Trump, Trump, Trump the Boys are Marching

You may recall that Trump, Trump, Trump the Boys are Marching was a quite famous Civil War song. What is amazing is how history repeats itself. Here is the first stanza to the song:

In the prison cell I sit, Thinking Mother dear, of you,
And our bright and happy home so far away,
And the tears they fill my eyes
Spite of all that I can do,
Tho’ I try to cheer my comrades and be gay.

When I read it I wondered if Trump will think of his mother when he sits in a prison cell. Which brought me to the thought: “Can a sitting president go to jail?”

It seems clear by now that the Republicans in the House of Representatives have no intention of bringing impeachment proceedings against Trump no matter how egregious his high crimes and misdemeanors may be. They just seem unable to do other than defend him no matter what he does.

What is it that makes them so determined to stick by him? Is it the big donors like the Koch brothers that demand they toe the line? You do know that within days of passing the Tax Bill that Speaker Ryan received a half a million dollars from one of the Kochs and his wife. One person said: “Republicans never hid the fact that this tax bill was about pleasing their big donors. And it looks like House Speaker [Paul] Ryan is quickly being rewarded for passing this legislation that overwhelmingly benefits the Kochs and billionaires like them.” Another added: “this seemed “pretty close to an illegal gratuity,” which in this case would be a payment as thanks for an official action, a lesser but related offense to bribery, . . . ” 

And, of course, I understand that the tax cut was not for the rich. I guess Koch is confused. By the way I hope you have sent money to Speaker Ryan to thank him for your big cut in taxes.

Another reason Trump may not be impeached is that many Republicans in the House may be under the thumb of the Russians who contributed to their campaigns and who are waiting for Trump to lift the sanctions on them?

Or is it the influence of the white evangelist on them. The latter theory received some support the other day. You’ve probably heard the story of Stormy Daniels a porn star who told how Trump was involved with her in an affair just after his third wife Melania gave birth to Baron. She was paid $130,000 for her silence just before the election which pretty much lent substance to her report

Tony Perkins the leader of the Family Research Council  a conservative evangelical group has heard of Trump’s involvement with Stormy. He has also heard of the other questionable behavior Trump had engaged in. He accepts that it happened. But it doesn’t bother him. Perkins said: “We kind of gave him – all right you get a mulligan. You get a do-over here.”  A do over? Does that mean he can get another shot at another porn star?

Got to say one thing. He might give Trump a pass for his Stormy affair but it is going to be hard to explain to his group how this fits in with the family values he preaches.

Perkins explained: “were tired of being kicked around by Barack Obama and his leftists. And I think they are finally glad that there’s someone on the playground that is willing to punch the bully.”  So a person’s morality means nothing to him as long as he’s on his side. It’s good Charlie Manson wasn’t in a position to please Perkins.

The big problem with Perkins and his fellow evangelists is that Trump is a pig. How do they explain to their children his behavior? How do they explain their justification of it? Do they tell them that the end justifies the means?

This family group demeans Obama. He was a perfect family man who brought credit to his wife and two girls. They support Trump who is the worst example of a family man. Even now, as president, from what we can see he has nothing to do with his family preferring to spend most of his time on the golf course. Has he gone anywhere with his wife and kid?

It’ll be interesting to see how far over the cliff these evangelists are willing to follow Trump. If he’s indicted and ends up in a prison cell will they still stick with him?

The Civil War song ends:

So within the prison cell we are waiting for the day,
That shall come to open wide the iron door.
And the hollow eye grows bright, and the poor heart almost gay,
As we think of seeing home and friends once more.

Trump better alter those words a bit. He wouldn’t want to suggest his heart was almost gay. If he did, the evangelists would not be opening that iron door.


24 thoughts on “Trump, Trump, Trump the Boys are Marching

  1. It’s so gratifying to see our Great President Trump poised to expose the corrupt cesspool that is the FBI and DOJ. It felt like we came close with Whitey’s trial, but that was expectedly just bad theater, a full COMPREHENSIVE cover-up of government crimes
    in complete control.

    God Bless President Donald J. Trump

  2. The FBI is the political gate keeper for the deep state

    end of discussion

    in other realities

    The FBI elected Donald Trump President

    Davis: ‘Deep state’ existed in ’16 – but it elected Trump

    — 01/31/18

    The visible tip of the iceberg was James Comey’s Oct. 28, 2016, letter to Congress. All data proves that, but for that letter 11 days from Election Day, Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

    But evidence suggests that below that iceberg tip was, in effect, a “deep state” campaign, comprising certain active or former FBI agents, mostly from the powerful New York City office, former NYC Mayor and pathological Hillary hater Rudy Giuliani, and the vast right-wing media complex (amplified by the Russian government and bots).

