Under Trump: Whatever Israel Wants; Israel Gets:

p1030537It is pretty sad when a country has to have dueling foreign policies with the proponent of each one trying to outdo the other. John Kerry who just told us that Israel by continuing its building of settlements is obstructing the two state solution and imperils the chance for peace. He fails to mention that we have just inked a new deal with Israel which has us giving it 3.8 billion dollars in aid a year each October as a starting figure. (There are many more millions hidden in other budgets.)

If we truly believed Israel was endangering Americans and others in its determination to destroy any hope of a two state solution or peace why are we giving it so much money? Should we have made it a condition precedent to any further aid that it cease the settlements? Why should Israel listen to us when it gets the money unconditionally no matter what it does or we say?

We’ve been here before. Remember Romney telling us that he was a great buddy of Bibi Netanyahu when he ran for president. Recall the Republicans inviting Netanyahu to speak before Congress so that he could undermine President Obama’s Iran deal. To think we complain about the Russians suggesting that foreign governments should not interfere with American elections at the same time we had a leader of a foreign government boldly doing it.

Now that Obama has let a resolution pass in the UN condemning Israel for doing what the US has been asking it not to do for decades – and don’t tell me we have no right to make demands on Israel with all the money we give it – The Trump says we are treating Israel “with such total disdain and disrespect.”

His new best friend Netanyahu has tweeted back “thank you for your warm friendship and your clear-cut support for Israel.” Doesn’t it give you a warm feeling that our next president is at such odds with America’s long-term policy?  It looks to me that from now on the U.S. will be taking orders from Israel.

There are good reasons to fear this. The Trump has nominated as an ambassador a man who opposes the two state solution and has worked to abet Israel’s settlement policy. It is a clear signal that the U.S. will be governed in its relation to Israel by whatever Israel wants it to do.

Remember these words: settlement activity is in no way necessary for the security of Israel and only diminishes the confidence of the Arabs that a final outcome can be free and fairly negotiated.”  Those were put forth in September 1982 under Ronald Reagan. Under Carter in 1980 we said: “U.S. Policy toward the establishment of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories is unequivocal and has long been a matter of public record. We consider it to be contrary to international law and an impediment to the successful conclusion of the Middle East peace process.”

Similar words were uttered back to the Johnson Administration on through Nixon’s time. Ford’s ambassador noted “the presence of these settlements is seen by my government as an obstacle to the success of the negotiations for a just and final peace between Israel and its neighbors”   President George H.W. Bush said in 1990: “My position is that the foreign policy of the United States says we do not believe there should be new settlements in the West Bank or in East Jerusalem.” Similar statements continue on through every president to the present.

The Trump’s attitude points to frightening times. The last time the U.S. decided to cater to the demands of Israel was under the George W. Bush presidency when we invaded Iraq. That worked out well didn’t it.

Those who somehow think this change in policy is good are staring in the face a new sleigh ride over the bodies of American troops. As I’ve often pointed out, Netanyahu want us to war with Iran. He has urged, if not demanded, that the United States offer up the lives of its young warriors to protect his homeland.

The NY Times noted that Secretary Kerry’s speech telling how Israel jeopardizes peace by its settlement activities “was a remarkable moment in the American-Israeli relationship.” It wasn’t. It was business as usual – we complain about the settlements, we provide Israel with billions of dollars, and it continues with the settlements.

What is remarkable though is that the president-elect agrees we should not make any demands on Israel. He would not want to interrupt his warm friendship with Netanyahu who lusts for America to do his dirty bidding.  Happy now you voted for him?

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  2. PE:
    Israel is a nuclear power with armed forces more powerful than any combination of their surrounding neighbors. Next time you think about the Palestinians, consider the situation of Taigs in the Six Counties, they’re pretty much analogous. Britain is an overwhelming military power, yet, Irish nationalists resist. Zionist colonialism oppresses the Palestinians every day, in every way, just the same as folks in NI are put down by the British, only, more violently. Shame on any Irishman who supports Zionism.

    All power to the dialectic!

  3. Those billions are for military aid, and I understand they will purchase all of their equipment from the US, therefore returning the money in the form of jobs, etc,.
    If New Jersey, approx. the same size as Israel, was surrounded by countries that had sworn to obliterate them, they would be looking for aid as well.
    Obama was left a mid-east (Iraq) mess when Bush left office, and this could be his parting wave to Trump.
    I thought he had more class —-
    He has empowered and inflamed those surrounding Israel and has given the Palestinians no reason to enter into talks of a 2 state solution, the U.N. will do it for them, condemning Israel the whole way.
    Happy New Year All.

