Trump’s Pitch: “The Others Are Coming For You. Only I Can Save You From Them.”

I know there are those who hate of others because they are different. I vividly recall standing at the corner of Savin Hill Avenue and South Sidney Street with a couple of guys who were as they say “on the dole” having some type of allergy to working for a loving.

This day a black man left Savin Hill T Station about 50 yards from where we were standing. He was carrying his metal lunch pail as I had seen him do on other days. He wisely crossed the street to the other side, and walked down past us. He obviously had been working and was returning home. He was part of one of the few black families in our neighborhood.

One of the loafers upon seeing him sad in a somewhat loud voice: “Hey! Look at him! He wants to be like us!” I recall thinking that was the last thing he wanted. He didn’t want to hang around the corner and live off some government largess. He wanted to work and was working.

This man was looked down upon simply because of his color. That was so American where tradition has it that white people think they are superior to black Americans merely because of the accident of their birth to parents who were White.

Have you noticed the people who attend the Trump rallies? They are 99% or more white. Have you asked yourself what is it that Trump is offering them that draws them to him? Is it his exclusion of blacks from power in his America?

Have you noticed the people in Trump’s cabinet and those who surround him on a daily basis? Have you noticed the lack of inclusion of Black and Hispanic voices or faces? Yes, there is one black cabinet member Ben Carlson. Trump’s cabinet consists of  21 Cabinet-level picks, four are women, two of them Asian Americans, and 16 are white males. Obama had seven women, three Asian Americans, three African Americans and two Hispanics.

Trump has and a sprinkling of odd balls like Kayne West. He has Silk and Satin (or something like that). But his reach out beyond white Americans is basically non  existent.

This is the America that Trump seeks. One that excludes those others. One that says: “America is a white man’s nation.”

There exists a great fear that as our country slowly changes its complexion at some point those others may gain control. Why do white people have such fear? Why does Trump play off that fear and abet it? The 2018 fear of the caravans, today’s pitch that black fold and Hispanic folk will be invading the suburbs.

Would it be so bad if other Americans took control in America? Aren’t Hispanic and black Americans as much Americans as white Americans? Would you,if you are a white American be uncomfortable if that happened?

Have you ever asked yourself why that would be so? Is it because you fear if black Americans are in charge of the nation they would treat the white Americans like the white Americans treated them?

What does that tell you about yourself?


32 thoughts on “Trump’s Pitch: “The Others Are Coming For You. Only I Can Save You From Them.”

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  2. Filmmaker Barbara Kopple won the Academy Award for
    Best Documentary and her film Harlan County.

    WBCNfm News Dissector Danny Schecter teamed up
    with Barbara Kopple to make this Documentary about
    the JFK assassination .

    The same people who assassinated President Kennedy put
    Donald Trump in office. Yes and Bill Clinton as well.

  3. Matt

    In light of the past discussions of White Bulger
    being given LSD or Pscilocybin in some nefarious
    CIA experiment ( ( not to be confused with the Daughters
    of Billitis) I offer up this recent Doc because we know of
    your interest in Conscious Dying.
    Unfortunately the rest of us have to die from unconsciousness
    bludgeoned by the mouth of Wilhelm the Aggravator.

    Shortly before his death a group of people met at the home of
    Timothy Leary to pay homage and wish him a bon voyage.

    These people included Danny Schecter from WBCNfm, John Molinski
    a former inmate from MCI Concord Prison who in 1963 ingested Pscilocybin
    under the guidance of Timothy Leary at Concord Prison.
    Dr Gunther Weil was there along with many others to celebrate
    Timothy Leary.

    1. Wa-llahi! Long live Satanville. Hog Farm forever. We celebrated Dr. Tim at the farm’s annual party, shortly, before his death. The surviving pranksters and farmers made up an old school bus to look like the Magic Bus. It had a hole cut in the roof so Tim could give a benediction as the bus slowly travelled through the crowd of partiers. A couple of kids were in charge of tossing handfuls of 500 mike orange barrel sunshine acid tabs to the crowd. An electrifying grand old time was had by all.

      1. JB a tripster? Nope, his vibe was way too negative He might have tried it, but. don’t think he was a freak. Murder gives you a bad head.

  4. Radio,television and the print media
    have done to our minds
    what industry has done to the land
    we now think
    like New York City looks

    Non-Cop Crisis Team Alternative Advances

    A new mobile crisis response team that would have social workers rather than cops respond to certain 911 calls won a vote of support, as committee alders unanimously endorsed transferring $100,000 in city funds towards paying for a planning study for the program


    When the FBI went after musicians with alleged ties to Communism, Burl Ives saved his career by testifying, but at great personal cost.

