Trump’s Character Can Be Judged By His Associations: Carr and Dershowitz.

My mother told me that you can judge who a person is by the company he keeps. It was her way of telling me she did not approve of some of the kids I hung around with. But I was young. It seems one discriminates less at that time. Sure, I knew my mother through her adult eyes thought some of my friends were ne’re-do-wells but in a sense we were all basically the same in those teenage years. We lived for the moment and our friendships; we expected they would last forever but they vanished quickly as we matured – as the enemies in the form of females infiltrated our ranks luring friends away into their webs of intrigue.

Thinking back on those days which included high school I had a friend named Mike Donato. He was a great athlete both in baseball and football, the quarterback of our team. You may know him because his kids did quite well in the hockey arena, one playing for the Bruins. Mike himself was an NFL referee. Mike and I both being from the inner city, Mike was from Roslindale, had that attitude you gain on the streets  or unsupervised playgrounds where nothing is really too sacred and the goal is to outdo the others in wit and will.

We sat up back in the classroom. It was easier to chat and joke around. One day the priest who was teaching the class called Mike. He asked him to step outside. They went out for about two minutes and came back in. Mike had a big smile on his face. As soon as the priest turned his attention away from us Mike said to me: “you know what he told me. He said I should stay away from you. He said you weren’t going to amount to anything.”

Mike enjoyed that. We remained friends through college. But the priest was simply acting on the old adage of birds of a feather. He considered me an insidious influence on Mike when perhaps the opposite was true. After college we went our separate ways.

It is a totally different thing when one moves along in life when as an adult one chooses his friends. After a person has settle on a career that’s when a person should be judged on who he is by the company he keeps. As we’ve seen throughout the Whitey Saga criminals keep company with criminals; murderers with murderers;  media types with media types; and judges with judges.

Two of the most vile people in recent times in Boston have been Howard Carr a columnist and Alan Dershowitz a former law professor. Who are they associating with both at Mar-A-Largo and in DC? You guessed it, Trump. What I am at a loss to understand is how people who think Trump walks on water refuse to look at his association with these men. We’re not dealing with teenagers (at least in chronological years) so these association are willful and intentional.

Carr and Trump’s attraction to each other probably is due to their hostility to Hispanics and people of color. Trump as we know just warned Europe that it would lose its culture if more immigrants were let in – the immigrants being Africans – clearly showing his disdain for other than white countries; Carr as any listener would know  routinely read about the arrest of any Hispanic on his radio show while playing a Mexican song in the background.

Dershowitz and Trump’s attraction probably is through Jeffrey Epstein the billionaire convicted of sexually assaulting young  girls in Florida. To give Trump some credit he was wise enough not to bring Dershowitz on as his attorney despite the latter performing acrobatics in an attempt to get hired.

Of course, Carr and Dershowoff go way back. Alan wrote a note on the dust jacket of the cover of his book. (Bill O’Reilly also chipped in.) Alan swung with a wide brush condemning: “Dukakises, Whites, McCormick, Cardinal Laws, O’Sullivans, Wells, Moakleys, and Silbers” as having “facilitated the bad brothers” in a “tale of “mass murder and massive corruption.” 

Dershowoff was incensed particularly at Whitey’s brother Billy.  The Carr book was a blatant libel of Billy. Despite the total efforts of Dershowoff, Carr, the media, and the federal prosecutor to leave no stone unturned to drum up something against Bill Bulger they came up with nothing. There’s an old saying, “you can indict a ham sandwich.” It’s not exactly true. You do need “a scintilla of evidence.” Not much, but must have something. Had Billy done the least thing wrong he would have been charged; that he wasn’t reaffirmed what we all knew that he led an exemplary life working hard for the public good.

If you are on Trump’s team then you are shaking hands with the devils Carr and Dershowoff and joining them in their unfounded attacks on an innocent man.


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  1. Is Christian culture worth preserving? Or do I detect an animus to the Christian Faith? Why has the West triumphed? All Men are endowed by Their Creator? The Bill of Rights. Modern medicine. Superior technology. Superior ideas. Modern Civilization is Western Civilization. Socialism is a failure.

    1. NC: So, your telling me, that, not only must immigrants be white, they, also, must be Christians? That would make for a dull, dull, country. No Einstein, no Thai restaurants. Always, white bread. No rye. You gotta rethink the exclusivity feature in the white Christian trip. And, how about all that exotic dark meat, who wants to eat veal, all the time?

