Trump’s Massive Defeat – Denied By His Sheep

As sure as the sun will rise each day there is no doubt in the minds of most right  thinking Americans that Trump has suffered a massive defeat. Good riddance to him and his total ineptness. A man who only thought of himself and conned many onto believing great falsehoods followed by an adoring cult which justified his most idiodic actions. Never once – which is to me a totally stunner – did these cultist find anything that he did was wrong. Never once was this foul mouth, vulgar, spreader of hate criticized as if to do so even slightly would collapse their imagined reality that he was the Second Coming.

In my many years on this earth I have voted for persons seeking the presidency, some of whom were elected and assumed the office, most recently that being Presidentu Barack Obama.  I was never reluctant to criticize him when I thought he erred or pursued a wrongful policy. Nor were others who felt the same way. He was human – not divine – and made decisions humans make which can be faulty. There were others – some unlike me who held important positions in the Democratic Party who were vocal in their opposition to him.  Never did they follow along like we’ve seen with Trump folk fearful of making a public utterance expressing any disapproval of His Almighty Vileness.

Because of this, because these fools justified his every blunder with nonsensical arguments suggesting his wrongs were right because others may have done wrongs or casting upon the shoulders of others his responsibilities or rejecting scientific statements  for voodoo explanations or accepting a void of effective responses by pointing to one or two things Trump did early on which looking back were as effective as clearing a beach of sand one grain at a time the defeat was certain.

You don’t  win a war by launching an early counter attack, praise its effectiveness, and the sit back pleased with oneself while the enemy slowly builds strength and overwhelms you in the end. Trump’s victory, to be generous and give it that label, back in January was not a pyrrhic victory because all his forces remained in tact and he was well equipped to continue the fight.

Future generations will call it a trumpic victory standing for the proposition that an early somewhat effective step against an enemy will lead to a disaster without an ongoing effective follow up.

Covid-19 has administered to Trump  a total and massive  defeat. There is no doubt of its victory as Trump not only let it run rampant without a response but aided it by mostly ignoring it, lying about it, and leading his blind sheep into its tracks.

Today as it ravages the country Trump in his abject surrender to it remains dumbfounded and confused. He sees it striking those around him and like the emperor without clothes parades among his adoring disciples as if nothing is wrong and no one will call out: “the country is being decimated by Covid – do something about it – inaction is no longer an option ”

No one dares tell him the truth. The cases, are piling up, the dead follow in increasing numbers, our hospitals are being overrun, and the nation will soon be on life support while his silent followers spread palm leaves before him.

Fortunately help is on the way but it may not come soon enough. Sadly Trump cares not. Sadly his cult will justify his inaction. Sadly.many more Americans will be infected and die. Sadly one who can do something about it has to wait 70 days.








25 thoughts on “Trump’s Massive Defeat – Denied By His Sheep

  1. The one area Trump has shown some backbone is China. The only prez to attempt to unravel Nixon’s sell-out of western capitalistic democracies. My diatribe would be too long to detail in this space.

  2. Trump won on election night. Several days later they stole it. Never in American history has an incumbent president seeking re election gotten 8 million more votes than when he got elected 4 years earlier and purportedly lost. Carter got 8 million less votes in 1980 than 1976 because he was unpopular. HW bush got 16 million less in 92 than in 1988. He was unpopular. Even popular Obama got 3 million less votes in 2012 than 2008. Yet we are to believe the nonsense that Trump lost. Among Black voters Trump almost doubled his vote. He increased his vote among Latinos by over 20%. Trump got as many as 3 million more minority votes in 2020 as 2016. Those votes came out of the Democrat column. Biden had less support in the minority sector. This election was as on the level as the 50s game shows 21 and the 64 thousand dollar question. Charles Van Doren must have been counting the votes. This fraudulent election has done irreparable harm to our democracy. 2. The Obama Bush foreign policies were terrible. Wars in Iraq. Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Syria. Hundreds of thousands dead. 4500 American soldiers under Bush and 2500 under Obama. Plus none of these countries are better off because of these interventions. Trump is trying to end them. There are many centuries old conflicts that exist in the world that America is powerless to stop. Should we enter the Armenian-Azeri conflict? On whose side. Some misguided folks wanted to enter the Syrian war by sending two divisions to Jordan. Some of W Bush’s biggest critics on Iraq and the WMD scam now want more war. 3.Biden is going to get tough with Putin. Are we headed for nuclear war?