    The trigger of the campaign was Comey’s July 5 public announcement that no criminal case could be reasonably brought against Hillary Clinton for her email practices. Shortly thereafter, the effort to pressure Comey to change his mind and reopen the criminal investigation went into high gear.
    But not too quickly. If possible, Comey’s decision to reopen needed to be delayed until the closing days of the campaign. And, with more than a little bit of luck, that is exactly what happened.

    In August and September, on Fox News and other conservative talk show media and among right-wing Clinton haters in the U.S. House of Representatives, the criticism of Comey’s nonprosecution decision reached a crescendo. Leading the public criticisms on Fox and other media were Giuliani and his close friend James Kallstrom, former head of the New York City FBI office and a Fox News Channel contributor. The Guardian newspaper subsequently quoted a “currently serving FBI agent” as calling the FBI “Trumpland,” saying Clinton is “the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel” and “the reason why they’re leaking is they’re pro-Trump.” In a February 2017 Vanity Fair article, a former prosecutor stated: “New York [FBI office] leaks like a sieve.”

    Then came an unplanned, extremely lucky break — at least for the anti-Clinton “deep state:” On Sept. 28 or 29, New York City FBI agents found some 600,000 emails including Clinton’s name on the laptop of former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner (D), who was under investigation for illegal texting to an underage female.

    Comey was reportedly not told about this find until a week later, around Oct. 3.

    And then, according to The New Yorker’s Peter Elkind, the New York FBI agents “proceeded unhurriedly with their investigation.”

    Three weeks later, on Oct. 25, Giuliani showed remarkable, miraculous clairvoyance. He told the morning audience on “Fox & Friends,” “You’ll see … We’ve got a couple of surprises left … Ha, ha.” Three days later, on the morning of Oct. 28, Giuliani told a national radio talk show audience that he had received leaked information from some former and “a few active” FBI agents. (In subsequent interviews, he tried to walk back the word “active,” using the word “former.”)

    On Oct. 28, about 1 p.m., Comey’s letter to Congress about the Clinton emails on Weiner’s laptop became public. Comey offered no facts. Indeed, he stated in his letter he didn’t know whether any of the emails were significant. He hadn’t seen a single one.

    Yet, as documented by the Harvard Shorenstein Center on media and the Columbia Journalism Review, the national media in all venues focused almost entirely on Comey’s fact-free letter for the last 10 days of the campaign, reporting on the “new,” oft-described “criminal” Clinton emails investigation.

    Not surprisingly, Clinton’s poll numbers immediately collapsed and, especially in the key battleground states, kept collapsing through Election Day.

    Two days after Comey’s letter, on Oct. 30, the New York City FBI finally obtained a warrant to review the emails — more than a month after they first discovered them. And within six days, the FBI agents completed their review and found nothing new. On Nov. 6, two days from the election, on Sunday morning, Comey wrote another letter to Congress and, in effect, said: “Oops. Sorry. Nothing there. Never mind.”

    The irony is that in the last week, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was forced to resign because of Trump’s pressure, accusing him of alleged pro-Clinton bias. The right-wing media and their GOP congressional allies are now alleging that Comey and McCabe delayed examining the Weiner/Clinton emails when they first learned about them in early October 2016 and that delay helped Clinton.

    The truth is exactly to the contrary. Had the FBI examined the Weiner lap top/Clinton emails immediately in early October, we know with certainty that six days later, the headlines would have been, there was no “there” there. Thus, there would have been no Oct. 28 Comey letter just 11 days from the election; no round-the-clock headlines in the last week about Clinton under a “new” criminal investigation and therefore, as all post-Oct. 28 polling data prove, Hillary Clinton would have been elected president, not Donald Trump.

    One question remains: Where in the world is Rudy Giuliani?

    Days after Trump’s election, the media-hound Giuliani was all over the news as the most likely next secretary of State or U.S. attorney general.

    And then, literally all of a sudden, pffffft. He just, disappeared.

    You think Giuliani did not want to be subject to confirmation hearings under oath about his role in the “deep state” operation that led to the Comey Oct. 28 letter?