    2. NC:

      You have a very narrow view of the world. When did the battle end that you can say the West triumphed? Was Russia part of that triumph?

      There are many other parts of the world that at different times have triumphed. Right now it seems Asia is on the ascendancy. It is an ongoing battle among civilizations that occurs with no end in sight and no date for the ultimate conclusions.

      The problem with Christianity is it has never been tried according to G.K. Chesterton. Unfortunately there are many preaching a Christianity that is hardly distinguishable than a white supremacist doctrine. Wasn’t it Christian groups that wanted to keep the Papists with their foreign religion out of America. Christianity is one of many religions. It happens to be mine and yours because you were born into it. Had you been born in China it is doubtful you would be a Christian. There are those that would not call Catholics Christians. Of course Christian culture is worth preserving but not if you belied we must exclude all other cultures and it is only Christian cultures where people thrive.

      Aren’t all those poor bedraggled refugees attempting to come here from Central Americans Catholics. Do you consider them part of the Christian culture. Aren’t the Catholic churches more and more a reflection of peoples from other parts of the Americas other than the USA. Isn’t South America a Christian culture? What great advances have come from there?

      1. Matt :

        Please report to the stocks, newly erected at Freedom Hall, in sackcloth and ashes . There you will be pelted with the refuse of two millennia of ” White Supremacist ” Christian culture. For the boneheaded among us who do not understand the true implications of this iniquitous two thousand year old White Supremacist conspiracy to deprive all … Non-Whites?”… of their just historical due. The bouquets of lilies and primroses that slowly cover your, shamed in the name of Virtue Signalling, conspiratorial head, are the laurels of the self-hating white liberal. The saint who offers simple minded analyses of race and history and serves them up with every expectation of an enthusiastic pat on … the rear .

        Don’t let our sarcasm hit you there on the way out the door. This is absolute intellectual treacle from you. Disappointing !!!

        1. “This is absolute intellectual treacle from you. Disappointing !!!”

          Looks like he caught something.

    3. Islam-Math (the 0), science, business (the check). I don’t know, but these seem to be pretty significant.

      1. Wa-llahi! The Chinese brought us paper, and, spaghetti!

        Thomas Aquinas borrowed most of his ideas from Muslim scholars (Ibn Sina, al Ghazali). Scholasticism owes a great debt to Islam. Neo-Platonism returned to barbarian Europe through Muslim Spain.

        A good topic of conversation would be, why, the “technicalist” transformation (Hodgson) occurred in Europe, rather, than, Asia, or, Africa? There are some intriguing reasons for this florescence. Warning: these answers have noting to do with religion, and/or, skin pigment

  2. “… where nothing is really too sacred and the goal is to outdo the others in wit and will. ”

    Great line !!!

  3. Really simple : DERSHOWITZ still believes in civil liberties and the rights of due process under law, regardless of Party, for a Donald Trump … Or … Hillary, if she was duly and legally elected President.

    Got chased down Teaneck Lane on a Stygian night by a shotgun toting strapping Island Amazon who was mad that I would not take off all my rain soaked garb for her to dry. Knowing Katrina back in the day on Martha’s Vineyard .

    Vineyard parties are overrated .

  4. Hi Matt,
    Dershowitz’s shameless attempt to get a job with Trump is a very embarrassing thing to watch. So the cool kids on Martha’s Vineyard won’t hang out with Alan any more? Boo hoo. He’ll probably start vacationing in the Florida panhandle in a further effort to impress the president. Sad.

  5. Medicare for all. Free college, too. All of it to come from a struggling golden goose. Don’t throttle that goose! I propose gentle choking in times of great need. Not fatal, just, rendering the beneficent bird, temporarily, unconscious. That way, the bird’s around to squeeze, when, scarcity abounds. “Moderate” socialism.
    “X-mass goose” socialism is a different critter, way too much concern with parting out the bird.

    1. The truth about socialistic “free programs” is some poor hard working tax payer is going to have to pay for them . . .freedom itself isn’t free . . .America earned and kept its freedom through the expenditure of blood and treasure . . .it’s a constant daily fight against the liberal dems and socialists to maintain our freedoms . . .and there is no such thing as a free lunch or free college . . .someone has got to grow the grain for sandwiches for lunchboxes or school cafeterias . . .it costs . . .

      1. “A hungry man is an angry man” a Jamaican folk saying. Back in the late sixties, a government subsidized college education was available to everyone. In California, before Reagan, four years of college was free. The quyet sum phong! Like I said, we’ll gently massage the golden goose’s throat, until, it coughs up the dough.

