we are getting somewhere…

    6.3: Connecting Humor and Science: A Force for Change?
    Joyce M. Shaw
    Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
    School of Ocean Science and Engineering Univ. of Southern Mississippi
    Ocean Springs, MS, USA
    23nd Annual ASLI Conference, Boston January 15, 2020

    Although sometimes science is thought to be humorless, scientists enjoy poking fun at each other and the absurdities in science. For example, Dopeia was a humor and satire of science publication produced by members of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists that poked fun at journals, scientists, and scholarly publishing. Other examples of humor and satire in science include Journal of Irreproducible Results, Annals of Improbable Research, and the Ig Nobel Prizes. In today’s world of science communication and popular culture, humor can use used to inspire activism and provide a catalyst for public engagement. This presentation looks at the use of humor and satire to promote and influence the discussion about scientific topics such as climate change.

  6. Another Connolly from southie speaks out….
    South Pennsylvania that is…..

    Pennsylvania Republican on Trump


    A Gay Relationship Between Roy Cohn and Donald Trump? Read on
    Trump, out on the town with Roy Cohn, and his not so rippling muscles and girlish good looks. What he would pay to get this photo back. See the pain in his face? That’s the heel spur that kept him out of Vietnam.

    By VT Editors -September 12, 20202372310

    “Where’s My Roy Cohn?”: Film Explores How Joseph McCarthy’s Ex-Aide Mentored Trump & Roger Stone

    1. This link to Roy Cohn is a TRAIN WRECK.

      If Trump “hates gay people”, why was Roy Cohn a mentor? And why has he elevated Ric Grenell to high positions?

  8. Saturday news update

    California cop accused of taking debit card from theft suspect and giving it to her son

    Jiangxi Cop Detained After Nearly $10,000 Stolen from Suspect’s Digital Wallet

    Eighth woman files civil suit against ex-cop
    An eighth woman has filed a civil lawsuit against former police officer Robert Collins and the City of Wilkes-Barre, alleging Collins sexually assaulted her while on duty and city officials failed to address repeated sexual misconduct claims going back for years.
    Collins, 55, of Wright Twp., is currently awaiting trial on rape and related charges alleging he pressured at least eight women into sex acts while he was on duty

    “Driving While Female” Abuses Continue
    * In the Media posted by Samuel Walker
    The recent arrest of an Oklahoma City police officer for sexually assaulting seven women while on duty between February and June of 2014 dramatized the continuing problem on-duty sexual abuses by police officers. Read the story here: DWF2014  The problem was highlighted in 2002 by Sam Walker and Dawn Irlbeck’s report Driving While Female. Read the report here:   Partly in response to the report, but also because of growing concern about the issues, The International Association of Chiefs of Police in 2011 issued a Task Force report on Addressing Sexual Offenses and Misconduct by Law Enforcement. Read the IACP report here: IACPAddressingSexualOffenses

  9. A big shout out from retired Boston Globe Pulitzer winner
    Ross Gelbspan living in Jamaica Plain
    Visit his website heatisonline


    4 Houston police officers fired after shooting man on the ground 21 times during alleged mental health crisis
    The police chief said the barrage was ruled “objectively unreasonable.”

    Also see


    Chicago suburb’s police chief fired over Facebook post made in ‘poor taste’
    By Vincent Barone
    September 10, 2020 | 9:44p

    Longtime Orland Hills police chief Thomas Scully was dismissed Wednesday after sharing an image of black looters with the text “when free housing, free food, free education, and free phones just aren’t enough,” the local NBC affiliate reported


    Arizona cop holds Black hotel employee at gunpoint while looking for white suspect
    Despite looking for an alleged white gunman, a Tempe police officer pointed a gun at a Black man who he claimed matched the description.
    By Victoria Moorwood Sep 11, 2020, 10:50am EDT

  10. The physics of probable realities …..

    MARCH 25, 2019
    Good Agent, Bad Agent: Robert Mueller and 9/11

    This profile of Robert Mueller originally ran in CounterPunch on June 21, 2017.
    Robert Mueller, the former FBI director named special counsel for the investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election, is depicted as an iconic G-man: serious, patrician, and totally incorruptible. But in reality, it’s a little different. As with FBI Agent Dale Cooper in the latest iteration of “Twin Peaks,” there is a Good Mueller and a Bad Mueller. We’ve heard a lot about the good-guy Mueller, but nothing much about his bad side. And there is a bad side–though it’s not the one that Trump supporters would have us think.