    1. P.

      Some of the billion are for military aid the rest is for whatever use Israel decides to put it. Rather than giving it to Israel how about helping out some Americans with it like investing in minority businesses to return money to those communities? Israel has by far the strongest military in the ares (thanks to us) and one of the strongest in the world. It is not realistically threatened by anyone around it. If New Jersey had Israel’s army and it was surrounded by states with armies like the Arabs I don’t think it would have much to worry about. The bottom line is Israel is a relatively rich country with nuclear weapons and as I said a modern army that is under no threat from anyone.

      Obama did not make the Middle East in a mess. He has been trying to pick up from the war Bush started that was urged on him by the neo cons on his staff who had written a letter urging that Saddam Hussein be taken out of power because he was a threat to Israel. Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and stupidly outlawed the Sunni Baathists from any role in a future government and they went off and formed the basic core of ISIS.

      The Palestinians look at the facts on the ground and realize that with the continued settlement the idea of a two state solution is nonsense. Kerry tried to tell them that there is still a chance for it if Israel will stop its actions. That hardly inflamed them since it offered them some hope that it could be achieved Thomas Friedman has written that the settlements in Israel had already made the two state solution impossible and yet Israel continues them even though since 1976 we have been asking it not to do this.

      The truth is that Israel needs the land and it is in a pretend game that someday down the road it will give the Palestinians some land for their own state. Trump has just named an ambassador who has said that will never happen. The Palestinians to the Israelis are like what the Indians were to the Americans during our manifest destiny days. They are in the way and they are slowly being confined more and more to reservations and relegated to the status of second class citizens. Gaza is a huge concentration camp; the West bank is being broken up into a bunch of gulags; and in Jerusalem itself the Palestinians are confined in huge areas which are so violent even the Israeli police do not go into them.

      Israel could make peace if it wanted but it doesn’t anymore than the Americans could have made peace with the Indians (we actually did many times but then broke our agreements). It needs the land for its growing population. Things would be much better if the world would accept the fact Israel needs the land the Palestinians own so it will take it. If we start with that premise perhaps we can get some peace but by going along with the nonsense of a two state solution is just closing our eyes to a chance for peace.

      1. After eight years Obama is responsible, not Bush who had nothing to do with the current war messes in Libya, Yemen or Syria.

        Israel has reduced greatly mandatory military service terms and each year the percent of its GNP committed to defense reaches a new low. Actual budget amounts are also dropping while American tax dollars sent there skyrocket, squeezed from large areas where the average income is lower than that of Israel.

        Among the goodies that Israel, flush with more dollars, can afford is a hasbara program launched in 2013. Upwards to a thousand students in college, which is free, are trained and paid to go to US political websites to influence our elections by commenting and trolling. Since none of their names is Putin this foreign interference in the November election is A-OK and unreported by the lügenpresse. You can afford champagne tastes on a beer budget when much of the tab is picked up by a sugardaddy.

  4. Everything hinges on the outcome in Mosul. That’s why US ground forces are being fed into combat. The proxies are taking heavy casualties, 2000 KIA for Iraqi government forces, alone, since the battle for the city proper began. The Iraqi replacement system is in crisis. Once a unit takes thirty % casualties it’s cohesion and morale quickly degrade, unless, fresh bodies are brought in. Iraqi CT troops are worn out. They just can’t take the grind of constant combat without a dependable infusion of replacements. The same thing is going on with their equipment. Vehicles are a particular problem. Iraqi CT units use up-amoured Hum-vees for tanks. They aren’t designed for that. The Iraqis have gone through a lot of hum-vees in the past three weeks. The contest is a stalemate, at present. That’s not good news for US policy makers.

    The war was coming, anyway. It really doesn’t matter who was elected president. I hope Tadzio is right about Glorious Leader’s side-stepping abilities, it’s important that he dodge this bullet.

  5. I am glad I voted for Trump. And I despise his continuation of American politicians pretending that Israel is an indispensable “ally”. There is no alliance. None. Israel is an arrogant client state enabled an unassimilated, disloyal section of our population. This needs an open discussion which the hostile Washington elite moves mountains to suppress.

    Trump is not the first nominee to promise to move the embassy to Jerusalem and it could be that he will renege as did others. His proposed ambassador to Israel is toxic, however, policy will come from Tillerson, an oil man. At best the optics are terrible.

    But the political reality of Jewish financial and media influence is a constant under all presidents. Hillary would have been worse. If you doubt, recall Bill’s cabinet, financial advisers and appointees on Middle Eastern matters. It was more a kosher eatery than a Christian one. Neither Obama or Kerry took a leak on Netanyahu until the door was closing on them. It is a meaningless gesture that Trump should keep his mouth shut about. January 20 is soon enough.

