Trump’s Thoughts On Banning Anchor Babies Overheard

Do you think Trump looked at that invasion force of women and children moving up through Mexico and wondered if any of the women were pregnant? I can’t get that thought out of my mind. So I went to my source who has an insight into Trump’s thoughts and I was told that here is what happened:

“Gees, those women of color who are planning an invasion of our country are probably Catholics who follow their church’s teachings. That means if we let them into our country and they have babies then those little brats will be American citizens. We can’t have that, can we?

Don’t we have enough of those non-white babies who live here already. Yeah, those are the ones who we can’t send out of here because we’re stuck with them because they are citizens. That reminds me, I must check in and see how we’re doing getting rid of those Dreamers who entered here illegally as young kids. At least we can get rid of them.

But the women in this cavaran will have  babies in this country and so will the Dreamers unless we act fast. They will make our country less white, less great. Gotta come up with some solution. Maybe, yes, just maybe I can declare that no more babies born in this country to people who are not citizens will be citizens. I’m sure my lawyers can come up with something to justify it.

Oh, what about the Russians. They’re white people so they’re all right. Plus, not that this matters they are coming to my hotels and properties in Florida to have their babies. If I change things then its going to affect me in the pocket-book but maybe I can make an exception for them.

Maybe using something like the Monroe Doctrine in reverse – you know – babies of non citizens in the areas covered by the Monroe Doctrine are not entitled to United States citizenship because they are under the United States protection already, something like that. That will let the Russians continue to come here.

That won’t work. That would mean babies of people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia would become Americans. We can’t have that.  We gotta come up with something else. I’ll work it out with Putin – maybe some legislation like when we gave people in Russia who were being persecuted under the Soviets special exemptions to immigrate here we can do the same for Russians. Best done that way, make a rule no babies born in America to people who are not citizens can become citizens then make exceptions down the road.

I’ll just make that a new rule. Maybe that will stop this invasion force heading up toward our border. Just in case it doesn’t, I’ll send the Army there to fight them off. They’re not armed so our casualties will be minimal. 

What about that pesky 14th Amendment – never should have passed but the good ole boys were not in control of their states so it got by – what’s it say – yeah, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States” 

Hold on. I’m making it too complicated. Obviously the 14th Amendment only applies to those born here whose mothers are here legally. Back then there were no illegals.  It’s simple. I make it apply to babies of illegals. That lets the Russians in. Maybe we can limit visas in the future to only whites.

I’ll talk to Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. They’ll buy it with something – you know – they can figure out the original intent – like Scalia did on the guns – you know – go back into old England and find something to support me. After all they owe me bigly. 

I’ll just order it and depend on them. The law is what they say it is. 

 Oh, time to  go. I have to go to that rally and unload on Crooked Hillary so she won’t win. Oh, that’s right. I won by an overwhelming majority of Americans when you don’t count those millions of illegals. I keep forgetting I won. I guess that’s what happens when you get old. Now, what was I thinking about?”



16 thoughts on “Trump’s Thoughts On Banning Anchor Babies Overheard

  1. There are only three terrorist groups recognized by the U N. Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban. They are all Sunni Muslim entities. Their principle funding comes from the Saudis and the other oil sheiks. Yet the foreign policy establishment in D.C. has been chanting for 30 years that the Shia Persians are largest State sponsor of terrorism. Al Qaeda. the Taliban and ISIS are enemies of Iran not their allies. No wonder our foreign policy is so confused. We should end all these conflicts that Bush and Obama started and reconcile with Iran. Give peace a chance. 2. Sec Pompeo said they are trying to aid the Iranian people and are just opposed to the regime. The sanctions are trying to punish the regime. He is helping the Iranian people the same way the Saudis are helping the folks in Yemen and the Israelis are helping those in Gaza. Strangling their economy and starving them is beneficial but the recipients of our good will don’t seem to appreciate it.

    1. NC

      All true. It’s the Trump foreign policy that is heightening the influence of these terrorist groups. Expect attacks on Iran soon. Netanyahu is running out of patience.

      1. MATT, TRUMP did not start British Imperialism nor American Imperialism, nor invent the HIllarian Interventionism in Syria, Libya, Yemen, perpetual war in the MIddle East, not invent the NEOCONIC thinking of the National Review, Charles Krauthhaumer etc.

        “Trump did it” is the wrong, knee-jerk, seriously delusional, schizoid, psycho answer to all the world’s problems.

        Bolton is a better answer because he is an imperialistic neo-con type. He and his type may perpetuate war. Hillary and Her Hillarians would have been far wars, as she demonstrated as Secretary of State under Obama, and as that other woman SOS demonstrated under Clinton.

        1. Billy:

          What aboutism type arguments are always avoiding the point. There can always be other examples to point to so that one does not have to face the issue they wish to avoid.

          When Hilter and his Nazi buddies set up the concentration system if someone complained about it another Nazi could point out that the United States was the first country to set up these systems when it invaded the Philippines. Does that make what Hitler did all right. When Hitler set out to eradicate the Jews, some could say that the United States was the first country to engage in wiping out an ethnic group when it decreed during the Philippine camp that all males of a certain tribe on an island capable of carrying a rifle were to be executed. Do we excuse Hitler because of that? If you want, you can blame the British for being the first European nation to set up concentration camps in the Boer War where they confined women and children with many starving. Does that make others who do it less culpable.

