Ukraine: Join The Demonstration For Democratic Capitalism

Ukraine with the bear

Today in Ukraine there is supposed to be another demonstration in what is called Euromaiden Square. There will also be a demonstration today at 1:30 p.m. in Boston on the Boston Common in front of the State House by Ukrainian-Americans seeking to call attention to the plight of those in Ukraine who are having their freedoms stolen from them. They are also asking that the US Congress to freeze the bank accounts and take other punitive measures against those like Yanukovich and his son who are stealing the assets of Ukraine.

In an article about Ukraine, Chrystia Freeland, a member of Canadian Parliament and former U.S, managing editor of the Financial Times, reminds us what is at stake in the Ukrainian protest movement.

She talks how the youth of Ukraine have carried on their protest “in miserable winter weather and in the face of police brutality.” She points out how these young people “know the difference between democratic capitalism and state capitalism and they know which one they want.”

In a compelling statement she says: “democratic capitalism is demoralized. . . and the economy isn’t delivering for the middle class in the way it did during the postwar era, when the original version of the struggle between democracy and authoritarianism, the Cold War, was at its peak. Continuing she states: “That conflict has become a cool war, and those of us on the democratic side of the barricades aren’t so sure we have all the answers — or that it is a struggle we are all that interested in engaging. Russia has no such qualms. China, where Ukraine’s president traveled this week, knows which side it is on, too.” (my emphasis)

Charles Krauthammer notes: The . . . crisis, barely noticed here, is Ukraine’s sudden turn away from Europe and back to the Russian embrace.” 

He goes on: “This is no trivial matter. Ukraine is not just the largest country in Europe, it’s the linchpin for Vladimir Putin’s dream of a renewed imperial Russia, hegemonic in its neighborhood and rolling back the quarter-century advancement of the “Europe whole and free” bequeathed by America’s victory in the Cold War. The U.S. response? Almost imperceptible.” 

Then he makes his main point: “the hundreds of thousands of protesters who’ve turned out to reverse this betrayal of Ukrainian independence have found no voice in Washington. Can’t this administration even rhetorically support those seeking a democratic future, as we did during Ukraine’s Orange Revolution of 2004? . . . With Russia in mind, U.S. takes cautious approach on Ukraine unrest. “We must not offend Putin.””

Today’s demonstration in Ukraine is by the people who are resisting being sucked back into the Soviet Russian prison. These demonstrators know that Russia like China, to again quote Chrystia Freeland. “deny their citizens the freedom and the dignity that Western market democracies provide.”

It is reported: The party of jailed ex-Premier Yulia Tymoshenko yesterday called on protesters to gather in Kiev at noon on Dec. 8, according to a statement on its website. “In an online statement from a prison hospital, Tymoshenko condemned “arresting innocent, peaceful Ukrainian patriots who were beaten by police at a time when Ukraine and the entire democratic world are waiting for those who’re to blame for the violence to be punished.” Yanukovych will “arrest those who’re in his path to absolute power.”

Heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko who supports the demonstrators met with the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and showed him Euromaiden Square. Guess who complained about it? Not the Ukraine government but the Russians! What business is it of the Russians?

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in a television interview. “How, for example, would our German partners feel if Russia’s foreign minister went to some kind of gathering that took place in contravention of German rules, I don’t think they’d consider it a friendly step, a right step. Meet — yes, but to take part in such events, i’m sorry but there’s a very simple name for that — interference in internal affairs.” 

It sounds like the Russians are already running Ukraine scolding Germany for interfering in its internal affairs. Russia’s certainly interested in engaging in the struggle to impose state capitalism; the Obama Administration doesn’t seem all that interested in engaging in fighting for democratic capitalism; what about you?



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    1. Question:

      I picked that up when I was in court this summer. I was told that he was looking to get out and was anxious to get the trial over. I’m not so sure how his talents will play out on the private side.

