Trump: “Someday It Will Suddenly Disappear.” He was right!

It was back in the late winter when Trump was talking about Covid-19. On February 27, 2020 he said: “It’s going to disappear. One day –  it’s like a miracle – it will disappear.” Since that time he continued with that line. After being discharged from the hospital on October 10 he stood on the balcony of the White House and declared: “It’s going to disappear. It is disappearing.”

Do you recall? Perhaps some of you might disagree. Those in the school who still deny its existence will say it never came; others may point to what is going on in the country and believe that rather than disappearing it has become a rampant scourge. But Trump was right it has disappeared.

Before going on I suppose I should explain what I am talking about lest you think I am engaged in a bit of folly. On Friday last at about 9:00 p.m. Trump tweeted: “STOCK MARKET REACHES NEW ALL-TIME HIGH!” Yes, the same guy who a month ago in a debate with Joe Biden said “if he’s elected the stock market will crash,” is apparently singing Biden’s praises because his election over a month ago has brought us to a record high.

i digressed which one often does writing about Trump. My point which I sought to show is that in his shouting (capitalized tweets are considered as yelling) tweet about the new market high did you notice something was missing? Something of importance was not mentioned. It was another matter that had reached a “new all-time record high.” It was something hugely more significant to the American people. The number of deaths and hospitalizations from Covid-19 also hit that mark.

What Trump was right about when he said it would disappear was his talking about Covid-19 or his attempt to do what any normal leader would do which is attempt to take steps to do something about it, or, at a minimum express his dismay and sympathy to those suffering and dying from it. We are in a war against a killer and Trump pretends it is not ongoing by making it disappear from his speeches or perhaps even his thoughts.

History will not be kind to him for his failure to act against this killer. He might not mention it but historians will and wonder how could any man be so cruel and uncaring. Not only has he not called for the minimum of actions like wearing a mask which all respectable health care officials call for but he refuses to wear one himself (although he  keeps  a great distance from folk) and assembles unmasked crowds pressed together listening to his bluster because to mask is a sign of believing Covid-19 exists.

Historians will also castigate the pampered American people who know nothing of starving and deprivation who propagandize Trump falsities and go about spreading the virus by  refusing to mask. Or those  who pretend folk are not dying from the virus but some other cause. Or some other fantasies because of their unthinking support of Trump.

Covid-19 has disappeared from Trump’s thinking and mind (he isn’t even blaming the doctors for faking the statistics anymore) but it still has too many Americans in its death grip that need not have happened.


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