        Bill: Do you think black folks should go to college, despite, not having the money for it? How about Hispanics? Native Americans? Should college be an exclusively white privilege?

      2. Bill:

        I was struck by your words: “The truth about socialistic “free programs” is some poor hard working tax payer is going to have to pay for them.”

        It is getting to look like that. Certainly the rich taxpayers aren’t interested in doing so.

  6. Epstein…..agree. Why’s that tree-jumper still on the street? Money and friends. Bourgeois decadence is the leitmotif of our times. The social elites are passing from their deliquescent state to unpalatable ruin. But, hamdullilahi, the proletariat is stirring. Awake, and, aware, the risen toilers will have no more of bourgeois excess. Take to the barricades. Throw off the bourgeoisie yoke. Down with Trump.

    All praise to DSA. All power to the dialectic!

    1. the only reason Hillary is not in jail for “gross negligence” is elitism . . .Elitism is why Wyshak recommended probation, no jail time, for the Congressman’s wife, and recommended 8 years jail time for the nurse who “laundered” one-tenth or one-quarter of what the Congressman’s Wife laundered . . .like the Commies of yesteryear and the hippies of yesteryear, many of today’s liberals and lefties think they’re smarter and better . . .the fools believe they’re morally superior, as they push their liberal judges, pro-abortion, big government, big taxes, atheistic interventionistic policies down the throats of their fellow Americans

      I’ve had it with the libs, Dems and smug Hillary supporters: I’ve found the bulk of them idiotic . . .they’re mostly government workers, many lawyers, who’ve spent their lives sucking off the gov teat, living off the taxpayers . . .and they think because they’re inside government or inside academia they’re smarter than the rest of us, when in fact, I’ve found them stupider from their years living in ivied towers and isolation booths, where they go around all day saying Yes Your Honor, or giving each other Stale Awards for lifetimes of achieving nothing . . .while those in the private sector get the work done and those in the military keep us safe . . . military, some public health, public safety personnel still do mostly good . . .far too many bureaucrats don’t do much . . .cut the FED workforce in half . . .and cut State and Local salaries by 25% and their workforces by at least 25% . . . free up the private sectors

  7. Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Anthony Weiner and Erich Shneiderman supported Hillary.

    1. So didn’t I. By the tone of these letters looks like I am thr only one with any brains.

      1. Yuh, Walter Kirby, whoever you are, you must a genius . . .only genius liberals voted for Hillary and only deplorable inferiors in your calculus supported Trump and conservative policies
        How are you on the butchering of little human beings in the womb? Like Hillary’s views there, too?
        Another proud lib toots his own horn . . .he’s better, smarter than the rest of us!!

  8. Guilt by association. Dershowitz is just a suck up to power. He is a life long liberal Democrat and a Hillary supporter. He voted for Hillary. He said there was a vast right wing conspiracy out to get the Clintons. He smeared the Boston Police by claiming they were all liars. Paranoia strikes deep. He also supported Romney for President. He is totally shameless. Pompeo, Mattis, Kelly and Dunford are better examples of his personnel selections. Gorsoch and Kavanaugh are home runs. 95% of the media opposed his candidacy. So one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch. 2 No one thinks he walks on water. The European culture he is talking about is Christianity. Most of the migrants are Middle Eastern or South Asian. Most are Muslin. Trying to preserve the the Christian component of the culture is not a negative. Pope Vincent advocated this approach.

    1. NC: do

      Do you mean brown, and, black skinned, Muslims? Some Muslim folks, Balkan Muslims, for instance, are quite white in skin tone. A lot of Syrians are so fair, they have freckles. Pushtun blood, also, produces a population of blonds. Perhaps, you should distinguish your prejudice by dividing Muslim immigrants into “colored” Muslims,” and “white” Muslims. In your opinion, in terms of immigration policy, should a prejudice be exercised against the “colored” Muslims, and, special preference given to “white” Muslim immigrants? Why?

  9. Right about Carr and Dershowitz and their malignant attacks on the Honorable William Bulger. Dershowitz paranoically labelled Bill Bulger the “godfather” of organized crime, because primarily Bill embarrassed Alan in a debate at the State House when Alan came to falsely oppose Paul Mahoney’s judicial nomination . . . Back then, 40 years ago, Bill rightfully labelled Alan a “a murderer of reputations,” which he was . . . .(Alan also lost a legal fight to Bill’s law partner, before that . . .Dersh could not get over these slights) for 40 years Dershowitz tried to have Bill Bulger prosecuted for something, anything and failed and his public commentary and writings were indeed malignant and malicioius.

