Trump’s Trumped, Chattanooga Mystery, Olympic Follies, and the Big Holiday

(1) a amrine flagIcarus, Donald, think Icarus! You couldn’t keep that big mouth shut. You liked those polls having you leading among sixteen others. It felt good being at the top of a field of plenty. You were king of the hill.

Hubris, Donald, think hubris. That was Icarus’s downfall. Your old man’s money (300 million) got you a deferment for a bone  spur in one of your feet (you forget which on) Your snide remark that the idea in war is not to be captured makes us think of how you ensured you won’t be captured by not serving.

Hero, Donald, think hero. John McCain is really a hero. He flew combat missions over Vietnam. With his pull (old man and grandfather were Navy admirals) he could have sat back at the Pentagon. He was being tortured in prison camp and had a chance to get out before the others but choose to stay until all got out. Could you see your pampered self doing that Donald?

Quit, Donald, think quit. Your big mouth has made you toast. You are sinking faster than Icarus whose wings melted; even faster than McCain’s plane after it was hit with a North Vietnam missile. You’ve become another Charlie Bratton, a mouth that has run away from its brain. You trumped yourself by talking too much and too loud and too foolishly. You won’t be missed.


JRC has it right, I am upset that fellow Marines were cowardly gunned down by a Muslim terrorist. He was fired from a job because he couldn’t pass a security test after that he went to Jordan and who knows where else in the Middle East; he came back with a grievance. Why was he totally under the radar of our watch dogs who take billions of dollars to find these guys?  If he can’t pass a security test how can he still get an automatic weapon after coming back from areas where ISIS is influential. We need answers. Unfortunately the FBI that answers to no one is in control of the investigation.

The last I read the FBI was still looking for a motive. Maybe I should call it. I figured it out within minutes of the shooting. He had a hatred for Americans who serve in our military, especially Marines.


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has scratched the plans for the 1.2 billion Olympic stadium which at last count had doubled in cost. The Japanese are going to start all over looking for a less expensive plan.

Boston 2024 is also planning a 1.2 billion Olympic stadium. Our stadium unlike Tokyo’s is going to be like modern baby diapers, disposable. It will be here by 2024 and gone by 2025. The Boston plan for a disposable stadium has never been tried before. If everyone walks away after the Olympics finish it will be the taxpayer who will have to foot that bill to take it apart.

The 2024 planners expect 6 billion in public money to be spent for planned future highway and infrastructure prior to the Olympics. They want Route 3 to the Cape widened. They say these don’t count as public funds.


53 days until the big day that makes Christmas look like Bunker Hill Day. Soon the excitement will overwhelm us. Yes, only 53 days to the time of year that begins the season of joy for millions upon millions of Americans. Some suggest it be made into a national holiday because it is the most awaited  time of year in America. They suggest it replace the Labor Day holiday since unions outside the public sector have all but disappeared.


27 thoughts on “Trump’s Trumped, Chattanooga Mystery, Olympic Follies, and the Big Holiday

  1. Honor Roll … Yup… tell ” ‘ Bows ” as we liked to handle him in God’s Country back in the day that … Black Belts … are holding his pants on a lot better up at the FP barrista claven a lot better now than they ever did in Southie ; Only because he’s put that Latte -la de da de da Weight on 🙂 … ‘ Bows well knows … like Bruce Lee … that ” The only thing Beits are good for is holding up your L.L. Bean Cammo Trousers ” ( paraphrase) … am bluing the rifle barrel and who waltzes through the dappled glade in a buzzing caffeinated study of forest greens, browns, and blacks, but ELBOWWWWSSS !!! … Ayup … Stalking Farragut’s Statue again ‘ Bows … Don’t be a stranger 🙂

      1. just another one of my spritzes,
        hoping to plant a climate change
        “trojan horse” in the best minds
        of my climate change deniers
        generation. Still hoping
        past the point of no return
        350 ppm of co2.
        We are now past 400 ppm
        couple of lifelines for you.

        June Snow Melt Brings July Arctic Sea Ice Collapse

        It’s a pretty well established theory. If snow over the Northern Hemisphere land and sea ice masses substantially melts during May and June, it can tend to set up a general weather pattern that is conducive to large-scale reductions of the Arctic sea ice come July, August and September.

