Understanding Donald Trump: A Man With No Real Friends

Trump DrawngI am amazed that at this late date people are unable to figure out Donald Trump. Here is the basic thing you must understand.

The most important thing to him is himself as he imagines himself. He craves praise. He covets having been seen as the best in whatever he does. That is why so many times he has told or tweeted how he is the best of this or that. He had the best crowd at his inaugural; he had the best 100 days.

He believes this. In light of clear evidence to the contrary he will continue to believe it. This happens  because there is no one around him who dares tell him otherwise. He lives in a world of his own making where he is the Czar and what he believes or says is the truth. He has no close friend who can tell him otherwise. That is why he needs his rallies since they are affirmations of his belief.

The most telling instance of this is when John Dickerson interviewed him and pressed him on whether he really believed Obama was “sick” and “bad.” Trump was referring back to the time he alleged that Obama wiretapped him at Trump Tower.  Trump had said: “Surveillance of our citizens, I think that is a very big topic, and it’s a topic that should be number one, and we should find out what the hell is going on.”  Obviously if anyone is in a position to do this it is Trump but because his assertion is so bogus he suggests others are not doing what he could easily do.

Dickerson then asked about the ‘sick’ and ‘bad’. Trump said: “You can take it any way you want.”  Dickerson replied “I want to hear it from President Trump.” 

Trump then answered, “You don’t have to ask me. You don’t have to ask me.” adding “because I have my own opinions, you can have your own opinions.” Dickerson replied, “But I want to know your opinions. You’re the president of the United States.”

“That’s enough,” Trump said. He walked away from Dickerson and went over to his desk and sat down in a sulk. While sitting he terminated the interview saying: “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

There he is in a nut shell. He makes false statements that he is unable to justify, tries to suggest others aren’t looking into them, and when pressed on another matter he has no way to justify them and walks away. How dare you ask him to back up his assertion!

Imagine working for him! Would you dare do other than to smile and agree with him? He makes an unfounded statement and then gets upset when someone calls him on it. It fits perfectly into the psyche of a man who thinks he is the best in everything. To be that means you think you are some sort of superhuman and unlike others who of necessity must be less than you.

Because he thinks like that he has no close friends. Could you associate with a narcissist monster other than to try to con something out of him? Hardly anyone can stand being around people like him who constantly lie and brag. No president has come to office having so few people to rely on.

It is the reason he has nominated so few people to high places in the government. He has no one to turn to he can trust. That is why he has billionaire morons like Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross who said of the missile attack on Syria: “It was in lieu of after-dinner entertainment. The thing was, it didn’t cost the President anything to have that entertainment.” 



3 thoughts on “Understanding Donald Trump: A Man With No Real Friends

  1. One problem with your post is that the claim he was spied on by Obama is true. The FBI was looking at him since July 2016 based on the fake dossier provided by the Clinton campaign. American, British and Estonian intel had an operation going against him for two years. See the Guardian newspaper. FISA warrants were obtained. Nunes disclosed the non Russian intel unmasking by Rice. Farkas concedes they were using methods to look at Trump that they didn’t want to disclose to the transition team. Trump was the victim of the most massive abuse of state power in American political history. Obama’s police state tactics were ten times worse than Watergate.

    1. NC:

      You suggest he was spied on by Obama and Obama used police state tactics. It was Obama who did not want to interfere with the election by letting it be know that Trump was being supported by Russian and Wikileaks and that members of his team were meeting with Russian operatives in Europe. Nunes has turned out to be an empty suit even having to vacate his chairmanship after his conspiracy with the Trump forces to fabricate evidence was shown. Rice was cleared of any wrong doing by both sides of the fence, Republicans and Democrats.

      Stick to the issue. Trump claimed Obama wiretapped him at Trump Tower. That was a lie. Except for you no one else believes it. The FBI was using FISA warrants to investigate some who were on Trump’s team who were colluding with the Russians. That was appropriate in the same manner as its investigation into Clinton’s emails.

      Of course you don’t want to tell Trump you are investigating members of his team. What is your position that even though the FBI believed it had evidence that some on Trump’s team were colluding with the Russians to undermined the American election process it should have done nothing. One thing it did was say nothing even though it did say it was investigating Clinton.

      By the way the dossier is turning out to more accurate than anyone ever believed. It was not prepared by the Clinton team but by a British agent who had worked with FBI in past. I know facts are inconvenient things but sometimes you should look at them.

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