  1. I’m afraid you’re right. Do you think it will be something like sixty-eight in Prague? Or, will the Russian “deep state” totalitarian apparatus fully reveal itself in a blatant act of imperialism, perhaps, an updated riff on it’s bloody suppression of the Hungarian Uprising? What can Obama do, considering that the Russians possess the second biggest nuclear arsenal in the world? Also, the scene of any potential military action is right next-door to Russia. Sanctions? How would that work? Putin is rejuvenating COMCON. He not worried about economic threats from the West. Ukraine is a big part of his vision I think he may go right to the brink over this. Whether he goes over the edge, is anybody’s guess

    1. Khalid:

      I don’t think Russian tanks will roll onto Ukraine because Russia already has the Ukraine government in its pocket. It will be more like Tiananmen Square where the Chinese model will be followed. That’s what makes Obama’s silence so wrong. It would turn into another Hungarian situation if the government fell because Russia would move in with force but right now that is unlikely. There are enough police forces from other parts of Ukraine who are sympathetic with the government who can be used to bludgeon the people.

      Obama can speak out – he should not threaten military action but should suggest kicking Russia off some of the international forums it has been allowed to join and imposing economic restriction on Russian and the Ukrainians in power. He could suggest that if there is a brutal crackdown he will freeze the assets of those responsible that are in the West. There is much he can do short of usn military might that would make those governments think twice before killing those in opposition. You note they have already raided the opposition offices.

      Russia with COMCON is still nothing as an economic power; these are corrupt nations sucking the wealth out of the people and investing it in the West. If we stopped them from doing that the people they are supose to represent would have a chance to throw the bums out. Putin wants Ukraine, as you suggest and I agree, at all costs. At least we could tell him that the costs are going to be very high and spell them out. That is why the silence is so wrong.

  2. Christmas Bombing- Madison 1972

    Night had fallen. Bascom Hill was packed. The University’s buildings flanked the slope with a concrete colonnade that corralled the milling protesters into a densely packed mass. Ours was a disorderly throng of the committed, the curious, and the crazy. Tiny tongues of flickering fire from thousands of vigil candles gave a collective glow to the hillside. The acrid sweetness of reefer smoke lent an olfactory dimension to the crowd’s rebellious air.
    Wispy whiskered Trotsky clones harangued us beneath the blind gaze of a long dead iron Lincoln. Their bull-horned rhetoric occasioned disparate responses. “What do we want?” demanded the agitators. “Peace now!” shouted the revolutionists. “Piece of the action! Piece of ass!” yelled the wags. “When do we want it?” sounded the horn. “Now!” we roared.
    Our rhythmic chanting increased in volume and tempo as the amorphous mob began to sort itself into a massive phalanx. Its fierce front rank stood truculently on the library mall facing up State Street; its rearguard lounged nonchalantly tippling Ripple in the shadow of Bascom Hall. Groups of riot clad Cossacks lurked in ambush between the school buildings hoping to pick off stragglers. Those who strayed too far from the security of numbers risked a bruising tattoo from the clubs of fat-bellied fascist pigs.
    Our chants grew stronger as the crowd increased, “1-2-3-4 we don’t want your fuckin’ war!” “Ho- Ho- Ho Chi Minh, the NLF is gonna win!” The atmosphere was charged with an explosive, expectant fervor, an energy that begged release. Bandana masked longhairs circulated throughout the crowd distributing rocks and bottles to the more demonstrative. Missiles began to be launched from the anonymity of the crowd. They drizzled down on Nixon’s minions, smacking their plastic shields and crash helmets. Popping retorts of tear gas guns punctuated the chanting. Canisters exploded among the protesters. An angry ocean of tossing heads cried out in rage and fear.
    Emotion capturing us, our courage swelled like a mounting tsunami. Wood against wood, like sticks on drums, beat out the call to advance. “TAP-TAP, tap-tap-tap, — TAP-TAP, tap-tap-tap,” two long, three short; small sounds that started an avalanche. Like a roaring cataract the human wave cascaded off the hill and rushed down State Street with its red banners streaming in the swirling gas. Battle cries and curses rent the night air.
    Our raging torrent crested at the capitol stairs. It crashed against the white stone steps and we spent ourselves against the Winter Palace of our dreams.