    BCCI Indictment Pushed For By Mueller Was Blocked By Trump AG Pick William Barr In 1991

    13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

  11. Presudent Trump:

    Peacd Deals: 3

    Wars: 0

    Middle East? ISIS / ISIL smashed, lead terrorists killed, troops returned home, and more on the way.

  12. We got another Turkish Delight

    …On Thursday, more of Trump’s darkest actions are coming to light.
    A copy of the book made available to Business Insider makes it clear that Donald Trump was not only aware that Saudi usurper Mohammed bin Salman was behind the kidnapping, torture, dismemberment, murder, and burning of Washington Postcolumnist Jamal Khashoggi: Trump deliberately acted to provide cover for that murder. In fact, Trump called up Woodward to brag that he had protected bin Salman from investigations by Congress.
    “I saved his ass,” said Trump. “I was able to get Congress to leave him alone. I was able to get them to stop.” To do this, Trump did what he always does—he lied about it. And he also refused to hand over a report that was required by law.


    Volume 13
    Issue 1 Winter 2019
    January 2020
    DePaul Journal for Social Justice Article 7
    The Torture Machine: Racism and Police Violence in Chicago

    author attorney Flint Taylor

    The Torture Machine, of which there is a picture on the book cover, it’s quite graphic. This picture depicts the Torture Machine, or a torture machine. There were several torture machines, but this black box with a generator in it, with wires coming from the generator with alligator clips on the wires with the crank on that generator, was a device that the notorious commander, who started out as a detective and worked his way up as a Lieutenant and became a commander of police in Chicago, Jon Burge, and his men, who were known internally as “Burge’s ass kickers,” used among other torture techniques and implements to torture African American men on the South Side of Chicago in the seventies and eighties. In the late 1980s, Burge moved to the West side to what was known as Area Three detective headquarters and he, as commander there, and his men, many of whom he brought from Area Two on the South Side to the West Side, continued the torture.

  14. Don’t forget the role FBI agents play in electing our
    politicians on behalf of the Deep State.
    Remember Trump’s mentor the pedophile Roy Cohn
    and his friendship with the pedophile J Edgar Hoover.

    and who can forget Bob Draise and Leonard Gates committing
    voter fraud for the FBI agents and police in Cincinnati during
    the 80’s.

    Time for news at noon….

    I did Shop With a Cop as a kid. Now I realize it was police propaganda.
    On being a Black child used as pro-cop propaganda.
    By Arriel Vinson Sep 10, 2020, 1:30pm EDT

    Bridgeport police chief, acting personnel director arrested, charged with fraud by U.S. Attorney, FBI for allegedly ‘rigging’ police chief exam

    Bronx woman who accused cop of ripping her eye out gets $1.25 million settlement from city

    SEP 10, 2020 AT 5:10 PM

    ‘Operation Home Alone 2’ nabs five suspected child predators, including ex-detective

    SEP 10, 2020 AT 5:06 PM

  15. News update….

    The FBI has long devoted its resources to stamping out dissent.

    As part of its ruthless war on the Communist Party, the Bureau set its sites on America’s folk singers. In his new book The Folk Singers and the Bureau: The FBI, the Folk Artists and the Suppression of the Communist Party, USA-1939-1956, historian & writer Aaron J. Leonard draws on an unprecedented array of declassified documents and never before released files to chronicle the FBI’s attacks on such folk musicians as Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie.

    On Wednesday, September 16 at 8 PM (ET)/5 PM (PT), the Still Spying Podcast will present a live virtual discussion with Leonard about his new book. The conversation will be moderated by Still Spying host Chip Gibbons. You can RSVP here.

    Leonard is a writer and historian with a focus on the history of radicalism and state suppression. He is the author of Heavy Radicals: The FBI’s Secret War on America’s Maoists and A Threat of the First Magnitude–FBI Counterintelligence & Infiltration: From the Communist Party to the Revolutionary Union. He is a contributor to the History News Network, Jacobin, and Truthout.

    The Still Spying Podcast builds on Defending Rights & Dissent’s groundbreaking report titled Still Spying on Dissent: The Enduring Problem of FBI First Amendment Abuse, which documented a century of FBI spying and contextualized it in the larger history of the Bureau.

    In this limited series podcast, host Chip Gibbons is joined in conversation by experts and activists and will explore everything from the failure to reform the FBI, the FBI’s own war on Black dissent, the FBI’s dual role as both law enforcement and intelligence, and how the issue of political surveillance fits into larger discussions about policing.