        Arctic Sea Ice in ragged condition during mid July

        (Arctic sea ice in very ragged condition by July 19, 2015. A situation born of a continuous Greenland and Central Arctic high pressure ridge setting up warm air build-ups and a sea ice-flushing dipole weather pattern. Image source: LANCE-MODIS.)

        also see

  2. Nobody can belt out an Authentic Maine
    ” ayuh” like Elbows Wychulis
    after he has had one to many Green Mountain
    Coffee Hazelnut Lattes at Flying Pond Variety.
    Truth be known though, this boy grew up singing
    in the choir at Gate of Heaven church in Southie.

    Elbows ‘Ayuh’ moan cut across the din
    of the whisper stream gathered around
    the video rental display case across
    the counter from the Green Mountain
    coffee dispenser.

    ” That Ronald McDonald poser on
    Matt’s blog must have at least
    a 3rd degree black belt in lip ”
    Elbows exclaimed.

    “Nobody can neutralize a post like him,
    well except for some FBI clown working
    at the taxpayer funded workfare
    program called a FBI Fusion Center. ”
    chimed in Alta, the
    clerk at the check out register.

    In other news the Comey FBI has another
    Triple Hat Trick
    in the month of July when 3 FBI agents
    get time served for their
    prison sentence.


    FBI agent-NY Congressman Grimm gets 8 months of prison in tax case
    July 18, 2015 11:39 pm·

    Former Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm was sentenced to eight months Friday for under-reporting taxes from a restaurant business after a Brooklyn federal judge acknowledged the rarity of prison terms for such crimes


    FBI agent takes plea deal in domestic assault case

    Published: Wed, June 17, 2015, 1:05 p.m. MDT

    The woman told investigators Quirk became upset and began throwing her clothes and other possessions out the back door, telling her to leave. When she came out of the bedroom, Quirk grabbed her by her hair, threw her to the ground causing her head to hit the floor and “strangled her,” the charges state.

    Officers noted that the woman had “several visible marks/bruises on her neck,” a bump on the back of her head and a cut on her hand, according to the charges. Officers said they found the woman’s damaged cellphone in a trash can, as well as a broken glass bottle.

    Quirk’s attorney, Tara Isaacson, said Tuesday she could not discuss the resolution of the case. Salt Lake County prosecutor Roger Blaylock did not return two calls seeking comment about the plea agreement.

    Quirk no longer works for the FBI. His no contest plea will be held in abeyance for nine months. It will be dismissed if he doesn’t commit any new criminal offenses during that time and pays $250 in court fees.


    FBI agent who stole heroin sentenced to 3 years in prison – The ……fbi-agent…sentenced…prison/…/5bd82e8c-262...
    Jul 9, 2015 – Matthew Lowry had asked for home detention, saying his motive was to self-medicate his pain.

    1. msfreeh:

      Add the following to your list:

      “[FBI] Responsibility to Protect Civil Liberties

      Intelligence activities conducted within the U.S. require special consideration because they directly affect privacy rights and civil liberties protected by the Constitution and other laws.

      The FBI’s authority to collect information is very clearly laid out in law and is directed by the attorney general. Intelligence collection is done only in accordance with the intelligence priorities set by the president, and is guided at every step by procedures mandated by the attorney general. The FBI is subject to and follows the Attorney General’s guidelines and procedures for FBI national security investigations and foreign intelligence collection.

      The FBI’s collection authorities are also controlled by the federal courts. Under the USA PATRIOT Act, a federal judge must still approve search warrants and wiretaps for counterintelligence and counterterrorism investigations. Agents must still prove probable cause in order to obtain a warrant authorizing searches and wiretaps. The FBI only collects and disseminates intelligence under guidelines designed specifically to protect the privacy of U.S. citizens, and we are committed to using our authorities and resources responsibly.

      The FBI is committed to carrying out its mission in accordance with the protections provided by the Constitution. FBI agents are trained to understand and appreciate that the responsibility to respect and protect the law is the basis for their authority to enforce it.