    Howie Carr is a vile person who demeans and distorts constantly; he is a 40 year character assassin of many, mostly conservative-moderate politicians, but will unfairly rake anyone over the coals if it can make him some money . . . .I read his nefarious book The Brother’s Bulger and found no fact . . .nor has anyone else ever . . .that Bill Bulger committed any crime . . .and the subtitle of the Bulgers Brother, something like How They Terrorized Boston, was beyond far-fetched . . .it was ludicrous . . . .Bill terrorized no one, was admired by many (except some liberals, all pro-abortionists and the bigoted Boston Globe) and Whitey Bulger’s fiefdom was from a small part of Andrew Square to Castle Island (and maybe a few bars on Dudley Street near Uphams Corner) but most of Boston for 40 years didn’t know a thing about Whitey . . .Carr is an inveterate distorter, who has hurt many innocent families with his poison pen and poison tongue . . . Carr maligns many . . . .and he sadistically enjoys doing it . . .and he does it for one purpose ( not to inform) but to line his pocket book . . .

    2. Now, why should we stop supporting the good work Trump does, or Ronald Reagan did, because malignant men like Carr liked or supported them.

    3. You don’t grow out of your lifelong friends . . .my closest friends over the years and till today are guys I’ve known lifelong since grammar school . . .other closest friends are guys I worked out with every day, some at Y, mostly the 25 Noontime Nuts, a subset of L-Street Running Club, mostly all guys from the same neighborhoods of Southie, Dorchester, Quincy, and guys working for the Marr Companies, etc . . .and other closest friends include a crew from Oak Square area Brighton-Allston. . .all salt of the earth from every walk of life . . . .and yes I have good friends from the various schools and professions I’ve worked in, too . . . I didn’t outgrow lifelong friends, whether they be professors, cops, or criminals, or whether they fell on good times or bad times . . . . . .I know many young men and women in the suburbs too, like in Needham, Everett, Stoughton, Quincy, whose closest friends were and are lifelong friends since grammar school . . .

    3. Trump is grateful to Carr for openly supporting him early on . . .and for Dershowitz supporting many of his positions and for Dershowitz criticizing the ACLU,NY Times, Wash Post and other liberal (left wing) propagandists . . .but Trump has not appointed Carr and Dershowitz to high office . . .

    4. Dershowitz in recent years has distanced himself from Carr, it seems to me . . .Dershowitz was blinded by his hatred of Bill Bulger . . . .Dershowitz should publicly apologize . . .his venomous writings against Bill Bulger have falsely inflamed others against Bill and the good people of South Boston, and against John Connolly, too, as I’ve written . . .Dershowitz may have planted in the weak minded Wyshak the notion that if Wyshak squeezed John Connolly (an innocent man) he could get his big prize, Bill Bulger . . .Wyshak, I believe, persuaded then Major Foley and five state cops he deputized as FEDS, that Bill Bulger was the Big Prize. . .Foley said as much at that 2013 televised Somerville speech he gave . . .word to this effect: “We had two targets: Whitey on the lam; and Billy at the State House” . . .what an enormous travesty of Justice . . .what an enormous waste of Taxpayer’s Money while 65,000 drug overdose deaths are occurring annually in the good old USA . . .Wyshak, Foley, on a 10-20 year witch hunt, egged on by Alan Dershowitz, harboring a 40 year old grudge

    Pathetic . . .and the big vile character in all of this: Howie Carr, the cur, the yellow dog pseudo-journalist . . .who has always been in it only to line his own pocket book . . . Carr serves nothing else but his pocket book . . .throughout his life that’s all he served, and he’d throw anyone under the bus to keep his cash flowing . . .and I’m sure he is and was a good father and good husband . . .a good provider who’d spin, run over the truth and anyone else’s family to keep his own cash flowing . . .Carr’s terrorized Boston for 40 years with bad reporting, malicious character assassinations . .

  10. Hi Matt,
    I saw your post this AM but before reading it I thought about dropping you a note about how maligned Bill Bulger has been by everyone,Globe, Herald, etc etc…….
    William Bulger was the absolute leader in reforming the UMass system, yet Mitt Romney couldn’t wait to make his mark in Massachusetts by getting rid of the President of the system.
    In the late 70s one of the world major real estate developers( much bigger than Trump) told me that Bill Bulger was one of the smartest people he had ever met.
    I know that Pres. Bulger is having the last laugh.

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