          Trump has been in charge almost two years. When is he suppose to be accept responsibility for Syria, Libya, Yemen, and add to that the upcoming Iranian mess. Do we always blame Obama when things go wrong but praise Trump when things went right like times past when the economy was doing well? I don’t see that Bolton put himself into the position where he can wage war, I think Trump put him in there. Look at what Trump does and is doing squarely in the face. Stop looking back and excusing him because Hillary – who left office six years ago did something. You readily blamed Obama for things he did in his first couple of years when Hillary was secretary of state but with Trump you are blaming Hillary for his actions. I don’t get it.

    2. NC, I agree. Make Iran and Russia our allies. Otherwise we have the pretext for perpetual war, which is what the DEMS, HILLARIANS, AND REPUB NEOCONS want.

      Remember, the DAMNED words when Clinton’s Secretary of State was asked whether the embargo on Iraq was worth the starvation to death of 650,000 children, she responded, “YES”. It’s like the DEM pro-abortions, we’ll kill them to set them free. We’ll kill Iranians to make them see it our way. This is NEOCONIC thinking, which Matt espouses. PERPETUAL WAR. PERPETUAL KILLING TO ACHIEVE OUR ENDS.PERPETUAL KILLING TO MAKE A MORE PEACEFUL IMPERIALISTIC NEOCONIC WORLD . . .it is old Brit Imperialiasm Writ Large by America’s Neocons and HIllarians.

      1. Billy:

        You don’t make allies like Iran and Russia. It’s not a simple thing. Allies come through the fires of battles and time. Russia has been our foe since Lenin got in. Putin has no desire to be our ally unless we let him take over the Baltics, undermine Europe, and seized Ukraine and Poland. I suppose that’s all right with you. Iran doesn’t want to be our ally, it calls us the Great Satan. It wants to eradicate Israel. How do we make that happen. You talk about Hillary starving 650,000 children – stop making things up like Saddam and Trump – “The three comprehensive surveys conducted since 2003 all found that the child mortality rate in the period 1995-2000 was approximately 40 per 1000, which means that there was no major rise in child mortality in Iraq after sanctions were implemented.”

    3. “There are only three terrorist groups recognized by the U N.”

      What about the other 53 terrorist groups that are currently murdering people? Who recognizes them?

      Only kidding. I know who. The people that are relatives and friends of those butchered and left to rot in the sun for the sport of the crows. I have to say, most severed heads do take on a kind of peaceful gaze before rictus sets in.

    1. NC

      No one had to pre-approve the Whitey murder; Trump had to give the OK to Muhammed Bin Salman, also known as BS, before Khashoggi was hit.

      1. Matt, that is pathetically delusional. Aren’t you sure Reagan and Nixon gave the OK? Didn’t Reagan’s son slip his thinking into an envelope secretly to be delivered to Trump decades later? Surely we have the fingerprints and audiotapes of Reagan and Nixon authorizing all of these assassinations.

        Hate clouds the reasoning.

        When your guy (Hillary) loses an election, accept it. Acceptance is a virtue.

        Hillary’s loss was not a warrant for you to lose your mind in a two-years long tirade, temper-tantrum, against Trump.

        Try to lighten up!

        1. Billy:

          Why do you suggest I’m pathetically delusional. I just posted what Trump was thinking. Perhaps you should consider that. Don’t quite understand what else you posted.

  2. Democrat Senator Harry Reid in 1993 Senate speech: “No Sane Country” Would Permit Birthright Citizenship”

    “If making it easy to be an illegal immigrant isn’t enough, how about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant? No sane country would do that, right? Guess again. If you break our laws by entering our country without permission to give birth to a child, we reward that child with U.S. citizenship and guarantee a full access to all public and social services this society provides, and that’s a lot of services. Is it any wonder that two-thirds of the babies born at taxpayer expense in county-run hospitals in Los Angeles are born to illegal alien mothers?”

    1. Henry:

      Good quote. Maybe Trump is on to something and is following the Harry Reid line of thinking but then again that would mean Trump can follow a line of thinking which seems dubious.

  3. Hate and vengeance, and the feeling of revenge, are cheap emotions; they cheapen those who hold them and those around them. Better to forsake the vengeance, and aim for justice. Whitey’s imprisonment was just. His murder, his death . . .he received no lawful death sentence . . .was unjust.

    In the eyes of the Almighty, Whitey may have made his peace with the Lord.

    Jesus said to forgive seventy times seventy times. Forgivenesss does not obviate justice, nor self defense, nor the need for we citizens to take corrective actions to prevent, lessen or rid ourselves of crime, especially federal abuse of power, state-sponsored crime.

  4. P.S. We celebrate victory in a just war. We mourn the deaths of innocents and combatants.

    There are such things as “justifiable homicides”; Ethicists, law-makers acknowledge such. I, FOR ONE, DON’T CELEBRATE WHEN SOMEONE IS KILLED.

  5. The issue of anchor babies and who can become a citizen should be decided by Congress and the Supreme Court. It’s a burning issue in need of resolution, resolving, settlement.

    There are Federal and State Environmental Law: Enforce them.
    There are Emigration/Naturalization Laws: Enforce them.

    Got a better idea? Petition Congress or go to Court.


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