Trump’s Message To America: Sorry Suckers I Told You What I Was Like

You have to admit that what we got in the White House was a guy who pretty much lives up to expectation as to what you thought you were getting. The latest step on the road to ignominy was the Melaney’s trip to visit the children who were in the custody of the United States government who were trying to get entry into our country.

As you know she’s known as a clothes hog and has more clothes to choose from than Imelda Marcos ever dreamed of owning. So she choose to wear a cheap thirty-nine dollar green jacket emblazoned with the words “I really don’t care. Do U?” 

My editor on reading this reminded me that I called her Melaney. “Hmm,” I thought, “how did I come up with that?” After thinking a bit I guess it was because it rhymes with the word “felony” which is pretty much what she committed wearing that jacket going on a trip to visit poor guiltless children held in confinement. In my mind she did not commit a criminal act but is as the old definition of felon c. 1300 has it, “one who deceives or commits treason; one who is wicked or evil; evil-doer,” used of Lucifer and Herod, from Old French felon “evil-doer, scoundrel, traitor, rebel, oath-breaker, the Devil.” Yes, her act in wearing that message under the circumstances could only have been done by “one who is wicked.”

My editor was still standing there as I thought about that. He interrupted my thought by saying, “well, are you going to change it?” I responded, “change what?” He replied “correcting her name. Making it Melania.” I pointed to the photo of her jacket and said: “that’s my answer. I really don’t care.”

Melaney’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham  made little of it saying“It’s a jacket. There was no hidden message. After today’s important visit to Texas, I hope the media isn’t going to choose to focus on her wardrobe, . . . ” Of all the jackets in her closets she decides to wear on that just happens to have a message as if it was the only one she had. Grisham is right. There was no hidden message. It was quite out in the open.

Trump told us there was a message. “‘I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?’ written on the back of Melania’s jacket, refers to the Fake News Media,” Trump tweeted, as is his style. “Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!”

That makes as much sense as Melaney’s spokesperson. If I had to guess, if the message was  not giving the middle finger to America because we are all little people who she really can’t be bothered with, it was to her fake husband now that she had learned how dishonest he is and she truly no longer cares. It must drive Trump bat crazy to think he can’t wallop her as it is rumored he did before she went to the hospital for the “kidney problem.”

Whatever the reason there was a purpose in wearing a jacket with a message. That is the class act we have in the White House. You really have to shake your head and wonder what is going on in their minds. Can you imagine any other person in the position of Melaney who would be so shameless as to wear a message of not caring while going off to visit the poor kids?

Perhaps, as cousin Jeff Rogers wrote, the jacket is just a distraction to get our attention away from the many other problems the Trumps face. He suggests we look at what matters and stop speculating on what goes on inside the minds of the Trumps. He may be right. So I’ll not go on but just remind you what we see in the White House is what was voted for by sixty million Americans and there is no way  they can now say “Out, damned spot! Out, I say!—One, two. Why, then, ’tis time to do ’t. “



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  1. Wa-llahi! Ms. Ocasio-Cruz, a Democratic Socialist won her NY primary, and, turned out bourgeois, fat-cat, Crowley, who, formerly, ruled that Democratic Party roost. Look’s like people aren’t going to tolerate Republicrats this time around. All praise to Ms. Ocasio-Cruz. All power to the dialectic!

  2. Big storm on the horizon. Glorious Leader thinks he’s going to get the Supremes behind him. He’s going to make some extra-constitutional moves, soon. Deputy AG Rosenstein has some grit to him. He made an ass of Jordan (R-OH), today. You can feel the political temperature rising. Trump’s in a corner, and, like the proverbial rat, he’s going to put up a desperate fight. Flush him, Mr Mueller! Flush him!

  3. If a friend or family member’s wife went to the hospital and someone made a crude joke that her visit was because her husband beat her up you would be the first to denounce that false rumor. What is troubling the Dems is that the majority of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the economy. A CNBC poll had approval at 51% and disapproval at only 36%. A huge majority for Trump. 2. A distinguished corporate lawyer wrote a letter to the editor of a Boston newspaper chastising them for articles critical of Sen. Bulger’s family, He said stick to the public figure and his positions and leave the family members alone. Sage advice for all. Hands off the First Lady.