    Davis, a weekly columnist for The Hill newspaper, is co-founder of both the Washington law firm Davis Goldberg Galper PLLC and Trident DMG, a strategic media firm specializing in crisis management. He has never worked for nor is he compensated by AT&T. Davis is the author of a forthcoming book to be published early next year: “The Unmaking of the President 2016: How FBI Director James Comey Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency” (Scribner Books).

    also see

    Tapes show FBI failed to stop World Trade Center bombing by Jeffrey Steinberg

    1. msfreeh . . .your post is all Leftist Agitprop . . . Disinformation . . . half-baked views . . .tunnel vision . . . Comey usurped power in June/July decided he himself was the A.G. changed “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” and white-washed Hillary’s criminality . . . .McCabe, the chief of investigators in DC area had previously been compromised by Hillary’s major fund raising giving McCabe’s wife in excess of $500,000 to run for State Senator in Virginia . . .her first shot at political office . . .

      It’s a NAZI, COMMIE tactic the DEMS are engaged in . . .accused your opponents of doing what you have done . . . .Please review Judge Elizabeth Donovan’s “hanging chads” and “dimpled ballot” ploy which was adopted by DEMS in Florida in an attempt to steal the Presidential Election . . .

      Remember the short story, “They grind exceeding fine.”

      The Mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly fine

      actually “exceeding fine” is a better phrase for God’s will so far exceeds fine that we mere mortals can’t truly comprehend it . . .we simply pray, They Will, not mine, Be Done!

  3. I wonder how the pro-life Trump figures that his Chinese buddies enforce one-child families? Do his pro-life supporters admire this stance? Are the Chinese serial abstainers? How do they achieve this goal? The big No No?

    1. Pro-life folks like myself are against abortions, forced or unforced. The only exception I’d recognize is when it is not possible to save both lives, doctors could chose to save one. Firefighters, police, soldiers, etc, sometimes have to make this hard decision.

      Of course, we oppose China’s policies. We oppose Britain’s. Britain, Sweden and most European nations have a more conservative approach to abortion than the US . . .at least they didn’t allow “partial birth abortions” throughout all 9 months of pregnancy.

      There’s no inconsistency in the pro-life, Albert Scweitzer philosophy: Reverence for LIfe. It allows for Augustinian Just War Principles and certain killings in self-defense and to save the live’s of others.

      China just last year allowed parents to have 2 children. Progress!

      The world will be better off when it adopts Schweitzer’s Reverence for Life philosophy and when it rids itself of the Character Assassins.

      Howie Carr sadly, I’m informed, says he has “no regrets” about anything he’s said on radio or done in writing. His writings and talk-show are so viciously vile in attacking innocent honest folks (ex. his 30-plus year defamation of the honorable William Bulger), his mocking the dead, his mocking murder victims, his mocking ethnic groups, his mocking the poor . . .I’d recommend he read Sartre’s No Exit . . . the three characters in Hell had “no regrets” no remorse . . .they willfully chose their fate . . .

      By the way, I saw Boston College’s Theater Arts Department last week do No Exit and it was SUPERB . . .3 freshman, 1 sophomore were the actors . . . re-imagined, re-scripted, directed by underclassmen . . .it restored my faith in the younger generation . . .

      When at the end of the play, one character said, “Hell is other people” . . .he meant that Hell is living for eternity with other people like himself who have “no regrets” about intentionally choosing evil, intentionally hurting others, intentionally murdering, intentionally murdering reputations.

      I better worry myself, a bit here, because I am intentionally calling Howie Carr a Cur Character Assassin who delights in others’ suffering . .

      but I justify my attack on Carr as Augustinian-Schweitzerian, THE DEFENSE OF OTHERS: FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE! STOPPING THE STONE-THROWERS!

      Worse, about Carr and Sartre’s imagined inhabitants of Hell is that they seem to “delight in others suffering.” Schadenfreude.


      It’s never too late to repent . . .so I think I’ll let sleeping dogs lie and let lying curs like Carr whirl like the whirling dervishes . . .I am not the Grand Inquisitor . . .I’m Mr. Nobody

      But as Mr. Nobody,, citizen of the U.S.A., I thought last night that I will write a freedom of information request (FOIA) asking for all notes, recordings between Fred Wyshak, Durham, Sterns, Major Foley, other DOJ and State Police deputized to work for DOJ regarding anything John Martorano said about the killing my family’s friend and neighbor Tony Veranis of Savin Hill. I believe Martorano lied to the Feds. It comes down to this, people of Savin Hill and St. William’s Parish, believe Martorano and Carr, or believe Father Peter Hart who said Tony Veranis was on the straight and narrow, hanging out with a good bunch of fellows, going to church, turning his life around, helping his mom and ailing dad, taking Father Hart and other priests to boxing matches at the Boston Garden and putting behind him his youthful errant ways, like Mark Wahlberg . . .or believe the proven perjurious serial killer Mafiosa John Martorano who says Tony was carrying a gun and Martorano beat him to the draw in a scene out of Shane. Father Peter Hart or John Martorano?

