Trump’s Final Solution of the Covid-19 Pandemic in America

Those paying close attention to the White House and its dealings with the Covid-19 pandemic must have noticed that Trump’s efforts to date have failed. We have  five times the number of confirmed positive cases than the next nearest country in the world; and we have over two times the deaths as any other nation.

George Packer noted:  “The United States reacted … like Pakistan or Belarus – like a country with shoddy infrastructure and a dysfunctional government whose leaders were too corrupt or stupid to head off mass suffering.” Fintan O’Toole added: “In the process, the idea of the US as the world’s leading nation – an idea that has shaped the past century – has all but evaporated.” 

I have pointed out that aside from five or so countries in Western Europe we have the worst record in battling this disease. Those that want to support Trump point to those countries that are worse than ours and say “see we aren’t the worst.” I agree but as I’ve pointed out in a horse race which has sixteen horses running in it and you come in 14th that’s not placing in the money. You don’t point to the worst horse in the race to compare yourself to and call it a success; well at least you shouldn’t. But that’s what Trump has done as recently as week ago and his acolytes have duly trumpeted out his words.

But as we know Trump is a con man. He says anything that comes into his head without regard to whether it is true or not. He gets away with it because his acolytes will believe what he said even if it contradicts what he said a day earlier. I’m not interested in rehashing what is obvious but I want to discuss what is not obvious to most people and what has just happened.

Trump has pulled the big switcheroo.

The first hint of it was him using the Defense Production Act in a way that compromised livelihoods. The meat plants highly infected with Covid-19 where workers are concentrated tightly together were told to stay open. The workers were given the choice: work, get sick, and perhaps die; or, don’t work, don’t get unemployment, starve and perhaps die. It was clear that lives had to take second place to production.

Then If you listened carefully to his talk on a Fox News Town Hall on Sunday night you would have seen confirmation of his new policy. He gave that from the Lincoln Memorial and some have said that during it they could swear they saw Lincoln crying but I’m not sure that should be part of the discussion.

Trump’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) came out with a recommendation on the steps that should be followed in opening up the states. The first was a fourteen day downward trend. Trump at that time,  Pontius Pilate-like, washed his hands of responsibilities. He turned them over to the governors.

Then – since we’re on the subject of the walk to Golgotha – he immediately Judas-like betrayed the governors by calling on his acolytes in three states to “liberate” their states from the stay at home orders that follow the guidelines he just announced.

As we know there have been demonstrations by these people, some armed and most not masked or keeping social distancing, who Trump calls “very good people”, to have their states freed from as what one person calls “collective punishment.” Why one wonders is Trump encouraging people to urge their governors to violated the CDC guidelines? Why is he not taking a stand against more than half the states in the country opening up in violation of those guidelines?

At the Lincoln Memorial he said during his speech: “But, no, I think you can really have it both ways.  I think a lot of people want to go back.  They just want to go back.  You see it every day.  You see demonstrations all over the country, and those are meaningful demonstrations.  Oh, it’s big stuff.”  He added at times: “And we want to get it to a point, when we open, we’re not going to lose businesses and therefore, more importantly, frankly, we’re not going to lose the jobs that run the businesses.But the main thing I have to do is bring our country back,But we have no choice.  We have to — we can’t stay closed as a country.  We’re not going to have a country left. —  We’re getting rid of the virus.  But we’ve got to put our country back to work.  All those people out there that are protesting, they’re — they’re right.  They want to go back to work.  We want to go back to work quickly but safely.  And that’s what’s happening.”

It’s now clear what is Trump’s Final Solution to the Covid-19 Pandemic. He has embraced Herd Immunity as the quickest way to get the economy working. No more mitigation, masks, or social distancing. It’s the Darwinian survival of the fittest. Let a large number of people catch a disease, and hence develop immunity to it, to stop the virus spreading and enable them to return to work. Let the weak perish.

Strangely, this is the right to life president who has no problem sending many people to their deaths. I guess Trump believes all lives are important but some lives are more important than others. Orwell told us about people like him.


9 thoughts on “Trump’s Final Solution of the Covid-19 Pandemic in America

  1. Will Trump finally get the right to shoot someone in the middle of Broadway?

    Will he finally get rid of that irksome Appropriations Clause?

