Tuesday Thoughts: Changing Faces, Buried Bodies, Southie’s Number One

Other things have called on my attention lately setting me back a bit in my endeavors. One thing was when Rocky a guy I knew from a long time ago got in touch with me the other day. We ended up chatting for a good couple of hours.

He asked me if I heard of Kindle Vella. I told him I believe that I had – it was going to publish novellas or other short forms of fiction in a serial manner. It was like we were going backwards to the days of  Old England when authors like Charles Dickens would publish a segment of their books in newspapers in serial fashion once a week. He said he had published on it. His book is called “Changing Faces.”

I was surprised not knowing he had any interest in writing. I was also surprised that his name was Rock Hill. We called him Rocky but I never knew his real first name just like other kids I only knew by the nicknames. Also, that he was related to the Hills who lived nearby. The children in that family were all high academic achievers. One Charles Hill went to one of the Ivy schools. Rocky said they were first cousins.

Anyway, it was a long roaming discussion with him but he asked me to give his book a read and provided me with its location on the web. I found the concept interesting and intend to read more as he comes out with more pages.


On another note I was thinking of Whitey – probably because of Flemmi’s news yesterday – and the bodies that were unearthed of the people he allegedly murdered. As you may recall the location of these bodies was revealed by Kevin Weeks as part of his deal to do as little time as possible for the murders he was involved in – he got a year in prison for each one of his five murders – sounds more like something you would get for your fifth operating under the influence conviction.

Thinking of this I understood how he knew where Bucky Barrett, John McIntyre and Deborah Hussey were buried. He helped murder them and bury them. But then I got to wonder how did he know where the bodies of Debby Davis, Paulie McGonigle, and Tommy King were buried? He was not involved in their murders or burial but he was able to point out the spots where they were buried. Any idea how he knew – and don’t say Whitey told him because as Kevin said Whitey only told him what he needed to know.


Another thing that had me thinking about Whitey after the Flemmi article which I wrote about yesterday was the relationship between those two men. Yes, they were partners but who was the one most violent and feared.

Thinking that brought me to the thought that Whitey may not have been the guy with the most murders who lived in Southie at the time. A good case can be made that this other guy murdered more people than Whitey. He was never prosecuted for any of them nor did he have to testify against anyone involved with him. In fact, the prosecutors hid his identity during the prosecution of retired FBI agent John Connolly. That’s another bit of the story that seems to have been forgotten. Where does that leave Whitey if he was not the top murderer living in Southie? I don’t suppose you can put on your thinking hats and figure out who this guy was.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts: Changing Faces, Buried Bodies, Southie’s Number One

  1. Matt
    Have you started work on your video documentary
    about Whitey Does Hoover?

    Have you compiled a list of people you want to
    interview including gang members,prosecutors,
    victims,locations of crime scenes, parallel
    universes in other cities/states where FBI agents
    ran similar Murderers R US with the Mafia in those
    cities i.e. NYC, Cleveland ,New Orleans,Detroit,etc…?
    Quotations you would use to head up Chapters/Scenes.?

    In other The First 48….


    Growing Number of FBI Agents Accuse MSNBC Commentator Frank Figliuzzi of Fabricating Passage in His Book on Bureau Ethics
    By Allan Lengel


    Maine lawyer says FBI ignored his report of allegations of sexual abuse against Larry Nassar

    Jul 19, 2021

  2. Hi Matt,
    Kevin Weeks knew about the burial places because he participated in those murders. Flemmi was more feared than Bulger, and 500 Bambi paintings won’t change that. I’m guessing that Pat Nee racked up more murders than Bulger.

    1. Dan:

      Kevin did not participate in the murders of Debbie Davis, Paulie McGonagle or Tommy King. He had not joined Whitey by the time those had occurred.

  3. Matt
    You continue to amaze me with your acumen
    in being able to distinguish between the good
    guys and the “bad” guys.

    In other tales from the Lone Ranger does Tonto Crypt……


    Threat to the public:’ Sex crimes case against FBI agent spans three parishes, three states


    FBI Louisville offers inside look through citizen’s academy program


    Richard Wershe Jr., formerly ‘White Boy Rick,’ is suing FBI agents and Detroit police year after prison release
    Attorneys say government used Wershe as child informant from age 14 to 16 in Detroit

  4. Hi Matt and thanks for this well written article on your blog.

    1. Do you think that it was strange that Patrick Nee was not charged for anything as wasn’t there suggestions that he was present along with Whitey and Stevie for several murders?

    2. In your opinion could Robert Deluca and Steve Flemmi have known each other in prison during the Wolf Hearings or before through Salemme? As this article from the trial of Michael Flemmi seems to suggest that they are acquainted with each other?


    3. Did the informants such as Sonny Mercurio and Flemmi from Boston along with St. Laurent in Rhode island contact their handlers to inform them that an induction ceremony in Medford is going to happen and who is involved; so that the law enforcement can get authorization for a roving bug to capture the event?

    1. David:

      1. Nee had some sort of protection deal with the prosecutors. It may have been that part of Weeks’s, Martoranos and Flemmi’s agreements they would not give evidence against him. Clearly he was involved in the murders as one of the persons who helped bury the people and probably involved in their planning. Was he a Top Level Informant being protected by the FBI? It is possible to make a case showing it was likely he murdered more folk than Whitey but since the prosecutors and the media only wanted Whitey Nee’s crimes were overlooked.

      2. DeLuca and Flemmi were incarcerated at Plymouth together for a couple of years. Deluca was hanging around with Salemme at the same time Flemmi was so it is most likely they knew each other. There’s a photo of DeLuca with Salemme at Castle Island: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2018/08/28/former-mafia-capo-robert-deluca-gets-months-prison/Imo7EcvyGlyNZy88hmvanJ/story.html

      3. The informants – Mercurio especially – kept the FBI informed about the induction ceremony. The issue came up whether the FBI should have had a roving bug since they knew the location where the ceremony was to take place and should have disclosed it.

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