  16. About 1/2 mile up the road from our house a small hand lettered
    sign is planted on the lawn in front of our neighbors house.

    It says
    “ Trumps keeps lying
    People keep dying “

    Just before that sign , maybe 200 yards away is
    another sign standing 6 feet high by 15 feet long
    that says


  17. This is all BS. Who died that wouldn’t have because of something Trump did or didn’t do? It’s a pandemic. All the travel bans and masks and social distancing don’t eliminate the virus. They slow it down, “flatten the curve,” to avoid overwhelming hospitals It doesn’t go away until there’s Herd Immunity or a vaccine. Keep us old people and those with conditions that make them vulnerable out of circulation and get back to work. Get the economy going. Does anyone calculate the illness and loss of life resulting from poverty?
    The one thing Trump and his enemies are all wrong about is that they all think everything is about him.

    1. Exactly. That’s why they call it TDS. And 40 years ago I swear I could read 5 different papers and read at least 3 different opinions. Notice the liberal MSM hasn’t commented on over 27 Angry Mueller Democrats “accidentally” wiping their phones – when Inspector Michael Horowitz asked for them? Dead. Silence.

      Obstruction? Conspiracy? Destruction of evidence!

      Sweden appears to be one country that faired well and continued normal life with some modest modifications. Africa, a continent where some are getting HCQ, is also doing better than expected.

      Governor Cuomo inserted Covid patients back into nursing homes, and protected healthy young & middle aged folks. Ugh.

      I could site 3 or 4 mistakes bh President Trump, which are completely overwhelmed by his successful peace deals, peace negotiations, 600,000 new manufacturing jobs, USMCA, decoupling from China (huge!) , and prison reform … to name a few.

      1. wa-llahi! Sweden’s approach to Covid failed. The boobs who thought it up are in big political trouble. The Swedish people are outraged by their stupidity.

  18. Tsk tsk tsk boys and girls
    you are not practicing emotional distancing

    Meryl Nass MD has a new post

    Thursday, September 10, 2020
    Anthrax Letters: I dissect/destroy the FBI’s theory of the case, in a presentation for Lawyers for 9/11 Truth
    The presentation is here, and my section starts at minute 48.

    Lawyers for 9/11 Truth has today sent a petition to Congress asking them to reopen the case
    Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 5:58 PM 0 comments

  19. If Trump’s disparagement of military men who get shot down, captured, terribly wounded and tortured for years is so profound, what must he think of the “suckers” and “losers” who are so dumb as to get shot, and blown-up?

  20. Biden doesn’t know the difference between Michigan and the military. He has completely lost it. He is a lying dog faced pony soldier. Of the 40 thousand cases in the military there were only seven deaths. That translates to 160 per million or less than 1000 for the 6 million positive tests in the country. The military reflects that young healthy folks are at very low risk. Thirty thousand highway deaths per year and only one thousand covid for healthy Americans.. No one should panic about the Chinese virus.

    1. wa-llahi! Is there a parallel earth kinda like the bizarro world we used to read about in DC Superman comics? NC, where are you broadcasting from? Do you walk backwards, and, talk in reverse? Are Perot, and, the robed one, there with you?

  21. Raise your hands, all you enthusiastic supporters of all things DNC and their puppet masters, whoever they are!

    Biden-Harris is a non-entity, a shell of a mirage of a phantasm. To all those who will vote Democrat on November 3, have fun playing Russian roulette with who exactly will be governing if Trump loses.

  22. I can’t believe Trump spoke with Bob Woodward 18 times. Isn’t he a really big enemy of the people? I’m glad Trump wasn’t around on Dec. 7, 1941. Why get people worked up by talking about Pearl Harbor? Well, maybe to get them to work together to overcome a dangerous foe.

    1. Dan:

      If Trump was around prior to December 7, 1941 and learned of the planned attack he would have told the military to take no defensive measures less the population panic. After the attack he would have downplayed it not wanting to upset the Japanese.

      1. Ridiculous. Look at all the American hostages he freed, for free, not like Obama$ payoff$ to warlords. And look how, with his letting the Military go to work, we smashed ISIS. Not Obama coddling terrorists & tin pot dictators. Facts are stubborn things.

        1. Perot:

          How many hostages? What did he do for them, give up the Kurds? Look at the betrayal of the Kurds to Putin.

          It was Obama’s ware against ISIS that he continued. Here is what Obama said a year before Trump got into office: “So far ISIL has lost about 40 percent of the populated areas it once controlled in Iraq and it will lose more. The Iraqi forces are now fighting their way deeper into Ramadi, they are working to encircle Fallujah and cut off ISIL’s supply routes into Mosul.”