    1. Khalid:

      The Ukraine government this week will make that look like a sunny day walK down a country lane.

      1. “You know how hard it is to take on the cops. Good luck.”

        Thanks! I’m not sure how some are blind to the fact that many bad cops are out there. I don’t have the exact count but close to 15 MSP Troopers have been arrested for one thing or another in the last few years.

        You have Damato who just crashed into another trooper drunk and allegedly admitted to smoking crack.

        One towards the cape who crashed drunk killing two women.

        Trooper Analetto for extortion, bribery.

        The prostitution Trooper Lemar and Brockton sex scandals.

        One trooper who just shot himself for being investigated for sexual assault.

        Another last year for sexual assault and several others for drunk driving/taking off.

        Granted they are supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty” but there appears to be a problem or disciplinary issues on the MSP. I know not all of them are bad but somethings wrong here.

        I guess it doesn’t help when ‘some’ in the MSP Internal Affairs department are friends with them. I know which ones they are. Maybe someday things will change but I don’t see it in the near future.

        In my case it was my roommate who said I pushed her but she entered my room and pushed me. I contacted Norwell PD to tell them and they told me they’d send someone to help me . Of course they never sent anyone to help me as promised. My roommate then received a call 14 minutes after I contacted him. She then ran out of the house and went to them and I was arrested an hour later.

        At the time she was in the home still trying to provoke me they said she was at the station. Its kind of funny because the arresting officer who is my ex’s buddy told my daughter “I see a woman with an egg on her head and someones getting arrested”. Yet the police report says “No visible injuries, no witnesses, no medical help” LOL

        Of course there were no injuries it’s all a lie.

        After that someone went into my emails to hack all of my correspondence to Norwell PD. They changed the times on the emails to coincide with the times they lied and said my roommate was at the station. The problem is I had already printed them up so I have the original correspondence which shows they’re blatantly lying.

        Its just a stupid case and they did it to try and intimidate me to keep me quiet. So if I’m found guilty rest assured they will have someone else say I “pushed them”. It seems Hingham District Court hands out restraining orders without an ounce of evidence.

        It’s only a matter of time before they get caught abusing people but the question is who’s going to catch them? I’m not sure why some get caught like Trooper Analetto and others don’t.

        1. Question:

          You’ve had bad experience with the state troopers (probably because of your marriage situation) but all my experiences with them were positive. I found them to be excellent to work with and that they did excellent work even though we had our differences but it was just over the way things should be done but even then it got hot and heavy yet I never lost my respect for them or appreciated what they could do. So as with everything it all depends upon whose ox is gored.

          I’ve no doubt you are telling the truth and have gone through a sort of torture in your dealings with cops. You know they will always stick together. Good luck with your case. I hope that person is not your roommate any more.

          1. Matt, she is no longer my roommate thankfully. I haven’t had all bad experiences with them as I know some who are good guys.

            My brother is on Boston PD and he is one of the good ones. I also know many others who are good so I agree with you there.

            You are also right about my ex and his buddies who I am dealing with are causing my issues.

            I do see a lot of them in the news as of late. To me it seems something is wrong because I don’t recall reading about so many in trouble 20-30 years ago. But then again I had no personal issues with them so perhaps that is why I’m noticing it more?

            Could you tell me how long ago it was when Trooper Naimovich went thru his ordeal? Thanks.

            1. Question:

              I assumed you were too intelligent to keep her as a roommate. There will always be some of them doing stupid things from time to time. It’s a hard job for many of them especially those on the road.

              Naimovich was arrested on February 3, 1988. His case took a little over a year to go to trial After he was acquitted they woudn’t let him back on the job. He refused to take his retirement pay he was so hurt by the state police turning on him after his 23 years of service. You have to understand that back then the state police were very much controlled by the FBI – even today it seems to have a sinister influence on it. He died a couple of years after being acquitted around age 50.