    Only Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and SCOTUS know. (If the media will allow any other news, maybe they’ll tell us.)

  2. Was America to blame for Pearl Harbor? Or 9-11? Is America to blame for Covid 19? Japan, Al Qaeda and China caused those events not America. Blaming Trump shows extreme partisanship. No criticism for the leaders of the European countries? None for the Governors? Trump doesn’t run the nursing homes where much of the death occurred. China was the proximate cause of this virus yet they are ignored. Poor detective work. 2. Bill Clinton said 9-11 was blow back for the Crusades. FDR’s grandfather Warren Delano made his fortune selling opium to China. Delano also said that not all Democrats are horse thieves but all horse thieves are Democrats. Was Covid 19 intentionally sent to the West as blow back for the opium trade. Was it the boxer rebellion part 2? Or was it negligence and recklessness on Red China’s part?

    1. Actually, NC, the USA was responsible for the Pearl Harbor attack. Roosevelt froze all the POL going to Japan in response to Japanese moves in China. The Japanese economy was going to grind to a halt without petroleum products. Japan was left with no option, but, to pre-emptively attack. For every action, there is a reaction.

    2. “Delano also said that not all Democrats are horse thieves but all horse thieves are Democrats.”

      I don’t care if this is true or not. Its priceless.

  3. Just like Goebbels, you think if you tell BIG LIES, OFTEN ENOUGH, the masses or at least your TRUE BELIEVERS among your readers, will swallow them.
    Again, your towering ill-logic merits no rebuttal.
    Back to the Hitler analogies you’ve deployed since Trump’s election.

    Nearly every sentence you have written has been thoroughly refuted on this blog.

    Continue to quote from radical liberal columnists who hate America and hate Trump (when Irish writer you quote said the world “pitied” America, forgetting that Ireland has a per-capita death rate exceeding America’s.

    You ignore the simple fact: Sixteen Countries and or independent states in Western Europe have higher death rates (per capita) than the USA. You ignore the fact that subtracting the 100 counties surrounding NYC, the USA per capita death rate is comparable to all countries in Western Europe and even Eastern Europe.

    Like most bad liberals suffering from DTS, you ignore FACTS, and distort by OMISSION, and engage in grotesque hyperbole. Imagine someone using the phrase FINAL SOLUTION, applying to Himmler and Eichman’s planned extermination of all European Jews and actual genocide of more than 6 million Jews, to apply to an American President you at least accurately quote saying this: “We want to go back to work quickly but safely. And that’s what’s happening.”

    I still my pen; I keep my powder dry.
    On other fronts, there are bigger fish to fry.

    Small Potatoes!

    1. “Just like Trump, you think if you tell BIG LIES, OFTEN ENOUGH, the masses or at least your TRUE BELIEVERS among your readers, will swallow them.”

      I fixed this one for you.

  4. Here in McLean, Virginia, I overheard a man with a TRUMP bumper sticker and a MAGA hat on his head say, “They should lock those workers in those meat processing plants and MAKE them work! The liberals are making this seem like the end of the world!”

    I resisted breaking his jaw. A nice, big roundhouse slap in the face would have been better. Takes the high school out of most people.

    1. Abe, don’t put ’em up unless you know how to use them. And one robin signals what?
      I recall a New York Times reporter who wrote that he could judge a man just by looking at him; he described a person who’s actions he didn’t like; he concluded his opinion piece by saying, “I knew I could take him.” Just by looking at him, he knew he could beat him in a fist fight. No one who grew up in Southie or Savin Hill or Brooklyn or the Bronx would make such a statement.

      I recall the Italian professional boxer who wrote about how he stepped out of his car, after a minor auto accident in Rome, to beat some sense into that pudgy little fellow who crashed into him, and the pudgy little knocked the daylights out of the pro.

      don’t judge a book by its cover!

      1. I’ve been in plenty of fist fights. If I was going to do it I would have done it. I grew up in those same neighborhoods. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have seen some might tough guys get their ass handed to them by guys that look like Wally Cox. Never judge a book……

        And I agree with you that one robin does not make a spring. He was just one hardhead trying to be noticed. I know what is happening in this pandemic. I just hate to hear someone say things like that. Locking people into a factory to what end? His comments do not represent the administration. Just an observation that bothered me.

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