      1. I just this week picked up a pristine copy of Dr. Schweitzer of Lambarene by Norman Cousins, in a local church thrift shop for a buck. I have the old tattered copy my father read to me from time to time. There is almost nothing left to that one, it was well traveled.

        “The world will be better off when it adopts Schweitzer’s Reverence for Life philosophy and when it rids itself of the Character Assassins.”

        If only.

      2. “Hell is other people.”

        A quote from “No Exit.” Bill, are you a Sartre fancier? All good, it exposes a side to you (abschatuungen) I hadn’t, previously, apprehended. More thoughtful philosophizing, less tendentious jingoism, full-speed ahead.

        Who’s all for punching North Korea in the nose? That looks like Glorious Leader’s desperation throw. Ninety thousand American dead in thirty days. Do you think Trump’s craven cowardice, and, disregard for human life,merits that kind of sacrifice from the folks unfortunate enough to be stationed, or, working civilian jobs in the Seoul metropolitan area? Shakespeare couldn’t create a fouler soulless villain than Donald Trump.

  4. Donald “80 Grit” Trump has just broken the world record
    for longest unlubricated penetration of American Voters
    and Taxpayers by any politician since…….Over 365 days
    and counting……..

    In other newes brought to you by KY Jelly………..

    The temperature in Siberia rose more than 100 degrees in two weeks

    As an antidote to the report of minus-88 degree weather in the Siberian outpost of Oymyakon earlier this month, we give you this: The temperature in a settlement just to its east was an astonishing 126 degrees warmer two weeks later.

    The mercury in Omolon, Russia, reached its highest January temperature ever recorded Monday: a relatively toasty 38.4 degrees.

    38 degrees doesn’t exactly sound like a day at the beach, but consider that it’s 64 degrees warmer than Omolon’s average high of minus-26 at this time of year.

    Omolon is 540 miles east of Oymyakon, which was described as so cold “eyelashes freeze, frostbite is a constant danger, and cars are usually kept running even when not being used.”

    In Oymyakon, the forecast high Tuesday was 17 degrees, not quite as balmy as Omolon, but still about 60 degrees warmer than its average high around minus-40, and 105 degrees warmer than it was two weeks ago.

    Oymyakon has the reputation as being the coldest permanently occupied human settlement in the world.

    also see

    Lake Forest hottest spot in U.S. as January heat wave breaks records, broils Southern California

    JAN 29, 2018 | 5:50 PM

    Monday brought a second day of record-setting temperatures across Southern California as a January heat wave made winter feel a lot more like summer.
    Numerous spots around the region hit new highs for the day, including Long Beach (91), LAX (89) UCLA (89), Santa Ana (88), Newport Beach (85), and Vista (90). Lake Forest was the hottest spot in the U.S. at 93 degrees.
    More record heat is expected Tuesday.
    Powerful winds continued Monday, including gusts that topped 50 mph in some canyon and peak areas.
    The conditions sparked a small brush fire in Malibu.
    As of late Monday morning

  5. Touche. His toxic talk and demeaning of some critics less powerful than he we lament. We admit he’s too often demonstrated thin skin. His staunch pro-life advocacy, however, and his appointment of conservative jurists and paring down governmental excess and cutting governmental red-tape and empowering small businesses and all businesses and ending government mandates and the nanny state’s over intrusiveness I extol. I also laud his unleashing the U.S. military against ISIS and his plans to protect our borders and re-structure our immigration policies. Trump is doing a great job, from this pro-life conservative’s viewpoint.

  6. Trump-blindness-a new syndrome. No matter what the insult, what the disgusting behavior and attitude toward anyone in a weaker position, the bully consistently uses the boot, and his supporters have an excuse to give him a pass. No revulsion; no ” enough”! Political biases win the day over civility and fair play.

    A rebuttal for nefarious behavior brings no denial, no chagrin, but a schoolboy whine of “Hillary did it, “Bill did it”. How puerile.

    1. I agree with Brian. There is no law against being a douche bag.

      Of course in the end we all live by our own laws. Some of those laws just happen to coincide with the laws of the land.

  7. These are painful times for people who hate President Donald J. Trump .

    He is looking better , less harried , these days . His reproachful gaze exudes the confidence of the vindicated .