    1. NC:

      We have always counted mail in ballots. You do recall that the Republican legislatures passed laws in some states that they could not be counted until election day after the other votes were counted. Trump won before all the votes were counted. When they were he lost.

      Getting more votes than one did before means nothing. Trump did get more votes. His opponent got more votes than Trump by over five million. Are we to suggest the standard for an incumbent being elected is that he get more votes than he did on his first run regardless of how many votes his opponent received?

      Trump increased his votes in the groups you mentioned but his opponent increased the votes he received over that of Trump’s previous opponent. For example she got 31% of the Catholic vote while Biden got 42%.

      2. Yemen – the U.S. is providing support to the Saudis killing of Yemeni forces so how does it make a difference if the US planes and recently supplied bombs are flown by Saudi pilots rather than US pilots. It was Bush who got us into Iraq. Many in Iraq are better off because we through out Saddam. When Trump came in we were mostly out of it. Afghanistan forces were increased by Trump and then decreased. We still have a presence there to protect the Afghani women which makes them better off. Some do not think that is our role; I happen to think we should continue to do it. Obama’s bombing of Libya was to save lives. It unfortunately opened a can of worms. Our role in Syria had been quite limited and relatively casualty free until Trump cut and run after Erdogan threatened us. Syria is no in the hands of Russia/Assad which is not quite to the benefit of the United States.

      True there are century old conflicts that cannot be extinguished by the United States. We could have tried to negotiate a solution to the Armenian-Azeri conflict rather than having the Russians put troops into Azerbaijan and causing the Armenians to lose land there. As for entering that conflict with our military force I would say no.

      I still say if we put two Army divisions on the southern border of Syria and moved slowly into that country we could have brought a peace to that land at a minimum of cost. I suggested that long before the Russians and Iranians came up with the idea they would send in their forces. We do have a capable military which we seem reluctant to use to keep the peace. Is its only purpose to be here if we are invaded. Some suggest we should have not gotten involved in WWII. Imagine the world now had we not done so. I do not know who you are talking about who want more wars. I have not heard anyone suggesting that.

      3. If you suggest Biden is going to get tough with Putin it appears you agree he is going to be the president. The best way to get tough with Putin is through sanctions. One need not go to war to get tough.

  3. Looks like Trump/Barr are trying to use Justice as a private investigation office. Do US Attorneys need an inkling of evidence to pursue a case? Can they refuse tp pursue? The head of that Department resigned. Wont they all resign anyway when Biden takes over? Why not show some backbone and tell Trump/Barr to shove it?

  4. Trump is like Adolph Hitler in his bunker. Never in my lifetime have I seen a Sec State talk about preparing for a second Trump admin. From Mike Flynn to Mike Pence it has been a gong show! Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and even our Governor are all thought to be running in 2024. Michael Dell and Jeff Bezos men who are my age chose making billions in the private sector over public service. Our country suffers for it. I hope Biden is up for the challenge of climate change. Florida has tropical storms in November with holiday decorations at the mall summer like weather.

    1. Norwood:

      You are a wise man. Our country is entering perilous times and we can only hope Biden is aware of the dangers we face. I read that because of climate change the hurricanes are now more powerful over the land and hang around for a longer time. This year there have been a record number of them yet we still as you mention are doing little about it. Trump is the first president in our history to not want to leave office after his loss and has around him men of the same mind who have given up on our democracy and would prefer that elections not have been held. Let’s hope the next 70 days go by fast without Trump caused problems.

    2. When Hitler is invoked, let alone in the first sentence, you know any logical conversation is impossible.

      1. “When Hitler is invoked, let alone in the first sentence, you know any logical conversation is impossible.”

        So mentioning one of the most important figures in World history makes a comment irrelevant? I’m a lot like Hitler, you know, and I have no problem with the comparisons. I’m a male placental mammal, to begin with. Like Hitler I have a hairy upper lip, and a friend named Eva. I have spent time in a bunker and worked as a paper hanger. I also paint, and, have a German made, Walther styled, 32. caliber PPK type gun, like the one Hitler killed himself with. This is getting scary, huh?

