Trump’s Last Dirty Trick. Will It Work. Who Can Stop It?

This is important to keep in mind how Trump acted both in 2016 and in 2020 prior to the presidential elections. In both instances he claimed prior to the first vote being cast that the election was rigged. In 2016 after it turned out it wasn’t obviously rigged and that he was the winner then the idea of it being rigged disappeared.  (Although In saying this we still do not know the full extent of the Russian interference.) What was Trump’s purpose in saying back in 2016 that it was going to be rigged? Was is it that he expected to lose and his ego could not accept it.Has anything changed?

Why was it in 2020 that he did pretty much the same thing alleging that the mail in ballots were fraudulent and that the Democrats were rigging the election even before the first votes were cast?  After the 2020 election when it appeared he had lost the first step you took was to ask for recounts. These were done and they were such that they verified the initial accounts of the election. These were done with paper ballots so any question that the machines were rigged was put aside.

Yet Trump still insists that the election was rigged and that in fact votes for him will give it to Biden and that he is the winner of the election. He has had at least 49 cases brought in various jurisdictions throughout the United States attempting to cast doubt on the election and all but one case he has lost. The only win involved the distance poll observers could stand while watching the count.

The tally of the vote at this point has Trump behind by seven million popular votes and in the same margin of electoral college votes as Hillary Clinton was to him. Despite this Trump still says he won.

One could laugh at this as  the ravings of a maniac but  seeing other circumstances causes one to wonder if something is not a foot. Most worrisome are the appointment of unqualified civilians, or I should say whose only qualification is their unquestioned loyalty to Trump, to run the defense department, in effect Trump can give orders for military action without any pushback, Why is this being done if Trump and they will be out of their jobs in 47 days? Why are they refusing to cooperate with the Biden transition folk?

To out it another way, to what end are these men being installed? Is Trump hoping to bomb Iran as his farewell gift? Or, is it something gravely more sinister? How does it fit in with Trump’s assertions that he was re-elected? As I see it there is one thing that fits.

This would be something that has never even been thought of as something that would be done in the United States. Maybe in some banana republic or barbarian nation but never here. But then you have to realize Trump often does things that were never done here before as he is doing now not accepting the results of the election.

What if Trump declares he has won the election because votes for him were given to Biden? What if he arranges to have himself sworn into office by Amy Barrett or Clarence Thomas in the morning of the 20th, refuses to vacate the White House, and sends troops to block the Biden inaugural.  He then positions troops to stop protests.

Who can stop him?

Sure it is a far fetched fantasy to suggest such a thing. Trump is just sore but he will come around, He just wants to line his pockets with Franklins before he leaves. He knows he lost.

But what if he truly believes he won?







20 thoughts on “Trump’s Last Dirty Trick. Will It Work. Who Can Stop It?

  1. Wa-llahi! Trump’s putsch is just beginning. His legal barrage is a smokescreen. Glorious Leader is making all the moves a fascist dictator would use to overwhelm a democracy. Why have his most sycophantic minions been appointed to positions in the Pentagon? Where is Erik Prince?

  2. You are forgetting the collusion of the entire cyber security apparatus, Homeland Security and all the intelligence agencies. And now Barr has shown his true colors. It is Giuliani whose investigations really count. This is so derivative of McCarthy it is freaky. “I have in my hand the names of two-hundred commie agents–” etc. Perot et al in their obsequious lock-step adoration of a fraud cannot be bigger fools.

    Hmm. Barr v. Giuliani. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

    1. Bondo Barr talked a big game. All hat, no cattle.

      Meanwhile, the FBI buried Hunter Biden’s laptop… just like they buried Anthony Weiner’s laptop (Huma)… just like they buried Awan’s laptops, the Pakistani IT staffer for Debbie Wasserman Schultz – deep in the Democrat weeds.

      And James Wolfe of the corrupt & powerful SSIC only gets a slap on the wrist for leaking Classified material to the press. Gee, who directed him to leak? Senator Feinstein or Burr?

  3. I could fertilize all the corn fields of Nebraska with the replies in this thread.

    Bonespurs lost. Get over it.

    1. All skeptics of Trump & Co. would do well to take in some non-leftist media on occasion. My wife switches back and forth all the time. She recommends it highly!

      1. Your wife has the right idea. My wife does the exact same thing.

        I don’t watch American made news except to get a quick look at what both sides are saying. I certainly do not hold any of it as news. Every word spoken on news outlets in this country is backed by people with particular agendas and is made for those that like what that newscast says. I watch NHK for plain news. Just news. It is an English language news station from Tokyo.

        In general all news is bullshit based on events. How those events are presented to the listeners depends on the ownership of the station. And the emotional attachment to non political events is bothersome. A tragedy to one person may be a blessing to another. Just call it a car crash. The driver that got killed might have a fifteen year old girl chained up in his basement.