    BREAKING|16,922 views|Sep 18, 2020,05:37pm EDT
    Trump—Angry Over FBI Director’s Warning Of Russian Election Meddling—Suggests He May Fire Him

    Book excerpt: An FBI sex crimes investigator helped trigger 2016’s ‘October Surprise’

    1. “Radio,television and the print media
      have done to our minds
      what industry has done to the land
      we now think
      like New York City looks”

      Not bad, Clarice. Not bad at all.

  5. The author slight’s Surgeon General Jerome Adams; White House adviser Ja’Ron Smith (Opportunity Zones); and the first Afrucan American Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. – to name a few.

    What his Simpleton blog hides:

    1. President Trump signed the First Step Prison Reform Act.
    2. POTUS twice funded (yearly) Historically Black Colleges & Universities.
    3. He subsequently permanently funded HBCUs!
    4. He produced the lowest Black unemployment rate ever. (pre Covid)
    5. He pardoned boxing great Jack Johnson and Alice Marie Johnson.
    6. He was given numerous awards by the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, etc., when he was a New York Democrat.

  6. I think Trump’s recent statement that the U.S. Coronavirus death toll would be much lower if you take out the blue states speaks volumes about the need for a president who will unite the nation. The remark is not only divisive, it’s stupid. If you take out Tarawa, Saipan, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the Marine death toll in WWII would be much lower! That’s Trump logic at work.

    1. No, Dan C., Trump is saying that Democratic Governors and Democratic Mayors and Democratic Politicians mismanaged the crisis. (e.g. Pelosi’s and DeBlasio’s “come on downtown and party” invitations in late February and early March, and Cuomo placing Covid patients in Nursing homes. In fact, Democratic-run New Jersey and New York have higher death rates than any countries in the world.
      I noticed that Sweden’s Coronovirus death rate is lower than the United States’. Sweden had no lockdowns. Sweden now has 580 deaths per million; the U.S. has 610 deaths per million. See worldometers.

      1. Sorry, Bill. Trump was clearly calling out the blue states and, as usual, pretending that he’s an onlooker rather than the man with an obligation to formulate a plan to deal with a serious national problem. Trump has turned ‘The buck stops here” into “Don’t blame me!” as the standard for presidential leadership.

  7. wa-llahi! It takes a few years in prison to understand the plight of black folks. You have to be reduced to a slave yourself to fully appreciate the existential position of blacks. When every decision that effects your life is determined by an alien authority, you begin to get “woke” to the way African Americans feel about being born into a racist America, and, what it takes for them to psychologically adjust to white supremacy.

    Any of you brain dead Trumpies want to argue the point?

    1. President Trump produced the lowest Black, Asian, Latino, and female unemployment rates ever recorded ore-Covid! And he’ll do it again.

      1. wa-llahi! He’ll have to do it from jail, because prison is where Glorious Leader is headed after the election. Hopefully, Trump’s nits will go down with him.

  8. Judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Stop trying to divide by race. Stop generalizing from one errant comment to impugn a race, class, or party.

    I am proud of the contributions of Europeans to the world: Freedom, Democracy, Modern Medicine (the vaccines of Jenner, Salk, Sabin) Classical Music, Rock & Roll, the Renaissance, Impressionist Paintings, Inventions (Edison’s lightbulb), Engineering (Ford’s auto), Economics (Smith, Friedman) Science (Mendeleev’s periodic table), Math (Einstein), Theology (Aquinas, Teilhard de Chardin), Philosophy (Socrates, Aristotle, Plato), literature (Tolstoy, Joyce, O’Connor) poetry (Frost, Thomas, Dickenson.)
    I am proud of Western Civilization, Christianity, the Catholic Church (the largest charity in the world), the nuclear family (mom and dad raising children), Christian values, America’s Founding Fathers, American history, America’s armed forces.
    I am proud to be an Irish-American, a Ronald Reagan-type Conservative, pro-life, American first, strong military, lower taxes, fewer regulations, smaller government, a country of, by and for the people, as Lincoln expressed it.

    I am proud of the Irish Americans, Italian Americans, German Americans. Polish Americans, Russian Americans, Ukrainian Americans, Orthodox Christians, Protestants, Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, Pilgrims, Pioneers, Mormons, Minorities and Immigrants who have built America.

    I am against liberalism’s racial quotas, race baiting, affirmative action, anti-nuclear family, identity politics, anti-Americanism, disparagements based on race.
    Matt besmirches white Americans, betrays his own Irish American heritage, paints whites negatively, sees through a glass darkly, portrays Trump supporters as “deplorables”, inferiors.