      The FBI puts a premium on thoroughly training our special agents about their responsibility to respect the rights and dignity of individuals. In addition to extensive instruction on Constitutional law, criminal procedure, and sensitivity to other cultures, every new FBI agent visits to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., to see for themselves what can happen when law enforcement becomes a tool of oppression.”

      The paramount question: Is there a “secret” file on Tsarnaeve and Abdulazeez that needs to be shared with the public?

  3. Ms. Freeh … ” Elbows ” is really ribbing ‘ em @ Flying Pond, the South China Sea, and Oklahoma City … Never needs prodding to poke at the Fat Cats 🙂
    … Been flying around myself … not literally ; although heard recently that an indispensable definition of a Planet is that …. ” It clears its own atmosphere. ” This Plutonian revelation is rather interesting to me. … So, I only read DT’ S McCain ” Hero” slam just now. It is a sophistry ; yet, allows him to not be compelled to apologize . The foot with the bone spur is the one he just put in his mouth. That’s all. He and McCain could get in a fistfight in adjoining rooms. Tigerish fellows and one made a dopey remark. The heat makes people manic and dopey ofttimes. Carry on boys 🙂

  4. Elbows Wychulis voluntered his map making skills to the early
    morning crew gathered around the Green Mountain coffee
    machine at Flying Pond Variety today.

    The LL Bean crew wanted to know just where those
    oil fields were in the South China Sea that caused
    Exxon Mobil to lean on the politicians to send in the
    Marines to fight two Holy 10 W30 Oil Wars in Viet Nam and Korea
    under the guise of stopping Communism.

    The recent documentary End of Suburbia details
    the Marines Semper their way into
    Iraq at the request of Shell Oil.

    In other news attorney Jesse Trentadue sent
    me this link today detailing how taxpayer funded FBI
    agents tortured his brother to death

    1. ” send in the
      Marines to fight two Holy 10 W30 Oil Wars in Viet Nam and Korea
      under the guise of stopping Communism.”

      In June of 1950, COMMUNIST North Korea invaded South Korea. The United Nations organized a force including sixteen nations to defend South Korea and fight COMMUNIST expansion. By October, COMMUNIST China joined COMMUNIST North Korea against U.N. coalition forces (of which Americans made up 90%).
      In June of 1953 the Korean Armistice was signed and the Korean War ended at the 38th parallel….. right where it had started.
      COMMUNISM contained.

  5. John McCain crashed almost a half dozen jets, and is considered responsible for the USS Forrestal inferno. Your tart rejoinders about ” apologies ” owed are zippy lines … Dan C. … but do not serve well here. Now there I just gave you an example of the use of wordplay … serve us well here … with an echo of McCain’s Service in it … as opposed employing the cliche … ” serve the truth .” Rather zapped you good the other day with ” Matt Parrot. ” You often are one metaphorically. Yet, we consider you actually are a bright penny. So, shine up your prose a little. Your syntax is quite good. Ruthlessly extinguish ( Forrestal “echo ” ) cliches as you edit what you just wrote. Sometimes they are shortcuts that you need not avoid. But generally they hackney up good writing ; which I believe you capable of. I would like to hear your ” Voice.” I do not want to debate the Forrestal … incident. John McCain has served his time in Hell for his Country. He is a formidable Man. Like Rather I would welcome his candidacy. He is holding his years well and he is nobody’s fool. Good Luck and keep working.

    1. There is no debate over the Forrestal disaster. The accidental firing of a missile on an F4 Phantom jet touched off the fires and explosions that killed 134 sailors and horribly injured many more. The accidental firing was caused by an electrical malfunction. There was NO pilot error by McCain, the Phantom pilot, or anybody else on the flight deck. Please stop blaming McCain for this calamity!

  6. Matt:

    John McCain a hero? You mean the same guy who played a major role in the Keating Five scandal? The same guy who is portray by some of his acquaintances as a self-centred womaniser who effectively abandoned his crippled wife to ‘play the field’ and finally settling on Cindy, a former rodeo beauty queen, for financial reasons? Really?

    As for the “Chattanooga Mystery,” I agree with the mystery part for the following opinion piece I wrote about “this guy” prior to the Navy Reservist being pronounced dead.