    2. So Biden really got more vites than Barack Obama, and even got more black votes than BHO, even though he labeled black men ‘super predators’ and rarely left his basement?

      Even multiple young rappers backed POTUS, especially after his crime reform bill passed.

      President Trump won 18 of 19 bellwether counties, but China Biden won?

      POTUS won Ohio & Florida, but the most feeble candidate in history won? Really?

  4. The best people inspire others to go beyond what they think is possible. Think JFK , we will go to the moon not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Donald Trump in December 2020 is Adolf Hitler in the bunker. I have no idea why people support him in a cult like fashion.Look at the money Trump has raised since the election, good luck to the rest of the field fundraising for 2024!

    1. Ludicrous Hitler analogy disqualifies you from mature, adult conversation.

      Why support President Trump?

      3.5% unemployment rate – pre Covid.
      Regulations & tax cuts spurred the economy.
      Economy grew $3 Trillion.
      FOUR Mideast peace deals.
      No new wars.
      Energy explosion.
      500 – 700,000 new manufacturing jobs!
      Confronted China.
      Prison Reform.
      Funded Historically Black Colleges for 10 years.
      Blazing speed on vaccine development.
      First Choice Act for Veterans.
      Rebuilt the Military.
      Outed the Swamp & MSM.

      1. wa-llahi! Perot, forget the personal stuff. You are straying into ad hominin. New rules, remember?

  5. There is overwhelming evidence of election fraud on both a national and local level. The 40-odd cases you mention were filed by local individuals, and many losses were on a procedural basis.

    Just last week we witnessed the new videotape from Georgia showing an injection of tens of thousands of ballots, retrieved from 4 suit cases after closing, and after GOP Observers left. Those new ballots from unknown sources directly correlate with the Biden surge in George.

    The margin in Georgia is only about 12,000 votes, with over 130,000 illegal votes currently indentifed from dead people, underage voters, illegal voters, voters registered at PO Boxes, etc.

      1. Georgia presentation last week.

        2,506 felons illegally voted
        66,248 under 18 voted
        2,423 weren’t registered at all
        1,043 used a PO Box
        4,926 voted past the reg. date
        10,315 died before the election
        395 voted in two states
        15,700 moved out of state
        40,279 changed county and didn’t re-register to vote!

  6. Trump will leave the White House timely. Biden will be inaugurated. Then, after a while, it will be obvious that the most important allegations behind the two sets of lawsuits are well-grounded. (Set 1 being the Giuliani set of fraud, double-counting, fake ballots denying inspection to Republicans, etc., and set 2 being the Powell set of Dominion software, voting machines, etc.)

    Followed by much unrest…

    1. GOK:

      The allegations are nonsense. They have been brought before the courts – judges who are Republican and some appointed by Trump – they have been found to be without merit. Three times the votes have been counted in Georgia. They all come out the same. There is no mysterious jump in votes since all votes were overseen by observers from both parties and the election in Georgia was overseen by Republican administrators. You heard the high ranking Republican official ask Trump to stop his lies.

      Guiliani is a nut. If that is not obvious to you then what can I say. He produced a witness to the double counting who said hundreds of thousands of ballots were double counted. Total gibberish. The Republican ran the elections in Georgia and Arizona. They had observers watching the ballot counts. No one complained at the time. It is only later when they are drumming up suits they come up with people observing things evidence showed they could not have observed. The Dominion voting machines have been shown to be accurate by the hand counting of ballots afterwards.

      What is wrong with you Trump supporters thinking all the judges, election officials (Republican especially) have come up with a great scheme to deny Trump. Remember, before the first vote was counted in 2016 and in 2020 Trump alleged the election was going to be rigged. When he won in 2016 in an election the Russians interfered with he forgot that he said it was going to be rigged. In 2020 he had it rigged before it began. When a Republican official in charge of ensuring its accuracy said it was the fairest election in American history he fired him for telling the truth.

      He is a sick man. He is the only president ever to do such things as call governors and state elected officials asking them to throw out the votes of the people and appoint electors who will vote for him. Do you believe in Democracy, the good will and integrity of American election officials, and that the will of the people in an election should be followed? Or do you want to stick to a guy who has done something no other president ever did based on no evidence?

      1. False. How can President Trump succeed in the vast majority of areas, increase the GOP, 50% increase with African Americans, big jump in Latino votes, increase in the college educated vote … but then, just happen to magically lose only 5 metro areas? And lose them at 3 AM in the morning, with no GOP Observers?

        Last week, summarized Georgia’s massive problems. POTUS only down 12,000 votes.

        2,506 felons illegally voted
        66,248 under 18 voted
        2,423 weren’t registered at all
        1,043 used a PO Box
        4,926 voted past the reg. date
        10,315 died before the election
        395 voted in two states
        15,700 moved out of state
        40,279 changed county and didn’t re-register to vote!

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