    Consistency ? Is it ” the hobgoblin of small minds ,” as Emerson says , or is it the hallmark of a good and honest thinker ? To so easily glide from one intellectual position to another based not on reasoning tailored to facts , but on ” facts ” tailored to serve faulty and dishonest reasoning , is inconsistent and painful to behold .

    Recently you wrote effusively of the virtues of the FBI and thunderously denounced the evil speculations of Howie Howie Howie ( sic ) concerning his call for abolishing the Agency .

    You snapped to attention ! My BELOVED FBI your heart groaned . The Agency I have written a book about , Don’t Embarrass The Family ( screw the form factor a book is a book) is now under attack .Thus , the progenitors of Aaron Swartz’s suicide , the Caswell Motel outrage , Lady Tierney’s pardon from wily Fred Wyshak , and a history of shenanigans I have staked my blog on , are now to be seen as those who are the … Wind Beneath My Wings .

    Is this consistent ? Is this believable ?
    Howie is a thoroughgoing bastard in many ways . But , you know what you get with him . He does not easily mutate his views to accommodate the political necessities of the moment . In reviling him as an expedient to extolling your ” Love ” for the FBI you have most certainly placed the “Carr ” before the horse .

    1. “He is looking better , less harried , these days . His reproachful gaze exudes the confidence of the vindicated .”

      Chief Brodie’s wife: “Can you do that?”

      Chief Brodie: “Of course I can. I’m the chief of police.”

      I think it is sinking in. “I am the f**king shore patrol!!!!!”

  8. It’s jarring to read a former prosecutor talking about putting someone in jail for being obnoxious. Shouldn’t there be some kind of violation of a criminal statute like, say, gross negligence in the handling of classified material. Oh, I forgot. It was only “extremely careless.”

  9. For argument’s sake, imagine that your scurrilous charge is true that Speaker Ryan has violated election finance laws and, therefore, President Trump should be impeached because he too is a Republican.

    At least you are consistent.

    When Congresswoman Corinne Brown, D-FL, who just reported to federal prison, was charged with violating those same laws you wrote a stirring call for President Obama be impeached because he belonged to the same political party.

    That post is clear in my mind but, oddly, I seem to be unable to locate it in your archive. Would you be so kind as to retrieve it to prove that my memory working alright.

  10. One can’t be impeached for sins and he who is without sin should cast the first stone. Trump’s supporters favor his policies. His personal failings don’t count to the degree that his public policies do. Please don’t hold your breath waiting for impeachment. The House already took a vote on it. The result was 53 for 360 against. The anti Trump crowd is delusional. Senate leader McConnell said 2017 was the best year for Conservatism in the thirty years he has been in Congress. Rebuilding the military. Defeating ISIS. Supporting pro life marchers. Slowing down illegal immigration. Gorsuch and other Originalists on the Courts. A huge tax cut. A booming economy and Stock Market. His base is solid. 2. Trump won thirty states in 2016 and is still very popular in those areas. A recent poll showed his support among Blacks has doubled to 17%. Dave Barry wrote a summary of politics in 2017 where he pointed out the anti Trump crowd’s three main complaints. A. Trump is Hitler. B. Trump is literally Hitler and C. Trump is worse than Hitler. Trump’s followers respond. Grow up the election is over. Stop complaining you Losers. 3. Hillary raises and spends 1.4 billion. Trump raises less than half so the Democrats who are in the tank for Wall St. decry money in politics. Slightly hypocritical. Don’t recall Democrats denouncing the influence of money during the 2016 election. 4. Were Ted kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and other local pols ” pigs”? The ones you voted for. Some pigs are more equal than others.

  11. Matt:
    funny, hyperbolic, but not at all fair.
    Bill Clinton’s getting $500,000 from Moscow for a one hour speech . . .a bribe? A pre-pay on Hillary signing off on Uranium One.

    Politicians who’ve had affairs . . . let’s see, the list is long . . .how’s that for an understatement.

    Lots of good decent ordinary folks go to strip joints and disco-dives and rock-a-billy joints and the Quincy Market Area and the Combat Zone and the Harvard Club and other bars and clubs in Boston et al and pick up chicks and chicks go there to pick up guys. As one of my favorite songs says: “Wild Thing, you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy.” Or another, Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl . .”You . .

    The point is To Err is Human . . . .

    You know the bit about “he without sin . . . ”

    We all have our perks, quirks, vices and piccadilloes. As Danny R, Redskin, said when asked what we should do about the whirling dervishes, he said, “Let them whirl.” Redskin also said after being informed of one friend’s penchant for courting almost exclusively dancers, “Some people collect stamps.”

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