          1. President Trump has obtained thd release of several dozen hostages at no cost. Stregth and determination.

            ISIS and the Caliphate? Running wild before President Trump took office. 180 degree change.

            BTW, a FOIA release today from the DOJ revealed that Robert Mueller / Weismann’s special counsel team had their government iPhones requested for the OIG investigation. The result? Over 27 phones were accidentally … wiped clean!

            Conspiracy & Obstruction.

            And the liberal MSM has yet to cover it!! Not. A. Free. Press.

            1. wa-llahi! Perot: Prove it. Cite me something that corroborates what you’ve said. Otherwise, I’ll figure you’re pulling it out of your corn-hole.

        2. Wa-llahi! The Dawaish (pl.) are still there, Perot. Daesh (ISIL) has a strong following in the villages a of north western Syria, and, western Iraq. They were displaced from the urban areas of the region, but, continue to have a strong following on the village level. The situation is somewhat similar to that which existed in GVN after TET. While forced from the cities, the Viet Cong still controlled the countryside.

          1. Fine. Leave them in their caves and huts. Get out of the Middle East, we no longer need their oil thanks to President Trump and fracking.

            If they attack us or an ally, send some drones over with a nice care package.

  23. wa-llahi! Our Glorious Leader is not only a Russian agent, but, also, a murderous fool? Bill, say it ain’t so! NC git your intellectual musket loaded. Trump needs defending. All good lemmings, prepare for the final leap of faith, and, the plunge into civil war. See you on the barricades. All praise to BLM. All power to the dialectic.

  24. Biden & Pelosi wanted zero travel bans. Zero. Nada!

    You sound like a 100% partisan hack. Isn’t preventing panic a good thing?

    1. P.S. New York’s Cuomo ordered zero (0) of the suggested 45,000 ventilators after 5 years, and Califirnia Gov Jerry Brown SOLD OFF / liquidated his large emergency stockpile! (LA Times)

      1. Perot:

        I did not know Cuomo and Brown were the president. The last I looked most countries turn to their president or leader for direction. Our country had a guy who washed his hands of the whole matter, well it was more than that, he lied about the matter downplaying it while guys like you who think he walks on water went around willy-nilly infecting others if not yourself. Why is it the Trump cult always wants to talk about everything but the elephant in the room?

        1. Governors are important leaders, number one in each state, the POTUS is only supposed to be backup in a dire emergency.

          A special task force in New York specified how many ventilators NY state needed. Cuomo rebuffed his experts, and instead spent money on a solar experiment and other odd choices.

          Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger saw other natural disasters, and allocated funds for three massive mobile hospitals, hospital beds, ventilators, etc. When CA had budget woes, to save $2 Million a year in rent, Governor Brown liquidated those supplies. What an ignoramus.

          President Trump washed his hands of nothing, he produced a world record amount of ventilators in record time.

          It was Pelosi & Biden who encouraged people to continue to travel.

          1. PEROT;

            You are correct when you say: “he POTUS is only supposed to be backup in a dire emergency.” What could be more dire than a pandemic. Stop blaming the states. It is the US that should protect all Americans. Truman said the buck stopped at the president’s desk. Trump is always chasing after the buck but never lets it stop at his desk.

            The USA has the highest death rate from the virus in the world. Trump knew it was bad but told the people it wasn’t. He knew it hurt kids but said it didn’t. He admitted downplaying it. For what? He wasn’t worried about people dying he worried about the stock holdings of the rich.

            You either lead the country or resign; you start deceiving the country you should resign. He produced ventilators but also the world records of deaths. He could have avoided doing both if he acted like he should have done in February. Neither Pelosi or Biden was president nor did they have the news Trump said he had from President Xi. He hid it from everyone. Stop blaming others. It was Trump’s job to protect the country. Imagine if the Russians invaded, would Trump then blame the governors for not responding. Although to think of it if the Russians did invade Trump would probably be welcoming them.

    2. wa-llahi! Perot, you read like a brain dead Trumpy. Doesn’t your computer have a spell-check/grammar guide?

      1. Glad I took a week off. Nothing has changed.

        Anyone here ever catch a Bonefish on a fly? So sad, Matt. A blog is where civil discussions are suppose to take place about main topics. Most of the regulars are here to beat their intellectual (that’s a joke) chests and name call. Social media is our downfall. Hundreds of millions of hours waster every day by Americans that could be out doing something constructive. Opium of the masses.

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