    “Four brave Marines are no longer going to be with their families because this guy was not being tracked by Homeland Security, the NSA or the FBI?


    There were enough red flags known before this tragedy to have alerted the FBI, the NSA and Homeland Security of relevant and “reasonable suspicion” that he should have been high on a watch list. Could these senseless murders have been prevented?

    Let’s see if the “math” or two plus two equals four?

    This guy’s father had been investigated, perhaps two times, and placed on a watch list for “giving money to a an organization that apparently had ties to Hamas, a “terrorist organization.”

    This guy traveled overseas (Jordan and Kuwait) at least four times, some extended stays as long as seven months.

    This guy’s sporadic work history, perhaps, did not produce the financial resources necessary to accommodate travel and lengthy time overseas.

    This guy began a blog where he posted about Islam, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks international terrorist groups. He at one point compared life to a prison and at another point called life “short and bitter.”

    There may be more, but the security file on this guy will not be made public.

    Some fair questions:

    We spend billions on intelligence. Where was the intelligence on this guy?

    Who made the decision to remove this guy’s father from the watch list and why?

    Did this guy receive weapons training (AK-47) in high school, college, or in his back yard, or is fair to conclude that he received weapons training in Jordan, Kuwait or Syria?

    Seems a bit strange that someone travels to Jordan and stays there for 7 months, has their passport rubber stamped on his return and national security would have no information on such a trip. Should someone with his profile have their passport rubber-stamped when returning from a 7-month trip to Jordan?

    Was this guy actually profiled and watched and is there an extensive FBI file on this guy to identify the extent of his communications and planning via email, cell phone and meetings?

    Were the murders spontaneous?

    Were senior FBI and Homeland Security officials behaving responsibly to do the job right?

    There are many more questions to be asked and answered, but I suspect that politically correct reporting may prevent that.

    Condolences to the families. Brave Marines: Rest In Peace.

  7. You’re dead wrong about the carrier accident, John King McDonald. The accidental firing of a missile touched off the tragic inferno aboard the carrier. McCain ‘ s plane was destroyed, but he was absolutely blameless. Like Trump, you owe McCain an apology.

  8. John McCain should throw his hat back in the ring… today.
    He would surge to the top of the polls and replace Trump.
    I’d feel comfortable with McCain taking on the I.S.

    1. July 7, 2015
      “McCain, the Arizona Republican who lost to Obama in the 2008 presidential election, said there is no compelling reason to think that anything the US is doing will be enough to achieve the president’s goal of degrading and ultimately destroying IS.”

      “Our means and our current level of effort are not aligned with our ends,” the Arizona Republican told Carter at the Capitol Hill hearing. “That suggests we are not winning, and when you are not winning in war, you are losing.”

      “Iraq is going through its worst crisis since the 2011 withdrawal of US troops. The Islamic State group controls large swaths of the country’s north and west after capturing Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul, and the majority of the western Anbar province last year.”

      “McCain said Islamic State continues to gain territory in Iraq and Syria while expanding its influence across the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. He said there is no responsible ground force in either Iraq or Syria that can seize territory from IS, and slim prospects as well from the US-led coalition’s current training efforts of local ground forces.”

      “While our coalition may own the skies, as the president said yesterday, our air campaign against IS continues to be limited significantly by overly restrictive rules of engagement and a lack of ground intelligence, which only gets worse as IS moves into urban areas to avoid coalition bombing,” McCain said.

      “Pilots will tell you that they are only as good as the targets they receive,” he said, “and when three-quarters of our air missions against IS still return to base without dropping weapons, that is indicative of a fundamental problem with our air campaign.”

      1. If McCain had won in 2008 there might not be an ISIS right now.
        Trump is right about “bombing the hell out of them” and then choking off the oil to get to ISIS.