    I recommend reading Thomas Sowell (all his writings, especially “Ethnic America” and “Cosmic Justice”),

    I am proud of all Americans who have made America great. I am against those who tear down America, who flag flaws, while ignoring achievements. America’s historic and enduring accomplishments far exceed its lapses.

    I am against Leftists, Socialists, Communists and today’s Liberalism, and today’s Democratic Party, and today’s guilt-ridden liberals who have forsaken their roots.
    God bless America, the greatest nation in history, that has brought more freedom to its people and to the world than any nation on earth. Trump-Pence 2020, Peace through Strength. And God bless President Trump who, before the Pandemic, produced the strongest economy in history and brought record unemployment rates to all Americans.

    1. wa-llahi! Bill, so what? Stacking bullshit higher and deeper doesn’t make it true. I’m happy you haven’t mentioned Uncle Tom Sowell. I hope you realize most black folks don’t like that guy and his boot-strap BS.

      All praise to the social justice activists. All power to the dialectic

    2. WOW!

      In other news…..

      Secret Service Spends $1.1M at President Trump’s Properties, Including Hotel That Was Closed

      The Secret Service has dished out $1.1 million to stay at President Trump’s properties since he took office, The Washington Post reports.
      The Secret Service was even charged $21,800 to rent a cottage and other rooms for staying at Trump’s Bedminster, N.J., club while it was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It wasn’t clear why the Secret Service was there, but Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump is believed to have stayed there at least once to celebrate Passover with her family.

      Also see


      November 14th & 15th 2020 Project JFK will be hosting a Global JFK Assassination Research Conference.

      Due to the Covid 19 virus with traveling and social distancing restraints we will be offering a virtual webinar / conference for the first time in history.


      Idaho pastor who encouraged congregants to go maskless is in intensive care unit after contracting coronavirus

      SEP 17, 2020 AT 4:43 PM

    3. Matt does not hate others who are different, just others who think differently and support Trump and conservative politicians.

      1. Bill
        This is why we refer to Matt as the Matt Hatter kibbish?

        In other newsy….
        Charlie and Pauline Sullivan are former Catholic Priest/Nun
        who marries and created the prison reform group CURE in

        Down in the whisper stream they are called solutionaries.

        Dear friends,

        Register now by going to the website of Annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. The presentation to Attorney General Barr will be ONLINE at 11:00 am ET on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd According to the agenda on the website, the presentation will follow the keynote address by Bishop Robert Barron.

        Also, go to the website of Catholics Mobilizing Network (CMN) to sign up for the vigils for William LeCroy to be executed Sept. 22 and Christopher Vialva to be executed Sept. 24th.

        Finally, if you have not signed the petition to stop Barr from executing people, go again to the CMN website. If you have signed it, please forward it to others to sign. The CMN’s goal is 10,000 signatures and now has 56%. Signers include Sister Helen Prejean and Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza.

        Charlie & Pauline


        Canada judge suspended for wearing Trump hat in court

      2. He sounds like a TDS CNN guest.

        BTW, 3 Middle East Peace Deals, and more in the works. Huzzah!

        1. Perot: A peace deal that doesn’t include the Palestinians is worthless. They are the ones battling the Zionist apartheid state. Do you believe they will lay down their arms to please a bunch of corrupt gulfis? Not happening. Trump and his wonder boy son-in-law are full of shit. Free Palestine. All power to the dialectic.

    4. Wa-llahi! Bill, don’t you ever tire of using the pronoun “I” ? Are you working out some ego difficulties?

      1. Those aren’t difficulties. They are characteristics of an egotist. If you don’t think like Bill you are a third rate loser. Look at this from Bill in this thread.

        “Matt does not hate others who are different, just others who think differently and support Trump and conservative politicians.”

        Have you ever seen a more ad hominum attack on a man less deserving that Matt? Or a more poorly constructed criticism? He just wants to show everyone that he knows how and when to use the word hate, and try to be cute while using it. One of the saddest attributes of most of the blue collar, middle class people that support Bonespurs is that they don’t realize that Spurs thinks that they are shit. If any of them were drowning he would throw them a brick. He knows how to rile them up about causes that they are vulnerable to and then hears the cheers and whistles and feeds on it. Me, me, me, me. A greed driven me monster of the absolutely highest level. That is how he is exactly like Hitler. An ego that will never be sated.

  9. In 2016 Trump got 8% of the Black vote and 27% of the Latino vote. A recent poll by Rasmussen had Trump getting over 30% of the minority vote. So your argument fails. Didn’t America elect a Black president twice?

    1. wa-llahi! NC, how has Matt’s theory failed? You haven’t addressed his point. Are you terrified that black folks might get the upper hand?

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