    If there is single ray of hope for the US to extricate itself from the Near East morass it is Trump’s ego. He does not want a war. Some think Obama will bequeath a Syrian war in the next few weeks. The generals might block him, not for the first time. Once president Trump will butt horns with Netanyahu, the biggest asshole head of state on earth in human memory. He flunked toilet training. It shows in his interpersonal skills. All the world’s national leaders hate him.

    If Trump means it when he says America First, then it is Bye Bye, Bibi. He will not be missed.

    For any interested in this dynamic I would recommend Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s cogent analysis from a nationalist vantage: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2016/12/donald-trump-as-zionist/
    and, Yakov Hirsch’s from a psychological perspective: https://www.libertarianinstitute.org/scotthortonshow/121616-yakov-hirsch-journalist-jeffrey-goldberg-hasbara-culture/

  6. I support a two-state solution, but I think the situation is hopeless. Israel will continue to expand the settlements, and at some point simply annex the West Bank. My main concern is keeping the U S. out of another destructive war in Mideast.

  7. Matt: Good analysis; good quotes.

    It’s true that every U.S. administration since Johnson in 1968 has declared the settlements a violation of international law and an obstacle to peace.
    Khalid’s forebodings have merit. Fears are that Israel’s goal is a one state solution with Arab residents confined to Bantustans, as second class citizens.

    The 1978 Camp David Accords saw @10,000 settlers (West Bank, East Jerusalem); the 1993 Oslo Accords @ 250,000; today@ 600,000 settlers (although 8,000 had been removed from Gaza).
    About 15 years ago, we had the Roadmap for Peace which became a dead end.

    Initially, Israel insisted its interest was in 20,000 settlements immediately abutting its territory, for “security” purposes. Today, the settlements are scattered throughout the entire West Bank, and have nothing to do with security.

    From a December 26, 2016 Brookings Institute article:
    “The U.S. abstention—the focus of a great deal of personal rage against Obama by Netanyahu and others—was not new either. In 1987, the Reagan administration abstained and allowed the passage of UNSCR 605, 14 to 0, which reaffirmed the application of the Geneva Convention (via previous resolutions) and included “Jerusalem” in the “Palestinian and Arab Territories, occupied by Israel since 1967.” Sixteen years later, the George W. Bush administration voted in favor of UNSCR 1515, which called—by endorsing the Roadmap for Peace—for a full settlement freeze, including natural growth. In fact, until this latest resolution, Obama had been the only president not to let a resolution critical of Israeli policy pass in the Security Council.”

    What will happen when the hopes of six million Arabs for an independent state are crushed? What will happen if Israel becomes an apartheid-type country, boycotted by the rest of the world, except for the U.S., the Federation of Micronesia and Palau?

    It’s been 49 years since Israel began settlements; Israel has transferred 10% of its population to occupied territories; who sees and end in sight?

    1. Bill: Good comment.

      Israel is already an apartheid state, and, like South Africa, it will unravel from the inside. There was a great deal of security cooperation between Israel and SA. The Volksplaatz counterinsurgency program was born of that cross-fertilization of tyrannies.

  8. Good post. The peace process has been moribund for years.

    If Glorious Leader gives the green-light to moving our embassy to Jerusalem, he’ll start WWIII. The Muslim world will explode. All the devil puppets who do the bidding of America will fall like ten pins. It is, bar none, the stupidest move Trump could make. Usually, I envision America being slowly drawn into a full-scale conflict in the Mideast. As I write, the G is breaking the news that US combat infantry are being embedded with the proxy forces besieging Mosul. That’s what trouble-shooter Ash Carter decided during his emergency visit to the front. Bit by bit, evidence of the slide into war is beginning to appear in the media. By approving the embassy move, and, supporting the Israeli settlement program, Glorious Leader is accelerating our swan dive into madness.

  9. One good thing, however, is that I think that under Trump licking the Israeli boots won’t be as bad as had Cruz ‘(‘The Anointed One’) or some other Last Days Christian Evangelist been elected. Cruz believes that Jesus cannot or will not Come Again until Israel is restored to fulfill God’s Plan.

    Cruz is so pro-Israeli that another pol once remarked: “I’ve heard Cruz is also available for brises and bar mitzvahs,.”

    1. Henry:
      Some born-agains fervently support the Zionist state, believing that right-thinking Jews will convert to Christianity, and, join the chiliasm. I have know idea what will happen to recalcitrant Jews. Israelis are hugely amused by the whole show, and, welcome further support from the spiritually enlightened.

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