      2. wa-llahi! Perot, are you not a student of the Nazi period? There are many trenchant comparisons to be made between Trump and Hitler. Someone in Trump’s inner circle has read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by William Shirer. Glorious Leader’s political trajectory wasn’t plotted by the unread.

  5. I’ve decided to say a couple of good things about Trump. I think he made a sensible decision by focusing on the development of a Covid vaccine. Unfortunately, instead of talking about the steps he’d taken, he babbled on about getting a vaccine by Election Day, which only made people think it was all political. I also supported Trump’s desire to terminate our forever wars. I think his Pentagon purge reflects his desire to get our troops out of Afghanistan by Christmas in the face of military opposition, and not a plot to launch a coup. So there’s Good Trump. Don’t get me started on Bad Trump….

    1. Dan:

      Wish I could agree. Was it impossible to do more than one thing at a time? Shouldn’t he have been focusing on limiting the spread of the virus rather than otherwise. I suggest it would take a real dope not to want to develop a vaccine. That was emphasized in many countries in the world some of whom are already giving their versions of it to the people. Had not Trump done it it would have been done in any event by the pharmaceutical companies and as mentioned has been done by other countries throughout the world. Giving him credit for what everyone else did is really stretching.

      I’m not sure I agree with his plans for the Pentagon coup. I believe he has more sinister things in mind. Will he order an attack on Iran? Will he want to deploy them to help him stay in office? I think you should consider the overall actions of Trump when it comes to the use of the military. Our “forever war” has allowed women who were under the thumb of the Taliban – you do remember those days when they beat them on the streets if they did not totally cover up, prevented them from being educated, outlawed all music in the homes – to have relatively normal lives. Was that worth it? Or, do we not have any obligations to others than ourselves? Do we sit back while democracy fails in countries abroad if we can prevent it? Do we run to avoid a fight as we did in Northern Syria and abandon our allies? Is that what you expect of America? When do we take a stance?

      Do you recall the speech given by Harold Ickles prior to our entry into WWII? Here is some of it:

      “What constitutes an American? Not color nor race nor religion. Not the pedigree of his family nor the place of his birth. Not the coincidence of his citizenship. Not his social status nor his bank account. Not his trade nor his profession. An American is one who loves justice and believes in the dignity of man. An American is one who will fight for his freedom and that of his neighbor. An American is one who will sacrifice property, ease and security in order that he and his children may retain the rights of free men. An American is one in whose heart is engraved the immortal second sentence of the Declaration of Independence.

      Americans have always known how to fight for their rights and their way of life. Americans are not afraid to fight. They fight joyously in a just cause.

      We Americans know that freedom, like peace, is indivisible. We cannot retain our liberty if three-fourths of the world is enslaved. Brutality, injustice and slavery, if practiced as dictators would have them, universally and systematically, in the long run would destroy us as surely as a fire raging in our nearby neighbor’s house would burn ours if we didn’t help to put out his.

      If we are to retain our own freedom, we must do everything within our power to aid Britain. We must also do everything to restore to the conquered peoples their freedom. This means the Germans too.”

      Cutting and running has never been an American trait. That is all that Trump has done.

    2. DanC – wow, the rare thinking man (or woman)? So refreshing to read.

      I believe its tough for many to honestly judge Trump, bc the media is relentless in their attacks, while burying his many accomplishments. A non partisan, non political friend witnessed the relentless attacks, which made him step back and evaluate what hd was hearing. Hd concluded he’s being attacked bc he’s the Outsider. BTW, I’m an Independent, and Rubio & Nikki Haley do nothing for me. More Swamp creatures. More people beholden to the Chamber of Commerce, selling our jobs to China.

      A few of President Trumps accomplishments:

      – 4 Mideast peace deals? (Closet anti Semites?)
      – record low Black Unemployment? (Closet racists?)
      – Prison Reform (ditto)
      – 500-700K new manufacturing jobs?
      – Suggestion of reducing Gov’t bloat?
      – Making NATO pay their fare share?

      Latinos, African Americans, and even the gay vote increase for Trump. Trump had coattails as the GOP is picking up lots of seats.

    3. ” I think his Pentagon purge reflects his desire to get our troops out of Afghanistan by Christmas in the face of military opposition, and not a plot to launch a coup.”

