Trump’s World: That of A Seven-Year-Old Dictator

When I was a young kid at times I would be upset at my father. This was because he didn’t have anyone who I could call upon to come to my aid in an “upcoming” fight against the friend I would be in a dispute with.  We’d argue back and forth about who would win if we got into a fight. I’d be cut down to size when I’d hear: “Oh yah, well my father was in the Army and he can get the Army to help me.” Others had fathers in the Navy or Marine Corps who could get their respective services to help them. My father didn’t serve in the armed forces so I never had anyone I could call to back me up.

These arguments were between us when we were six or seven years old.  By the time we reached nine or ten we had stopped suggesting that a branch of the military would get involved in our childish disputes. I think that was the last time I heard that type of childish talk until the other day. Then my youthful memories came flying back when I heard Trump say, “O.K.? I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump.”  

I was reading this the other day that I found interesting. The person said he offered merely “politics in the grotesque style with salvation-army attractions, mass fits, showground-stall bell-ringing, hallelujahs, and dervish-like repetition of monotonous slogans till everyone is foaming at the mouth.” You must agree that is right on the mark, or at least close enough to it so that it is clear who the person was speaking about.

It wasn’t only that, here’s another quote I read telling about the man that I can not resist. It is that he “is not only like the hero envisaged by Carlyle, a “missionary of order,” but, above all, an exciter of life, a leader to glory, a man who knows how to take the Nation, make it confront itself, make it participate in a passionate faith, interpreter of the aspirations and anxieties of the multitude. There is in him the sense of the real marvelously fused with the spiritual and historical necessities. He has fixed the direction of our destiny, has established the necessary tables of our law . . . This man whom divine Providence has called to the leadership of the . . . people, has passed through the torment of terrible experiences, through the fire of formidable passions. Thus, rich with prodigious human sensibility, he has understood that not merely the forces of economic brutality, nor physical laws alone, regulate the destiny of peoples.”

I read those two quotes suggesting to myself that they only identify a part of the person they were describing but had done it well. Another quote is right on the mark. It was said that he proved himself to be “the greatest magician-manipulator of the violent instincts of an outraged, perplexed people that the modern world has seen,” and his rallies were called “the divine services of our political movement.” 

Yes, there is little argument that Trump is fairly accurately described in these quotes. But they are not about him, all except the one referring to Carlyle refer to Hitler; the one with the Carlyle hero refers to Mussolini. Scary to think of this especially when you think he is talking at the level of six or seven-year old kids telling us he can get the Army to back him up.


2 thoughts on “Trump’s World: That of A Seven-Year-Old Dictator

  1. Wa-llahi! How many beetle-browed brown-shirt thugs will answer his call? Most of the young folks I meet just out of service seem very squared away, and, pretty much resistant to Trump’s blarney. Bikers for Trump? Maybe, so,they sound like idiots. As for the police, the kind of cops who’d follow Trump’s dictates are the kind that often lose their jobs, (natural selection). I don’t believe that Glorious Leader’s ideas are popular with those who’ve survived the cut.

  2. I thought Trump’s unprompted attack on the late John McCain at a tank factory – of all places – was pretty weird.

    Let’s see: McCain flew 23 combat missions over North Vietnam. He was seriously wounded and spent five years in a POW camp where he was subjected to torture. He also refused out-of-turn offers of early release.

    Then there’s POTUS, who suffered from agonizing bone spurs, a danger-filled hitch on reality TV and a tragic romance with boy-tyrant Kim Jong Un.

    It’s close. Very close. But I’m going with McCain.

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