  4. A powerful woman whom the Dems strive to degrade, denigrate, and deride. There is nothing poor about her. There is a defiance in her fashion choice. As the Beatles say … I AM THE WALRUS KOO KOO KA CHOO … You all figure it out !

  5. It was an odd choice of outfits. Not criminal. And not exactly a “Let them eat cake “ moment. Maybe cake and ice cream. (Thanks, Gary Larsen)

    In my opinion she is trying really hard to stay in there. She has that look like she might burst into sobbing at any time. I think she should be left alone. Poor woman.

  6. Calling her “MELANEY” is a passive aggressive way of saying … ” Whoa, Bitch … I am talking to you. ”

    In a manner of speaking!

  7. Verbally bashing the First Lady !

    THIS …. is what you have become .


    RIGHT !

  8. Keep picking on women. Melania, Sanders and Nielson. Boy those never Trumpers are brave. Abuse of women is not a smart political strategy It shows the sad state of the Democrats. Trump has taken all the good issues away. Better trade deals to help blue collar workers and prevent the closing of factories. in middle America. Tax breaks for families. Business incentives. Stronger military. Peace in East Asia. Drain the swamp. The Demmies have nothing left except name calling. They are even so dumb they bash Whites and Christians who make up 75% of the electorate. 2. Your post should be withdrawn and an apology should be given.

    1. NC:

      You haven’t heard of Harley Davidson moving or Mid-Continent Nail of Poplar Bluff, Mo. planning to shut down because of the Trump trade tariffs. Or don’t those factory closings count. What families got tax breaks, oh, I remember, the secretary Ryan pointed to that is getting a $1.50 tax cut.
      Peace in East Asia? Doesn’t Kim still have his nukes and missiles? Isn’t China still building its military bases on islands? Oh, I forgot, America is no longer going to participate with its ally South Korea in military exercises which is one of the demands Putin made (or am I confused, is it North Korea who is now our ally.)
      Drain the Swamp? Kushner getting loans from the Arabs. The Trump daughter getting copyright protection in China. The need to book rooms at the Trump DC hotel to curry favor. Scott Pruit spending 3 to 4 million for security. The startling rise in the stock prices of private prisons in which Sessions has stock.
      Picking on Women: Did you see the latest meeting where Trump announced changing the taking of children from parents. Did you see any woman sitting around the table? His administration is basically women free. Neilson who says one day they don’t separate children from parents and the next day Trump announces they are stopping separating them.
      Sure it was the white Christians who voted Trump in office. They basically are afraid of the Christians of color – which makes them CINOs – Christian in Name Only.

  9. and girlfriends rule, too . . .although some are still under Mom’s and Dad’s roost . . .At the U2 concert, Bono promoted his new campaign: hashtag = something like “letthewomenrule” . . .why not . . .his logic? he said, “We can’t run the world using only half the brain power . . . .” then cited stats of basic education being unavailable to millions of women in some impoverished and backward countries . . .more children we should be concerned about . . .
    Reminds me of the Who’s lyric from the Tommy Opera: “There’s more at at the door; there’s more at the door . . .”

  10. I agree the broader public rejects the lunacy of the left, and the leftist elements on the “Left Coast” . . .remember, minus California, Trump won the popular vote, too . . .more importantly Trump won the popular vote in 80% of the counties in America . . . .a lot of Lefties don’t know the people in those counties, have little contact with them . . .
    the broader public also rejects the rabid right, the loonies on the right wing, the neo-cons, the war-mongers, the racists. . .
    The broader public while fully supporting women’s progress and the quest for all for equality, while diverging on pro-life issues to varying degrees, also rejects the lunacy of the radical feminists who seem to hate men, religion, free speech and America.
    Remember, 51% of white women voted for Trump . . .Hillary said their husbands “forced” them to do it . . .Hillary may force Bill to do stuff, but real men from coast to coast knows who rules the roost . . .good women, moms and wives . . . .

    1. Bill:

      Remember minus the White Southern Evangelical vote Trump would have never had to leave his tower in New York.

      Counting counties is meaningless – there are over 3,000 in the country. Some have populations in the hundreds. There are three in Texas with under 500 people. Some have many millions of people. It is a meaningless statistic. You should actually look at it the other way around. A lot of people in these counties are uneducated and have never met anyone who might have a different idea than them. it is interesting that Trump did attract the most uneducated voters.

      1. Disgusting elitism that put Donald John Trump in the White House.

        If you could only , REALLY, hear yourself !

