Trump’s World: We Have Gone From Alternative Facts to Alternative Definitions

I  was struck by the headlines in an article in the New York Daily News: “Stormy Daniels and Melania Trump accuse each other of being a hooker.”

America is this what it means to be great?

Did you see Trump’s triumphant return from the Walter Reed Hospital? Did you see his standing on the balcony at the White House just standing there looking out at nothing in particular and then taking off his mask that was preventing others from being infected by the coronavirus? What did it remind you off? To me it is something that Mussolini would do. Has there ever been a more idiotic act since Mussolini would stand in his palace window flexing his muscles?

Is this what it means to be great having a leader act like Mussolini?

Have you been following the  spread of the coronavirus throughout the White House which has become ground zero for the most infections in the country? Could you ever imagine that the White House in the United States would become the locus for so many avoidable cases of coronavirus? I always thought that is something we would see in a very backward country but in America? Not only do we  far outpace the world in deaths from the virus we are the only country whose head of state and those around him including the highest members in the Pentagon are infected with the virus or are isolating because they have been exposed to people who have been infected.

Is this making America great again?

I know according to Trumpeteers there could have been 2 million deaths if he was more inept but there is nothing to base that on.  No other country has anywhere near that type of figures. And, you know if we had 2 million deaths these same people would be saying it could have been 10 million deaths.

We’re told Trump acted promptly and to show that fingers are pointed at other people. When that happens I scratch my head and say are those other people the person in charge. It is not whether Trump acted fast or slow that is the issue; it is simply that he did not act at all in an effective manner. Now he is telling us that the virus is not that bad – again we are back to the flu comparison – while over 210,000 lives have been lost to it. How bad does our country have to get before people recognize Trump cannot lead.

What about his most recent act when using a tweet he called off the negotiations on a relief bill for those adversely affected by the virus at a little after 3:00 p.m. causing the stock market to tank. Then realizing what he did – as I said the man is out of control – he then tweets out that he is not calling the negotiations off at all and is willing to sign some bills that had the relief included in them.

Is this how we lead America to be great again by saying one thing at three o’clock and the opposite at six o’clock? Is this the wisdom and discretion you want from someone who is supposedly responsible for the country?

Kellyanne Conway early in the administration told us about “alternative facts” suggesting what you see is not necessarily what you are seeing. We have now come to the point in America where we have “alternative vocabulary.” What a word means does not eliminate the idea that it means the opposite.

You had one idea in your mind what the word “great” meant. It does not really mean that. Making America great again does not mean it will be made into something better or something we can be proud of, it simply means that it will hit its all time nadir as we now see where Trump’s wife is fighting with another woman over who is the hooker and Trump acting like Mussolini spreading coronavirus among the people.

6 thoughts on “Trump’s World: We Have Gone From Alternative Facts to Alternative Definitions

  1. Matt

    We brought Scott Camil to speak at our conference
    on crimes committed by FBI agents in the early 90’s.
    This Marine and winner of the Purple Heart served two
    tours of duty in Vietnam.
    After co founding Vietnam Nam Vets against the War FBI
    agents set Scott up for assassination.
    Speaking on the same program was attorney Faye Williams
    who had her campaign for Congress neutralized by FBI agents.
    She is black.

    I predict the FBI will ensure Donald Trump’s re election.


    Interview With Scott Camil September 9, 2019

  2. Watching Trump’s latest political production from the White House. It’s the usual incoherent mess. Can’t imagine where he drummed up the crowd, which isn’t that large, given his propensity to brag about crowd size.

    1. Most Biden rallies are paltry, whereas many Trump rallies are huge!

      I read a tweet yesterday where a diabetic patient said their medication went from $700 to $85! Thank you, President Trump.

  3. “Is this what it means to be great having a leader act like Mussolini?”

    If you want a good laugh, search on the phrase “Obama Mussolini pose”. There are plenty of examples, with some showing side-by-side examples. I await someone showing Mussolini-Obama-Trump side-by-side, but that would be bipartisan, so I do not expect it to happen soon. Consider all of this an example of Alinsky Rules for Radicals #5:

    “5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. ”

  4. TDS is strong with this one.

    The Liberal Pravda MSM was hyper ventilating over POTUS’ possible physical decline. Some were discussing rules of succession if he were to die.

    President Trump flipped the script with a robust recovery & treatments soon ready for the masses. Better yet, he will use the military to distribute, and they’re free!

    Yes, we have more cases & deaths. We’re a large country which is both diverse and obese. Obesity is a top comorbidity, and ethnic groups with darker complexions are more likely to suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

    BTW, loads more docs out (evidence) that the Russia Hoax was planned by Hillary Clinton. Hand written notes from Brennan! Not Russian disinformation.

    Clinton used the Russia Hoax to distract from her email server crimes; Mueller (Weismann) attacked from the inside, and the Pravda MSM attacked from the outside via leaks and innuendo.

  5. Words lose meaning everywhere – on the left too. If you admit to racism then maybe you are. If you deny it, you definitely are. If the GOP won’t go along with trillions for “Covid relief” Items like bailing out the profligate Illinois pension system, the Dems won’t allow any genuine relief at all.

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