  3. Freeland and Krauthammer are right . The U. S. should be supporting the demonstrators. This looks more like Tianamin Sq. every day. 2. Geraldo had a long segment about the sexual assault by Winston last night. It was well done. The evidence of a crime is strong. They need a grand jury. 3. What a sorry performance by Duke in the ACC title game. Cutcliff was coach of the year but could only score seven points. BC’s first year coach put up thirty four on FSU. Duke should play Div. two football. You can’t blame Putin or the FBI for that result.4. Winston was gratified to hear that eighty faculty members of Duke support his position.( the same eighty that denounced the Lacrosse players)

    1. N:

      When have you seen a million people seeking freedom and silence from the president? It will be another Tianamin in a couple of days after the Russians send in some of their advisors to set loose the thugs that have been imported from the Russian sections. Putin will show them how to cower people like he did to his own people.
      2. You still think Florida is on the level. How did Winston get an attorney if the cops never sought to interview him? Are the cops hiring. Defense attorneys?
      3. Duke had 5′ 8″ slow kids covering 6’8″ gazelles – no coach could have done better with the talent than Cutcliff. I wouldn’t compare Duke to BC since the Blue Devils won ten. BC coach showed his talent calling the pass play against Syracuse when time was running out stopping the clock. FSU has too much talent for Duke plus they were flying high knowing no rape charges were coming. Time for the boys to be boys.
      4. Winston probably got more than 80. Yet it seems your point is well made about the mindset of those professors.

      1. “Are the cops hiring. Defense attorneys?”

        Some do in Mass. Actually what a few of them do after they make an arrest is give the guy who was arrested a business card of a lawyer. They play good guy and tell the prisoner ” he’s a great defense attorney” .

        It just so happens that the attorney is the cops friend. I know the cops who do this and I personally know one of the attorneys whos card is given out. Perhaps that’s why so many defense attorneys are communicating online and on Craigslist with the officers. I know many who are. Sad.

        1. Question:

          Good point – I’ve known that to happen. I’ve tried cases where the defense counsel had police reports that the cops didn’t give me. But my sense in the FSU case is the lawyer was hired by FSU to help keep the situation under cover.

          1. Is it illegal for cops to hand out their attorney friends business cards to those arrested but act as though they don’t personally know the attorney? I know what it’s like to not have a police report. After my ex and his friends had me falsely arrested I couldn’t get a report at all.

            My attorney who golfs with them didn’t have it. He told me the court didn’t have it, and then I went to Norwell PD (my ex’s buddies) who “didn’t have it”. I didn’t get a copy of it for approximately 4 weeks because “no one had it”.

            Once I got it it’s riddled with pathetic and outright lies. They needed the time to change the report to coincide with the cops lies but they still messed up. It should be very easy to prove unless my 3rd lawyer can be bought off as well. Not one of them will subpoena the Plantiffs cell or email records to show her communications with my ex and his cop friends.

            First lawyer… golfed with them and denied it. I asked him to resign.

            Second lawyer…Told me to do trial by judge which I declined nicely. At this point I only trust jurors. He scheduled it a month later for trial by judge anyhow. Court date comes and he advises me of that. I told him that I said one month ago I prefer a jury trial. Second lawyer gets very angry and resigns on me stating “a communications problem”. There was no communications problem and I have an email from a month prior telling him I wanted a jury. He replied to that so he read it. I also told him in person.

            3rd lawyer. We’ll see, but now he’s telling me my emails back and forth to the Plaintiff are “hearsay” and not allowed. .. He never said this before. In fact he told me it was great I had everything well documented.

            So we’ll see what happens. It’s ‘fun’ being a POOF. LOL

            1. Question:

              I don’t know if it is illegal but it does appear to be a conflict of interest. I just hope there is no money being exchanged betwee the lawyers and cops.

              Dealing with cops is not easy. One is always an outsider and cops like to protect cops, or at a minimum, not be put in the middle between a cop and a civilian. As far as your report, you did get a copy but like the FBI reports what you read has little relation to the truth.

              I’m not familiar with your case as to who the defendant is. Any out of court statement offered for the truth of the matter may be hearsay depending on the parties involved. If the email is between two parties involved in the litigation it may be hearsay but it would come in as an exception to the hearsay rule as an admission.

              You know how hard it is to take on the cops. Good luck.

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