        The Dems are not well !

      2. “A lot of people in these counties are uneducated and have never met anyone who might have a different idea…” Are you serious? The base of the Democrat party is in urban precincts that go 95%+. Those voters are products of inner city, teacher union run, over financed, schools. They are functionally illiterate. The Democrat party is far more dependent upon the “uneducated” than the GOP. Not even close. Your Own Goal stats are soaring.

  11. Matt: Whatever you want to call her did not wear the offensive jacket to the facility. She wore it from the WH to the plane. She changed on the plane.

    1. Henry:

      That she wore it on the day she was going to visit the kids is enough. She also wore it going back. Why wear it at all?

      1. “Why wear it at all?”
        Uh, to stay warm? From that viewpoint, the added message on the back is irrelevant. Perhaps a coat with the message “I like kittens and puppies” would be preferred.

        I suppose that it is not enough of a respectable Republican cloth coat for you.

  12. For eons the American public has suffered from the arrogant dishonesty of a left biased elite. They have dished out nonsense with knowing smirks. Now they are on the receiving end. And they cannot take it. They are no longer untouchable.

    Poor babies. The phony sensitivity “for the children” is being mocked. Their media power is being ridiculed. Poor babies.

    The Fake News cartel should take the advice of one of their heroes Harry Truman – If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen. They are so stupid that they cannot even figure out when they are the butt of a joke. They fall for it every time. Pity the simpleton pussymarchers. They have to believe in the pomposity of their leaders.

    There is a broader public out there with a sense of humor. They get. They like it. See you in November.

    1. Tadzio:

      If the left has suffered the arrogant dishonesty of a left biased elite must it now suffer from the right biased elite?

      You don’t suggest that the “phony sensitivity” was mocked by Trump do you? He did do an about face. Wonder why?

      The media is not in the kitchen, Trump is. He’s the one not able to take the heat. He’s now in a war of words with some TV late night talking heads. Must make you proud. Yes, I do await November.

      1. 1. The left has benefited from the biased media through the entirety of my lifetime. The right is not yet the elite in the media or the Academy. Not even close.
        2. Trump’s ace has been mockery of the establishment all along. It is his most played card. Sort of Trump’s trump.
        3. The game has not played out yet. It is unclear whether the Democrat goal of releasing border breaking criminals into the general population will be attained. Two steps forward, one step back; two ste…
        4. The kitchen Truman spoke to was what Theodore Roosevelt called The Arena. It is not just the White House. It is participation in politics. The Fake News outlets are in the Arena.
        5. As we live in different states we are denied the mutual pleasure of canceling each other’s votes come November.

  13. It’s interesting you mention Jeff Rogers’ comments . . .is there some other blog where others comment on your posts . . . .are you isolating and sequestering Khalid, Henry, Tadzio, John, Abe, me and others to a separate blog . . .seems your better critics, I’d guess, are on this blog . . .what blog is Jeff Rogers on? Where can we see his comments?
    P.S. I know Jeff and I disagree on Justice Scalia whom I think was the best, and other issues, but I always liked his comments.

  14. Ah, Matt . . . resorting to ad hominem attacks . . .perpetuating baseless hatred of individuals . . . .republishing baseless (unproven) “rumors” about a man beating his wife who’s going to the hospital for kidney disease . . .

    These are Goebells’ tactics . . .defame, whip up the mob with ad hominem attacks . . .tell the big lie often enough and the masses will believe it . . .the Big Lie . . .that Melania is “evil” . . . not witty, not funny, but gross and grotesque . . .the Big Lie . . .that Trump has accomplished nothing . . . that Alaska may be handed over to Putin . . .Scare Tactics

    The same hatred many liberals have for Trump many conservatives especially down South had for JFK . .

    Melania, an immigrant who speaks five languages, is as gracious and classy and humble and nice a first lady as we’ve ever had. She visited the children. We didn’t. She’s a force for good in America and the world. Her actions, past and present, speak louder than the radical left’s nitpicking nitwit vile ad hominem attacks.

    1. She looked good in it. It was guerilla chic. Camouflage thing. Such an exquisite and beautiful First Lady. What gentleman would ever bash her ? Certainly not the President. This is not the Clinton White House, bubba !

    2. Bill:

      You think of Goebbels because Trump is on your mind. Melaney is what she is the wife of Trump.

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