  9. Public sector unions? Where have we seen that concept before in Massachuestts?

    Oh yeah – the Boston Police Patrolman’s Association Strike of 1919, where two-thirds of the force went on strike over working conditions and pay, knowing that the Massachusetts National Guard was still Federalized for WWI:

    1. By 1913, the Boston Police Department had not significantly increased the salary of new officers since 1854, a period of 60 years, when patrolmen were paid two dollars a day.
      In the years following World War I, inflation dramatically eroded the value of a police officer’s salary. From 1913 to May 1919, the cost of living rose by 76%, while police wages rose just 18%. Police officers worked long ten-hour shifts and often slept over at the station without pay in case they were needed. Officers were not paid for court appearances. They complained about the poor conditions of most police stations, including the lack of sanitation, baths, beds and toilets. They typically worked between 75 and 90 hours per week.
      What had been acceptable before the war became less so after 1917. The cost of living was high and discontent and restiveness among the Boston police force grew. They were “resentfully aware” that in the wartime boom they were earning less than an unskilled steelworker, half as much as a carpenter or mechanic and 50 cents a day less than a “motorman” or conductor on the streetcars. Additionally, Boston city laborers were earning a third more on an hourly basis.

      Seems like they had some legitimate beef back then….
      Nowadays, they deserve every penny they can squeeze out of the city……
      Godspeed… Officer Moynihan.

  10. * and with the hubris to believe THE PEOPLE prefer being mooned by The Left …….. 🙂

  11. Ahhh .. The ” Winter ” of diss’ – content, and dat’ content and and empty suited ( metaphor -) ) critiques of ” The Donald” ; the only candidate with the actual combat experience of.
    … speaking with actual intellectual … CONTENT … rather than the treacly bromides that the Hillarites are so hypnotically soothed by. Talk about thoughts swaddled in soft cotton that have the intellectual gravitas of puppy shit and you are in the Lefty nursery ; Rattling on … and on … and on. And with the hubris to believe prefer being mooned by the Left, rathet than watch “The Donald’s” heliocentric … read ” Donald-centric” cavortings. Speaking of ” FLIGHT” I hope Trump waxes on, and that the hotdogging Admiral’s son John McCain’s stunt on a Carriet that resulted in several deaths of … ” Non-Admiral’s Sons” is not forgotten. It was an inferno. The Sun ain’t the only hot ball of fire. That said : I like John McCain, Admire his character, and Honor his complete and balanced Service Record. No One is. perfect ; including Icarus, John McCain, and …. Mr. Trump . 🙂

  12. As a Democrat, I rubbed my hands with glee when Trump entered the GOP race. I wish he lasted longer, but I can’t say I’m sorry to see him go. McCain, by the way, had a cushy public relations job in Saigon. He could have done his tour in close to perfect safety, but he chose to fly. He was bombing a heavily defended power plant in Hanoi when he was shot down.This was extremely risky business. What was Trump thinking???

  13. John McCain is a hero because he chose to enter the military. All those who go in are willing to risk their all — this makes them heroes. Is one solider/sailor above another because he happened to be captured? Shouldn’t be. They all took on that occupational hazard. How many POW’s do we honor in America? Can you name 10? 5? 2? Probably not, but we all know John McCain. Let’s not forget that he is third generation Navy (father and granddad Admirals I believe). And, let’s not forget that his family was politically savvy before little Johnny was out of diapers. The media throwing out the “John McCain is a hero” line every time his name is brought up in a negative fashion is getting very old. I may not agree with how Trump responded to the standard line, but I do respect that the guy is not shackled and brain-washed by political correctness and media white-wash as so many of us are.

  14. Matt, today’s post sure is action-packed, as they used to say.

    1. Be gone, Donald, be gone.

    2. It’s (past the) time for the U. S. to fight extreme Islamism for real. Very soon, I’m afraid, it will be too late to prevent true calamity. Such will result in some kind of insurrection and possibly the, uh, removal of our President in an ugly fashion, leading to anarchy all over.

    3. It’s time for the political forces in Boston and The Bay State to burst their own collective bubble and kill off that distraction known as the Boston 2024 Olympics. Dealing with the day-to-day concerns of the average taxpayer should be on politicians’ agendas. If that topic is “old hat” for them, let them leave office – immediately.

    4. I’ll bite: What is so special about Thursday, September 10? Is it “Back to School” Day for most students?

    About unions: It is my understanding that 1) Samuel Gompers had no use for _compulsory_ unionism and that 2) FDR said that there is no place for public-sector unions. I humbly suggest these and related topics might form the basis of a post of yours on or around Monday, September 7, Labor Day.

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