      I believe he has changed Secretaries of Defense because he is hedging a bet that if he does have this election reversed he will want to use the US Military to enforce the laws as they pertain to rioters, which the outgoing Sec. refused to agree with. He has put a yes man in there. I also do not believe that as reported his family has been advising him to concede. I do not believe he has any regard for this country. He just wants to look good on his way out. Fox reported that he wants to show how much of a fighter he is. I guess the bone spurs don’t bother him any more.

      1. He let go of a recent bigwig because of open defiance, and it was recently learned that military brass lied about how many soldiers were in Syria because the military industrial complex wants to continue our endless wars in the Middle East. President Trump wants to bring them home or redeploy elsewhere.

        1. When the man at the top needs a revolving door for the people he hires to be his Secretaries Of ………, he is the one making the mistakes. A president picks people to be on his staff because they are the ones most qualified to lead that department. Then, as has happened so many time, he tries to impose himself into their duties. When the experts he hires disagree with his amateur attempts at governing, he calls them out, usually in public, berates them and fires them.

  6. That’s what many might think who only watch CNN, ABC, NBC, etc.

    Mass scald fraud of an unprecedented scale. Easy to comprehend are thousands of dead people voting – humm, msinly in Swing states. Then there are dead women voting under their Maiden name. HOP Observers kicked our of pilling locations… again, in Democrat run Swing states. Then there are software games, to magically flip hundreds, thousands, even tens if thousands of votes from Trump to Biden. And real-time CNN broadcasts show the flip in votes!

    Historic thievery.

    1. Perot:

      Seems to me the only ones caught cheating so far have been Republicans. Imagine advertising and offering a million dollars if someone can come up with some fraudulent activity. Must be pretty sparse if they have to go to such lenghts. The bottom line is if the Demorcrats could cheat as you seem to suggest there is nothing that would stop the Republicans from doing the same thing. Don’t you think?

      1. They’re deluged with USPS Whistleblowers, affidavits, witnesses and Patriots across five or dix states, plus international activity.

        The Lou Dobbs / Sidney Powell interview is a barn burner. We’re using the same software Venezuela uses to rig elections?

        1. Perot:

          Trump lost. Don’t fall for all the silliness. In Georgia they are hand counting the votes. Nothing to do with machines now. Trump says no observers. Everyone disagrees. It is only those living in Q land who do not think Biden is the president-elect. Even Trump’s lawyers are folding their tents.

          1. Hand recounting is a SHAM. Not an AUDIT – checking against death records, double counting, invalid signatures, late ballots, improper Curing, etv.

            1. Watch the caps, PC.

              To quote many on here from four years ago: You lost. Get over it.

              What a bunch of babies we have in this country. On both sides.

    2. How come Crooked Hillary and the Democrats didn’t use the same tactics to deny Trump the presidency in 2016? Could it be that the 2016 and 2020 elections were both on the levels?

      1. Dan:

        That’s what I have been thinking. They are complaining about the thing they were praising four years ago. Nothing really has changed. The same folk are in charge of counting the ballots as counted them back then. As you can see from the inane demand of the senators from Georgia that the secretary of state step down apparently because he did not come up with a way to ensure that Trump and his GOP senators won. Then it turns out all the Georgia Republican members of Congress wanted his head because he conducted a fair election. If you wrote about it in a book everyone would think you were daffy.

      2. She either dudn’t, or it was on a much smaller scale.

        Why did the election systems shut down for 2-3 hours on election night? Why was new software code, unverified, added the might before? That has never happened before.

        These are large, complex systems capable of tabulating millions of bites in a few hours. Then it takes a few weeks to tabulate a few thousand? Hogwash.

        Why were 16 and 20 different? Hillary was supposed to smash Trump, and it never happened. Following that historic surprise, they saw the growing crowds, the mass rallies, and they had internal, accurate polling. They knew they weren’g up 17 points in key states. They knew he had increased Latino, black, college-educated and gay voters.

        Even Joe Biden let slip that they had the mist sophisticated election rigging ever. He was correct. The Walking Dead vote; curing ballots illegally (Federal Felony); voters illegally (fake) moving to swing states; dead women voting under their maiden name; and hundreds of thousands of votes moved from President Trump to China Joe. Real time we even saw votes subtracted from Trump added to Biden, real time (CNN).

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